How to make backup and export my chrome bookmarks on Android

Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. For the first time it was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and later was transferred to Linux. Macos. iOS and Android. Being a good web browser for Android users, Chrome allows people to visit various sites on the Internet.

With the help of Google Chrome, people recognize many things from the general parts of Google information on different websites. One of the features of Chrome on Android is bookmarks, it stores and manages important pages and information that chrome users are looking for and open in their phone browser.

Chrome Bookmarks. will help you

Most Android users are concerned about the lack of important pages and information in their browsers. That is why they celebrate this Google Chrome as a bookmark to ensure quick access to this particular page they found.

Export and backup Chrome bookmarks

Some chrome users faced problems when switching phones. Usually on the Internet you can find issues such as: Can I restore my remote bookmarks? Can I still get access to my web pages in my bookmarks? Or I still can open my previous pages in other browsers using your Google account?

Is it possible to backup your chrome bookmarks on your Android? Yes it is! You are in the right place, and here you will find several solutions. There are many ways to export your chrome bookmarks on Android. It depends on the situation or case.


Google Chrome Bookmark Poster

How to make backup

Realizing that backup is an important part and its presence, the user can wonder how to make this reserve copy. In fact, he can choose a specific way, as the backup is available not only by one method, but by several:

  • Using standard built-in system settings; Using a special program that is focused on creating a special compartment under copy;
  • With the help of custom recovery.

The most convenient way of all is the settings, because so the user does not have to download additional utilities or program.

details about creating a backup can be viewed in this video

Standard ADB Tools

As mentioned earlier, the creation using Android’s systemic capabilities is the best option, since there is no need to download any additional applications. Everything is already in the phone system:

  • To begin with, you need to open the settings on your Android. They are usually on the launch screen of the device, so their finding should not cause difficulties. The settings icon looks like a gear, and often under the icon itself sign the name “Settings;
  • After switching to the settings, it is necessary to find a special section that is called “Restore and Reset”; The section name may vary depending on the phone model. It also depends on the firmware, models and many other factors on a specific phone. It is also worth considering it).
  • After switching to this section, you must click on the “Backup” button, as well as note those files that the user would like to keep on other times;
  • Next, you need to select the data warehouse. It can be both Google services and simply system store;
  • Click on Copp “Start copying”. The process will suit Sam.
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It is worth noting that after the end of the transfer process, all data will be saved in one folder. Made it primarily for user convenience. The size and duration of the operation depends on how much there was data on the phone, as well as from the Internet power, phone status.

If the user does not want to lose this copy, then you should first move all the data on the computer or laptop. A more powerful information carrier is less suspected of attack risks, which is why the user is better to reproduce the backup copy.

If a person decided after making a complete phone reset, then it is necessary to check that the entire backup is in place, and if he is also to check the computer for the presence of copies, it will provide its security pillow for all cases with the phone.

With the help of custom recovery

This program is a custom recovery menu, that is, the user can and with its help quite quickly create a phone backup.

The most convenient thing in this program is that the user can quickly download it directly from official services.

The algorithm of working with this program is very simple:

  • To start, you need to download the program itself through the Play Market. the very official service, with which you can carry out all safe downloads;
  • After opening the application and open a special item “Backup“;
  • Next, the user must specify the files that he would like to retain;
  • After you need to select a place to save, that is, where in the future a copy will go;
  • Now, after selecting the drive, the user can click on the “OK” button. The process will begin on their own.

In fact, this program is the same settings, only it is more convenient and compact in the sense that you do not need to climb in the settings. Just download the program and do everything through it.

How to make a backup with third-party services

On the Internet there are a huge number of additional services that help the user make a backup on your phone. It is worth noting that only in the Play market there are many distinct programs that are combined with a common goal. to make a phone backup.

One of these programs is Tutanium Backup, which is almost the most popular. It has already been appreciated by a huge number of users. Everyone notice the fact that it is very convenient to use her and comfortable.

Not everyone can use the functionality of this program, but only those devices that have rutted rights. On how to get such rights, you can see in this video

If the user decided to create a backup with this utility, it should:

  • Open the program and go to the “Backup” section;
  • After that, you need to click on “batch actions”;
  • Click and select those files that it is worth copying;
  • We put a tick and click on “Start”.

The creation process is monitored by a special scale. Time depends on the number of files.

How to enable automatic data backup and settings

Automatic backup is convenient in cases where the user does not have time to constantly check its presence when he just wants to forget that there is such a backup, and after when you need to remember it.

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The process is quite simple. Everything is done in the phone settings.

The user is enough in the “Backup” section to click on the repository, with the help of which he did a backup. After that you need to go to it and click on the “Automatic Backup” button. On the example of Google, you can see it. Just in the settings it is necessary to translate the slider to the active status and the automatic update and copy will occur without a user.

IOS backups

On the Google disk, you can save copies from the iCloud account and iPhone devices. It should be borne in mind that photos are saved in Google photo. Accordingly, contacts will appear in Google contacts, calendars. in Google calendars, and chat rooms. Google Chats.

How to start copying

  • First, install the Google Disc application on your smartphone and open it.
  • In the upper left corner, click on the menu icon.
  • Select the Settings section and click on synchronization.

In the window that opens, select Backup.

How to use Google Backup on Android

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Google allows you to store and reserve data on mobile devices convenient for you. So, the Google Service disk helps you back up files in the cloud storage. There is nothing easier than to back up photos, video recordings, applications, data and parameters in Google directly from a smartphone or tablet on Android.

Download and install Google Photos. This application is free and is available for download in the Google Play Store.

Save the image in Google Disc. Activate the slider opposite “Google Disk”. Now all photos and videos on your device will be automatically saved to the Google Photos Library.

  • Run Google App.
  • Click the “Photo” tab. It is located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • All unaccompanied photos and videos are designated by an icon that looks like a cloud diagonally crossed.
  • Download and install the “Disc” application from the Google Play Application Store.
  • Run the Google CD program on your device.
  • Enter your account using your Google Account and Password. Now you are automatically connected to the service disk.

Open the Google Disc application on Android device. The program allows you to conveniently upload files to the Google Cloud Storage.

Open the “Settings” application. Find an icon in the form of a gear on one of the home screens. The “Settings” program allows you to conveniently synchronize applications with an account in Google.

What is Google One?

Each Google account includes 15 GB of data storage space, which is used in Gmail, Google disk and photo. According to Google. The only files that do not occupy your free space are the elements “available to me”, as well as photos and videos stored in “High Quality”. Any media purchased on Google Play also do not use your free space.

You can get an additional storage space of Google One if you pay a monthly or annual fee. Since August 2018, you can increase the storage capacity of 100 GB to 30 TB. Other benefits include customer support, family sharing (up to six people), Google Store benefits and hotel discounts.

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You can choose one of the following plans:

100 GB: 1.99 dollars per month or 19.99 per year200 GB: 2.99 per month or 29.99 per year2 TB: 9.9 per month or 99.99 per year10 TB: 99.99 per month 20 TB: 199.99 US dollars per month 30 TB: 299.99 per month

You can download and install Google One from Google Play for free. However, when you open the application, you are invited to choose a subscription. You can not use this app if you want to use a free 15 GB tariff plan.

How to make backup and restore Android with Google Drive

How to make backup phone on Google Drive

You can set the mobile version of Google Drive or use the application on your computer. When backing files, make sure that their dimensions are in a specific range. On Google disc you can only download the supported types of document files, images, audio and video. (What can you store on google disk? Click)

Check out the phone’s instructions:

Step 1 Download Google Drive from Google Play. Then launch it.

Step 2 Enter your account and password.

Step 3 Click on Red ». Then click “Download”. To save the file one by one, select the item and click “Download”. Sometimes it takes a lot of time due to the complexity of ways to files in the Android system.

Step 4 To automatically add Google photos or video on Google Disc, click “Settings”. Then tick the “Auto Add”.

Step 5 To select multiple files for backup, go to the File Manager instead of the application. Long pressing the files you want to download, and click “Share”. Then select “Save on Google Disk”.

How to restore backup with Google Drive

To restore data from Google Drive to your phone, log in to Google Drive on your Android phone and click on each file you want to download.

However, Google disk also has several drawbacks, such as limited free storage only 15 GB and speed, limited network speed. You can not download entire folders or several files at the same time. What is even worse, it is not convenient to create backup copies of contacts or call logs. You can spend a lot of time trying to find a storage space.

To save you from all these troubles, you can refer to part 3 directly.

How to open a backup on google disk via computer

When copying information from mobile devices on Google disk, data can be viewed on the disk.

How to delete backup

This is right here to specify an important point. Many are interested in how to restore backup.

Important! If the backup has already been removed, it cannot be restored.

What will happen if the storage time copies expire

Copy will be stored smoothly as active device. If, for example, you will not use them for 14 days, then the document will appear on the storage period.

For example, the “remaining storage period is 49 days”.

Is it possible to download backup from cloud storage

Bacup, deleted from Google disk, is not subject to recovery. This service warns before deleting files.