Reset via iPhone

In this case, you will need to take the iOS device and install the Mi Fit application on it. When connected to the bracelet through the program, the phone will give an error, and then offer to reset the Mi Band 3 to factory settings. By clicking “Ok” and confirming the action on the gadget, you can use a completely “brand new” tracker.

ways how to reset Mi Band 3 to factory settings

You can return the fitness tracker to normal “life” both with the help of your mobile device and without it. There are 5 effective ways to do this.

Via Mi Fit

Talking about how it is possible to reset the watch, it is worth noting one of the most common methods. The official program from the manufacturer is used here. Hard Reset in this way involves disconnecting the gadget from the account in Mi Fit, and therefore is available only in the case of a tracker connected to the phone.

  • Open the official app.
  • Go to “Profile” and select “Mi Band 4”.
  • At the very end of the list, click “Disable”.

After the actions taken, it is recommended to destroy the data received during the period of using the bracelet. To do this, just go to “Settings”, find the Mi Fit application and clear the cache.

How to reset the bracelet Mi Band 3, 4

Despite the fact that the bracelets Xiaomi “Mi Band 3” and “Mi Band 4” are of high quality, they are not immune to failures. The devices have a small amount of memory (only 512 KB). And over time, the memory is inevitably clogged with various garbage data. This leads to a malfunction of the gadget, slowdown, freezing and incorrect display of indicators. The solution to the problem may be to return to the factory settings, allowing you to “reset” the bracelet and get its factory “clean” version. In our material, we will analyze how to reset the fitness bracelets Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. And also what we need for this.

Reset without Mi Fit

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a smartphone or you can’t install an application on it, because there is another way. to reduce the charge. The process is quite long, especially if the charge was 100%. The method involves discharging the device until it turns off completely. For this you need:

  • Enable all possible notifications.
  • Wait for disconnection.
  • Wait a couple of days.
  • Charge Xiaomi Mi Band 3.
  • Ensure zeroing.

How to Hard Reset on Mi Band 4

If your Mi Band 4 was previously paired with the Mi Fit program on your smartphone, it is recommended to unlink it from the program. Unlinking is carried out in a similar way described in the case of the Mi Band 3 bracelet.

resetting, bracelet, xiaomi, band

The very same reset of the Mi 4 fitness tracker to factory settings will be performed in a similar way to the one described with version 3.

  • Activate your bracelet by tapping on the screen;
  • Swipe from top to bottom until the “Advanced” option appears. Tap on it;
  • Using a swipe from top to bottom, scroll through the menu to the “Settings” option and click on it;
  • In the list of options that opens, swipe up from the bottom to the “Reset settings” option. Click on it;

Linking to another account

After the performed manipulations, you should bind Mi Band 3 to a new account, accept the license agreement and wait for vibration. When the tracker is paired with the phone via Bluetooth, this function must be disabled, as it will interfere with the binding of a new profile.

To delete all data received during the use of the tracker and saved by Mi Fit, you need to clear the application cache in the smartphone settings. As a result, all profile data will be completely destroyed from memory.

Without Mi Fit

The principle of the method is to completely discharge the device. In natural mode, the process takes 30 days. An alternative way is to restore data authorization to a previously lost profile.

A previously downloaded application is used to reset the firmware. To cancel, install and run the software, log into the account using a username and password. Decoupling is provided from your own phone.

After changing the firmware, to return the information, they download from the cloud storage. Statistics are recorded after linking the gadget to the profile. To reset the previously collected information and return to the factory settings, you should use the proposed options.

You can remove information step by step through the application. Cancellation is not available without a telephone. After restoring the profile and downloading information from the cloud storage, you can choose not to provide confirmation of the information on the accumulated and counted steps.

You can reset the gadget to factory settings through an Apple device. The method consists in downloading the Mi Fit program and trying to connect to a fitness bracelet. After that, an error appears with a recommendation to reset the device to basic settings.

To reset statistics from a fitness bracelet, you need to unlink from your account and then bind to a new device.

This method is suitable for those who are going to sell a gadget. In order not to risk and exclude third-party access to personal information, you should wait a month until the device is discharged and the settings are reset.

Via Mi Fit

Talking about how it is possible to reset the watch, it is worth noting one of the most common methods. The official program from the manufacturer is used here. Hard Reset in this way involves disconnecting the gadget from the account in Mi Fit, and therefore is available only in the case of a tracker connected to the phone.

  • Open the official app.
  • Go to “Profile” and select “Mi Band 4”.
  • At the very end of the list, click “Disable”.

After the actions taken, it is recommended to destroy the data received during the period of using the bracelet. To do this, just go to “Settings”, find the Mi Fit application and clear the cache.

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The risky way of resetting the settings for Xiaomi Smart Band 4 implies lowering the charge in an unusual way. It was also tested by users of previous versions of the tracker and, I must say, in most cases successfully. Freezing is suitable for those who are looking for a way to reset the phone without participating in this.

To do this, you need to remove the capsule from the strap and send it to the refrigerator or freezer compartment. In the first case, keeping the tracker in the cold will take about 4-5 hours, in the second. no more than 2 hours. After the data from the device will be erased automatically.

Why do a factory reset

Hard Reset on Mi Band 4 is required to normalize its work. In the new generation of bracelets, the manufacturer, of course, corrected the shortcomings of the previous versions, but the gadget still sometimes strays from the correct step count or heart rate determination.

Often, a factory reset is required due to the frequent change of the tracker main screen image. If these manipulations are carried out systematically, the watch becomes heavily loaded and, over time, does not respond well to user commands.

resetting, bracelet, xiaomi, band

By performing a factory reset, the fitness bracelet will start to perform much better. But this must be done carefully so as not to disable it at all.

Connect to iPhone

Quite an interesting “Focus” every owner of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be able to spend using an iOS device. To reset you will need:

As a result, an error appears on the smartphone, and then a proposal to reset to factory settings. Therefore, for a successful Hard Reset, you need to confirm the action and wait for the operation to be completed.

How to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings

Quite often, technical problems on modern gadgets can be eliminated by returning them to the factory settings. Especially for this, the Hard Reset function is provided, which resets the set parameters and reboots the gadget. And although it is not difficult to perform this action on a computer or smartphone, other devices require certain knowledge. Newcomers to the fourth generation of Xiaomi bracelets often ask themselves the question: how to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings? Despite the presence of a corresponding button on the tracker itself, there are other ways to return the system to its original parameters. It is about them that we will talk in the article.

ways to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to factory settings

There are several ways to perform a Hard Reset on Mi Band 4. Below are 6 options to help you solve any user issue with your new fitness tracker. To reset, you may need a smartphone on the Android or iOS operating system. But in the absence of such a gadget at hand, there is no need to worry, since even without it, Hard Reset can really be done. there are separate methods for this.

On the tracker itself in the settings

Resetting the settings on the Mi Band 4 bracelet is provided in it. To implement it, you need to pick up the tracker and perform only 3 actions:

  • Swipe from top to bottom and select “Advanced”.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click “Reset settings”.

After the parameters preset on the gadget will be reset.

Step-by-step instruction

Xiaomi tech experts highlight the following options for how to reset the Mi Band 4:

  • through the third-party program “Diagnost”;
  • by changing the linked smartphone;
  • complete discharge of the Band;
  • freezing.

With the help of the “Diagnostic” there is a complete reset of the factory settings. When you change your smartphone, the data is cleared only on the devices, and they are saved in the personal account. The methods of full discharge and freezing of the Banda are extreme and do not give a full guarantee of the safety of the device and the achievement of the desired result.

Synchronization of Mi Band 4 with a smartphone is carried out through the Mi Fit application, which is tied to a Mi account. A full Mi Band 4 hard reset procedure is not possible, but the user can reset the settings as follows:

  • Open Mi Fit app profile.
  • Select a bracelet and untie the device from the smartphone.
  • Link Band to another phone.

After that, the statistics are recalculated on devices, and the previous account will be continued in the account.

How to hard reset on Mi Band 4

Often, technical devices can be restored by returning to their factory settings. For computers and smartphones, such an action is not common, but it is still quite common. The situation is more complicated with accompanying devices that are tied to others.

Despite the complexity, for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelets, a hard reset can be carried out in several ways. Each one differs in the degree of impact on the device and can be software or physical, prompting the user to choose a way to implement a hard reset depending on the situation.

How to reset steps

You can reset the steps on the device in any way through hard reset. In such a situation, the device data will be reset to zero, but will be saved in the account. To start using the bracelet from scratch, you need to create a new Mi account and synchronize Mi Band 4 with it.

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The manufacturer does not provide the function of resetting to factory settings and zeroing the Band’s indicators. This need may arise when a user loses access to an account, phone, or synchronized devices are slow. With the help of third-party applications and “folk methods”, the owner can decide how to reset the Mi Band 4.

There are two groups of ways to carry out a hard reset for a gang:

  • software;
  • physical impact.

The methods differ not only in the essence of the reset, but also in the results:

  • full reset of settings;
  • resetting indicators.

How to reset firmware

Firmware reset is possible when using the “Diagnostic” program, which must be downloaded from the Internet, because it is not available on Google Play. The program does not work with the iOS system. The application has been partially translated from Chinese into Russian, and you need to perform the following steps in it:

  • Connect Gang to phone via Bluetooth.
  • Run “Diagnostic”.
  • Wait for the application beep. this is a sign that the hard reset has taken place.

It is important when the program is running to exclude the possibility of several bracelets falling into the coverage area, otherwise the desired device will not be found and reset to factory settings will not take place.

Is it possible to do this without a phone?

The most difficult and risky way to reset Mi Band 4 is without your phone. The known methods belong to the category of “folk”, their result is confirmed only by Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the network. Among them are two of the most effective:

  • complete discharge;
  • freezing.

In the first case, the included notifications can help reduce the charge, but even with them you will have to wait more than a month. After turning off the device itself, it is necessary to hold it in a completely discharged state for some time. The Band then connects to power and the user is convinced that the Mi Band 4 is back to factory settings.

The most extreme option is to place the bracelet in the freezer for several hours. According to the Internet commentators who performed this action, the Band retained its functionality and lost all settings, returning to the original.


After the updates, many users faced the following problem: Mi Band 4 does not sync with the phone. And it gives out the following inscription:

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What to do? First you need to try this:

  • reboot the phone;
  • disconnecting the device from Bluetooth (“Forget this device” function);
  • uninstalling and installing the Mi Fit application from the AppStore or Google Play;
  • permission of notifications and access to the phone’s location;
  • disabling and enabling geolocation on a smartphone.

Connection error. Reset your Mi Band 4.

Can’t connect the bracelet to your phone? The error constantly pops up and the inscription “Reset the bracelet Mi Band 4“? What to do in this case? I’ll tell you now!

The final step

If all this did not work and did not help Or you just do not want to dance with a tambourine, then here is the easiest option! You need to restart the Mi Band 4 bracelet itself.

  • Find the Advanced function on the bracelet.
  • Then swipe up and find Settings.
  • There select the item Reset settings.
  • Confirm Action.
  • Everything. Ready. After rebooting, it will be possible to reconnect Mi Band 4 to the phone!

The phone does not see the bracelet

Does your phone never want to connect to the bracelet? Gives the Error “The bracelet could not be found. Make sure your bracelet is charged and close to your phone. “? Then read the instructions on how to fix this problem in this article.

Now you know what to do if the error “Reset the Mi Band 4” appears. Try all the options. And your bracelet is sure to sync with your smartphone in a matter of seconds.

Thanks for your time.

What are the straps for Mi Band 4?

Xiaomi offers an original strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 made of silicone. The material is elastic and durable with a smooth, pleasant to the touch surface. The product has a sufficient number of divisions, so it easily adjusts to the desired wrist circumference. With a strap on your hand, it is convenient to train and even swim, the silicone is water resistant. The capsule in the bracelet holds firmly and will not fall out during intense movements.

Despite the high quality, using the accessory every day, it will wear out or just get bored. However, the assortment is not limited to factory straps, but offers a lot of alternatives from third-party manufacturers, no less high-quality and more exotic. In our catalog you will find classic perforated silicone straps for sports and all sorts of designer products. Consider what other materials, besides silicone, you can find straps for Mi Band 4:

Включение и выключение Mi Band 4

  • nylon;
  • metal;
  • leather.

The nylon strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be called the most similar in properties to the original. It is also flexible, lightweight and at the same time durable, due to the properties of nylon fabric. Putting the strap on your hand, you will forget about its presence in a few minutes and remember when you want to take it off. These properties will allow you, leaving the bracelet on your wrist, to monitor your heart rate and sleep quality around the clock without discomfort. Stylistically, the accessory is organically combined with sports and streetwear style. There are elegant models made in the manner of the Milanese loop.

Как сбросить Mi Band 4 до заводских настроек

fashion accessories are metal bracelets for Mi Band 4. They have a solid appearance and perfectly complement a business suit, however, it will be less convenient to work with them in training or monitor sleep phases than with silicone and fabric counterparts. As a rule, metal bracelets are made using the weaving method: classic or Milanese. The Milanese loop for Mi Bend 4, in addition to looking very elegant, has no divisions, but is fixed on a magnetic clasp, so the bracelet is very easy to adjust to the girth you need.

The leather strap for Mi Band 4 is also a stylish fashion accessory. It goes well with both a business suit and casual wear. However, playing sports, swimming in the pool or jogging in the rain can ruin the leather product, so it is not recommended to use it with the tracker solely for tracking physical activity.

Mi Band 4 straps and glass

The fitness bracelet accompanies the owner throughout the day and even in a dream, so it is important that the device does not bring discomfort. The strap that stays on your wrist plays a key role in wearing comfort. Below we will leave a few useful recommendations for choosing a strap for Mi Band 4 and tell you how effectively the installed film on Mi Bend 4 can protect the screen.

How to choose the right strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

We have formulated 3 simple rules to help you choose the right accessory for your tracker:

  • Make sure compatibility. The worst thing that can happen when buying a new strap is the inappropriate size of the capsule in which the tracker is attached. When buying, make sure that the model of the device and the selected bracelet match each other.
  • Decide on the material. As mentioned above, not all straps are suitable for sports or for a certain wardrobe, so before buying, decide on how you want to use the accessory.
  • Check the quality of workmanship and materials used.

Mi Band 4 screen protector

Going in for sports involves close contact with the environment, and in life, no one is safe from accidental blows. In order to avoid wearing out the central part of the device, it is better to install a protective glass on the Mi Band 4. The protector has a 9H strength, which makes it resistant to impacts, scratches and chips. The tread has an optimal thickness and is absolutely transparent, so it will not interfere with the functionality of the gadget.

An alternative is a more modest film on Mi Bend 4. It effectively resists abrasions, dirt and various cosmetic defects, but the protector is unlikely to save the screen upon impact. The advantage of this type of protection is invisibility and a more affordable price.

Factory reset via Mi Fit app

An equally reliable way to reset the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to the factory settings is to untie it through the Mi Fit application (to which it was tied at the time of the factory reset). To do this, open Mi Fit and in the “Profile” tab, click on the name of the bracelet.

In the window that opens, we move to the very bottom and there we click on the “Disable” button.

In the event that the bracelet is connected to the smartphone, it will be unlinked from the account, and the Mi Band itself will receive a factory reset. If, at the time of disconnection (decoupling), the bracelet is located far from the range of the Bluetooth module or the module itself is turned off, then the application will unilaterally untie it from the smartphone and the bracelet will still be able to see the time, steps taken, pulse and control the previously set alarms.

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Resetting the bracelet Xiaomi Mi band 4

Selling a previously used bracelet or linking it to a new account in the Mi Fit app are the two most common reasons for resetting the settings, which remove all references to the tracker being in use from the device’s memory. How to reset Mi Band 4 to factory settings and what is the difference between “reboot” and “reset settings”?

First of all, I would like to note the fact that some users confuse factory reset and banal system reboot. The fact is that rebooting the device only restarts the system and allows you to use the bracelet instantly after loading (on Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 this happens instantly). Reboot is used only if the bracelet slows down and does not work as usual.

As for resetting the settings, this operation leads to a disconnection between the devices (fitness bracelet and smartphone) and for further work you will need to reconnect to the same or a new account in the Mi Fit application.

Factory reset via Mi Band 4 menu

The easiest way to reset the settings is through the settings menu of the bracelet itself.

To do this, you need to activate the screen and select “Advanced” from the available menu items.

After that, we scroll to the very bottom and go to the “Settings” section.

There we are looking for the item “Reset settings” and click on it.

The system will warn you that “After resetting the bracelet, you need to reconnect it in the Mi Fit app”.

Click on the red checkmark at the top of the screen and wait for a complete reset.

After the Mi Band 4 settings are reset to factory settings, the screen will display “Pair first”, which means that the bracelet can be connected to a new mobile device. At the same time, neither the time nor the steps taken will be counted by such a bracelet.

Alternative ways to factory reset

Ever since the appearance of Mi Band 1S Pulse, there are legends that you can reset the settings on them by completely discharging the battery and even freezing it in the refrigerator.

In fact, these tips have nothing to do with reality, are absolutely useless and highly discouraged.

Reset Mi band 4 settings

Any devices with a software shell (firmware) need a factory reset function. In terms of terminology, this is called a Hard Reset or hard reset. The option starts data cleaning and returns the device to the out-of-box state. It is especially used for Android smartphones. iOS works more stably, but the ability to rollback is also there.

Xiaomi has heard requests from fans or began to carefully read the bug reports in Mi Fit. Feedback is still in need of improvement, as sending emails through applications is not very convenient. It is hardly worth hoping for a service with the addition of custom ideas, but it is definitely worth listening to the opinions of users.

At the end of last year, the troika had an opportunity to reset the tracker. Another item appeared in the additional menu, which activated the function of deleting data and parameters. Owners of Mi band 4 won’t have to wait. The option is provided by default firmware. This means that in case of problems, it will be possible to correct the situation in a few steps. But there are several nuances, which we will discuss below.

Hard reset in the menu

Resetting the Mi band 4 settings can be done through the built-in widgets. There is no need to install third-party programs, everything is available “out of the box”.

  • Open the additional menu.
  • Go to configuration.
  • Select the appropriate item.
  • Click on the checkmark.
  • Wait for reboot.
  • Connect your device to the official app.

Rolling back the bracelet to its default settings is an easy way to deal with software bugs, but it won’t help if the user has installed incompatible firmware. In this case, you need to reload the.fw and.res files manually and bind the device to Mi Fit.


If the task is to reset steps and other statistics for the day, the reboot option will help. It will not solve the problem with freezing or installing incompatible firmware, but it fixes minor bugs at once.

  • Open the additional menu on the tracker.
  • Scroll to “Settings”.
  • Click on reboot.
  • Tap the checkmark above to reboot.

Redmi Band | Mi Smart Band 4C / Первое знакомство

After a few seconds, the bracelet will start up and all the numbers will be at zero. Personally, I used the function infrequently, as there is no need for it. When hovering, the gadget does not respond to touch and you need to use other options.

Unbind in the application

The Mi Band 4 developers have changed the way the device works. Without connecting to Mi Fit, the device is completely useless. An icon will be displayed on the start screen with a request to connect the gadget to a smartphone. Xiaomi‘s logic in this matter is only outrageous. They have the right to close authorization for third-party programs, but why do this if the functionality of third-party utilities is more impressive. There is no need to use custom software if Mi Fit will cover all the needs of wearable device owners. But this is unlikely to ever happen.

  • Open the “Profile” tab.
  • Select tracker.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click the “Disable” button.
  • Agree with the action and wait for the unbind to complete.
  • Reconnect the gadget.

In the process of re-binding, the settings will be restored. If there was a custom watch face, you will have to re-download it from your personal library. In case of hard reset, it is better to make a backup copy of the watchface in advance.

working options for resetting the bracelet

A return to the factory state can now be done without freezing, discharging and closing contacts. These ancient methods, which have been used since the second generation of trackers, are a thing of the past.


We’ve covered how to perform a Hard Reset, but don’t use this feature too often. If the tracker sits down too quickly or incorrectly calculates the distance, you need to establish the real reason. Discharge can be caused by a custom dial, and an error in the algorithms often occurs due to defective parts or mechanical damage.

For 1.5 months of using Mi Band 4, I use the reset once for testing. The option works excellently, but the obligatory synchronization with Mi Fit strains. The manufacturer deprives users of the opportunity to use advanced functionality. The standard application has special features like setting a password, but users often install third-party programs to access advanced functionality.