How to reset all settings on “iPhone” without password?

Many people use smartphones called “iPhones”. These Apple products have won the hearts of subscribers. A multifunctional smartphone pleases with its work and capabilities. Sometimes you have to think about how to reset all settings on the “iPhone”. What is required for this? What process features should every user be aware of? It will not be difficult to understand the assigned tasks. It is enough to follow some instructions. They are all extremely simple and straightforward. Even a beginner can handle them.

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About removal methods

Which ones exactly? The possibilities of modern gadgets never cease to amaze. Therefore, most functions can be activated by more than one method. How to reset all settings on “iPhone”?

To date, the following methods of solving the problem are proposed:

  • work with the gadget (it is important to remember the iPhone password);
  • using iTunes;
  • Hard Reset implementation.

But if you want to get rid of the installed content, you will have to act a little differently. By the way, some settings need to be deleted manually. For example, data in browsers. Every iPhone owner should remember this. Especially if the smartphone is planned to be sold.

About Hard Reset

Any modern smartphone has the ability to force reboot and reset to factory settings. This process is usually called Hard Reset. Some people think that this option is ideal for a factory reset on an iPhone.

Unfortunately, it is not. The point is that such gadgets have “Hard Reset”. it is just a way to reboot the phone. And nothing more. The method does not allow you to quickly and easily reset the settings. However, it is important to know how to get the device working again if necessary. For example, if in the process of using one of the previously listed methods of resetting parameters, a hang occurs.

Hard Reset on “iPhone” is done in the following way:

  • Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time.
  • Release the specified combination after the Apple logo appears.
  • Wait for the device to reboot.

As a rule, this option helps to restart the phone, but it does not reset the settings. For other smartphones, using Hard Reset, it is proposed to “roll back” the operating system. This feature must be remembered by every user. Accordingly, “Hard Reset” will not help answer the question of how to reset all settings on the “iPhone”.


In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. The point is that the settings must be reset according to certain algorithms. But before carrying out the process, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the data. This will help, if necessary, return user information, as well as all previously set settings.

Making a copy can be done using iTunes or iCloud. In the first case, you will have to use a computer, which is not very convenient. In the second, it is suggested to go to “Settings”. “iCloud” and select “Create a backup” there.

What’s next? How to Reset iPhone Preferences Before Selling? And how can you get rid of previously recorded data? It is proposed to bring the idea to life in several ways.

Via iTunes

For example, use a specialized application for a mobile device called iTunes. This program makes it much easier to work with a smartphone from Apple. The main thing. know how to act in a particular case.

How do I reset iPhone settings if I forgot my password? To do this, you must:

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. It is important to ensure that it is compatible with the smartphone you are using.
  • Turn on the iPhone and launch the corresponding application on the PC.
  • Using a special wire, connect the gadget to the computer. Wait a while. the device will be detected in iTunes.
  • Click in the program on the item “General”.
  • Select “Restore iPhone” function.
  • Confirm actions with Apple ID.

Now all that remains is to wait. After about 15-20 minutes, you can use a completely clean device. From now on, it is clear how you can reset the “iPhone” settings to factory settings without a password.

Delete with password

Initially, it is important to understand which method the majority of users are using. How to reset all settings on “iPhone“? The first and most common advice. it is using the standard features of the gadget. In order to use it, a person must remember or know the iPhone password. Or you will have to choose some other method of resetting the settings.

The instructions for implementing the process are as follows:

  • Turn on iPhone. Be sure to wait until the mobile device is fully loaded. If the phone does not turn on, you can forget about resetting the settings using this method.
  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “General”.
  • Click on “Reset”.
  • Select “Reset settings and content” in the menu that appears. You can click on “Reset all settings”. Then the saved data will remain intact.
  • Click again on “Reset all settings”. To confirm the operation, you must enter the password for accessing the mobile device.

From now on, it is clear how you can reset the settings on “iPhone 4” or any other. But, as already mentioned, this method is relevant only when a person has a password to the device. If it is not there, it is proposed to act differently.

Safari browser

The next tip only applies to browsers. Most often, the corresponding program refers to Safari. The thing is that before selling the phone, it is recommended to get rid of the data and settings in the browser.

It is proposed to do this using the standard capabilities of a mobile device. How can you reset the settings on “iPhone” without a password in relation to the browser?

To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Turn on and wait for iPhone / iPad to boot completely.
  • Go to “Preferences”. “Safari”.
  • Select the required functions there. For example, “Clear History” or “Add-ons”. “Site Data”. “Delete All”.
  • Wait for the operation to complete.

In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. It is recommended to act in the same way when working with any browser on a smartphone. Only when you reset Safari data will basic settings remain intact.

Method one, through iTunes (the device turns on)

If your iPhone is not severely damaged and can turn on, and you have a USB cable and a computer or laptop with iTunes installed, do the following:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. If iTunes requires you to enter a password or make this computer trusted, follow the instructions of the program.
  • When the device is displayed in the program, select it in the panel on the left.
  • On the Overview tab, click the Restore iPhone button.
  • In the pop-up window, click “Restore” again to confirm.

HOW to Hard Reset iPhone 4/4S [Works in 2021]

After that, the device will be cleared of your data and returned to factory settings, and the current version of iOS will be installed.

How to Factory Reset iPhone: 3 Ways for Different Occasions

Keep a quick cheat sheet on how to factory reset iPhone. with and without iTunes.

For a number of reasons, you may need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. In Apple’s terminology, this is called “restoring iPhone”, that is, returning the original settings and setting up the smartphone as new. Read below for three ways to do this.

Method two, through iTunes (the device does not turn on)

If the iPhone is no longer able to start on its own, you again need a computer with iTunes and a USB cable. To reset the settings, follow the instructions:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer and Open iTunes.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • On the connected device, make a forced restart:
  • IPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • IPhone 6s and earlier: Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears. In all three cases, it looks like this:
  • A pop-up window appears in iTunes asking you to restore or update your device. Click “Restore”.
  • In this case, the iPhone settings will also be reset to factory settings, and the current version of the operating system will be “uploaded” to the device.

    Method three, without iTunes (the device turns on)

    You can also do a factory reset on the iPhone itself if you don’t have a computer. But this can only be done if the device turns on.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset”.
    • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
    • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

    After that, wait for the settings to be erased. The device will be returned to factory condition.

    If your iPhone turns on, we recommend that you back up your data to Apple cloud or external storage before resetting.

    Back up important data

    If you want to keep your personal information, make a local backup of your iPhone or iPad on your computer and / or a cloud copy to iCloud. By doing this, you can recover the erased data on the current or new machine.

    How to create a backup via iTunes or Finder

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. If you are using Windows, macOS Mojave or earlier, launch iTunes; on macOS Catalina and later, open Finder.

    If prompted, enter the password for the device and confirm the connection request by clicking “Trust this computer” on the iPhone or iPad screen.

    Select the desired gadget in the sidebar of iTunes or Finder, and then click “Browse” or “General” in the main window, where all information is displayed.

    Click the “Back Up Now” button. If along with other information you want to save the data of the programs “Health” and “Activity”, first mark the item “Encrypt backup”, enter the password and remember it.

    Follow the program prompts and wait for the backup to complete.

    How to reset iPhone or iPad through the settings menu

    This method is suitable when the device is working and you can unlock its screen. A reset through the settings menu is performed to erase all personal data from the iPhone or iPad before selling. Or to restore normal operation of the device when it continues to slow down even after a restart.

    Perform a reset

    Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” and click “Erase content and settings”.

    Confirm the deletion of data and wait for the process to complete. If the system asks you to turn off Find iPhone, do it in Settings → Username → iCloud.

    After restarting the gadget, a welcome screen will appear on the screen and a prompt to complete the setup, as when you first turned it on.

    If you cannot reset through the settings, because you forgot your password, read our instructions.

    How to factory reset iPhone or iPad

    If the device is buggy, does not turn on or is put up for sale, you should return the factory settings.

    How to create an iCloud backup

    Make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet.

    Go to Settings → Username → iCloud. If your device is running iOS 10.2 or earlier, open Settings, scroll down the settings page and select iCloud.

    Make sure the switches next to Contacts, Calendar and other iCloud menu items are active.

    Scroll down the page and click iCloud Backup. On the next screen, make sure the “iCloud Backup” switch is activated.

    Click “Back Up” and wait for completion. At the end of the process, the time of the last created copy on this screen will not be updated.

    How to reset iPhone or iPad in recovery mode

    This is the method for when the iPhone or iPad won’t turn on or freezes during the boot process. As a result, all personal data will be erased, and you can only restore it if you have previously created backups in iCloud or on your computer.

    Connect your iOS device to your PC. If you are using Windows, macOS Mojave or earlier, launch iTunes; on macOS Catalina and later, open Finder.

    Put the gadget into recovery mode using the instructions for your model:

    • On an iPad without a Home button, quickly press and release the volume up key, just as quickly press and release the volume down key. Then press the top button. Hold it until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On iPhone 8, iPhone SE (second generation), iPhone X and later, quickly press and release the volume up key, quickly press and release the volume down key. Press and hold the side button until recovery mode opens.
    • On iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold the Side button and the Volume Down key at the same time. Keep holding them until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • On an iPad with a Home button, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE (1st generation), and earlier, press and hold the Home and Side (Top) buttons at the same time until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

    In the pop-up notification on the computer, select “Repair”, confirm the action and follow the prompts.

    At the end of the process, all data from the iPhone or iPad will be deleted, and the settings will be reset to factory settings.

    iPhone 8 and all new models

    Starting with the iPhone 8, the creators of the mobile device have changed the emergency reset procedure. Now 3 physical keys are involved in this process. First you need to press the volume up button. Immediately after that, press the volume down key once. Then hold down the on / off button for a few seconds until the company logo appears.

    How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings using buttons

    If your mobile device from Apple constantly freezes or restarts, then a complete reset of the device can solve many software problems. In this article, we will talk about how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings using the buttons.

    You can reset iPhone via Recovery Mode using computer and iTunes. We will also consider the option without the use of additional tools. only the physical keys of the phone.

    iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

    In the seventh version of the iPhone, the physical Home button became touch-sensitive, so they decided to change the emergency reset combination. If the phone freezes, the touch button stops responding to pressing. To reset, you need to hold down the volume down key and the power button at the same time.

    What will be removed?

    Before you reset the device, read the list of materials and sections that will be deleted. The complete list is presented below:

    • contacts, calendar, notes;
    • installed applications;
    • music, videos, podcasts;
    • network settings, geolocation.

    It is recommended that you back up to your computer hard drive or iCloud before resetting. This way you will spend the least amount of time restoring all your personal data and settings. After that, you can proceed to the zeroing procedure.

    Depending on the iPhone model, you need to choose the appropriate factory reset method. We have identified 3 relevant options for different versions of the phone.

    Reset in recovery mode

    A full reset via Recovery Mode uses both the phone buttons and the computer with iTunes. To perform zeroing using a PC, follow the presented algorithm:

    • Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.
    • Launch iTunes and wait for syncing with your phone.
    • Reset using the buttons as described in our instructions above.
    • After that, iTunes on the computer will prompt you to restore or update the device. Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
    • Now it remains to wait for the phone to return to factory settings.

    After completing the procedure, you will receive iOS in its original form. At startup, you need to select a language, region, authorize or register an Apple ID, and so on.

    An alternative reset method is the iOS system menu. However, to use it, your device must start properly and not freeze for 10-15 minutes. Then you will have time to go into the settings and select the appropriate zeroing option. The advantage of this method is that the user himself chooses the reset area (full reset, reset content, network settings, geo settings, dictionary, etc.).

    iPhone 6s and earlier (including iPhone SE)

    Let’s start with older devices. This includes all generations of iPhone up to and including 6s and 6s Plus. On these versions of the device, Home (located under the screen) is a physical key, so it is used in the Hard Reset procedure. Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time for 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    Now you can reset any iPhone model to factory settings using the buttons and the computer. Remember the procedure or add our instructions to your browser bookmarks. this way you will definitely not find yourself in an unpleasant situation with a frozen iPhone.

    We are waiting for your comments and questions under the guidance. Portal specialists read all messages and respond to each visitor!

    How to Reset iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7

    If you have problems with your iPhone, then before contacting the service center, you should try to reset the settings yourself.

    Reset iPhone 7

    To reset the seventh iPhone, you need to simultaneously hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons. Hold them until the iPhone reboots and shows the bull’s-eye on the screen. When the Apple logo appears, release both keys.

    After that, you should see the initial settings screen. Now you need to set up your iPhone from scratch, as you did after purchase: unlock the device, select a language, country, WI-FI network, etc.

    Why do a factory reset on iPhone

    Hard reset often helps with the following problems:

    18 responses to “How to reset iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7”

    Thank you very much, I wanted to carry it to the repair, but thanks to this article, everything returned to its place right at home. Thank you very much
    PS: on 5s everything happens much faster, about 5-7 seconds

    I am blocked what to do no access to mail

    Hello dear people! I have an iPhone 4s and jailbreak it (on ios6.1.3). Then I installed “Fake IOS 4.1.2” Tweak in the jail and the phone does not work. It turns on, the broken apple lights up (ios6 logo), so for 15 seconds and a recovery bar appears. As it reaches about 79%, it goes out, the logo is barely visible, and later the screen goes out even more. And all the mess in a new way. No laptop / PC. Cho to do?

    thank you i’m sooooo thankful thank you

    Please tell me if I forgot the password on the iPad from the icloud with a hard reset, what will happen?! will require the same password

    I myself am not very good at recovering and forgotten passwords yet. But Apple’s website has a procedure for recovering Apple ID using a device. Try it:!section=password
    However, I don’t know if your iPad has a SIM card. There the number asks for.

    Hi I have an iPhone 4c Writes Iphone Disconnected repeat after 25 557 324 min What to do?

    I have a locked iPhone 5s, how do I reset it to factory settings? Answer please

    How exactly is it blocked? if blocked via iCloud, then either remember the password, or (if you don’t remember or the iCloud account is not yours) send an unlock request to Apple and attach a purchase receipt.
    Here we wrote about it: How to unlink iPhone from iCloud
    Last paragraph

    How to reset it to the standard settings if I do not remember the restrictions password?

    Hello. Need help. I entered the wrong password more than once. Now the phone is turned off and writes to connect to iTunes, but this is not possible. Clamping the buttons home and turning on did not give any results. Help me please. It is desirable that all files remain on the phone.

    After I clicked to update the iPhone 5s Up to 12 ios, it first started to hang, then it froze altogether. I rebooted and the screen just stopped responding buttons. work but the touch pad simply does not respond. can’t unblock. connected to iTunes. asks to unlock to continue. help, maybe there are a couple of tips. I tried to reboot through the clamping home and the power button.

    When you reset the settings, are the pictures deleted?

    Hello, I forgot the unlock password. Blocked it. There is no computer at the moment. How can I reset the settings?

    Easiest way to reset iphone settings

    You can do this all through the settings of the phone itself. If you have an iPad or iPod, you can do it the same way. But keep in mind that your iPhone must be officially jailbroken. If you have a locked model, then do not reset in any case! You can easily check the phone status by the operator’s IMEI code. You can find it:

    • At the bottom of the phone cover where the manufacturer of the phone is written.
    • In phone. To do this, go to “Settings”, go to “General”, then “About device” and go to the tab “IMEI”.
    • On the phone box.

    Then you need to go to the website and enter the code there. Next, you will be told whether the phone is “clean” or not. Clean means that the smartphone has not been stolen or blocked. This is what “unlocked” means.
    So, here’s how to reset your iPhone:

    • Make sure the battery charge is above 80% before starting.
    • Find the “Settings” section and go to it.
    • Then open the “Basic” tab and scroll to the very bottom.
    • There you will find the “Reset” column. By clicking on it, you will be offered a list of what you can reset (Network settings, keyboard, settings “Home”, warnings of the location “All settings”, “Erase content and settings.” Select “Erase content and settings“.

    You will see a window where you will have to confirm the operation. Please note that media files, music, games, applications will be deleted without a trace, so you need to save them in backup copies. After that, the smartphone will turn off for a few minutes, after which it will work again. During activation, you need a Wi-Fi or computer internet connection in the iTunes application. The iPhone will offer you two options:

    • Set up your phone like new.
    • Set up your phone from backups.

    If you choose the first item, then it will be as after buying from a cellular salon. If you choose the second, then your data will remain on it. The choice is at your discretion.

    Reset settings on iPhone I can’t sign in I don’t know the Apple ID password

    This is not a problem in this case. The action is easily reversible if the phone is yours. There are two options for solving this problem.

    • By email. (Go to iCloud, after which you need to click “Forgot Apple ID or password?” indicated), a letter will come. Follow the link and in the window that opens, click “Reset password”, then enter a new password.!
    • Answer the questions. Proceed in exactly the same way as with e-mail until the moment where you need to choose a recovery method. Click “Answer Security Questions”. Fill in your date of birth, then answer two security questions. Write a new password and confirm your action. Everything, you changed your password.

    TIP: make sure the email comes from an official Apple address.

    Resetting the settings to Recovery Mode

    You can try the method where your phone doesn’t respond to anything or doesn’t start at all. To reset the settings, you need:

    • Disconnect iPhone in any available way.
    • Hold the Home button.
    • Connect via USB cable, while holding the “Home” button.
    • You will have a blue circle labeled iTunes. If you do not have it, repeat the procedure.
    • Launch iTunes and make sure the iPhone is now in recovery mode, then confirm the action.

    You can exit the program as follows:

    • Disconnect from the computer by removing the plug from the connector.
    • Turn off the power of the phone using the “Power” button.
    • Use the same button to turn it on.

    The phone should work like new.

    Why reset iPhone settings is dangerous?

    Reset all settings on iPhone, what will happen and how to fix it?
    You risk losing important personal information, photos, phone contacts. To avoid this, you need a copy of all your files in the iTunes app. This does not require professional knowledge.

    The second option is to copy all your files using iCloud through your personal computer.

    These two options will help to save all your data, which you can restore at any time to your smartphone.

    Apps to reset iphone to factory settings

    There are many applications that can be installed in a few seconds and you can do a factory reset on your smartphone. Here are the most tested ones:

    • Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS is a program that can be found freely available on the Internet. In the program, you can select the types of data that you want to reset, and you can also do a full reset by clicking on “System Recovery”.
    • iLEX RAT. the program will help you reset everything to zero in your smartphone when it has accumulated many applications that slow it down. You can uninstall certain types of applications without interacting with iTunes.
    • Semi-Restore for iOS will allow you to restore the current version of iOS, thereby improving the performance of your smartphone. You can download it on the Internet for free access. The interface is very user-friendly and understandable for any user.

    Factory reset via iTunes

    Before starting the procedure, take a look and make sure that you have a new version of the program installed. Click on “Settings”, click on “iCloud” and turn off iPhone search. To complete the operation, you need:

    • Open a program on your PC.
    • Using the cord that came with the purchase of the phone, connect the iPhone to the computer.
    • When prompted for a password, follow the further instructions that will appear on the screen.
    • Click on the “iPhone” device when it is highlighted in the iTunes application.
    • Go to the “Overview” tab, find the name of your smartphone on the right (Example: iPhone 7).
    • Click on “Restore iPhone”, then click this button again.
    • The device will reboot and the latest version of the operating system will be installed.

    How not to lose important data when performing a factory reset?

    There are two ways to keep your data backed up. It’s using iCloud and iTunes. For the first method, you need a whole Wi-Fi network, and for the second, you need to connect to a computer. Let’s take a closer look at each method. Copy of data to iCloud.

    • Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.
    • Go to the “Settings” section and click on the “iCloud” tab.
    • Click on “Backup” so that your slider is green.
    • Then click “Create backup” and wait for the download to complete. After that, it will be created in your iCloud (Time and date will be written).

    ITunes backup.

    • Connect your phone to your computer.
    • Launch iTunes on your PC, but make sure you have the latest version. If not, then be sure to update!
    • If you are asked for a password, follow the instructions.
    • Click on your device in iTunes when it appears.
    • Click on “Create a copy now”.

    TIP (Mandatory for everyone): remember and write down the password on several pieces of paper, put it in a place where it will not get lost. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to restore anything. Then look in the program for the latest date and time to make sure that the process was completed successfully.

    How to remove passcode on iPhone 4?

    Go to the “Settings” menu. Select the “Passcode” section.

    How to Reset Passcode on iPhone 5?

    While holding the volume down button, connect your iPhone to your computer. Hold the volume down button until the recovery mode screen appears. If you have a backup of iPhone data, after removing the password, restore the data and settings.

    How to completely clean iPhone 4?

    How to erase content and settings on iPhone

    • On iPhone, go to Settings. Basic. Reset “.
    • Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.
    • Confirm the request by double tapping on “Erase iPhone”.

    How to remove password when logging into iPhone?

    On an older iPhone, go to Settings Touch ID & Passcode. On devices that don’t support Touch ID, go to Settings Password. This section contains various parameters and functions. Disable Passcode: Select this option to disable passcode.

    How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings using buttons?

    • Press and release the volume up button.
    • Press and release the volume down button.
    • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
    • So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

    How to remove a password prompt on an iPhone?

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Click [your name] and select “iTunes Store and App Store”.
    • Tap Password Settings.
    • In the In-App & Other Purchases area, tap the desired setting.
    • In the Free Downloads area, tap Request Password to enable or disable this setting.

    How to factory reset iPhone 4 with buttons?

    Press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time. The device will show a shutdown slider and then the screen will turn off. Don’t let go of the buttons. Wait until the device starts to boot and release the “Power” button.

    How to understand if you managed to enable DFU mode

    Throughout the procedure, the screen of the device should remain black, this is the only sign of successful activation of the mode. When the startup sounds and the welcome window appear, you must repeat the process.

    After all the manipulations, you must confirm the notification “iTunes has found an iPhone in recovery mode” and click “Restore iPhone”.


    You can clean the iPhone through iTunes, here’s how to do it correctly:

    • First, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable;
    • Now you need to turn on and unlock the smartphone to determine the iOS version by the system;
    • After recognizing the device, the program will require disabling the Find iPhone function;
    • By default, the program will offer to restore data from a previously saved copy. refuse, because you need a complete cleaning of the iPhone.
    • Start the procedure by clicking the “Restore iPhone” button.

    ICloud cloud storage

    The Apple owner is allocated 5 GB of cloud storage free of charge. For a successful procedure, you need to provide a stable mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.

    • Open “Settings” and go to “iCloud”;
    • activate the “Backup” option;
    • select “Backup to iCloud”;
    • confirm the process by selecting “Create a backup”.

    Be sure to check IMEI

    Now you need to check the IMEI identifier of the gadget. The number can be found:

    • on the iPhone case;
    • on the original packaging and in the documentation;
    • in the iOs settings: sub-item “About device”.
    • Enter IMEI number,
    • Get tested “for a robot”. ReCaptcha,
    • Click “Check”.

    After making sure in the “Unlocked” status, you can proceed to the data reset procedure.


    This program will help restore iOs smartphone that crashed during the process of making changes to the software, freezes during operation or gives a startup error.

    As in the previous case, you first need to connect your iphone to your PC:

    • Select the “Fix iOS” item in the utility menu.
    • Confirm changes on smartphone.
    • Select “Recovery” and click “OK”.

    We strongly do not recommend contacting if you want to throw off someone else’s password left over from the previous owner, this can have sad consequences for you.

    When the “wipe data” option is activated, the device software is formatted with all personal data. This happens after the tenth failed password attempt. The process takes time: after six incorrectly entered passwords, the iPhone will be locked for one minute, this number doubles with each subsequent input.

    When choosing your password, you can periodically reset the counter of incorrect attempts. Connect to PC and sync with iTunes. After completing the procedure, the number of typed incorrect passwords is reset.

    Flashing iOS and resetting the device will not solve the problem. installing original components will be the only solution.

    However, zeroing with a keyboard shortcut does not exist (unlike Android smartphones).

    The ways

    DFU mode

    DFU (device firmware update). this mode is used to update and / or install a new firmware when the device is turned on, but the operating system is not running.

    The initial step when switching to DFU will be to connect the device to a PC via USB, after which you need to:

    • Hold down the power and Home buttons at the same time.
    • Release the power key.
    • Hold the Home button until the iTunes smartphone is detected.

    On smartphones without a mechanical Home button (7 and up):

    • Press the power key.
    • After 3 seconds, press and hold the “Reduce sound” button.
    • Release the power button after 10 seconds.

    Erase remotely

    In case of loss of the device, it is possible to remotely delete confidential data using the “Find iPhone” function.

    A feature present in any iPhone from the fourth. It works without restrictions only with the original software. No direct interaction with the device itself is required.

    • Log in to enter your Apple ID and passcode;
    • Go to the “Find iPhone” section and confirm the actions by re-entering the password;
    • Select the device from which the data will be deleted;
    • Click on the “Erase” button;
    • Confirm your intentions by filling in the access code in the appropriate box.

    When carrying out an operation, encrypted information is deleted even on a non-bearing device (turned off or discharged, with GPS turned off or in Airplane mode). As soon as the smartphone connects to the Internet, the Apple server will send the appropriate commands to format the data.

    Resetting all data and settings

    Now that you have moved everything to a safe place, we can reset the iPhone.

    • Open “Settings”, find “General” and go down, there we will see “Reset”.
    • Go to the reset menu. 6 options open before us, and we are only interested in two. “Reset all settings” or “Erase content and settings”.

    If you choose the first option, then you will not lose your data. photos, music, contacts, etc., but only return your phone to the initial settings. This function is needed for those who experience malfunctions of the device, for example, problems with cellular communication, Internet settings, etc. So you will return the phone to the initial settings, without losing data.

    And in order to completely reset the iPhone, you need the second option. Click on it and wait for the process to complete, which will last from two minutes or more, depending on the memory load. Thus, you will be able to erase everything that was on your iPhone, from settings to private photos. Now iPhone 5 is as clean as a baby’s tear. And you can safely transfer it to other hands.

    Reset iPhone Settings and Delete Data

    I don’t want to start this article with guessing why you needed to reset the iPhone, you just have to focus on the fact that the reset menu and the general reset menu are in the same place, so in the article we will combine the solution of both issues into a single whole.

    Those of you who are looking for information about a regular factory reset. you can safely go down one step below and contemplate detailed instructions. For the rest of those who want to erase data from their phone, for example, for sale, we want to offer a certain sequence of actions so that they do not bite their elbows later.

    If you decide, for example, to change your iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, then before that you need to complete three simple procedures: backup, reset all data and settings from iPhone 5, transfer information to a new i-gadget.

    Reset iPhone via iTunes

    You can also return your phone to its original settings using iTunes. To do this, connect the gadget to your computer, open iTunes and wait until the program detects your device.

    After that, you just need to go to the tab of your phone and click the “Restore iPhone” button. If you had Find My iPhone turned on, iTunes will ask you to turn it off. You just have to follow the request and disable “Find My iPhone” in the iCloud settings, and finally also refuse to select the previously saved backups. Thus, the recovery process will begin, which will completely clear your device and return the settings to standard.


    Before you reset iPhone 5 and erase its settings, you need to transfer everything to your computer. you can do this using iTunes or iTools. There is also the option of creating a backup copy in the cloud, it will suit you if you have a configured iCloud account and the phone can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

    All these simple manipulations are described in the article on creating backups, therefore, if this information is new for you, with the material, before going further.

    Transferring information to a new device

    After resetting the settings and content on the old smartphone, we need to transfer them to the new one. For this we need the previously created backups. As you remember, there were two options. via PC or the cloud. The transfer process is very similar to restoring an iPhone from a backup, so we will not duplicate the information and just provide you with a link to the very article.

    So we showed how to erase all data from your iPhone and, if necessary, transfer it to a new one. As it turned out, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. We wish you pleasant use!

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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