Instructions for resetting Dahua IP cameras to factory settings

2.6 Dahua Mini Dome IP Cameras

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The reset takes place inside the camera, open the dome camera housing and you can find the button.

2.7 Dahua Mobile IP Dome Camera

The reset button is inside the camera, open the dome camera body and find it under the IR board (see picture below).

2.2 Dahua IR Waterproof Fixed IP Camera

Some of these cameras (earlier models) have been combined with a multifunction combo cable that needs to be shorted to reset.

The figure below shows the cable coming out of the camera; you need an extension cord to reset. Short the blue wire (RESET) and the orange wire (GND) for at least 5 seconds until the camera reboots.

2.4 Dahua Mini IR Waterproof Fixed IP Camera (with built-in bracket)

The reset button is inside the camera, open the lens cover and you will find it.

2.1 Dahua Indoor Fixed IP Camera

For these IP cameras, the reset button is always located on the back of the camera, marked “RESET”

The photos below are a sample of the back of the camera (Appearance may not match).

2.3 Dahua IR Waterproof Fixed IP Camera (with built-in bracket)

Most barrel-type cameras will have a multi-function combo cable coming out of the bottom of the bracket. You can find the one that is the reset cable. (Appearance may not match)

Some early camera models also have a multi-function combo cable; The terminal block is located along with the alarm terminal block (you can find the label), you need to close the RESET contact and GND (7 and 6 in the figure below) for at least 5 seconds to make a reset.

Factory reset button

Some models of ActiveCam and Trassir cameras have a reset button. To determine the presence and location of the reset button, refer to the user manual for the required camera model.

The manual can be found on our website, for which in the search field type the camera model and go to the “Download” tab on the page with the camera description.

To reset the IP camera to factory settings using the button:

Power up the camera.
2. Press the RESET button and hold it for 10 seconds.
3. Release the button and the camera will reboot.
4. Try to connect to the IP camera

  • IP address:;
  • Subnet mask:;
  • Gateway:;
  • HTTP port: 80;
  • username: admin;
  • password: admin.

Launch your browser and try to connect to the IP camera. To do this, in the address
enter and press Enter.
To gain access to the web-based interface, enter the username and password

To connect to the IP camera, the PC must be in the same local network as the camera.

If you cannot enter the camera settings through a browser, then you need to use special utilities to search for the camera in the local network. Go to

the link below and from the table, select the utility for the required camera model.

Where does it apply?

  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO7 Silver
  • HERO7 White
  • Hero (2018)
  • HERO6 Black
  • Fusion
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO4 Black
  • HERO4 Silver
  • HERO3 Black Edition only
  • HERO3 Silver Edition
  • HERO3: Black Edition (v03.00)
  • HERO3 Silver and HERO3 White
  • Hero (2014), Hero, Hero LCD

Contacting the service center

If the camera is not listed in the Table or it is not possible to perform port forwarding and the “Reset” button is absent, then only the service center specialists can reset the password.

In this case, you need to take the camera to a service center to reset the password.

How to reset IP camera settings to factory defaults

What are you trying to do?

Resetting IP Cameras to Factory Settings

Sometimes it becomes necessary to reset the IP camera settings to factory defaults. This is usually required if you have forgotten your password or login, or if after reconfiguring the camera it malfunctions or does not work at all, but you can enter the camera control interface, which allows you to reset the settings.

Some IP cameras have a dedicated reset button. It is usually hidden from prying eyes and to find it, you need to look at the instruction manual of your IP camera.

The instructions usually tell you the location of the reset button hole, and what gimbals sold with your camera will help you reset.

You also need to remember that the reset button may not be located in a small hole in the camera body, but be inside the camera, where access without opening the camera body is not possible. Sometimes this button can be found in a bundle of wires coming out of the camera. This is usually the location of the reset button for outdoor surveillance cameras.

So you’ve found the button. What’s next? To reset, you will need to connect the power of the camera and wait for it to turn on completely. Then press the button and hold it for a few seconds. That’s all. the camera will reboot and will already be with factory settings.

But what if the camera doesn’t have a button? Special programs will help you to reboot.

To do this, connect the IP camera to the local network of the computer or directly to the PC network interface and turn on the power. Install special software on your computer. For example, for equipment to the xmeye platform, the program can be downloaded from this link

For cameras from other manufacturers, you will find applications independently and without any problems.

If you don’t find that one, contact those who sold or installed the camera for you. Experts will help.

Next, you need to install the program on your computer and run. A window similar to the one shown in the figure will appear. Here you need to enter the IP address of the camera and click Run or Reset. Factory reset will take some time.

After the reset, you can enter the camera control interface using the standard login and password set by the camera manufacturer. Below we provide a list of such data for cameras from various manufacturers.

  • ACTi: admin / 123456 or Admin / 123456
  • Arecont Vision: no
  • Avigilon: admin / admin
  • Axis: root / pass, Newer models don’t have a default password. The password is set during the first setup.
  • Basler: admin / admin
  • Bosch: no
  • Brickcom: admin / admin
  • Cisco: No default password. The password is set during the first setup.
  • Dahua: admin / admin
  • Digital Watchdog: admin / admin
  • DRS: admin / 1234
  • DVTel: Admin / 1234
  • DynaColor: Admin / 1234
  • FLIR: admin / fliradmin
  • Foscam: admin /
  • GeoVision: admin / admin
  • Grandstream: admin / admin
  • Hikvision: admin / 12345
  • Honeywell: admin / 1234
  • IQinVision: root / system
  • IPX-DDK: root / admin or root / Admin
  • JVC: admin / jvc
  • Mobotix: admin / meinsm
  • Panasonic: admin / 12345
  • Pelco Sarix: admin / admin
  • Pixord: admin / admin
  • Samsung Electronics: root / root or admin / 4321
  • Samsung Techwin (old model): admin / 1111111
  • Samsung Techwin (new model): admin / 4321
  • Sanyo: admin / admin
  • Scallop: admin / password
  • Sentry360 (mini): admin / 1234
  • Sentry360 (pro): no
  • Sony: admin / admin
  • Stardot: admin / admin
  • Starvedia: admin /
  • Trendnet: admin / admin
  • Toshiba: root / ikwd
  • VideoIQ: supervisor / supervisor
  • Vivotek: root /
  • Ubiquiti: ubnt / ubnt
  • Wodsee: admin /

Remote reset by technical support

If there is no RESET button or if access to the camera is difficult, you need to find out which group the camera belongs to, to do this, find the camera model in the table:

AC-D2143IR3 (rev. 3)
AC-D2143IR3 (rev. 4)
AC-D2163IR3 (rev. 2)
AC-D3103IR2 (rev. 2)
AC-D3113IR2 (rev. 2)
AC-D3121IR1 (rev. 2
AC-D3121IR1 (rev. 2)
AC-D3123IR2v2 (rev. 2)
AC-D3123IR2v2 (rev. 3)

AC-D3123VIR2v2 (rev. 2)
AC-D3141IR1 (rev. 2)
AC-D3143VIR2 (rev. 2)
AC-D3143VIR2 (rev. 3)
AC-D4101IR1v3 (rev. 2)
AC-D4121IR1v2 (rev. 2)

AC-D7121IR1W (rev. 2)
AC-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 2)
AC-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 3)
AC-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 4)
AC-D8123ZIR3 (rev. 2)
AC-D8141IR2 (rev. 2)

AC-D8141IR2 (rev. 3)
TR-D2121IR3v2 (rev. 3)
TR-D2121IR3v2 (rev. 4)
TR-D2121WDIR3v2 (rev. 2)
TR-D2123IR3v2 (rev. 2)
TR-D2141IR3 (rev. 2)

TR-D2141IR3 (rev. 3)
TR-D2141IR3 (rev. 4)
TR-D2143IR3 (rev. 3)
TR-D2143IR3 (rev. 4)
TR-D3113IR2 (rev. 2)
TR-D3121IR1 (rev. 2)
TR-D3123VIR2v2 (rev. 2)

TR-D3141IR1 (rev. 2)
TR-D3143IR2 (rev. 2)
TR-D3143VIR2 (rev. 3)
TR-D4101IR1v3 (rev. 2)
TR-D7121IR1W (rev. 2)

TR-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 2)
TR-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 3)
TR-D8121IR2v2 (rev. 4)
TR-D8121WDIR2v2 (rev. 2)
TR-D8123ZIR3 (rev. 2)
TR-D8123ZIR3 (rev. 3)
TR-D8141IR2 (rev. 2)
TR-D8141IR2 (rev. 4)

AC-D2123IR3 (rev. 2)
AC-D4111IR1 (rev. 2)

If the camera belongs to group A, you need to make a forwarding to the external network of ports 80 and 6000.

If the camera belongs to group B, you need to make a forwarding to the external network of ports 80 and 1115.

Port forwarding must be done symmetrically (we forward port 80 to 80, and accordingly 6000. 6000, 1115. 1115)

After successful port forwarding, send a password reset request to technical support at indicating the camera model, external IP address and matching ports for connection.

A ticket will be automatically created on the technical support portal, and a notification with the request number will be sent in response.

It is possible to control the status of the request and leave comments using the technical support portal (instructions for working with the portal).

You can also continue to communicate with technical support specialists via mail, sending replies to messages from the portal or to letters from technical support specialists (the request number must be indicated in the subject line)

After completing the reset procedure, a technical support specialist will send a notification by email.

Resetting Mikrotik configuration using software

To do this, use the Winbox graphical utility or the console (PuTTY program) to log into the router settings interface with the administrator account. And follow the steps below.

Reset MikroTik hAP ac2 settings

How to reset MikroTik to factory settings? Is this possibility provided by the functionality of RouterOS? You will get answers to these questions by reading the article.

You can master MikroTik using the online course “Configuring MikroTik Equipment”. The course covers all topics from the official MTCNA program. The author is the official trainer of MikroTik. The material is suitable both for those who have been working with MikroTik equipment for a long time, and for those who have not yet held it in their hands. Includes 162 video lessons, 45 laboratory works, self-test questions and a synopsis.

How to reset MikroTik router to factory settings

In Mikrotik routers, factory reset can be done in three ways:

  • Program. To reset the MIkrotik configuration in this way, you need to go to the device, for this you need to know the username and password of a user with full rights.
  • Hardware. Used in case you have forgotten your password and cannot log into the router. Physical access to equipment will be required.
  • Hardware and software. It is performed using the proprietary Mikrotik Netintall utility. This method is used in the most urgent cases and is discussed in detail in a separate article.

Hard reset Mikrotik

  • Disconnect the power supply;
  • Press the Reset button;
  • Turn on the power;
  • Wait for the indicator to start blinking;
  • Release the button.

IMPORTANT! Do not wait for the LED to stop blinking, as this will put the router into the RouterOS reinstall mode.

This is true for models such as hAP ac2. On old Mikrotik, it will not be possible to reset the parameters in this way. There is a jumper for a hard reset. It is enough to insert it into the switched off device, then apply power and wait for the router to reboot. After that, the jumper is removed. But such routers are now extremely rare. The most commonly used reset is via the Reset button.

Connect after reset

When the device reboots and initializes, the router will be displayed in the Neighbors tab of the Winbox window:

  • Select Mikrotik by clicking on the MAC of the device;
  • Connect to: MAC address of the equipment;
  • Login: admin;
  • Password: (there is no account password by default);
  • Connect.

How to reset IP Security Camera to its default Settings by Ezy2Learn

After logging into the system, we will see the “default configuration” window with a description of the parameters:

You can accept it by clicking “OK”, or by selecting Remove Configuration to remove the suggested operating system presets, getting a clean configuration.

Resetting Mikrotik using the console

To reset Mikrotik to factory settings from the command line, you need:

/ system reset-configuration [caps-mode =] [keep-users =] [no-defaults =] [run-after-reset = script_name] [skip-backup =]. By default, the additional parameters of the command are assigned the value “NO”. If you want to reset to a clean configuration without settings, then the value must be specified explicitly. How to do it is shown below:

Why do I need to reset Mikrotik to factory settings

Most often, a MikroTik reset is required in the following cases:

  • incorrect parameters were entered when configuring the device, due to which the logic of its operation was violated (or does not connect to the Internet);
  • an attempt was made to restore the MikroTik configuration from an incompatible backup (parameter conflict);
  • the device is unstable (a reset allows you to establish the cause by identifying the “culprit”: software or hardware failure).
  • You are completely confused in the settings and it’s easier to start over.

Dahua IP Camera Password Reset

This article provides options for the location of buttons for factory reset on Dahua network cameras

If you need to reset the password on the Dahua DVR, read the material on how to reset the password on the Dahua DVR.

Password reset procedure

1.1 Camera power must be connected. Press the reset button and hold for five seconds, then the camera will restart and its settings will be restored to factory settings.

1.2 In most cases, resetting the settings on Dahua cameras is carried out using the button.

In some cases, resetting the camera settings is carried out using special cables or terminals.

Dahua camera reset button location

The location of the reset button depends on the type of camera.

2.1 Fixed indoor camera

This type of camera has a reset button on the back of the camera and is designated RESET

The picture below shows the location of the reset button on the back of the camera.

2.2 Dahua Waterproof Infrared Network Camera

Some models of these cameras (early models) were supplied with a multi-function cable that can be used to perform a factory reset.

The picture below shows how to connect the multifunction cable. After connecting the cable, short-circuit the blue and orange wires for five seconds and wait for the camera to reboot.

2.3 Dahua Waterproof Infrared Network Camera (with bracket)

A. Most of these cameras have a reset button on one of the branches of the camera cable.

The picture below shows the location of the reset button on the cable.

On early models, factory reset is done using the terminal. To do this, close RESET and GND (7 and 6 as shown in the figure) for five seconds and wait for the camera to reboot.

2.4 Miniature Waterproof Infrared Network Cameras (with bracket)

The reset button is located inside the camera. Open the lens cover to access it.

2.5 Vandal Proof Dome Network Cameras

IPC-HDB / HDBW 3202-DI series (DI means in-ceiling model)

The reset button is located inside the camera. Open the camera body. You will find the button next to the alarm terminal. See the picture below.

2.6 Miniature Dome Camera

Factory reset Hikvision IP camera

The reset button is located inside the camera. To access it, open the camera body.

2.7 Rotatable Network Camera

The reset button is located inside the camera. Open the camera body. The button can be found under the infrared illumination panel.

2.8 Home use series

The reset button for such cameras is usually located on the back panel.

If you have not found your camera model, you can determine the way to reset the settings by the appearance of your camera.