How to reset the password on Dahua camera?

In the surveillance system, there are quite often cases when passwords from the administrative account to the registrar are forgotten, lost or hacked, and products from Dahua are NOT an exception in this regard. Here a reasonable question arises in the user: how to reset the password on the Dahua camera?

Using the web-based configuration utility

  • You need to open a browser and enter IP addresses in the address bar and will be named Enter. Usually the default is
  • On the login page, you just need to enter your username and password. you need to enter admin there and there to connect to the device.
  • Click on “Settings”, go to the “Basic” and “initialize” section on the left of the page, after which you need to click on “Factory settings” to reset the settings to the factory level.
  • Wait for the password reset to complete and set a new password.

Resetting the password using the Intelligent IP Installer

  • Need to download Intelligent IP Installer.
  • Run the IntelligentIPInstaller program, then click on “Search” to identify your device.
  • In the list of devices you need to find your device and click on “Factory settings” (Factorydefault).
  • On the login page, you need to enter your username and password. in both cases, enter admin. Wait for the device to reboot. Usually the overloading process takes about 45 seconds, so you need to be patient.

Password recovery in the authorization window

If your hardware is from 2017, then you’re in luck better. it has a built-in password reset procedure. In the authorization window there is a button “Recover password”. You just need to go through the recovery procedure, indicated the answers to the secret questions that were asked during the first launch, or indicated the email address for recovery. This is an innovative security system, so if you have password recovery, then all the previous methods become NOT relevant. If you have forgotten your security question or email address, then restoration will be possible only at the service center by deleting the old configuration and loading the new GoPro software.

Resetting Dahua Camera Password Using the “Reset” Button

Such cameras do not have a specially designed program for resetting the password and the only way to reset it is to return the equIPment to the factory settings using the “Reset” button. In most cases, the button is installed inside the case on the main board, or in the form of two contacts, which need to be closed together. Hold for a few seconds, after which you just need to re-configure the equIPment, where you can set a new username and password.

I cannot reset my password. what to do?

If you do not have enough time or skills to recover your password using the above methods, you need to contact our specialists. You just need to indicate the date of the registrar and the serial number, after which you will be provided with a new password. You will see the date when you connect the monitor directly to the recorder. When you receive your login information, change your password to a new one. In addition to password recovery, we are ready to advise on any issues of interest to surveillance systems.

IPad pro instruction

Manuals, Instructions Forms. Sedariston instruction

Reset password on Hikvision devices using SADP utility

There are several steps you need to take to reset your password on Hikvision devices.

Reset Hikvision Camera To Factory Settings
  • You need to download and install the SADP utility (v3.0.0.2). You can download it here.
  • Reboot the device and start SADP. After starting SADP, we will see a window like this:
  • It is worth paying attention to the column “Security”
    “Active”. ​​the device is active and the password is set.
  • Select the desired device, marking it with a checkbox and click the inscrIPtion “Forgot Password”.
  • A window with instructions will appear (if at this stage you saw another window, go to step 10): Following the instructions, we will perform the first step:
    press the “Export” button and select the folder where the exported file will be saved. At the end of this GoProcess, we will see a window:
  • Next, go to the selected folder and look for a file with the extension “.Xml”.
    The file can be called “DeviceKey” or “device model” (example in the picture below).
    We send this file to our manager
  • After your application is approved, a new file “Encrypt.Xml” will be sent in response to the letter. You Save it to your computer.
  • We perform the fourth point again and, following the instructions, go to the second step: specify the path to the received file, set and confirm a new password, and press the “Confirm” button.
    The password must consist of at least 8 characters (upper and lower case letters of the English alphabet, numbers, special characters). Learn more about password here.
  • If everything is done correctly, we will see a window and the specified password will be set on the device.
  • If the device is old or with old firmware, and clicked on the inscrIPtion “Forgot Password” you will see such a window: then you need to copy the complete model of the device (Device Serial No.) and the start date (Start Time). All data is available in SADP.
    Warning: “Data must be in text format, screenshots and photos are not suitable”
    Send this data to your seller. In response, you will receive a reset code. The password will be reset to standard. 12345.

Latest publications:

Download software for working with Hikvision equIPment.

Hikvision has ditched default passwords in its new devices. When turning on the device for the first time, the user needs to activate the device.

Tested HDD List

Resetting HIKvision to factory settings

The more Hikvision sells products and the more users of their devices become, the more and more often the question is asked about resetting devices to factory settings. In this article I will tell you about one of the ways how to do it. I draw your attention to the fact that this manual does not work for all devices of the Hikvision family, but today for the majority. Be sure to read the Warning before using the instructions.

If you have a need to reset the settings, it is better to contact the service center, where specialists who know their work will do it correctly and without disastrous consequences.
Use this article only when absolutely necessary.
Neither I nor the Administration of this resource are responsible for any resulting consequences. All actions you do at your own peril and risk. Think many times before starting this procedure.
I strongly advise against experimenting and deviating from these instructions. The consequences can be ruined device firmware.
Dear Linux experts. I do not recommend experimenting and poking around in the “brains” of the device. This often results in the failure of the device. There were cases. And not alone.
If you are NOT sure of your actions, or even a little doubt, contact the SC or me on Skype ss-novikov.

Required tool:
1. The device whose settings are reset.
2. Computer with MS Windows (better than XP).
3. Utility for the detection and initial configuration of Hikvision devices. Supplied as a set on disk or downloads here

Course of action:
1. We find out the IP of our device. If the IP is known, you can skIP.
-Install the IP finder downloaded from the link above;
-We launch it using the SADP shortcut that appears on the desktop after installation;
-In the window that appears, wait for ENTER;.In the window that appears, your IP device with an IP-shnik will appear;
IP addresses learned.
2. Connect to the camera.
-writing a command cmd Press ENTER.This window will open. Dear experts, I apologize for the “chewing” and so clear. Be understanding. NOT everyone has come across this;
-In the window that appears, write telnet press ENTER;
-This should appear

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-then click o (Letter O in English layout) ENTER;.Enter the received IP of your device, press ENTER;
we get it Please note that this window may differ slightly depending on the version of the firmware of your device;
-enter login root ENTER;
-password hiklinux ENTER. When entering a password, the password is NOT displayed. The backspace button is a symbol. So DO NOT make mistakes when entering your password;
You should get the following; by going to the davinci directory. To do this, we type cd davinchi ENTER;.See the list of files with the command ls ENTER. We need the devCfg.Bin file. If it is on the list, then go to the next item. If not, then write cd / ENTER, cd home ENTER, ls ENTER, look for this file in a new list, and go to the next item;.getting to reset the settings. To do this, we type rm devCfg.Bin press ENTER;
-and reboot the device with the command reboot ENTER;
-That’s all. We close the deadline. After rebooting, the device will start with factory settings, IP address Login admin. Password 12345.

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Sadp hikvision instruction:

  • Piriton instruction

    HIKVISION IP cameras

    In earlier firmware versions (up to version 5.3.0), HIKVISION IP cameras were supplied with a default IP address of and a password of 12345.

    Starting with firmware version 5.3.0, the HIKVISION IP camera is connected to the network using a new procedure.

    Cameras with firmware 5.3.0 and higher must be “activated” before connecting to the network, since they are shIPped from the factory without a password (not active). Since there is a “default” password in cameras with new firmware, installers have difficulties in connecting HIKVISION IP cameras with firmware = 5.3.0 to the recorder in the usual “automatic” way.

    Consider the process of connecting (activating) IP cameras HIKVISION.

    First you need to find out the IP address of the camera and the version of its firmware. How to find out the IP address of the camera. Mr. Y described in this article:

    There are two easy ways to do this:

    1) Look at the sticker (label) on the box from the camera, where the firmware version and default IP addresses of the camera are indicated.

    2) use the special SADP utility, which detects and displays all HIKVISION devices on the local network.

    A method for determining an IP address using the SADP utility. Naturally, it is more preferable, because in addition to the IP address of the camera, the SADP utility shows: the firmware version, camera model, port, as well as the “activity” of the cameras, i.e. the presence of a valid password.

    Further, for the procedure for activating an IP camera and connecting it to the network, there are two ways: using a WEB browser and using the SADP utility.

    First and the way how to activate and connect the IP camera.

    Connect the camera to the network adapter of the computer by changing the network settings so that the network adapter and the camera are in the same subnet. Open a browser and enter the IP address of the camera. If the IP address is entered correctly, a window for setting the password will appear:

    over, you need to create a password, which can consist of a set of upper and lower case letters of the English alphabet, numbers and special characters. The password must be “strong”, ie. Have from 8 to 16 characters and consist of at least two types of characters listed above.

    After entering the password, access to the IP cameras menu appears. Further, it is desirable (optional) to make one more setting. In the configurations and cameras “Configuration. AdvancedConfiguration. Security. SecurityService” uncheck “EnableIllegalLoginLock”.

    K amera activated.

    The second way how to activate and connect an IP camera.

    Turn on SADP and select the desired camera:

    The “DeviceActivation” block appears on the right side of the SADP utility window, enter the “strong” password that you have invented and click the “OK” button. If the password meets the security criteria. Then SADP will show a window where information about activation of the camera will be displayed. And in the “Security” field, the value will be set to “Active”.

    Important note. IP cameras HIKVISION with firmware 5.3.0 and others are connected to the recorder with PoE only after activation and in manual mode.

    Password reset through authorized support

    Average processing time for password reset requests in an authorized support service from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, on weekdays during business hours.
    Device passwords are reset only when a photo sticker (nameplate) of the device is provided.

    Passwords WILL NOT be reset without a photo attached to the application.
    To perform a reset, you must fill out a password reset application containing the following data:

    With attached files: photo of the nameplate and XML or XLS (X) depending on the reset method (1 or 0, respectively)
    ATTENTION! Without an attached export file, a picture file of the device nameplate and a completed form. Password is not reset.

    To correctly fill out the application and carry out the password reset procedure
    1) First, install the latest SADP software from the link.
    2) I will take a photo and save the photo of the sticker, with a barcode on the device itself.

    3) Run SADP as administrator

    After opening SADP, the program will scan your local network and display a list of found devices. It is worth Paying attention to the “Security” column, the device on which you need to reset the password must be “Active”. ​​the device is active and the password is set.

    Then you need to check the box in front of the device, the password of which should be reset and click on the link “Forgot Password”.

    After clicking on the “Forgot Password” link, a window will open, the appearance of which depends on the firmware version installed in the device.

    4) perform actions in accordance with the reset method:

    Method number 1

    For new firmware (5.3 for cameras, 3.0.10 for DVRs):

    Now the program provides for sending an XML file or QR code identifying the device to receive an XML password reset file, however, sending a QR code is not yet supported in Ukraine, so we will consider the option with XML.
    To do this, you need to export the.XML file (for each device its own file).

    Click on the Export button

    Next, select the file export directory. The illustration below shows the Desktop as an example.

    Upon successful export, a sticker will be issued

    A file with the.XML extension and the name in the form of the complete serial number of the device will appear in the specified directory. You cannot rename the file!

    5) Create an email, fill out the form, attach 2 required files and send an email.

    You send this letter to the address: IT@ohrana.Ua with the subject “Password reset”.

    If you need to reset on several devices, please send each file in a separate letter.

    6) do not turn off or reboot SADP and the device while waiting for a response.

    7) Receive a reply email containing an attachment.

    Now the program provides for the input of an XML file or a password reset Key-code sent by an authorized support service, however, sending a Key-code is not yet supported in Ukraine, therefore, we will consider the option with a password reset XML file sent.

    In response, you will receive a letter with a file with the extension.XML.
    The reset file is valid only during the current day, the next day its application will not make sense and you will need to repeat the procedure.

    This file must be substituted in this window, left after the export of the file for sending to support. Then you come up with a new password and confirm it.

    Password must be at least 8 characters long, containing numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.

    If everything went well, a sticker will be issued

    Resetting the password does not affect the archive and device settings.

    Self-service password reset by answering the “secret” question

    Similarly to the previous method, in this it was necessary to foresee the answers to security questions in advance. To prepare for this method, you need to go to the Web interface or remote configuration in iVMS-4200 or BatchConfigTool and in the user management section.

    Click on the button “Security question”.

    Asked when setting up security questions, you will be able to reset your password.

    Clicked on “Forgot Password” in the corresponding interface of the device, you will be offered a reset form:

    In it, you need to select the Appropriate verification method. Resetting the password does not affect the archive and device settings.

    Self-service password reset by file GUID

    New firmwares are equIPped with additional functionality, which can help to quickly reset the password, but it will only work if you take care of the need to reset the password during device setup, when you still remember the password.

    To prepare for this method, you need to go to the Web interface or remote configuration in iVMS-4200 or BatchConfigTool and in the user management section

    Click on the button “Export GUID file”.

    By exporting the GUID file to your computer and saving it somewhere in a good place, you will be able to recover the password yourself by simply importing it to your device.

    Clicked on “Forgot Password” in the corresponding interface of the device, you will be offered a reset form:

    If you accidentally select a file from a second device, it simply won’t be accepted. Resetting the password does not affect the archive and device settings.

    Error: Get key error

    DescrIPtion of the problem

    When exporting a key file, SADP reports: Get key error

    Possible reasons:

    • PC and device are connected through more than one switch, which DO NOT support multi-cast function.
    • The PC and the device are connected through a router, and the NAT function is enabled on the router and on the device.
    • PC IP address changed while opening SADP software.
    • Incorrect device firmware.
    • Possible solutions:

      • When the device and PC are connected through more than one switch, please make sure the routers support the multi-cast function, as it is necessary for the device activation and reset process.
      • When the PC and the device are connected through a router, try to disable the NAT function in the router and the device. When NAT is activated, the device does NOT receive multi-cast messages.
      • When the PC and device are directly connected and the IP address of the PC has changed while SADP was open, just restart SADP.
      • Try to flash your device, for example Using TFTP.
      • Error: Reset password failed

      Self-resetting the password with the RESET button

      Unfortunately, this method is NOT applicable to most equIPment due to the lack of such a button. Most common reset buttons Available on IP cameras, but not on all.

      If the camera has a reset button, you must:

      • Turn off camera power (12V or POE)
      • Press and hold the RESET button;
      • Power on the camera, do not release the button;
      • Release the button after 20 seconds.

      Reset made. camera Inactive. that is, reset to factory settings.

      The camera will have to be reactivated (see the article “Activating new Hikvision devices”) and set up, however, the entries on the SD card, if used before, will be saved.

      But not all cameras like the 24 I and 20 I series have reset buttons on the outside. Many cameras have them under a protective casing or dome, which requires you to unscrew a part of the case with a screwdriver before you can use the simplified reset procedure.

      Method number 0

      For older firmwares (5.2 for cameras, 3.0.9 for DVRs and earlier)

      If an old firmware version is installed, the system will ask you to enter the code to reset the password to the factory (12345) as in the illustration below.

      To get the code, you need to follow these steps.
      Close the default password recovery window for now.

      You need to send the following information to authorized support:

      • Full serial number of the device (For example: DS-72xxABCD-XY / SN123456789ABCD123456789ABCD) (The serial number from the sticker on the device will NOT work, only the one specified in SADP)
      • The value of the “Start time” field (For example: 2014-05-22 1:11 PM), which can be found on the right side of the table

      To obtain this information, you can use the data export.
      Check the box next to the required devices and press the Export button, a spreadsheet file (.XLS) will be created

      1) Create an email, fill out the form, attach 2 required files and send an email.
      Instead of an XLS file, you can copy the data (serial number and launch time) directly into the body of the letter after the required form.

      2) do not turn off or reboot the device while waiting for a response. SADP can be closed until a response is received.

      3) Receive a reply letter containing reset codes.

      4) Perform the steps of point 3) again and enter the code sent from the list into the box corresponding to the current date.
      Usually 3-4 codes are sent for different dates. Each reset code is valid only for the specified days.

      On the first two mistakes

      Also try:

      • Reinstall software;
      • Disable anti-virus software and firewalls;
      • Reboot the device;
      • Reboot PC.

      Then do it all over again.
      If these steps DO NOT help, try repeating the operation on another PC.

      SADP password reset problems

      Note: When using SADP to reset the device, it is highly recommended to connect the device directly to the PC whenever possible.

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