Disable Siri

Long holding the Home button by default launches Siri. But if you do not use it or, for example, often take screenshots, then in order to avoid a false launch, you can disable the launch of the voice assistant.

iPhone Home Button Settings You May Not Know About

The Home button on iPhone has 6 different daily functions: call up the lock screen, return to the springboard (home screen), open ambiguity mode, scan your fingerprint with Touch ID, launch Siri voice assistant, and Reachability mode for using iPhone with one hand. In this article, we will tell you about 5 more settings that can be applied when working with the Home button on the iPhone.

Most of the functions are available on iPhones with iOS 9 (and higher), but some of them may be present on older versions of the apple operating system.

Disable Reachability to avoid accidental clicks

After Apple decided to increase the diagonal of the display from the rather convenient 3.5 and 4 inches to 4.7 and 5.5, with which, holding the device in one hand, it becomes terribly difficult to reach the far corner of the display, in iOS the Reachability function was integrated, well, or “Convenient access” in the Russian equivalent.

Its essence lies in the fact that by double-tapping (just by touching, not pressing) on ​​the “Home” button, the interface shifts down and it becomes easy to reach the most remote areas of the display with one hand.

But no matter how cool the function is on paper and in various videos, I personally use it in my daily activities only a couple of times a year. I will say even more. it periodically causes discomfort due to accidental pressing.

You can disable it, for which you need to go to Settings → General → Universal Access and in the “Interaction” section opposite the “Easy Access” item, move the switch to the inactive position.

How to turn off Siri completely?

Go to Settings → General → Siri and turn off the main switch, and then summarize the action in the pop-up menu.

How to turn off Siri on the lock screen?

Open Settings → Touch ID & Password. After you enter the lock password in the “Access with screen lock” section, deactivate the toggle switch opposite “Siri”.

Assigning a triple click action

A triple press of the Home button can also be assigned a specific action. To do this, open Settings → General → Accessibility and scroll all the way down until you find the Shortcut Keys menu, which is disabled by default.

Here you can activate one of the following functions:

What to do if the home button in iPhone 7 is cracked?

Change to a special Bluetooth button. This procedure is described in the next paragraph. In this case, the fingerprint cannot be saved.

How to repair the Home button?

First of all, you need to diagnose. To do this, you need to know the following: the button itself (round glass) transmits a signal to the button loop. Then, on the loop chip, the signal is processed and transmitted to the backlight loop of the display module. The display module is connected to the board with two loops. One of them (which has fewer pins on the connector) and transfers the backlight signal and HOME buttons to the motherboard. Diagnostics consists in checking all this path and if it is possible to find out where the signal is lost. we start repairing.

If the problem is in the display module. we change the backlight or the entire module. If the problem is in the Home button loop. looking for damage or oxidation. Sometimes, in this case, replacing the chip on the loop helps if there is no visible damage. If the loop is damaged, you can try to restore it.

To date, there is no way to recover a broken HOME button. But it became possible to replace the damaged button with a new one that works via Bluetooth.

There is a solution! Home button in iPhone 7 and 8 can now be replaced

replace, button, iphone

One of the essential innovations of the iPhone in terms of hardware was the Home button on the iPhone 7. In addition to the chips that everyone knows and uses, there is one very unpleasant news. If this button is damaged. it cannot be replaced. This is confirmed by our masters and tested in practice.

What happens if you change the Home button on an iPhone7 or 8?

When replacing the Home button ribbon cable in iPhone 7, 7, 8, 8, the button starts to noticeably overheat and the consumption on the motherboard increases. This means the battery will drain faster. What is the reason for this? Nobody can say for sure, but it looks like when the home button is replaced, it is not recognized by the processor and the button operation algorithm loops. If it is true. there is still hope that the situation can be corrected by Apple by releasing a new firmware in which the button operation algorithm will be changed.

How to replace the HOME button in iPhone 7, 8, 7plus, 8Plus?

This is the only option that we can offer. install a special bluetooth button instead of the original button, which outwardly does not differ from the original. It connects to the phone via bluetooth once during installation and works continuously without problems until you turn off Bluetooth in the phone or do a factory reset. The Touch ID fingerprint will no longer work on the phone. For the price and timing, call us or go for a free diagnosis.

Popular questions

Can I fix the button myself?

Repairing a loop requires soldering skills; not every craftsman knows how to repair a button while retaining the Touch ID function. Trust repairs only to professionals.

Replacing the button while maintaining the mechanical pressure is possible in any case?

Yes, you can always replace a non-working button with a ribbon cable with a new one, but the fingerprint recognition function with a new button will not work.

Press or Touch ID does not work well, what to do?

Bring the device to our service for diagnostics. If there is no serious damage to the Home button, it is possible to restore the loop and save the work with the fingerprint.

Set the default response speed in the settings, disable universal access, restart the phone. If the fault persists, the button will have to be repaired or replaced.

IPhone 8 Plus Home Button Replacement

Repairing the touch ID on the iPhone 8 plus may be necessary if the Home button is damaged or the fingerprint recognition function does not work correctly: the sensor does not see the finger, or it gives an error when trying to unlock the phone or add a new fingerprint.

Fill out a repair request

And our manager will contact you shortly

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for restoring the home button on iPhone 8 plus while keeping the touch ID! A lot of workshops just don’t do that, they say it’s impossible. Your master has repaired without problems.

An excellent service center with straight-handed craftsmen, a polite administrator and spare parts in stock. Changed the Home button on an iPhone 8 Plus during my lunch break. They didn’t lie with the price, paid exactly according to the price.

I put the Home button on the iPhone 8 Plus instead of the broken one in this service center. The button works fine, does not creak, it is pressed easily and smoothly, it works as it should. In appearance, not a bit different. It is a pity that I had to say goodbye to the print, but there were no options. the old button just split from the blow.

The only service where they could put a new button on the iPhone 8 plus in red on the same day, others simply did not have the part itself or the button of the desired shade. The color is 100%, so you can’t even see on the phone that it was being repaired. Works like the original too.

On devices with an entire Home button, the problem may arise due to:

  • ingress of moisture into the case;
  • software problems;
  • damage to the loop due to unqualified repairs or falling of the smartphone.

Replacement of Touch ID iPhone 8 Plus cannot be performed in any SC, since the sensor is tied to the iPhone board. However, it is often possible to fix a sensor on an iPhone 8 Plus by performing an iOS update, ribbon cable or board component repair.

Our service technicians have the skills and experience of complex iPhone component repair. The main advantages of restoring a gadget in our workshop: affordable price of services, short terms of work, warranty.

IPhone 7, 7 Plus Home Button Replacement

Using an iPhone with a broken Home button is uncomfortable, because many control functions are tied to it. Our article on what to do if you need to replace the home button on an iPhone 7 and what the possible consequences of the repair.

The Home control key is used in the iPhone for many purposes. These features include unlocking, scanning a fingerprint, returning to the home screen, launching the Siri voice assistant, enabling various modes (for example, “Easy Access”). It’s no surprise that daily use can break it. Let’s figure out what to do in this situation, is it possible to replace the home button on the iPhone 7, and how to make it yourself.

On my own

In order to get to the Home / Touch ID unit yourself, prepare the following tools: a pentalob 0.8 mm screwdriver, a 1.2 mm Phillips screwdriver, a hair dryer or a special thermal strap, a suction cup for removing a screen, tweezers, a flat (but not sharp) tool for opening the case and removing the connectors. At the end of the article, we posted a video with all the described steps to remove the part.

Unscrew the bottom (end) pentalob screws on both sides of the charging connector.

We warm up the edge of the screen for one or two minutes to soften the special waterproof glue.

Attach the suction cup to the screen just above the Home sensor, gently pry the case and pull with even force without jerking. Use a flat tool to carefully walk around the perimeter of the display, separating it from the back cover. The parts of the case are connected by loops. do not tear them.

Remove the four screws that secure the protective cover for the battery connector and the two display cables. Remove the cover and pull out the battery connector first, and then both display cables.

Now we turn off the touchscreen cable (at the top of the smartphone). To do this, unscrew the three screws of the hold-down plate, and then disconnect the connector from the motherboard. Set the back of the lid aside.

Remove the protective strip of the Home button (secured with four screws) and disconnect the right connector of the unit by gently lifting it.

Heat the jumper cable slightly to soften the adhesive that holds it to the front cover. Gently pick up the cable with a mediator, gradually detaching it from the body. Now you can pull out the button.

Solutions to the problem

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely replace the Home key with a new one (even the original one) while preserving fingerprint recognition. Touch ID will not work. With the correct procedure, the key will only perform the navigation function of returning to the home screen. However, if the problem is contamination or oxidation of the contacts, then such cleaning is easy to do with your own hands. To do this, you need to remove the button module.

Breakdown reasons

The list of reasons for the failure of the key is standard and does not differ much from the list given for other malfunctions of Apple smartphones. The sensor block can be broken:

  • The phone is severely bumped or dropped on a hard surface.
  • Ingress of moisture inside the case (leads to oxidation of the loop contacts).
  • Excessive pressure on the sensor.
  • Dirt and dust getting inside the case.
  • Natural wear and tear of contacts from prolonged use.

Features of the Home key on iPhone 7

Starting with the seventh iPhone model, smartphones began to install a new type of Home button. The mechanical key has given way to a touch simulation. The new key is a touch panel equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a special vibration mechanism that creates the illusion of a physical response.

IPhone SE Power Button Replacement

What to do if the iPhone SE lock button is broken?

First, set the auto-lock feature to minimum so you don’t have to wait long for the screen to turn off. This can be done in the phone settings. Secondly, you need to understand why the lock button broke. If you are sure that you did not perform any actions with the gadget (did not drop the phone, did not wet it, did not take it with wet hands), then the cause of the malfunction may lie in the poor-quality assembly of the phone by the manufacturer. In this case, you can contact the official service center with the warranty card, but only if the iPhone SE warranty period has not expired. In addition, a big disadvantage of iPhone repair at AppleCenter is the duration of the work, because engineers first need to identify the cause of the breakdown and clarify whether it was the manufacturer’s fault. After that, the lock button will be repaired, but this whole process can take several days.

An alternative are private service centers for repairing smartphones, but not all specialists in such centers have enough experience in working with iPhones, which is extremely important when choosing a repairman.

IPhone SE Lock Button Replacement

The world famous Apple brand is constantly releasing new gadgets that are much more functional than the previous ones. But even outdated models from this manufacturer continue to delight their owners with high performance and many useful functions. The compact iPhone SE is used all over the world not only as a phone for making calls, but also as an organizer, audio player, device for Internet access and other various functions. However, even the highest quality equipment can be broken due to improper handling or manufacturing defects. Smartphone users have long protected their devices with protective films and soft cases that prevent water from entering or mechanical damage to parts due to the impact of the phone. Control is carried out using a touch-screen and several buttons, the main of which is the on / off / lock button. With inoperative volume keys and quick access to the main screen, the phone can be controlled, but if the lock button is broken, the iPhone owner simply cannot turn on the smartphone or lock it. Lack of blocking can lead to unwanted activation of one or another function, which can lead to undesirable consequences, but the most important factor is that the owner of the device cannot simply turn on the gadget at the right time.

Restore the operation of the lock and power button iPhone SE

Our service center has long been engaged in the repair of any gadgets from Apple, including the iPhone SE. Here you can repair the iPhone lock button or replace it. Our engineers will carry out the work carefully, using a special technique for disassembling the iPhone SE, and the shutdown button will be replaced using original components from the manufacturer. You will certainly be pleased with the deadline for the work, and affordable will pleasantly surprise you.

Replacing the Home button on the iPhone 7 turned out to be difficult

The Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 7, if replaced with a new one, requires a mandatory calibration procedure carried out by the Apple Store or ASC specialists. It follows from this that, despite clear consumer dissatisfaction, Cupertino continues to discourage the repair of their smartphones outside of licensed workshops. Representatives of the Motherboard publication shared the relevant information.

The so-called “error 53”, which occurs when trying to activate a device with a homemade key, again made itself felt, but now it is a headache exclusively for the owners of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. According to the materials that AppleInsider.ru got acquainted with, Apple artificially limits the performance of refurbished smartphones, forcing their users to seek repair only from licensed specialists.

You can best assess the consequences of handicraft repairs in the video presented above. After replacing the standard Home button with a new smartphone, it displays a notification about the need for calibration, which, by the way, can be performed by employees of a branded retail or authorized workshop. In order to avoid incidents, we strongly recommend that you apply for repairs only to representatives of licensed services.

A list of the ACCs closest to you can be found in the corresponding section on the company’s website.

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Apple added calibration feature in iOS 14.5; batteries. We figure out what this procedure is, why it is needed, how to perform it correctly and what it will ultimately lead to.

satannik69cloud, If you buy a Mac only because of hardware, and judging by your desire to reflash and untie everything, then stop! And don’t buy a Mac! For you there are a bunch of solutions for assembling a system unit for the same money, but 2 times more powerful! Understand, Mac is a user-oriented technique: A satisfied grandfather sits next to him with an iPhone and an iPad, he only calls and reads books, he is insanely happy that everything works wonderfully for him and he does not bother himself with anything, he does not need to disassemble his own for 300 years. phone, to build up and update something, he gets an excellent salary in Gazprom, and if something is wrong, he goes to a good service and solves the problem this is how the whole system works, it is not designed that you will start to put some of your innovations, to anyone it didn’t give up! Therefore, young craftsmen, I ask you, stop buying an iPhone, they really are not for you! You will be disappointed! Take Android and sit and clean your cache every 10 minutes, hide porn in all sorts of folders on a USB flash drive and reinstall Windows ships there on your cheap but no less powerful system units when you start to value time and earn 3 k per day, it will be more profitable for you to take it and fix it in the service for 5 thousand, than to sit and call friends for 3 days and check the Internet how to unscrew the bolts on a mac

What to do if iPhone screen is black and won’t turn on

“Black screen is on” and no response from iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone x is not a rare problem among Apple phone users.

Although it looks “formidable,” it is usually very easy to solve. See below what to do with such situations.

If your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 7, iPhone x, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 4, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone se stopped responding to attempts to bring it into working order and shows its opposition using the so-called “ black screen “, this is not a reason to send it for repair.

iPhone 7 Plus home button replacement

There is a simple and quick way to bring him to life using a special computer program.

Other Ways to Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem

If the phone is still unresponsive and the black screen persists, connect the phone to the charger and press two buttons at the same time: the wake / standby and start button.

Hold the buttons for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. In some cases, you may also see a battery icon, which means you need to charge your phone.

A completely discharged battery is the most common cause. In rare cases, the firmware may fly off.

Connect your smartphone to a charger or to a computer / laptop and leave for 30 minutes. If the reason is in the battery, then after half an hour of charging, it will definitely turn on.

Program to fix black screen in iPhone

There is a great program that can turn on the iPhone even if the buttons don’t work. It is called “ReiBoot”. Installed on a computer. The translation is really a little lame, but you can figure it out. You can download it here.

In addition to turning on / rebooting, many solutions are integrated into it to fix errors that have arisen in the firmware.

In particular, elimination of freezes on an apple, problems with a black screen, splash screen, screen of death, connecting to iTunes and many others.

The program has been verified. I recommend, although it is not a fact that it will help you, since of course it will not fix hardware problems.

Another solution when iPhone won’t turn on

This solution is slightly different for different iPhone models. precisely, the way of its implementation differs.

Try in smartphones 4S / 6S simultaneously press “HOME” (bottom on the screen) and “POWER” (side on the case) for 15-20 seconds, and in 7 models POWER and Volume.

In 8/10 models, quickly press and release the “Volume up” button, then do the same with the side button (POWER).

If successful, the screen should display the “burning apple” logo. Release the buttons and wait for launch.

I do not know why, but it helps many to turn on / off the mute switch several times before performing the steps above (if holding HOME and POWER is ineffective).

If these recommendations above did not give a successful result, then it is regrettable, but the reason may be physical damage to the components.

You can only replace the cable or charger on your own, but it is better to entrust the “insides” to specialists.

NOTE: it has been noticed that sometimes the smartphone does not charge from the charger, but it is charging from the computer or laptop. I recommend trying it and you will be convinced. Success.

Button replacement procedure

iPhone must be turned off before disassembly.

For work, you will need a specialized tool, such as:

  • Suction cup for screen,
  • Pentalobe screwdriver,
  • Small Phillips screwdriver,
  • Plastic picks (shoulder blades),
  • Tweezers.
  • First of all, unscrew the screws on the sides of the Lightining connector. With the help of a suction cup and a pick / spatula, the smartphone opens up relative to the upper part (the parts are disassembled from the lower part, where the screws were unscrewed).
  • The connection point of the display cables is protected by a special metal casing. After loosening the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and removing the cover, you can disconnect the cables. This is done using the same pick or a flat plastic spatula.
  • On the detached bezel, the screws for the front camera and speaker cover are loosened. The camera rises gently, the speaker and light sensor are removed (with a plastic tool with a sharp edge).
  • The Home button remains. It is held in place with 2 more screws. After unscrewing them, the button is released, the loop is turned off.
  • A new button is installed, or an old original one if the loop has been damaged. Further assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Checking the functionality of the Home button

At first glance, nothing complicated, but all work must be done with the utmost care and concentration.

Will the non-native Home button on the iPhone 6 / 6s work after the replacement?

Apple is serious about creating new devices. And therefore, special microcircuits-keys are built into most of the original spare parts and modules, which allows you to check the originality of the devices at the hardware level. It doesn’t matter if it’s a headphone adapter or a new Touch ID module.

As soon as the system does not find the required key, the device will be recognized as unsafe, and some or even all functions will become unavailable.

A non-native button will only be able to transmit basic commands to control the desktop, but the functionality of the fingerprint sensor will become unavailable (that is, using Apple Pay or quick unlocking by fingerprint will not work).

How to replace the Home button on iPhone 6 / 6s. do it yourself back to life

Apple makes serious tech and is very sensitive about the safety and privacy of its customers.

Based on these considerations, almost all nodes of smartphones, tablets and other Apple technology have special protection.

The touch-sensitive button with Touch ID works with the owner’s fingerprints and allows access to encrypted data inside the device.

Therefore, if the home button on iPhone 6 / 6s stopped working, the best solution would be to contact an official service center. After all, some functions after starting with a non-original button may not be available.

You can replace the connecting cable of the iPhone 6 Home button while maintaining the original button so that the specified functionality remains operational.

But all the manipulations should be done only while maintaining the performance of the latter.

If the sensor is broken / broken, only a complete replacement is possible.

What to do if after replacing the Home button on the iPhone, it begins to crackle and crack, or there is a gap

Many users complain that after the replacement procedure, the button on the iPhone 6 / 6S clicks and crunches. This may be due primarily to the fact that the new element is rubbed into place.

Often, owners of completely new smartphones also complain about a similar problem.

Of course, if after some time the button does not stop cracking and crunching, and the effect even intensifies, it is possible that abrasive (solid particles) got into the contacting parts during the assembly process, which causes such a sound.

If the assembly was carried out by a master, this is a reason to complain about the quality of the work and put pressure on a free rework.

In the case of independent work, there is no one to complain about, you will have to disassemble the device again and check all movable joints, perhaps even replace the button again.

Step 3 Open iPhone with iSclack

  • If you are planning to repair iPhone 7 (in kiev), we recommend you the iSclack tool.
  • Open the iSclack and place the device between the suction cups, inserting its plastic stopper.

How to Replace the Hearing Speaker on iPhone 7 Instructions

Step 2 Opening iPhone

Heating the bottom edge of the iPhone will help soften the adhesive that holds the display and make it easier to open.

You can use a hair dryer or heat gun, or prepare the iOpener and apply it to the bottom edge of the iPhone for about a minute to soften the glue underneath.

Step 9

  • Climb on the suction cup to lift the display and open the iPhone.
  • If you have used iSclack and it is still attached to iPhone, remove it now.
  • Do not lift the display more than 10º as there are ribbon cables connected to the right edge of the device connecting the display to the logic board.
  • Pull the small tip on the suction cup to remove it from the front panel.

Step 6

Slide the trigger to the left along the bottom edge of the iPhone, cutting through the adhesive while holding the display in place.

Tighten the trigger to widen the gap between the display and the back case.

Step 8

  • Insert the flat edge of the putty knife into the lower right corner of the device
  • Rotate the trigger to widen the gap between display and rear housing.
  • Slide the flat end of the connector up the right side of the phone to remove the adhesive holding the display in place.

How to restart iPhone 7 without a physical home button

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus practically do not differ in appearance from their predecessors. However, the Home button, which looks like it hasn’t received any changes, is actually no longer a button. Rather, it can be described as a touch surface that creates a tapping sensation using the Taptic Engine. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, but now how to force restart iPhone 7?

This happens very rarely, but unfortunately it does happen. It happens that the iPhone freezes or for some other reason needs a forced restart. Experienced users of iOS devices are well aware that in any incomprehensible situation, hold down the power button and the Home button. But what if the Home button is no longer a button? In the iPhone 7, clicking on it is processed programmatically, and this does not help if the smartphone is frozen.

Do not worry. Apple has come up with a new combination that will restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

  • Hold the power and lock button on the right.
  • Without releasing it, hold down the volume down button on the left.
  • Hold the buttons until the smartphone screen darkens and then shows the Apple logo.

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IPhone Lock (Power On) Button Not Working. Anatomy of a Breakdown

Hello. It’s time to tell you my story about breaking the iPhone lock button. You will laugh, but I still have an old iPhone 4S brought in by an employee from Canada. My iPhone has served for 4 years and still works flawlessly.

True, there was one case when the POWER button simply stuck (stopped pressing) and I could not use the phone normally. Today I will tell you how to overcome this fairly common disease. This story is from the happy end series So read the article until the end.

I was not the first and will not be the last iPhone user to encounter broken iPhone buttons. In this case, there are cases of failure of both the lock (power) buttons and the volume buttons (plus or minus). It is also worth noting that the buttons break on absolutely all iPhone models.

  • How to replace the iPhone screen with your own hands. instructions

How to Replace an iPhone 7 Home Button Without Breaking it

What leads to their failure? It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer here It may be the iPhone falling on one of these buttons, or a strong press, or it may be just a marriage or poor-quality iPhone components.

Having found myself in a situation where one of the most strategic buttons on the iPhone stopped pressing, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem and fix the lock button on my own. Well, or at least try to fix it In the next paragraph about this in more detail.

Why iPhone Lock Button Doesn’t Work

Why does the lock button get stuck on some less fortunate devices? The answer lies in the depths of the iPhone and is associated with the “physiology of the structure” of the button mechanism.

The button itself (what we see on the end of the iPhone) cannot break as it is just a piece of aluminum. But here under the button is the so-called loop with miniature spring contacts, which fail.

The picture above shows a spring contact with a small black plastic “pimple” in the center. It is this very pimp that is the cause of all the troubles.

The fact is that over time (perhaps after a strong pressure or blow) this small black bump may crumble or fall off, and without it the button will no longer function.

That’s the whole breakdown. Now the matter is only in the way of repair. It all depends on how much you are willing to fork out or maybe you yourself want to make repairs.

Workaround for not working power button on iPhone

There are many instructions on the Internet about “How to fix the iPhone lock button”, but almost all of them deceive users and boil down to a temporary replacement of the button with an iOS software feature.

Apparently, the Cupertinians initially knew that the problem with the buttons was quite possible, and added the AssistiveTouch item to the Settings General Accessibility.

After activation, a square button appears on the iPhone screen, which has many functions.

One of the features is called Screen Lock (found in the Device subcategory) and essentially acts as the iPhone lock button.

Actually, this is a temporary solution that many have successfully used. Naturally, the physical button will still be inoperative and in order to really fix it, read the next paragraph.

IPhone Lock Button Repair

Let me remind you that the lock button stopped pressing after a small plastic bump crumbled (fell off, etc.) Well, you remember (see the photo above).

There are only two options to troubleshoot this problem:

  • replace the whole train
  • repair the existing loop

You can replace the loop on which the lock button is located at the service center, or you can do it yourself. If you are straight-handed enough and you have the necessary tools, you can try to save money.

The iFixit.com website contains detailed instructions with photographs for disassembling almost all Apple equipment and not only. You can buy a flat cable for your iPhone model in China on AliExpress.com (or another website), but from personal experience I can say that a spare part MAY come initially inoperative.

The fact is that on the same loop with buttons there are also other elements. sensors or switches.

Apparently, the Chinese are not very good with quality control So I bought a cable to replace the volume buttons on the employee’s iPhone 4S (the “” button did not work for him).

According to the instructions from the iFixit.com website, I made a replacement (it took about 1 hour), and as a result I got a working button “”, but not working “-“ and a headphone jack.

Fortunately, I did not damage the original cable during disassembly. I had to install it back and resort to the option to repair the original loop.

Repair of the loop, or rather the spring contact of the button, consists in restoring the microscopic tubercle. What have I done? I took a sharp blade and cut a bump from the Chinese train, and then glued it with “superglue” in the right place on the original train.

It is necessary to be extremely careful and precise in your movements, because the parts are really VERY tiny.

I bought ten spring contacts on the AliExpress website and now use them as donors to obtain plastic tubercles.

This is how I restored the power button and the volume button “” in two different iPhone 4S. ATTENTION: If you have never repaired anything in your life before, it is better to contact a specialist.

Well, and “a photo on a horse” The operation was successful, the patient was satisfied

Subscribe to updates using the form below. We will be repairing not such things soon. Well, if you have learned something useful, be sure to share with your friends on social networks.

How to restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Hold your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in your hand and use your thumb or forefinger to press the power button on the side panel.

While holding the power button, locate the volume down button with your finger. Click it. Make sure you hold both buttons at the same time.

Wait until the screen of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus turns off.

When you see the Apple logo, both buttons can be released.

Thus, a hard reboot of the smartphone is performed. It is worth noting that the command for taking screenshots on the iPhone 7 remains. just press and hold the Power button, then touch the Home button.

The iPhone is truly a reliable device that rarely experiences software glitches. But, no matter how sad it may sound, at least once, any user is faced with a situation when the iPhone stopped responding to commands when pressing the “Home” and “Power” keys. In such a situation, it is important to know how to turn off the phone with a broken power button.

How to restart iPhone without a button

  • find the “universal access” menu in the settings;
  • scroll to the bottom of the page by selecting “Assistive Touch”;
  • move the icon to the “on” position to display a transparent button on the screen.

When the button is pressed, the functionality of the function will become available, including the “reboot”.

How to restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

But experienced users may have a quite reasonable question. how now it will be possible to perform a hard reboot of the device if the operating system malfunctions or is simply “naughty”. The answer: in order to hard reset the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and all subsequent devices with a touch Home button, you need to perform three simple operations.

  • Hold the power and lock button on the right.
  • Without releasing it, hold down the volume down button on the left.
  • Hold the buttons until the smartphone screen darkens and then shows the Apple logo.

For all other devices with a mechanical Home button mechanism, the hard reset procedure described in the corresponding article on our website still applies: Hard reset iPhone / iPad

If you are having problems recovering your iPhone 7 after an iOS freeze, we are ready to help you. Our specialists will restore the system on your smartphone in a short time.

As you know, the Home button in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones has no physical movement and is a simple recess in the case. The finger, however, practically does not notice the difference. each press is accompanied by an elastic click, thanks to the Taptic Engine. That being said, moving from a mechanical key to a touch key changed the way Apple mobile devices reboot.

Unlike Android smartphones, rebooting the iPhone is not a required procedure. And many iOS device owners don’t even know how to do it. However, the need to reboot sometimes arises, for example, in case of problems with Wi-Fi, network failures or freezing applications.

With the introduction of the touch button, the way you restart your iPhone has changed. Although it is no more difficult to do this than on models with a mechanical home key.

How to turn off iPhone if the button doesn’t work using a charger

  • the mobile device must be connected to the charging cable;
  • connect the device to the computer;
  • wait until the screen lights up, if the phone is low on power, wait a few minutes to let it charge;
  • to unlock iPhone, move the slider.

The cable must be native, that is, from the package in which the phone was sold. If it is not at hand, you need to purchase an original cord or use another expensive cable with high-quality cores.

Software shutdown iPhone 7 (no buttons)

To programmatically turn off the “apple” gadget, you must activate the “Assistive Touch” option.

  • Settings menu. “Basic”. “Universal access”. “Physiology and motor skills”. Assistive Touch. flag “On”
  • The soft key appears on the display.
  • Clicking on it brings up the available menu.
  • The “Device” item is selected. long press on the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • The smartphone’s standard shutdown screen is displayed.
  • Swipe from left to right.
  • Done.

If all else fails

The operating system of iPhones can work smoothly for years, but even the best “stuffing” of the phone can fail for no apparent reason. The functions of blocking, turning on and off, restarting the device are available without a working button, but using them regularly is rather inconvenient.

You shouldn’t try to fix the button yourself if it wasn’t a software glitch. The best option is to contact a service center. Experts will determine the cause of the malfunction and correct it.

All the listed recommendations for turning off the iPhone if the Power button does not work are temporary.

The master will conduct an accurate diagnosis of the device to determine the cause of the breakdown. As a rule, the following types of services are provided:

  • replacement of the loop and the button itself on the phone;
  • elimination of software failure of the operating system.

The supplied new loop, after mechanical damage or moisture ingress, will eliminate the problem. If there was a software failure, the specialist will make all the necessary settings.

Button repair is not a very expensive procedure, therefore, do not postpone a visit to the service center. The exact cost depends on the phone model and the reasons for the failure or breakdown. After repair, do not press the button too hard so that there is no repeated damage.

Vyacheslav For several years he worked in the salons of cellular communication of two large operators. I am well versed in tariffs and I see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android. Ask a question Ask an expert What are the most effective ways to turn off your iPhone if the button works? If the phone has a broken shutdown and lock button, there are several ways to solve the problem: use a charger; restart the device; Use Assistive Touch activationWhat could break the phone’s off and lock button? There may be several reasons for such a breakdown: there was a physical damage to the button; the loop connected to the board does not work (breakage or defective contact); the phone board got wet, and the conduction contact disappeared; malfunctioning and errors in the operating system; the button was pressed too hard. How to quickly discharge the phone so that it turns off? To speed up the process of discharging the phone, you can apply the following tricks: make the screen brightness to maximum; move the phone to a place where the signal level is low; open as many applications and programs as possible at the same time.

These methods help to cope with the problem of shutting down, restarting the phone, if the button malfunctions. The most effective way is to use the special accessibility function and control the device using gestures. The main thing is that the touch panel is in good working order and the device functions in normal mode.

It happens that the smartphone freezes and you need to force restart the iPhone 7 (7 Plus). This can happen due to system failures, viruses and other “crooked” software. What to do in this case and how to restart iPhone 7? Guys, this is as easy as shelling pears.

Remember. this way of restarting is equivalent to pressing the “Reset” button on your computer, therefore, applications in which you did not quit may lose data.

IPhone 7 Battery Replacement

Battery problems can occur if:

using substandard, non-original or car chargers;

If the phone runs out of power quickly, it turns off at 25-30% of the battery capacity. this is the first reason. You can fix the problem by replacing the battery with a new one.

In the case when the phone does not turn on without being connected to the network, it heats up during charging or does not connect to the charger. this is the second reason. This problem is solved by unsoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard. Our service center has the necessary equipment and professionals to help you troubleshoot.

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 7 and features of their repair

IPhone 7 Repair includes free diagnostics and quality fixes. Our service center provides a full range of services, repairing all possible breakdowns.

Home button not working on iPhone 7

Mechanical shock and moisture inside the case also cause the Home button to malfunction. As a result. Touch ID stops working. Repair includes replacing the cable from the button itself to the processor.

Network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth not working on iPhone 7

It happens that the iPhone does not respond to the SIM card, giving “Search”. If the problem is not in the SIM card, then the communication modem is faulty. The repair includes the replacement of a non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

When Wi-Fi does not work correctly, you need to look for the reason in the Wi-Fi module. For this we offer comprehensive diagnostics.

When troubleshooting Bluetooth problems, you need to start by properly flashing your iPhone 7. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you need to replace the faulty antenna or chip. We will help you determine the exact cause of the breakdown and fix the phone.

Replacing glass and display on iPhone 7

Perhaps one of the most common problems today. It is enough to miss the phone. cracks, broken pixels or colored stripes appear on the screen.

Replacing the iPhone 7 glass is done if you see cracks, but the display and touchscreen are working properly. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass and glue a new one, adhering to the factory technology.

If the image is deformed and the touchscreen does not work. need a replacement display. To do this, we use the original screen from donor phones or a high-quality copy at your request.

Camera issues on iPhone 7

Have you noticed deterioration in image quality, incorrect focusing, or a black screen when the camera is turned on? The reasons may be:

We will conduct a free diagnosis and help you solve the problem.

Sensor not working on iPhone 7

Does the sensor stop responding to pressing, does it work with a delay, or does it spontaneously execute commands? The reason for this. damaged touch controller. Both mechanical shocks and exposure to moisture lead to its malfunction. In such cases, we change the Touch controller chip to a working one from the donor phone.

Where can you replace the Home button on iPhone 5c?

Are you looking for a service center where certified professionals work, for whom replacing the Home button on an iPhone 5C is a common task, solved with the help of related equipment, acquired skills? We suggest not to waste precious minutes and trust the specialists working at RemFOX. Our SCs have the best employees, high-quality service and adequate cost of the procedures performed.

As you understand, not all centers specializing in the repair of Apple equipment should be trusted. This is especially true for those SCs that do not give any guarantees or give it for a short time. If you are looking for a certified service center, then we are ready to simplify your task. as mentioned above, you can always bring your smartphone for a quality replacement of the Home button on it at an adequate price to us.

IPhone 5c Home Button Repair (iPhone)

Mechanical elements in smartphones are one of the most common reasons for contacting the SC, such as replacing the Home button on the iPhone 5C. Alas, even high-quality technology from Apple does not last forever and breaks down for a number of different reasons: mechanical damage, moisture and normal wear and tear. Whatever happens to the device, it will not be possible to restore correct performance without the help of professionals.

Therefore, if you need not only urgently, but also high-quality repair of the Home button on the iPhone 5c at a low price, you can always contact our service center. We have first-class technicians who have dealt with all kinds of malfunctions, so replacing the Home button will not be a problem for them.

The cost of replacing the home button on an iPhone 5c: 700 rubles.

  • Our advantages:
  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers;
  • Repair with you. 72% of repairs we manage to do in 35 minutes;
  • Free diagnostics;
  • High quality parts;
  • Guarantee for all works.

Why you should contact our company?

We have been repairing Apple equipment since 2013 and all the craftsmen who work with us are specialists in their field. But even this is not the end of the benefits, so we would like to tell you about them separately:

  • Firstly, all the spare parts used during the repair belong to the AAA class, which means that they fully correspond in quality and all the characteristics to the original ones;
  • Secondly, we work closely with manufacturers, so we managed to achieve not only high quality repair of the Home button on the iPhone 5c and other malfunctions, but also efficiency. On average, it takes 20-30 minutes to fix a breakdown;
  • Thirdly, our craftsmen use professional equipment;
  • Fourthly, troubleshooting is absolutely free. Therefore, if you were unable to install it yourself, you can count on our gratuitous help.

And even this is far from all. we would also like to tell you about the service of calling the master at home. It is also provided free of charge, you just need to call this phone number 7 (495) 155-14-59 and name a convenient time and place. the master will go there and replace the Home button on the iPhone 5c right in front of your eyes.

IPhone 7 Home Button Replacement

Before proceeding with the repair, our specialists will without fail diagnose the device and find out the reason why the “Home” button has ceased to function correctly. Immediately after that, they will tell you how much it costs to replace the Home button on the iPhone 7 and get started.

If the button itself works, responds to pressing, but the fingerprint is not recognized, this indicates that you need to take your device to a service center. We again offer you to trust the specialists working in our workshops.

IPhone 7 Home Button Repair (iPhone)

Despite the fact that the number of mechanical parts has decreased since the seventh generation of Apple devices, repairing the iPhone 7 Home button is still a daunting task. The touch key “Home” is still one of the most used today, and therefore there is a high probability of premature failure for various reasons. Then, without the help of professionals, it cannot be restored.

If it stops responding to finger presses or the response from the Taptic Engine has disappeared, you will not be able to fully use your gadget. We suggest contacting one of our workshops for a quality iPhone 7 Home button repair at a low cost. We employ competent specialists who have repeatedly encountered the repair of the flagships of 2016. They not only do an excellent job of repairing them, but also do their job promptly. On average, repairs take about 15-25 minutes.

The cost of replacing the home button on the iPhone 7: 700 rubles.

  • Our advantages:
  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers;
  • Repair with you. we manage to do 72% of repairs in 35 minutes;
  • Free diagnostics;
  • High quality spare parts;
  • Guarantee for all works.

Why RemFOX?

Our company has been repairing apple equipment since 2013. We faced a variety of malfunctions, learned how to cope with them. All types of devices have passed through the hands of our specialists, including the flagships of 2016. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the repair of the Home button on the 7th iPhone will be done efficiently. over, we provide a long-term guarantee for all types of services provided. you can really be sure of us!

Our company works closely with spare parts manufacturers. We have been purchasing AAA-class parts from them, corresponding in quality to the original ones, for several years and we are confident in them! In addition, we always have most of the most popular spare parts in stock. With us you will not have to wait for days on end for this or that part to arrive. That is why repairs are carried out promptly.

Not enough time to arrive at the service center? Too busy schedule? We offer to use the service “Departure of the master”. For the clients of the SC “RemFOX” it is absolutely free. You will need to pay for the work of a specialist in replacing the flat cable of the iPhone 7 Home button and related components. The workshop employee will arrive at the appointed time and place. The device will be repaired within half an hour. exactly the same as when carrying out work in the service.