Download programs for writing from the screen

Free video recording programs from the screen and creating screenshots can be downloaded for free. Read the descriptions, read and select the younger programs that allow you to save the video or photo of the contents of the computer monitor. If the photo of the screen (screenshot) can be made by the system (PRNSCR key), then special capture programs are required to record action on the screen and creating a video clip, which are presented in this section of the site. They are easy to use, although some require some understanding, in terms of the use of codecs and configuring the quality of the recorded video screen. However, it is easy to understand them. Programs for creating screenshots have an extended set of functions, compared to the PRNSCR system function. For example, capture a specific screen area, editing or sending the received photo on the Internet. Programs are officially free, do not require payment and ensure the full work of the functions described in them.

Free program for recording video from the screen with the sounds of the system and from the microphone with the conversion of the received video file in AVI or Flash.

Small free program for recording video and audio from computer screen.

Little program for screenshots with great features, there is a drawing function directly on the screen, editing, pipette, clock, calendar, alarm clock and other functions.

Another free program for writing a video screen with the ability to voice over the microphone.

Video recording program from a computer screen to AVI format with sound through a microphone, as well as creating screenshots.

Free Video Recording Utility Skype.

A small free program for creating screenshots of the screen with the possibility of subsequent quick editing.

Recording 3D games in video formats AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, as well as creating screenshots of images.

Free program captures video from the screen and saves it to AVI file.

Excellent program for recording video screen with sound. It is characterized by ease of use and the possibility of drawing on the monitor during recording.

A small utility that allows you to create screenshots of the screen, process images. The ability to packet image processing, sending screenshots to the Internet, getting a short link to the image.

Free utility for creating screenshots from the same name Internet service storage and image exchanging.

Free program allowing you to save screenshots of the screen, edit them online editor, as well as in one click to send screenshots on the Internet and receive short links to them.

The tool for overclocking video cards with the ability to write from the computer screen using video cards.

Free Screen Video Recording Program, with a game recording mode with sound and good quality in MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI formats and others, you can customize the quality of compression codecs.

Popular program for creating screenshots with the ability to edit images, send them to the Internet or save to disk.

Simple free program to create screenshots, editing and maintaining them from the creators of the qip messenger. Ability to send an image to the Internet on the QIP photo hosting.

Free convenient program for creating screenshots and Internet exchange received images.

Portable program for screenshots, very simple with the possibility of high-speed augail.

Free program for recording action on the screen in a video file with sound, including mouse movements with mouse clicks, keystrokes on the keyboard and text explanation.

Obs Studio

Free multifunctional program that allows you to record and broadcast to the network (if necessary) not only all actions on the screen, but also video with DR. devices (for example, from webcam).

And for several mouse clicks you can quickly adjust the size and position of the windows, specify the compression ratio, codecs, and etc. (very useful if you are capturing immediately from several devices).

Capture of the desktop and games at the same time!

By the way, it is software (lately) manufacturers of some audio and video devices began to indicate as a basic to work with their technique (for example, cards for capturing, video cameras, and.).

  • free with a large number of options and settings;
  • Allows you to capture immediately from several sources: from the desktop, from a webcam (or other. devices) from the game and t.D.;
  • the possibility not only to record video, but also broadcast it to the network;
  • Ability to save video to different formats: MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.;
  • support hot keys;
  • the presence of a sufficiently large number of plugins;
  • Works on Windows, Linux, MacOS (supports Russian!).


Easy in the control of the screenster, popular among gamers and flyer thanks to the special game capture regime. In Bandicam, you can write from the desktop of the laptop, from the HDMI connected device and devices using DirectX. On the image during the recording process, you can lay a picture from a webcam. Available in the free option, but in FREE version of the video clip saved with the company logo.

  • Highlighting the cursor and mapping mouse clicks;
  • FPS data display in video game mode;
  • Overlaying on a video camera image from a webcam;
  • Setting up a schedule recording;
  • Setting the quality of captured video files.

In Bandicam there is no editing. Therefore, this is an option for those who lay out the “raw” rollers without processing or installed a separate video editor.

Select source in Bandicam

Select source in Bandicam

How to record video from the desktop using the program on-screen camera


Screen camera. a convenient utility to capture video from the screen and its further editing. It is optimized to work in Windows XP and 7, it has good speed, is not demanding on your computer resources. In addition to its main functionality, the application also allows you to choose the number of frames per second, write sound, optimize files to download on YouTube or in social. Network.


After starting, we can change the mode (full screen, fragment, selected window), as well as set frame size, audio source, volume level, recording time, frame rate, mouse cursor display. In order to start recording video from the screen with sound, choose “write down”.


After pressing the “Stop” button, go to “Edit”. In this window, you can execute the origin, cut the clip to the part, add background music or screensaver. To go to the final stage. “Creating a video”. “Create on-screen video”. “Save in AVI format”. We indicate the format, size, video quality and click “convert”.


Platforms: iOS (using Windows-PC).

If you have an old iPhone or iPad, which does not know how to record a display image yourself, and there is no Mac at hand, the simplest way to record the screen. using Windows-PC and desktop utility Lonelyscreen.

On the official site there is a free and paid version of the program, the differences between which are not specified. But during the test of the first of them, we did not find any restrictions. Is that free LonelyScreen periodically proposes to go to a paid option.

No settings in the program, everything is simplified to the limit. In addition, LonelyScreen does not perceive the microphone, but writes the sound of video and audio files. It is worth adding that with some mobile applications utility does not work. For example, when trying to play video from YouTube on a LonelyScreen smartphone stops recording.

Save the video from the screen in Movavi Video Suite

Select Menu

The software package provides broader capabilities. from the screen shooting, high quality sound records, before improving the image and conversion in any of the modern formats. With this software, even the newcomer will be able to quickly create high-quality slideshows and clips, digitize video tapes, adding beautiful transitions, titers, music, watermark. When you first start, the main menu opens with a list of modes. select the “Record Video From Screen” item.

Settings window Parameters

Opens the main window with multiple settings panels. In the left part there is a button that gives you the ability to select an arbitrary screenscript area of ​​the monitor screen, next to it. a drop-down list of video shooting modes, color settings, sizes, number of frames second and t.D., And in the center. buttons control the volume of system sounds, microphone, webcams. When all the parameters are specified, you can start by clicking on “REC”.

Saving video

Final stage. At the end of the image capture, the ready video with sound can be saved by clicking on the “Save As” button (shown on the screen). A window will appear with the settings in which you want to specify the file type, format, resolution. Also here is the name of the video and location. It is worth saying that if necessary, you can trim a video recording, deleting excess fragments


The application contains tools for creating educational videos. In CamStudio, you can capture the video clip from the monitor and webcams, set the appropriate parameters of the video and audio tracks, save the result on the PC.

Follow the instructions for removing the video clip:

one. To highlight a specific area of ​​the desktop, click “Region”. Specify the desired mode. For sound recording, open the Options tab. Choose

Click on the red button. Video capture will begin immediately.

When everything is ready, hover over blue square. Enter the file name and specify the disk space.

Obs Studio

Free Open Broadcaster Software Allows you to quickly write a video from the computer screen with the formation of a high-quality file right up to MPEG-4 FFDShow in 1080p and 720p. It is easily easy to select parameters. You can configure the video bitrate, select the source of the audio track (microphone or capture of external sound from the speaker with the volume setting), immediately broadcast video stream on Twitch, and other platforms. Applied support for webcams and other sources of printing. Soft has an open source, does not contain any restrictions and advertising.

  • Convenient control panel, built in timer;
  • Open source code, low load processor;
  • Video call support, you can write video chats directly from the browser;
  • Streaming video files in real time for all popular platforms;
  • Functional for creating screenshots, letters with the addition of audio files;
  • No selection of mouse;
  • Problem with recording on DVD, GIF, TGA, FLV, ASF formats;
  • A little outdated inteeis in comparison with the analogues;
  • There is no full-fledged installation. Crop and glue the contents will not work.

Nvidia Shadowplay

NVIDIA offers its users a built-in game record entry called ShadowPlay. In addition to the automatic recording of the gameplay, the application also has several other functions, such as resolution of direct broadcast or display the FPS counter. If you have a NVIDIA video card, then it is very likely that you have already installed shadowplay, it is enough to update the drivers. The application cannot be used, only in the case of a strongly outdated graphics processor.

Shadow Play Control Panel