Remote access to computer from Android phone

On the computer, many users store private files, documents and passwords from accounts. Such a device is actively used for everyday work, viewing information in the browser and run certain programs. But sometimes use PC does not work. For example, when you are away from your home. In this case, you have to configure remote access to the computer from the Android phone using special programs and services. Let’s look at how to make it right and most convenient.

Remote access is a convenient ability to manage a computer or other technique from anywhere in the globe. Of course, sometimes programs are exhibited by certain limitations, which is a little affecting. Access to computer through the phone will help special services. So it will be possible to view the stored files, and in some cases even access the work desk management.

Advantages and opportunities

Remote access to computer from the phone opens up huge opportunities. First, it is possible to view the stored files from any place and, if necessary, make edits to documents. Secondly, you can remotely monitor the desktop, for example, checking the correctness of the program installation.

We give another banal example. Suppose that you downloaded a long-awaited film or a series. Watch it is right near PC I do not want. Then remote connection comes to the rescue. You can run the video on the computer, and view it already from the smartphone. Agree that it is very convenient.

Also, some employees have a computer in the office, but sometimes work at home. To connect to your main machine, again it is convenient to use remote access. This allows you to open documents on the desktop, edit them, and then save. Advantages of computer management from the phone can be listed enough, that’s just how to organize everything correctly? The answer to this question we will try to give in the form of detailed instructions for each method.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

MICROSOFT branded utility for remote computer management with Android saw the light recently saw the light. at the end of October. Using an application, you can manage the computer that runs on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Since we are dealing with the “native” solution from the developer of the desktop operating system, no client to install it.

But in order to be able to connect, you still need to make some changes to the system settings: Go to “Control Panel” to the “System” section and select “Setting Remote Access”. After that, you need to allow remote connections to a computer (by the way, if the built-in firewall is disabled, Windows will not allow you to enable remote access, so that you have to start the appropriate service).

To authorize the Android application Microsoft Remote Desktop uses system name and password. If you are going to enter a logic of the administrator, no additional actions on the computer do not need to perform. To allow access to other users, you need to click on the “Select Users” button and add them to the list of remote desktop users. It should also be borne in mind that if the password is not used to log in to the system, it is necessary to add it in the “User Accounts” section, since the remote connection will not work without password. (Note that the remote connection using Microsoft Remote Desktop is possible only to computers that support Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP. List of systems that are friends with this protocol are available on reference approx. red.)

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After completing this simple setting, you can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from Google Play and add a new connection.

Its settings indicates the IP address of the computer on the local network or its name. If you wish, you can specify a login and password to enter (for security reasons you can not specify them immediately, but enter directly before connecting).

If the connection has passed successfully, local work with the computer will be blocked and the login window will come out on it. If you enter the system locally, the remote connection will be broken. Thus, when remotely connected, you can see the desktop only on the screen of the mobile device.

After connecting the remote desktop displays on the device screen. Two controls are available at the top of the screen: buttons to display the Android virtual keyboard and to navigate the screen.

If you want to use keys that are not on the Android keyboard, the touch of the connection panel can be called the additional settings panel. It is transferred to the virtual keyboard with the F1-F12, ESC, HOME, Tab, END, WIN, INS, Tab, END, WIN, INS, ENTER and other. standard for the usual desktop manipulator. With a remote connection to the device with Windows 8, pressing the Virtual Win key leads to switching between the desk and starting screen.

From the Advanced Settings panel, you can also disable multisensor gestures and go to navigation mode using a conventional cursor.

To complete the remote connection session, it is enough to touch the “Back” button on the Android device.

Connect to a remote desktop in Windows

In order to connect to the remote desktop, you do not need to install additional programs. Just start entering in the search field (in the Start menu in Windows 7, in the taskbar in Windows 10 or on the primary screen of Windows 8 and 8.1) “Connect to a remote desktop” in order to start the connection utility. Or press the WinR keys, enter MSTSC and press ENTER.

By default, you will see only the window to enter the IP address or the computer name to which you want to connect. you can enter it, click “Connect”, enter the username and password to request the account data and user name and password of the remote computer ), then you will see the remote computer screen.

You can also configure the parameters of the image, save the connection configuration, transmission of the sound. To do this, click “Show Options” in the Connection Window.

If everything was done correctly, then after a short time you will see the remote computer screen in the Remote Desktop Connection window.


If you want to use a smartphone or a tablet for remote player management on a computer (put a video pause without getting out of the chair, or simply adjust the volume), you can use a simple and easy application called “Remote”.

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If in Microsoft Remote Desktop and TeamViewer you received full access to the computer’s desktop, then when using this application will have to be content with its own inteeis (virtual buttons).

Run the Remote Control program on the computer and then on the smartphone. To search for a remote server, go to the settings (bottom button), select the “Server” command and in the window that opens, click “Search”. Note that by default the program finds your router, it makes no sense to connect to it, you must wait for the appearance in the list of “servers” of your computer.

Selecting the desired option in the list, check whether the program is correctly running by pressing, for example, the Volume Off. Now you can easily manage audio and video players from a smartphone or tablet!

How to connect to a computer via the Internet

Looking for a solution that you can use outside your home network? Although RDP and VNCs work outside your network, it is unlikely that you pay for a static IP address from your Internet provider.

Instead of worrying about configuring personal VPN and redirection of the router ports to your PC, a more reasonable solution is to use a third-party service to remotely connect to your computer from a smartphone.

Android users can use applications from TeamViewer, Splashtop, Logmein, Gotomypc and various other remote services that work with desktop PC

You may have seen them in action at work when the technical support service uses remote software for troubleshooting problems on your computer. Charm of these tools is that they are easy to configure.

Just install the remote server software to your computer, download the client application to your phone and initiate a remote connection. Please note that you may need to configure several parameters to automatically accept these connections.

Testing TeamViewer

Initial TeamViewer Screen for Android

Initially, in order to try out the inteeis and the capabilities of the program, it is not necessary to install something on your computer. You can run TeamViewer on your phone or tablet and in the TeamViewer ID field enter the numbers 12345 (password is not required), resulting in connecting to the Demonstration Windows session in which you can familiarize yourself with the inteeis and the functionality of this program for remote computer management.

Connection to Demonstration Windows Session

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Connecting to a remote desktop first appeared in Windows XP, and since then it continues to be a key function in each Windows release. While the “server” part works only in Windows, client applications are available for various platforms, including Android.

Before you start working with Android, you must enable remote access to the desktop on your PC. Microsoft disables this feature in “home” windows. so you will need Windows Professional or Enterprise.

Once you are configured, the Android application must automatically detect the PC on your network. Your login credentials are the username and password entered on your computer. If you entered the Microsoft account when setting up the PC, the username can be your email address.

After startup you may notice that the image quality is just excellent. This is due to the fact that the Microsoft remote desktop protocol does not send a video stream to a client device as most other services. Instead, he sends data about what is displayed on the screen (windows position, menu, dialog boxes and T. D.), and the application creates all this anew. So the picture quality is not distorted here.

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In the app settings, you can assign a pseudonym to each desktop and change the screen resolution in accordance with your client device. There is even a function called “Redirect Local Storage”, which mounts the internal storage of your Android device as a network drive in a Windows session. For example, you can use this feature when many important files are stored on the smartphone. you can open images from the “Download” folder on Android in Photoshop on your remote PC, without downloading.

The main disadvantage of Microsoft Remote Desktop is that there is no simple way to access your computer outside your local network. The most secure way is to configure the VPN server on one computer and connect the Android device to it whenever you need access to your PC. If you feel bold, you can also configure port forwarding on the router and connect to a computer through an external IP address.

Any of these methods requires considerable effort, so it is better to use Chrome Remote Desktop or TeamViewer in such situations.

Pros Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Quality Pictures. Microsoft Remote Desktop looks great and works almost with any Internet connection.
  • Sharing storage. Local storage of your Android device can be connected as a network drive in Windows.
  • CHROMEBOOK support works perfectly on Chromebook.
  • Price. the application is absolutely free.

Minuses Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Support only Windows-Systems. the host operating system must be Windows, with the “home” versions of Windows will not work.
  • Setup. The configuration process can be a bit difficult, especially if you want to access your computer outside your local network.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Immediately preset and available in the Windows operating system.
  • Client application available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
  • For Internet connection you need to configure.

Mobile application is used to connect to a remote computer. Directly Microsoft Remote Desktop comes with Windows 10. Work perfectly in one local network, to access the Internet will have to additionally configure the system.

It has a convenient multisencing inteeus with Windows gestures support. Connection is possible only to computers with Windows Editor No less Professional. The program is intended to connect external monitors or projectors for presentations.

How to remove Chrome Remote Desktop

If you need to remove the remote desktop Chrome from a Windows computer (on mobile devices it is also deleted as any other application), follow these simple steps:

  • In Google Chrome browser, go to the “Services” page. Chrome: // Apps /
  • Right-click on the “Remote Chrome Desktop” icon and select “Delete from Chrome”. You can simply click right-click on the extension icon to the right of the address bar and delete it.
  • Go to the control panel (in Windows 10 to enter the control panel, you can use the search panel). Programs and components and delete “Chrome Remote Desktop Host”.