How discord works online. We understand together!

Discord online is always at hand. it’s time to use all the opportunities proposed by the developer! We will tell you how to enter the browser version online, register and start work. A great option for those who are not ready to install the program, but want to test the functionality.

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You know that you can enter the account of the discord web through the browser? An incredibly convenient way to constantly stay in touch-you do not have to run a mobile application or desktop messenger, just open a web page.

We will talk in detail about where to look for a link for entering. we will learn how to authorize and register the rules. Go!

  • Open the official page of the developer. you can find a discord web online in a browser by link;
  • Click on the “Entrance” button. on the top panel on the right or click on the “Open” icon in the center of the page;

Next, let’s go in two ways. some users already have an active account, others first opened the messenger. Consider both options for the development of events.

Let’s start with authorization. this part of the review will be useful to those who have already created a profile in the program. The entrance to the discord through the browser online is carried out as follows:

If you do not want to enter data, you can use the QR code scanner. The method is suitable for those who installed a mobile application on a smartphone. Let’s try to count the code. it’s fast and simple!

So you can quickly and easily enter the discord through the browser. choose any convenient way!

Now let’s move on to the second option. for those who have not previously used the messenger. We’ll have to create an account discord web online, proceed!

  • Enter the current email address. be sure to use an active box, it will come in handy more than once;
  • Come up with a password and set the user name;
  • Click on the registration button and wait for the letter. it will go to the specified email address;

Ready, you were able to enter the discord in the browser online! The web version works completely regardless of the desktop and mobile application!

  • You may not download the program on a computer or smartphone, if you do not want, autonomy is provided;
  • If you download the application on a PC or phone, continue to use the discord in the browser online without problems;
  • No additional confirmation is needed. it is enough to use the email address and password to enter.

We were able to enter the discord online without downloading. conveniently, accessible and fast! Do not underestimate the browser version, because it will always be at hand. Works in any web browser, difficulties when loading are not noticed.

It is worth noting that the browser application has several limited functionality (unlike a full desktop program). Ready to consider an integration and learn to use the messenger? First, set the profile, and then go through the main possibilities!

Primary setting

Entrance to the discord online. not all! This part of the review is intended for users who have registered a new profile a few minutes ago. You need to fill in certain fields and set the appropriate settings. Ready?

The first stage is completed. but get out of the settings early, the online application requires a certain dexterity!

  • We go to the Confidentiality tab. Here it is worth choosing who can send you messages and set the scanning of content for compliance with the regional regulations;
  • We open the section “Integration” in the menu on the left. You can connect the services used. for example, a twice or it is enough to press on the corresponding icon and enter the authorization data.

The primary settings of the user Discord Web are completed. Now we will work with the parameters of the application! Moving below the navigation panel on the left.

“Voice and Video” is the most important attribute that needs to be paid special attention. This applies to Discord in the browser and in the desktop/mobile application.

  • Select the correct input device and the output device from the opening list;
  • Select input mode. standard voting or “walkie.talkie”. A walkie.talkie is an activation of a microphone only after pressing a certain combination of keys that you can determine yourself;
  • Select the camera to output the video. you can immediately check the quality of the picture;
  • We strongly recommend activating echo and noise reduction.

Discord Online is almost ready to work! Left a little.

  • In the “Text and Images” block, you can choose the rules for displaying media content, pre.examination of links, activate the transformation of the text into speech and establish the rules for viewing emoji;

The initial setting ends on this! Please note at the very end of the list there is a red button. We told you how to open a discord in a browser. this icon will help to get out of the account on the device.

We hope our tips helped you enter your discord account online. Evaluate all the advantages of the messenger, do not limit yourself exclusively by the desktop or mobile application. after all, you can get much more by working in the browser.

Working on the discord

Registration on the service is standard: you need to specify your working e-mail (it will come to the registration confirmation code), user name (t.e. Your login) and password. The registration form is presented on the screen below.

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After filling the form. You will automatically open the window of your profile (t.e. You will enter the site), however, part of the functionality will not be available before the confirmation of e-mail. At the top of the window will be “looming” a message about the need to do this (an example below).

If, working on PC, it is convenient to use both the browser version of the discord and the application, then on the phone. It is necessary to install special. Appendix. In general, the installation is standard, nothing complicated (a link to Google Play cited above).

How to find and add friends to favorites

In principle, the discord service is very friendly, the integration is simple and not obsessive (in addition, completely in Russian). By the way, many consider it “teenage” (in my opinion, everything is quite serious).

So, you can add a friend/friends in a variety of ways. Below I will consider a couple of the most popular.

Suppose you and your friend registered on the discord. How to find each other now?

1) Please note that in the lower part of the window (on the left side) your nickname and ID are indicated. For example, on the screen below Nick “alexandr_br”, id. “#6527”. This data must be transferred to your friend (for example, by SMS, social. networks, etc.).

2) Then your friend on his PC presses on the “Friends” section, clicks on the “Add Friend” button and introduces your username and ID. Example: “Alexandr_br#6527” (without quotes). Cm. The screenshot below.

3) Next, you will receive a request for adding to friends from him: if you confirm the request. then you are with each other in friends (in the chosen one). Such a security measure is necessary so that spammers are not added to your friends.

We agree to add a friend to favorites

The beginning of communication (Creating a chat on 2-)

4) to start communication (creating a chat for two), just click on a friend’s nickname.

To start a conversation. just click on a friend’s nickname

5) Next, you can write messages, talk on the network (if you have a microphone installed). By the way, discord when receiving a message, makes a small sound notification (so that if the browser window is folded. You will still learn that someone bothers you. ).

If you are already invited to some group/room. then on the left you will see a list of members of this community. You can add any of them to your friends. To do this, just click on it with the right mouse button, and in the menu that appears to select “Add Friends”.

Verification email

To gain access to all functions of the messenger, you must activate the account (confirm the rights to the specified email). This procedure is performed easily and quickly:

Open the letter from the Discord service. In the text, click the “Confirm” button.

In the opening tab, in the “Confirmation” panel, the mouse click the “bird” in the window “I’m not a robot”.

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Creation of a server

Upon completion of registration at the first entrance to the account, you will see an invitation of the system to configure your own server to communicate with friends. To use it, do it like this:

In the window “Welcome “Click the” Start “command.

In the mood panel, enter the name of the server, set, if necessary, the region (country). And clat “ready”.

Copy the link (“Copy” button) to access the server. It can be sent to friends, team members by any network funds (by mail, in social networks, through other instant messengers, etc.D.).

Attention! If you want to make URL constant for access, set a “checkmark” in the option “Make this link to an uninterrupted”.

Confirmation of registration

Discord is a social network of interests. Like any social network, Discord requires confirmation that the user is a real person, not a robot. To confirm registration, you must go to the account settings and press the letter sending button with confirmation.

On an e-mail address indicated during registration, a letter will come with confirmation. It contains an active button for which you need to click.

Next, a page will open, on which the discord will issue a notification of successful email confirmation.

Confirmation of the phone number

If the user plans to use his discord account for a long time, he must take care of security. You can secure an account by linking a mobile phone number. This is done as follows:

When registering, it is very important to indicate the current email address and phone number. These data may come in handy in the future. For them you can restore or change the password from your personal account, restore the closed or return the stolen account. Also, using the phone and mail number, you can install a double.factor authentication of the user. This function increases the protection of both the account itself and personal data.

Being a social network of interests, the discord does not interfere with the registration of several accounts from one device. In order to get another account, you will only need to indicate and confirm the current but previously used email address in Discord. Also, registration does not require downloading additional applications. You can become a new user discord using a browser version on the official website of the site.

User settings

The messenger has a number of user settings available for editing at any time. Some of them may never come in handy at all when working in the program, and some are extremely useful and will definitely turn out to be necessary during the interaction with the discord. For example, you can change the user name, password, tie accounts in different applications or check the state of nitro subscription. All this is carried out in different sections of one menu.

Beautiful design

Another type of discord setup is visual design. functionality offers only a few options for changes in appearance, which is not enough for most users. However, there is support for plugins that allow you to install different topics and even customize them using a special site. So you can choose a ready.made design option or create your own by changing the color of the fonts, the background image and display of the main elements in the main window.

Discord Inte Wee and Management Management

The application implements the ability to regulate the sound level for each individual user. It is also possible to change the user nickname for each individual server. Another plus of Discord is the ability to integrate with such applications and services as Steam, YouTube, Twitch, Skype.

It is possible to determine what the user is currently playing at this time and the name of this game is written next to his nickname.

There are text and voice channels. Access levels are created separately for each, using the role. The latter can be assigned different names and different rights.

It is possible to create your own server for the game. To do this, you need to come up with its name and create a server by pressing an empty plus in the list of servers.

If there is no desire to receive constantly pop.up notifications of messages on various text channels, it is necessary to drown out this channel. This is done by the right button, while choosing the right can and putting the box “drown out the channel”.

This is only part of the possibilities of the messenger, having downloaded it, or by realizing in the VEB version, he will be able to fully evaluate his rich functionality and convenience.

Verification email

To gain access to all functions of the messenger, you must activate the account (confirm the rights to the specified email). This procedure is performed easily and quickly:

Open the letter from the Discord service. In the text, click the “Confirm” button.

In the opening tab, in the “Confirmation” panel, the mouse click the “bird” in the window “I’m not a robot”.

How to download the application and register in the discord?

Registration in discord is a simple, understandable and affordable process. We will analyze each step in detail and teach users the right actions! A little more and you can download and install a cool messenger, pass registration and will communicate with like.minded people and friends.

Before trying to register in the discord, it is necessary to install it. although there is a slight exception, but about it later.

On the phone

The instruction is very simple. you need to find the application and download it to the phone:

  • Open the EP Store or Google Play Market program program;
  • Enter the name of the messenger in the line marked with a magnifying glass, and wait for the results of the search results;
  • Press the load button opposite the name of the messenger;

On the computer

Coped with the first step, before the registration of the Discord account will occur! Congratulations and move on to the instructions for users of the desktop version. there is nothing easier:

  • Your operating system will be determined automatically and you will get the opportunity to download the desired installation file;
  • Click on the load icon, wait for the transfer of the document to the desktop and run it;
  • Following the instructions on the screen, complete the installation of the messenger discord.

Ready, managed and with this! And now the promised exception is that the registration of the account of the discord is possible without downloading the program, you can use the web version.

Earlier you opened the official website of the developer. next to the “Download” button is the icon “Open”, illuminated by blue. It can be used for registration. And authorization in the browser version of the messenger.

The first stage is completed, you were able to download the program. now you need to talk about the most important. Let’s figure out how to register in the discord on the phone and on the computer.

register, discord, adding

We create a discord account

First, let’s make a reservation. the program is offered to users for free.

But you can connect Nitro for a small fee and expand the account capabilities. only 99.99 per year or 9.99 per month.

Now we will talk about simple initial registration in Discord. First we discuss the mobile version:

register, discord, adding
  • Open the program and select the option “Registration”;
  • Enter the current email address;
  • Come up with a nickname and enter the invented password into the corresponding fields;
  • Click on the continuation button;

We will not talk separately about how to register in a discord on a computer, this process has no differences from the mobile version. But we will dwell on the web version of the messenger in detail:

Unfortunately, we have no answer to the question of how to find out the date of registration of discord. We did not find a similar function in the program, but we can offer to look for a letter from the administration in a mailbox. just enter a keyword in search. The date of receipt of an electronic message is the date of the creation of the account.

We also recommend our partners and complete information about Discord messenger for PC and smartphone. https: //

They told everything about registration in the discord in Russian. you can download and install a cool messenger, which will come in handy for game and everyday communication. Soon you will accurately evaluate its advantages!

How to register in Discord

First you need to install the program on your device. Distribution you can download in Russian from the official service site.

If you have any problems when using a discord as a separate application, try the online version.

Like any other program when entering the Discord system will propose to undergo authorization. To do this, you need to have a special account. To create a new authorized user, you will need:

  • Download the application from the official source or on sites in the network web. But be careful by loading content from suspicious resources, this is fraught with infection of your device with viral programs.
  • Install the utility. Run the installation file and specify the root catalog in which all system files will be located. The installation process does not cause special difficulties and will not take a significant amount of time.
  • The service will ask you to indicate the address of the email mailbox.
  • Indicate your personal data, user name.
  • Come up with a secret password and confirm it.

If you have problems during installation, we have an article-solution of these problems. And if you can’t go to the server (connection problem). this article will solve your problem.

In addition to the official client, the discord has a version advanced by developers. Better Discord. It will be interesting to you if you are looking for ways to customize this messenger.

What problems may arise

During registration, the main problems may occur when entering personal data. The user introduces nickname, and he is already busy with another client. Show imagination and come up with a unique name. If your email does not receive a letter to confirm registration, check the entered data, you may have made a typo when indicating the mailbox.

In addition to the above problems, registration in discord and setting up an account does not cause much difficulties and is carried out instantly, in a couple of mouse clicks. The Russian language can be selected during the installation process. Install, register and enjoy the universal service. In addition, the service of course provides feedback for the operational solution of problems.

If you have difficulties in creating a new account, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article.

Why do people love discord

As of May 2021, the number of active users discord per month approached 150 million. Let’s see what users from this application think about this application

Discord replaced me with all other messengers, because the discord is more functional and less demanding. It practically does not load your computer, which is an important point for weak PC. The main advantages of this messenger are free maintenance and reliability. In addition to the fact that the application is free, it is worth highlighting the quality of communication. No interruptions and delays. I have been using it for 2 years.


I use this application on Windows 10. There have never been problems with installation, authorization or launch. Everything works wonderful! I want to note that the service is completely free. Here you can create an unlimited number of servers without paying a ruble. There is also no advertising in the application, and this cannot but rejoice. The variety of functions in the discord is very pleasing: from adjusting the volume of each user to the distribution of roles in chats.


Discord is not just a chat for gamers, but a convenient platform for joint communication. Personally, I use discord for work. Everything is very simple and clear here. Once a week I call up with customers to discuss current affairs. Everything works as it should, there are no failures and lags. I can only praise developers and technical support for the high quality of the service.


It is far from a secret that at the moment Discord has become much more popular than all of us well.known Skype. I used to communicate only through Skype, then there was a zoom, and now there is already a discord. The program is convenient in that it is available both on PC and iOS/Android. And I also like bots: there are a large number of ready.made bots for downloading music, collecting personal data and much more. I advise for everyone who likes to spend time with friends. thanks to this application, the distance will cease to be an obstacle!


Discord good messenger, but still far from ideal. There are still bugs that developers do not want to correct. But in general, the program itself is not bad. There is a chat, audio and video conferences. It is also possible to create channels with ads where you can post memes and photos. The application has a bunch of useful programs that allow you to include music and play with friends.


Discord is a multifunctional messenger that allows you to communicate with both text and voice. If at the very beginning the program was created exclusively for entertainment purposes, now it is increasingly used for corporate tasks. Here you can even find a reliable source of income. for example, open your store.

The application is constantly developing: new bots, functions for uninterrupted communication, solutions to business and other useful tools are created.

The messenger is available on PC and mobile devices both in the form of an application and in the browser version, but who knows, maybe in the near future, the discord will be available in VR (Virtual Reality) or metaul.

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