Working in Punto Switcher

The program can save up to 30 text fragments, to which you will always have access through history. Punto Switcher also allows you to transliterate fragments in the clipboard and save it even after a system reboot. But for all this, you need to make some settings.

  • We go into the settings. To do this, double-click the left mouse button on the tray icon and select the “Additional” item in the “General” tab.
  • We put a tick in the box where the item “Track clipboard”, and also on “Save clipboard history after restarting Windows” (if you need it, of course). Then click “OK”.

Now the text fragments that you copy will be saved in the program. And any of them can be obtained from there. To do this, right-click on the Punto Switcher icon, then select “Clipboard” and “View history”.

We click on the piece that is needed, and it is copied. After which it remains only to insert it.

How long is information stored there

It is stored there until it is replaced with a new one. Or before shutting down (restarting) the computer.

Let me explain with an example. Let’s say I read an interesting note on the Internet. I liked it so much that I wanted to save it on my computer. This is a simple matter: you need to select the text, copy, paste into a file and save.

So, I select the piece of text I need and copy it.

As you already know, it immediately goes to the clipboard and will remain there until I paste it somewhere. But let’s say I was distracted by another article. And in it I find something that I would also like to save on my computer. So if I select and copy this new part, then the text that was copied before will be erased. It will be replaced with a new snippet. And when pasting, only new text will be added.

In addition, the clipboard is completely cleared when you turn off and then turn on your computer. That is, if, for example, I decide to take a walk and turn off the computer before that, then everything that was copied but was not inserted will be deleted. This means that it will not be possible to turn on, enter and retrieve information.

Mi mobile phone me clipboard kaha hota hai,clipboard ka use kese karte hai

The clipboard is temporary and very unreliable storage. If you have already copied some information, then do not forget to paste it immediately.

It is not for nothing that the concept of “copying” means pasting too. That is, they mean not one, but two actions at once. Indeed, when copying, the data falls into an intermediate place, from where it must certainly be inserted. Otherwise, they are not saved, but deleted.

Installing Punto Switcher

First, check to see if it is already on your computer. To do this, look at the taskbar. at the bottom right of the screen. If along with the alphabet icon or instead of it there is such an icon, it means that you already have the program installed.

Is there an icon? Excellent! Then right-click on it to make sure it is Punto Switcher.

If you do not find such a program at your site, you need to download it from the official website using the link. Then open the file and install the application. It’s easy to organize: run the downloaded file, agree with everything and click “Next”. The only thing is, the program will offer to add various Yandex tricks to the computer. If you don’t need it, uncheck all the boxes.

After installation, the following icon will appear on the taskbar (on the right):

Or this if the English alphabet is selected:

Now the program will run every time you boot your computer and keep track of what and how you type.

Clipboard program

There are several applications that are designed to manage temporary storage. They are needed if a person often works with text. After all, such programs allow you to get text fragments that were copied earlier. This does not apply to folders and files.

There are several similar programs, but I use the free Punto Switcher from Yandex. Its main task is to automatically change the keyboard layout when the user has forgotten about it.

For example, I am typing some text and suddenly I notice that I forgot to change the language to Russian. everything is typed in English letters. Here Punto Switcher does not allow such situations. The program automatically changes the layout and “translates” the text.

So, in addition to changing the layout, this application has a lot of other useful functions. It also helps to work with the clipboard. it saves it and allows you to retrieve text fragments that were copied at different times.

Where is the clipboard

Where can I find the clipboard? It has a very real place in the computer: Local drive C. Windows. system32. clip.exe file

But on Windows 7, 8, and 10, this file won’t open. That is, it is impossible to call him and see what is there. But in Windows XP it is called clipbrd.exe and you can still find it. And if you first copy some text, then it will be inside this file.

This is a system file. It cannot be deleted, moved or renamed.

How to clean

If you are copying text fragments or small files, then there is not much point in clearing it. However, when copying large objects (such as movies), Windows may start to slow down. After all, all information should go to the temporary storage, which is located on the system Local Disk. And even after insertion, it will still “sit” in the buffer memory.

But this is easy to fix: just copy some small file, for example, a photo or Word document. Or take a screenshot (screenshot) by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Then everything that was previously in the buffer will be erased and new data will be added there.


In this tutorial, I will explain what the clipboard is, where it is located and how to open it in Windows.

The clipboard is a part of the RAM of a stationary computer or laptop, as well as a phone or tablet (Android, iOS). This section temporarily stores what we copy. The information that is in it is not visible to the user.

Let me explain using a Windows PC as an example. Let’s say I have a folder on my Desktop that needs to be copied to a USB flash drive. So, I right-click on it and select the “Copy” item. It seems like nothing has changed, everything remains the same. But this folder was preserved in invisible memory, and now the computer keeps it in its “mind”. in the clipboard.

Now I open my flash drive and paste the copied folder into it: right-click on an empty space and select “Paste”.

The folder from the Desktop is added to the USB flash drive.

This is how it works. We copy some information and thereby add it to the clipboard, and then paste (pull out).

What keys can you copy text

Copying and pasting can be done not only through the right mouse button. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl C and Ctrl V is also used for this.

The principle is as follows: select what needs to be copied, hold down the Ctrl key and then press the C key. Go to where this information needs to be placed, hold down Ctrl and V (Russian M).

Where in Xiaomi (Redmi) to find the clipboard and how to work with it

In Xiaomi (Redmi) phones, there is a clipboard, this is a part of the memory that stores what you copied: text, photos, documents.

To use what is on the clipboard, you need to know where it is located and what is in it. To do this, you can go in two ways:

  • Installing a third-party application
  • Using the built-in feature in the Gboard keyboard

I will show you how to use Gboard to access the clipboard because it is easier, safer and will suit most Xiaomi users.

To find out what is inside, I need to go to the clipboard menu on Gboard, you can do this by clicking on the icon with the tablet image. You see there a piece of text that I copied into it yesterday, now I will write another short passage, select it and press the “Copy” button. If you go back to the buffer menu, you will see both texts there. Over time, data from it is automatically deleted to save memory, so that this does not happen, you need to fix the object that you need to save. To do this, select it and click on the “Needle” icon that appears. Now this information has moved to the “Pinned” section. It is possible to add more text to the clipboard, I will write a new sentence and copy it again, after which I will enter the menu and see that it contains all three objects that I have worked with recently. Data is stored for a relatively long time. up to several days, but only if Android does not decide to clear memory to save money. Therefore, I do not recommend using the buffer on Xiaomi as a reliable place for storing data.

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On a computer, this technology works with the same ideology, but according to a different algorithm. If you do not enable the special option for storing multiple data in Windows 10, then each time you copy it, the new information will replace the old one. And in Android on Xiaomi, it is possible to store several copies of data, and operate with them as needed. But, I repeat again, do not use them as a place where it is possible to store something for a long time, at any time it can be deleted if you have not secured it.

This can be helpful:

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Not all phones have this feature. Samsung’s Android 4.4 device has this kind of storage. This model even offers to see where the clipboard is in the phone.

Samsung can also see what files are stored there. You can install the “Copy Bubble” application, which will instantly view the contents of your vault.

Thanks to him, you can simultaneously work with several text documents and have instant access to all.

With this function, you can work with texts in your mobile, with pictures and other files.

Where is the clipboard on the phone? Instructions for all popular Android gadgets | 2019

Instructions: Where is the clipboard in the phone?

When information enters the phone, it is automatically transferred to the clipboard. Many have no idea what it is and where it is in the mobile. Let’s talk about this function today.

  • Clipboard. what is it?
  • Clipboard on Android
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Lg
  • Asus
  • Huawei
  • Sony
  • ZTE
  • Fly

Fast work with Android clipboard

Where is the clipboard on the phone? Instructions for all popular Android gadgets | 2019


Where is Huawei’s clipboard on the phone? Just like in other models. storage is a file, in RAM, that works with temporary documents.

Where is Sony’s clipboard on the phone? As a rule, this is a place in RAM and it is not possible to see it as a folder on the desktop.

In order to get more options when working with various files, you can install applications that significantly expand the functionality of the storage.

Clipboard for Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones | How to use clipboard in Xiaomi Redmi Mi mobile phones

Where is the clipboard in the zte phone, is in RAM as it is in all other Android phones.

To download a file, you need to follow the standard steps: copy or cut and paste into an application that works with texts.

Where is the clipboard in the fly on the phone? Fly phones are also equipped with storage. Most often this is a temporary folder such as Temp or tmp.

These are temporary files and they save information until new text appears.

Additional applications

You can also install different applications that will be responsible for the storage functions.

  • Clips. Used for iPhone and iPad. Allows to significantly increase the capabilities of the standard buffer. It allows you to place files in a list and then share them in convenient ways;
  • Clipboard manager. allows you to sort the received files, import and export. Provides quick access to them;
  • My Clipboard. you can set a large number of tags, there is sorting, automatic sorting and many useful functions;
  • aNdClip Free is a free clipboard program;
  • Easy Copy. The Smart Clipboard. quick way to paste the clipboard.

I also recommend paying attention to the video tutorial, with the help of which you can quickly figure out how to quickly work on Android with a clipboard.

Clipboard. what is it?

In every mobile device there is a place where all the files that are downloaded from one device to another are sent.

This storage is temporary in nature and it is called the clipboard.

Its peculiarity is that the moment new information enters the device and is transferred to our storage, the old one disappears forever.

If you understand this function in more detail, you will understand that it performs much more useful tasks.

With some knowledge, you can make this repository work one hundred percent and help you.

redmi, phone, clipboard

Let’s consider where the clipboard is in the phone, based on different models of gadgets.

What is a clipboard?

Honor’s “clipboard” is a part of the phone‘s memory, specially allocated for the tasks of copying and pasting the necessary information. If in Windows OS such a section is quite large, then on Android OS, under which Honor gadgets work, the clipboard has a modest size (usually about 1 MB). This size is enough to work with several chunks of text, but working with images and videos through it on Android OS will be difficult.

Initially, the clipboard (in English “clipboard”) could contain only one piece of text. With the development of the functionality of the Android OS, it is already possible to put several pieces of text into it. And, if necessary, use each of them.

Since the buffer takes up part of the device’s memory, its overflow can have a negative impact on the speed and stability of your smartphone. It is recommended to clean it after finishing working with your Honor phone.

Where to Find Clipboard in Honor and Huawei Phone

The function is provided in all Honor and Huawei models. Before setting yourself the goal of finding the clipboard in the Huawei and Honor phones, you need to understand that this is not a program displayed as a shortcut. This is an option that appears only after specially performed actions by the user. She uses for a certain time the memory of the mobile, without having her own application. For this reason, it is impossible to find the browser and view it.

What is a clipboard?

The clipboard is a kind of temporary storage where the files copied by the user go. At the same time, smartphone owners need to know that:

  • the said repository does not exist in reality;
  • the buffer is virtual and is part of the RAM;
  • information is stored until the device is turned off, after which it disappears;
  • repeated copying leads to the deletion and replacement of previous information (files);
  • buffer size. minimum;
  • the impact of storage on performance is negligible.

Summing up, we should conclude that the buffer is a virtual space on the phone where temporary files copied or cut by the user are stored. At the same time, their shelf life is limited exclusively by the operating time of the device or by active human actions.

How to open the clipboard on your phone?

Opening the clipboard on Android smartphones will not work for the reasons described above. But such restrictions will not prevent you from returning files that the user has copied. For this you will need:

  • open any available folder and click “insert” (return photos, videos, audio and other similar files);
  • open a text editor and press “paste” (to move a part of the text).

In a similar way, all information that was in the storage is restored, so you do not need to search and open it. Everything that was not restored immediately is lost forever and cannot be returned in the usual ways.

Clipboard apps on Honor

In addition to the standard functionality of the Android OS, there are a number of mobile applications specifically designed for working with the clipboard.

Apps and download links: Description:
“Clipboard Manager” An excellent manager for working with the buffer area and has a high rating. Lets you sort notes by category, auto-clean up, search notes, and more.
Clipboard Actions Manager Another quality manager from the Play Store. There are no annoying ads in the application, there are many options for working with the buffer, it allows you to work with music and video, and so on.
Clipper. Clipboard Manager Professional clipboard manager, especially popular abroad. Has a simple, but at the same time quite functional menu. Boasts the ability to automatically save clipboard history, easy organization and editing of notes, quick access to notes, and much more.
“My Clipboard” Another application of this kind with a responsive design and very small size (about 1.5 MB).

Where is the clipboard in huawei phone

“Where is the clipboard on Honor and Huawei phones?”. a question that arises every time you need to copy data on a smartphone. When a user duplicates files, they are stored for a certain time in the memory of the mobile device. It is noteworthy that for the first time a function that allows you to copy images, text fragments and videos appeared on a PC. Over time, it could be activated using just one key. “Print Screen”. Further, the function became active on smartphones. a device that is often called a ” computer”. It is standard, so there is no need to additionally download the application or carry out the installation process. How it works and what advantages it has, read below.

What is a clipboard?

When you copy files, they temporarily remain in the smartphone’s memory. The clipboard is the very moment of their temporary saving. It is activated after selecting a fragment and clicking on “Save”. The system will notify the user that his request has been completed. a special window will be displayed. The features of his work are as follows:

  • saves data while the operating system is running; after rebooting and turning off the gadget, it is cleaned;
  • allows you to copy data using just one program;
  • copying within the operating system;
  • the existence of limits for certain formats.
  • from the moment the information is cleared, the data cannot be recovered.
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You should also understand that if the utility does not support internal copying of images, then there is no way to add information to the clipboard.

How to open the clipboard on your phone

To use the option, you must follow a certain sequence of actions.

  • Hold your finger on the text for a few seconds until the delimiters are displayed.
  • Set the area to be copied by operating the special guides.
  • Select “Copy” in the automatically appeared window.
  • Open the window where you want to move the information, click “Paste”.

Similarly, you can work with files in Explorer. In this way, you can copy site links, excerpts of text. Select all material of the open file at once or only part of it. Significantly speed up the process of writing messages by copying template information or sending the same text to several subscribers.

If for some reason you are unable to take advantage of the feature, try the steps again. If it fails again, restart your device or do a factory reset. But only create a backup beforehand to keep installed applications, contacts, etc.

How to work with data storage on Android

If you have some kind of text, part of which needs to be copied to the clipboard, then open it, long press on its section until two delimiters appear. With these delimiters mark the area of ​​text that you want to copy, and then click on “Copy”, after which the marked fragment will be placed on the clipboard.

Then go to the place where you want to insert this text (for example, in the SMS creation mode), and in the line for typing the SMS text, long press until the “Insert” button appears. Click on this button, and the text from the clipboard will appear in this line.

Such operations can be carried out with files as well, with which mobile file managers will help you. In this case, the algorithm of work here is the same as with the text. copy the desired file to the clipboard, go to the directory you need to insert, and click on the “Paste” button.

Where is the clipboard on the phone

Surely many of the users have already met with the clipboard. One part of users has been using this convenient tool for a long time, while the other part is rather dimly aware of what it is, what its purpose and basic functions are. This material is intended to remove “dark spots” from this topic, below I will tell you in detail what a clipboard is, where the clipboard is located in a smartphone, and what are its main functions.

What is a clipboard in a mobile phone

The clipboard in a smartphone is a small part of the phone’s memory where data is temporarily stored. These can be texts or clippings from them, music files, photos, and so on, which will later be moved from it to another location on your device.

That is, the clipboard is a kind of “staging post” created to facilitate copying information from one place on the phone to another.

Most often, the clipboard (in English “clipboard”) is used to transfer links and pieces of text required by the user (for example, a link using the clipboard can be easily copied into “Notes” and vice versa). Next, I will tell you where the clipboard is located on your mobile device.

On a PC, the key combinations “Copy” (to the clipboard) and “Paste” (from the clipboard) are responsible for working with the clipboard, the corresponding keys CtrlC and CtrlV are also used. On mobile devices, a slightly different specifics of working with a buffer is used, which I will discuss below.

If you are not yet familiar with such concepts as teletype, HDR, NFC and cached data in a smartphone, then be sure to study these technologies by following the links!

Find your clipboard on your phone and tablet

When answering these questions, I will immediately warn the reader that the operating system (in our case, “Android OS”) does not have a clear address for the location of the clipboard. Basically, the clipboard is a virtual space in your phone‘s memory, reserved for transferring data from one place on the device to another.

If you are interested in the question “how to open the clipboard” and the ability to work with its contents, then there are two main ways:

Working with the clipboard using the functionality of modern phones. If you have a modern smartphone model (smartphones from “Samsung” and “LG” work well with the clipboard) with the same modern OS, then you can view its contents and perform a number of actions with it.

  • To do this, long press (without pressing) on ​​any field for insertion (for example, in the Notes application, you must first click on the plus sign to create a new note.
  • And then perform a long press on an empty space in a new note), after which the buttons “Paste” and “Clipboard” will appear.
  • By clicking on the “Clipboard”, you will get access to its contents and be able to carry out a series of actions with the latter.
  • For example, if you have some text there, then we perform a long press on this text, and in the menu that appears, select what to do with this text (delete, block in the clipboard, etc.).

Find the clipboard using special programs (Clipper level). This program allows you to access the contents of the clipboard, and perform various manipulations with it (edit, group, delete, share with friends, and so on). Just download and install this application, launch it, go to the “Clipboard” tab and select the function you need.

Where can I find the clipboard on mobile? When answering this question, it should be noted that the phone does not have a specially allocated physical area of ​​memory in which the clipboard must be located. The system simply reserves a free area of ​​memory for the functions of the clipboard, and performs the necessary operations with it. At the same time, its use can be relevant when working with various texts. thanks to several tapes, the desired piece of text is quickly transferred from one place of your device to another.

Where is the Clipboard on Android phone? How to open and use

A common question from some smartphone owners: where is the clipboard on Android or on specific brands of phones, for example, Samsung Galaxy, how to open, view, use or clear it. In general, the clipboard is in the memory of an Android smartphone, but it can be opened and, moreover, many smartphones store the clipboard history, which can also be accessed.

Where is the clipboard on Android

As noted at the beginning of the article, the clipboard as such is stored in the phone’s memory, but the contents of the clipboard can be viewed, and often not only the current data in the clipboard, but also previous copied texts, and in some cases. images:

  • On a pure Android phone, as well as on any other smartphone with Google Gboard installed as the primary keyboard, open the keyboard (to do this, click on any text input field on the phone). Then click on the clipboard icon.
  • The contents of the clipboard will open. If history storage is disabled, you will be prompted to enable it (using the switch in the upper right). By default, the clipboard will keep a history of copied data for an hour.
  • If you need to clear an element from the clipboard or, conversely, make it so that it is saved after an hour, long-press on this element and use one of the buttons: place in the current clipboard (for pasting somewhere), pinning (so as not cleared) or delete (to clear an item from the buffer).
  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy and a standard Samsung keyboard is used as the main keyboard, open it (by clicking on any text input field), then click on the clipboard icon, and if such is not displayed. on the button with three dots in the upper right, and then. on the item “Clipboard”.
  • You will see the items saved in the Samsung clipboard, not only texts, but also images. By long pressing them, you can clear them from the clipboard or pin them to the clipboard so that they are not deleted. A short press inserts the item into the currently active input field.

Many third-party keyboards from other manufacturers also have elements for working with the clipboard, and their implementation is not much different from those described above. However, you can use third-party apps to open the Android clipboard and work with the data stored in it. And of course, you can always replace the active content of the clipboard by simply copying something new to it.

Third-party clipboard apps for Android

The implementation of different applications is different, for example, an application with a simple name “Clipboard” from HDM Dev Team displays the contents and history of the clipboard right on top of the screen (can be minimized) with the ability to delete items, paste them and notes.

How to find your clipboard on Android?

Not all people are at odds with technology. Many users completely do not understand the principles by which modern smartphones work. If you are one of those people, then our article is designed to satisfy your curiosity. Today we are going to tell you what the clipboard is. In this case, we will, of course, talk about the Android operating system.

The basics

The task of the clipboard is one. it must save the text you have selected in RAM. On some operating systems, images can also be copied this way. Also, some applications use their own clipboard, which stores video clips, audio tracks, file properties, and much more. For example, you can think of video editing programs, where the clipboard greatly speeds up work.

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This is the first time this feature has appeared on the PC. It quickly became part of Windows and Mac OS. It is not for nothing that a separate key called “Print Screen” appeared on the keyboards. It allows you to copy the image shown on the screen, and then paste it into a graphics editor or some other program.

Later, the clipboard in the phone became a very popular phenomenon. In particular, it was regularly used by owners of smartphones based on Symbian. Gradually, this function appeared in ordinary mobile phones. As for Android, in the first versions of this operating system, no clipboard existed. But now it is simply impossible to imagine a smartphone without it.

Where is the clipboard on Android?

There is only one short answer to this question. The clipboard is located in RAM. in its special area. The copied text will be there exactly until you copy some other text. In many cases, you will not be able to access the clipboard, since the operating system often does not allow this. And why go in if only one piece of text is stored there? If you need to find out the contents of the buffer, then just hold your finger in some text editor, and then click on the “Paste” button that appears. But let’s take a closer look at the operations performed with the clipboard.

Open any application that contains text. It can be Notepad, an Internet browser, or something else.

Hold your finger for one or two seconds on any piece of text. You will see how one word stands out.

There are sliders along the edges of the selection. Move them to the beginning and end of the text that you want to put on the clipboard.

Click the “Copy” button. In most cases, it is displayed as soon as you select a piece of text. In the above, you first have to click on the vertical ellipsis. On tablets, this button may be located at the top of the screen.

Now go to a text editor or some other application where you need to paste the selection.

Hold your finger over an area free of text. Click on the “Insert” button. Again, it can be located at the top of the display, or you need to click on the vertical ellipsis to access it.

Some proprietary shells still allow you to store several fragments of text or images in the clipboard at once. For example, on Samsung smartphones and tablets, the last few screenshots you took are saved there, as well as the text you copied. The selection of an element for insertion is carried out as follows:

Go to the application where you want to insert text or a picture. Hold your finger for one to two seconds on a free area.

Click on the vertical ellipsis, then select “Clipboard”.

In the lower half of the screen, you will see your clipboard with the texts and images it currently contains. You can click on any element. it will be immediately inserted into the document.

Please note: This feature only works on Samsung devices from around 2014. Older devices have the S Memo app instead, which functions slightly differently.

In this case, it is often necessary to copy elements of text from one file to another. In phones and other Android devices, the clipboard is responsible for this function. Where is it and how to clean it

  • Pull on the first delimiter to start copying, and then on the second to mark the end of the text block.
  • Select Copy from the pop-up menu. You will see the inscription: “The item has been copied to the clipboard”.
  • Open the page or application where you want to insert the text, and hold your finger on the input field.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Paste”. The text block will be copied.

In the part of applications (for example, the mail client from), when copying text, instead of the pop-up menu with the options “Copy” and “Paste”, a panel with the corresponding icons opens at the top of the screen.

Android versions 4.4 and higher allows you to save more than one text block to the clipboard, with the possibility of later viewing. To view and copy items from the clipboard, just hold down the text input field with your finger and select the “Clipboard” item.

What is a clipboard

The clipboard is a part of the RAM of a smartphone or tablet where blocks of copied text information are stored. Thanks to it, the user can cut parts of the text from messages, documents or the search bar of the browser, and paste them into other documents, emails or notes. However, the physical buffer file does not exist in the Android system.

The clipboard helps out, if necessary, promptly send contact information, hard-to-remember details with a large number of numbers and other information.

Where to find and how to clear the clipboard on your smartphone

Items stored in the clipboard load the RAM of the smartphone or tablet. The device needs to be cleaned periodically. There are three ways to free buffer space.

Where is the phone clipboard

As already mentioned, the clipboard is located in the RAM of the mobile phone. To serve the function of copying and pasting, a special area is allocated in memory, which is later used as temporary storage. Every time you copy something, the copied data goes into this memory area and is stored there until you copy something else or until you restart your phone.

When working with the clipboard, you need to understand that the RAM it uses is volatile memory and it is completely cleared when the phone is turned off. So when you turn off or restart the device, all the contents of the clipboard will be deleted. Therefore, if you copied something important, then you should not keep it in the clipboard, it is better to immediately paste it into the application you need and save.

What is the clipboard on the phone

A clipboard or clipboard is a special area in the RAM of a mobile phone that can be used as an intermediate storage for data that the user copies. This idea was originally implemented on desktop computers and quickly became a standard feature on any PC. Later, with the development of mobile phones, the clipboard appeared on these devices.

The way the clipboard works is quite simple. When the user selects and copies some text, image or other object, it is placed on the clipboard (in a special area of ​​RAM). The copied data is stored there until the user copies something else or reboots the phone. When pasting the copied data, the process is reversed. Data is retrieved from the clipboard and pasted where the user used the Paste command.

In most cases, when copying data from an application, the clipboard created by the operating system is used (in the case of a mobile phone, this can be Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, and others). Using the operating system’s clipboard allows you to transfer copied text, images, and other data from one application to another. For example, you can copy text in a web browser and paste it into a messenger. But, in some applications, its own internal clipboard may work. In this case, the copied data can only be pasted in the same application in which it was copied.

What is the clipboard on the phone and where is it located

In the interface of mobile phones with the Android and iOS operating systems (iPhone), you can often find such a term as clipboard. Often when copying, you can see a message that the copied text has been placed in the clipboard, or vice versa, the user is prompted to paste some text or images from the clipboard. Since this term is rarely used on desktop computers, many users do not understand what the clipboard is, what it is for and where it is located. If you are also faced with this issue, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our material.

Clipboard on Android

The portal provides quite detailed information on how the clipboard is organized in the Android mobile operating system.

For example, the Android operating system offers application developers a rich environment for copying and pasting data using the clipboard. It supports both simple and complex data types, including text strings, complex data structures, text and binary data streams, and even application resources. Plain text data is stored directly on the clipboard, while complex data is stored as a link to be queried using the content provider.

When copying data, they are placed into a special object, which in turn is placed on the clipboard. In this case, the object can be of three types: Text (for copying simple snippets of text), URI (for copying complex data from content providers) and Intent (for copying application shortcuts).

Android also allows applications to view the clipboard to determine if they support the data it contains. If the application determines that the copied data is not supported, it will not allow the user to use the Paste command. For example, if the application knows how to work only with text, then it will not allow inserting an object of the URI or Intent type.

The Android operating system clipboard can only store one object at a time. When the application places a new object on the clipboard, the previous object disappears.