One headphone Redmi Airdots does not work

Despite the fact that Bluetooth headphones are easy to use, they often arise with them. The most unpleasant problem is the lack of sound in one outpatient. Many users believe that this is a technical malfunction, and only the master will help. In fact, there are several proven methods, thanks to which you can easily solve the problem.

Before proceeding to eliminate problems, make sure that the airdots have not been subjected to mechanical influence: falling on a solid surface, blow, moisture hit. If you step on the gadget, it can easily break, hence the lack of sound. In such a situation, contact the service center.

Switching to binaural mode

With prolonged use, the headset begins to function in a monophonic regime, that is, only the right Airdots is active. Left, respectively, does not work.

In order for Airdots to move into binaural conjugation, you need:

  • Disconnect Redmi or Mi Airdots from the phone, and delete the model from the Bluetooth list, choosing the command “Forget this device”.
  • Turn off the headphones, holding 5 seconds of the control buttons.
  • Keep the panels for 10 seconds while red-white bulbs will burn.
  • Place the headset in the case and extract again. Synchronization will begin, and the inserts will connect to each other.
  • In the Bluetooth list find “Airdots_r” and connect.

Guidelines for proper conjugation

Please note that all instructions are provided only for introductory purposes. If the airdots do not work even after the procedures done, contact the master.

  • If the headset previously connected to the smartphone, disconnect it and delete the list of connected Bluetooth devices, clean the application cache.
  • We deactivate the headphones and clamp the keys, waiting for a red flashing indicator.
  • Hold the buttons again, but already for 40-50 seconds. The bulbs will flash either scarlet or white. Let the panel release only when the indicator will completely go out.
  • For a few seconds we put the inserts in the case, and first we remove the right, then the left. The flashlights are blurred by white, and the dots will connect to each other.
  • After that, we go to the Bluetooth point on the phone and get together. The model will be designated as mi airdots_r.

Such actions help if the left headphone does not connect to the right. Thanks to the above Gaid, the gadget must earn in stereo-mode.

What to do if synchronized is not possible

Когда высвечиваются два устройства, обозначенные как R и L, ни в коем случае не синхронизируйтесь с последним, поскольку это обозначение левого наушника, а он не может автоматически подключиться к правому. Click on R and wait until the right liner finds the left. If this does not happen, do the operation described below.

  • We re.clean the headset in the case and make sure that it is charged.
  • We take out only one headphone and clamp the panel until the red LED appears. We do the same actions with the second.
  • We place headphones with burning indicators in the docking station, close the lid and extract after a few minutes.
  • We connect to a laptop or phone.

Also do not forget that reset to factory settings helps to get rid of systemic problems. With Hard Reset, the history of connections is completely cleansed, and during a rigid rebooting, the headphones return to their original state. We have instructions for Xiaomi Airdots Pro and for more budget models Mi and Redmi.

Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones are not connected to the phone, what to do?

A distinctive feature of all completely wireless headphones, including Xiaomi Airdots, is the need to synchronize them. In some models, this process is automated well, and the user cannot break it with his actions, at least by chance. In other samples, you need to strictly follow the line of work, otherwise you can break synchronization and when connecting to the Xiaomi smartphone, only one headphone will play, either right or left.

I suggest you get acquainted with a brief instruction that allows you to delete Airdots settings and come together with the Xiaomi phone, which will allow you to configure both synchronization between headphones and the Bluetooth connection with a smartphone.

Enter the Bluetooth settings on the phone, find in the list their name, which must be deleted, click and confirm the intention button “Cancel the conjugation”. Next, we need to reset the settings in the Airdots themselves, this is done as follows:

  • Give both headphones from the case, they will automatically turn on power. Hold the buttons on each of them until they stop blinking with LEDs. This will take about 40 seconds. Place them in a charging case;
  • Now it is necessary to extract them, getting first of all the right headphone, and after a couple of seconds left. They will start blinking white, after which red-white, then again only white. At this moment, headphones must establish a connection among themselves;
  • Now you should enter the Bluetooth settings on the phone and in the list of available devices select the right Airdots and agree to conjugation with it.

If you follow this instruction, the connection is tuned so that both headphones will work at the same time.

Turning on and off the headphones

While the headphones are in a charging cover, they are turned off. As soon as the user removes them from there, the devices must sit on the inclusion (automatic option). It looks like a change of red indicator to white (at first it will be quickly flickering, then the speed of flicker will decrease. so the headphones are looking for connected devices).

If this is the first inclusion, then according to the Redmi Airdots instructions, you first need to be removed from the cover (after charging), and then press and hold the button that is located on the outer part of each liner (it will not work out, it is alone). Five seconds of retention. the device will begin to flicker with a white indicator, which means that it is turned on and looking for what to synchronize with.

The shutdown is performed in one of two ways:

  • On the turning point on, you need to press the touch button and hold it for 5 seconds;
  • Just put the device in the case in the nest for recharging (if the cover is working and the device begins to charge, the shutdown will happen automatically).

Reproduction and reception/resetting of calls

Since the button on the back of the headphones is one, then all available functions are performed only with its help. Only the conditional code is changing. the number of touches and the duration of retention.

Redmi Airdots management depends on what they are used at a particular moment.

  • While listening to music:
  • One short touch is a pause;
  • Two short touches. starting the next track or the inclusion of a voice assistant (Xiaomi headset, like most analogues, including, works with all popular products. from Google Assistant to Alexa).
  • One short touch is to answer the incoming one (if before that the user listened to something, then the track will pause so that you can talk);
  • Two short touches. disconnecting the microphone;
  • One long (more than 1-2 seconds) touch. discharge of a conversation or canceling an incoming call.

How to synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones among themselves?

Using Xiaomi Airdots headphones, you need to understand that your device (for example, smartphone) is connected directly to the right headphone. And another headphone is already in touch with him. In other words, the right headphone is the main. The most common difficulty in using Redmi Airdots headphones lies in their cancinchronization.e. one headphone operates, and the other is not. This is due to the lack of a connection between them. How to synchronize airdots read in our article.

However, this will in no case interfere with the use of one headphone (for example, as a headset). To do this, you just need to press on the touch panel of one of the headphones for a long time. In an accessible device, an inscription will indicate which headphone is associated (for example, Mi Airdots Basic_r).

How to synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones

The first thing to do to eliminate this problem is to discharge headphones. This is done as follows: the headphones are disconnected, then the panels are clamped on both to the sunbathing in red. The panels are repeatedly clamped for half a minute. As a result of these actions, a white indicator should be blossomed, and after another 10 seconds red and white. Further retention and will cause the right full reset. The headphones have signaled this several times, having quickly adorned and extinguished.

Further, the headphones are removed to the base, then they go back (as a result, synchronization between the headphones should occur). Now you can connect to the phone.

If the device detects only one headphone, you must first connect the right, make sure of the presence of sound, and then turn on the left. The conjugation will occur, and the headphones will be recognized by a smartphone as a single device.

If the difficulty is not eliminated, you need to make a complete discharge described above again. It is also sometimes useful to clean all Bluetooth devices on the phone and, accordingly, add them again.

Video on how to synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones

How to synchronize

Before making Xiaomi’s headphones together, it is necessary to take into account the features of this device. So, in the headset Airdots, Airdots 2, Earbuds and in other models as the main one is the right liner. After that, the left is connected to it, and two devices begin to work in normal mode.

In the usual form, in order to synchronize Xiaomi headphones among themselves, the following steps must be performed:

  • Charge the case with Xiaomi set.
  • Open the lid and pay attention to the indication. Light bulbs on both headphones should start blinking, after which it stops on the glow on the left. This means that the synchronization of Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones is completed.

Redmi Airdots does not connect the left earphone. Failed Reset

After that, you can enter the Bluetooth smartphone / tablet settings, turn on the “blue tooth” and start the search. The list should appear in the list, to which you can connect.

Unfortunately, the scheme discussed above does not always work, and it is not possible to combine the two Xiaomi headphones with each other with a similar method. There can be many reasons: long failure to use the device, software failure, prolonged use of only one headphone, etc. D.

In the above cases, it is necessary to synchronize the headset manually. To combine Xiaomi Airdots headphones, you need to take the following steps:

  • Make sure the case with the inserts has charged to the desired level.
  • Remove one liner from a case.
  • Turn it off by squeezing the touch button from the case. Hold the key for five seconds.
  • Click the button again and hold it for 30 seconds until the red indicator appears.
  • Remove the second outfit and repeat the same operation with it.
  • After the devices lit up red, put them in the case for 5-10 seconds, and then get it to synchronize Mi headphones among themselves.

If everything is done correctly, the left and right liners are combined automatically, after which they can be connected to a smartphone (even to the iPhone).

To combine Xiaomi Airdots headphones, try another scheme:

  • Press your fingers on the touch buttons.
  • Make sure the devices are disconnected (indicators should light up in red).
  • Do not lower the keys, and after 10-20 with the LED will light up twice red-white light.
  • Put the devices in the case, and after five seconds, take them out and make sure the connection ability.

How to understand that the headphones were filled

If for some reason it is not possible to synchronize the devices and establish the conjugation between the headphones of Xiaomi Airdots, we can talk about the problem with racinchronization. Such a failure can occur in a situation where the devices were not used for a long time, discharged, lay without a case or failed. Determine that there has been a similus of Xiaomi headphones is possible according to the following signs:

  • The smartphone does not see an outrage;
  • There is no sound in one of the liners;
  • It is not possible to tie Xiaomi headphones to each other and synchronize them as usual;
  • The left and right liners are connected to the smartphone as separate devices;
  • the volume level differs;
  • playing the track is late;
  • Other reasons.

In all cases considered, you need to know how to conjure Xiaomi headphones among themselves, synchronize them and eliminate the malfunctions. To do this, you can use the scheme considered above, and in the absence of a result, go to error correction. How to do this correctly, consider below.

Why do not get together when connecting to the phone

Sometimes Airdots are synchronized individually, that is, they do not join one another, but work with a smartphone. The reason is that the left headphone “loses” the right, so the couple stops working together. What to do?

  • Reset the Bluetooth settings for Xiaomi Airdots. Start by turning off each headphone. On each, click the buttons (sensory or physical), until the indicators light up with red light.
  • Squeeze the buttons again, now for 30-50 seconds. First, the headphones turn on, white light will light up, then after 10-20 seconds you will see that the indicator glows red or white (2 times). Continue to hold the buttons, the indicator blinks a few more times and goes out for a few seconds. After that, he will flash twice and will reset headlines of headphones.
  • Remove the headphones from the case. The left will begin to look for the right one, synchronizes with it, and then Dots can be connected to the phone.

Another reason for “Susinchron” is the wrong procedure for connecting headphones to a smartphone. In this case, instead of the right “ear”, the first to the device is connected to the left, and begins to work in monorage. The right cannot be connected. To connect both Airdots, you will have to reset the settings and a new connection, as described in the instructions given above (see. “How to synchronize Xiaomi Airdots headphones”).

What to do if the headphones work separately

If the airdots are still not synchronized and connected to the phone in the form of independent devices, it is necessary to roll back to factory parameters. This is the most simple procedure.

  • We remove the liners from the container.
  • Clound the button (sensory or mechanical).
  • Hold it for 30-50 seconds. Indicators will be highlighted red and a double sound signal will sound.
  • We place them back in the case and after a few seconds we get. If the white indicator flashes only on one, then the discharge has helped, and synchronization was successful.
  • Connect Airdots to a smartphone. The phone will determine the gadget as one device and the melody will go from two channels.

What to do

Now we will deal with the main steps what to do if 1 headphone is not working wireless Xiaomi. Consider each of the stages of recovery in more detail.

Try to turn on the insert

A common cause of the problem is the banal shutdown of one outpatuity: erroneous or due to failures. If one Xiaomi Airdots 2 headphone does not work or another model for this reason, take the following steps:

  • Find the button on the insert that does not work. It can be standard, responding to pressing, or sensory. to touch.
  • Click on it and hold for at least five seconds.
  • Pay attention to the operation of the indicator and the sound signal.

In many cases, this path saves if one Xiaomi headphone does not work. In case of failure, try to do the same job one or more times. Press the button as an alternative and, without unclenching it, put the device in the case. Next, close and open the lid, and then wait for synchronization.

Make a reset

In many cases, if one Xiaomi headphone does not connect, it is necessary to discharge to factory settings. This helps in the case of resinchronization, when for any reason the second and first liner do not connect with each other. This situation can have many explanations, starting with improper connection to a temporary hardware failure.

In a situation where the second headphone of Xiaomi does not connect, use the universal instruction below.

  • Enter the Bluetooth section on the device where the headphones are connected.
  • Find them in the list and remove them from the list. Do this for all other devices on which the conjugation was performed.
  • Charge the headset if this has not yet been done.
  • Open the lid and take them out of boxing.
  • Press the buttons of two inserts at the same time and hold them for five seconds to turn off.
  • Press the keys again and hold them for a longer time. from 20 to 50 s depending on the model.
  • Wait for the blinking of indicators indicating the reset of settings. In different models, indication may vary.
  • Release the keys and return the device to the case.
  • Remove the headset from boxing and wait about 10 seconds until complete synchronization.
  • Enter Bluetooth on a smartphone / other device and connect.
  • Make sure the device works.

The considered method is good if one Xiaomi Airdots headphone stops working, while other options do not help. If the considered method does not fit, try to reset with devices inserted into the case. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be the same, but the buttons are pressed when the liners lie in the case. If the procedure has not worked the first time, try to do the work again.

Install the main liner

In the situation with Xiaomi Mi True Wireless, when one headphone does not work, try to assign the main outpatuity. This method sometimes helps when it is not possible to use the device in normal mode.

  • Pull the headset from the case.
  • Press the right “ear” twice. Make sure that the clicks are quick and short.
  • Wait until the synchronization is completed, then connect to the device. If this step did not give a result, try to perform the same manipulation for the second device.

Solve the issue with charging

If the left headphone of Xiaomi Airdots does not turn on, its discharge may be an explanation. To resolve the issue, try to do the following:

  • Put the devices in the case and connect them to the charger.
  • Inspect the quality of the contact connection. Perhaps the contact group is damaged or the film is located on it (relevant immediately after the purchase).
  • Replace the battery. On budget models, the power source itself often does not work.

Make repairs

If the Xiaomi Airdots 2, Mi Air 2S or another model stopped working, and nothing helps, we can conclude about the technical malfunction. In this case, try to make repairs yourself. If there is a guarantee, it is better to immediately contact a store for exchange or service center for repair work.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us which of the above methods helped you, and what other steps can help out when resolving the issue.

One Xiaomi headphone does not work: 3 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Redmi laptop 8PO, headphones on the laptop are connected without problems, either one or the other works on the phone, but the strangest thing is that when you call a voice assistant with 2 times, the sound goes from two headphones, then again from one, I broke my head again.

Where is the volume twist on the right naukh?He barely plays.

Try to remove a small round mesh on the headphone, which is located after removing the outrage

How to synchronize

One of the reasons why the headphones of Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 are not synchronized is the inability to perform this work. In practice, to solve the problem, it is necessary to take a few simple steps:

  • Charge the case up to 100%. Remember that after the purchase it is completely discharged, so the new Xiaomi headphones do not get together with each other. At the same time, buyers falsely believe that they were filled.
  • Make sure the inserts are in the charger case, close it and check the battery charge.
  • Open the case cover and take out one headphone, and leave the second in the case.
  • Pay attention to the blinking indicators of liners. After some time, the bulb on the second outpatcher should go out. This indicates successful synchronization.

In the future, Xiaomi headphones work separately or in pairs depending on preferences. In the first case, it is enough to put the left headphone in the case, and use only the right. If the devices are filled, with their use, difficulties may arise. If Xiaomi headphones do not see each other and do not get connected, there may be a hardware failure or technical malfunction. We will dwell in more detail on the consideration of such a issue.

What to do if you are filled

There are several explanations why the headphones of the Xiaomi Airdots or another model do not mate. This is not only a technical malfunction, so you should not immediately carry devices to the service center. The reason may be the failure and work of the second liner in individual mode. This feature is already built into the functionality of the headset and can be used at the request of the user.

Pairing Xiaomi AirDots, Connect Left and Right Earphone

But there are other reasons why Xiaomi wireless headphones are not synchronized among themselves. This can be explained as follows:

  • Temporary hardware failure.
  • Dynamics pollution.
  • Technical malfunction.
  • The discharge of one liner.
  • Incorrect connection.
  • Errors in the settings of a smartphone and t. D.

Understanding the problem why Xiaomi wireless headphones are not synchronized, allows you to make a decision on further steps and eliminate the malfunction. Consider the main stages of what to do if the keys are filled.

Make a complete reset

In a situation where the Xiaomi Air Dots left headphone or another model to the right is not connected, the reason may be a temporary settings failure. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to reset to factory. This method is most effective if the liners are filled and not connected in the usual mode.

  • Disconnect the headset from the phone. To do this, go to “Settings” on a mobile device and go to the Bluetooth section. Here in the list of conjugated devices, find Xiaomi headphones (for example, Mi Airdots), click on the gear near the name and select the item, untie or cancel the conjugation.
  • Turn off the power if Xiaomi headphones are not connected to each other. To do this, clamp the touch panels on two inserts until the red glow of the indicators. On average, it is enough to press the button for five seconds to turn off. Red indicators should light up.
  • Click on both inserts again for 30-50 s. First, the device will turn off, and a white light will begin to flash, and subsequently after 10-20 s indicators glow red-white and blink twice. All this time, hold your fingers on the buttons until they blink a few more times.

This method works well if Xiaomi wireless headphones do not work in pairs and are filled for any reason. As soon as the discharge is made, put both inserts in the case, and then get them again. At the same time, the left barrier begins to contact the right. As soon as this happened, you can connect to the smartphone.

  • Wait for liners synchronization.
  • Enter the Bluetooth smartphone, turn it on and wait for the appearance of the headset in the list.
  • If the phone sees the left and right headphone separately, connect only the right. As soon as the music starts to come out, click the power button on the left.

This method is suitable for cases if Xiaomi wireless headphones do not work together and are filled due to the disconnected second device. If this could not be done, try to once again perform the steps discussed above.

Follow the correct connection

In a situation where the second headphone does not connect for Xiaomi Airdots, and the devices were filled, it may be necessary to carry out the correct connection. Try to take the following steps:

  • Return both liners to the charging case.
  • Close the lid and make sure the device took the charge.
  • Get out only one liner.
  • Wait for the turnout shutdown, and then turn it off with a long press.
  • Squeeze the panel button and hold it until the indicator appears.
  • Take the same steps with the second liner.
  • Return the headset in place in the case.

Additional steps

In a situation where the devices are filled and not connected by Xiaomi Airdots headphones, the following steps may be required:

  • Pay attention to the state of the speaker and if there is garbage on it, do cleaning.
  • Put the device for charging. If Xiaomi headphones have ceased to synchronize, the cause may be the discharge of one device. To resolve the issue, put the liner in the case, make sure as a contact connection and wait for a full charge. This allows you to solve the issue if the liners are suddenly filled.
  • Check the smartphone settings. Make sure the music goes to the wireless headset, and not on the speaker.
  • Clean the Bluetooth cache. To do this, enter the “Settings” and “Applications”, then drive to Bluetooth (if there is such a folder) and clean the cache.

If the cause is a physical malfunction, the device can be attributed to the repair. At the same time, it is necessary to contact the service and explain that Xiaomi headphones are filled and not interconnected.

Now you know how to act correctly in case of problems with synchronization. Tell us what methods have helped if Mi True Wireless Earbuds or devices of another model are filled.