Where records are stored and how to find them

The exact location where the recorded calls are stored is the folder MIUI/sound_recorder/call_rec. Each file is recorded in the most common format mp3, the name will indicate from whom, at what time and what number the call was made. Even the duration of the call will be determined, in kilobytes.

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Find and listen to audio files possible in the built-in voice recorder. Go into the tools. recorder. my recordings. The upper line will show you the recorded conversations, laid out in chronological order.

You can also search in another way. On one of the screens there is an explorer, this is what we need, go in and select the internal memory of the device. The folder you are looking for will be in the full list of phone contents. Scroll down the list, folders are in alphabetical order. Everything that records the smartphone is stored there.

Recording technology

Depending on the needs of the smartphone, two types of recording can be distinguished: one-time recording and permanent recording.

One-time recording

To activate it, during a conversation you only need to click on the Record button, which is located at the bottom of the smartphone. After the end of the call, the recording will stop automatically and be saved in a specified folder.

Continuous recording

The smartphone also has a continuous recording function. For this you will need to make some settings:

  • Press Phone
  • At the bottom left, find three overlapping bars and click on them
  • This will bring up the Main Menu
  • Go to the Settings button
  • Next Recording Calls
  • turn on Record calls automatically.
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In this mode, the mobile device allows a person to do the following

And finally, on the device you need to set the mode about the execution of notifications, which will save the recording in the phone memory.

This feature is disabled by default. But at any time, as the smartphone receives a call or the user dials another subscriber, he can record the conversation, whether he has in his hands Xiaomi Mi5, Mi6, Redmi Note 6 Pro or Mi 8 Lite.

During a call, the "Record" icon appears at the bottom of the screen. When you press it, the entire conversation will be recorded and saved in the memory of the device. There you can also specify the amount of time of the dialog.

The first thing you need to go into the app Calls and open the dialer.

At the bottom of the screen, under the numeric buttons, you can see the Menu key, which should be pressed.

A menu of basic features will appear in which we click on Settings. The window that opens displays the main settings of the application Calls, among which will be a record of calls, where you want to activate the automatic recording. You can also configure the mode of displaying information about the recorded conversation or hide it.

The system of automatic recording of conversations in Xiaomi can operate in several modes:

  • Record all calls
  • Record calls with the selected contacts
  • Record only conversations with unknown contacts

How To Enable Automatic Call Recording In Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Recording calls in Xiaomi

MIUI shell in smartphones Xiaomi has a fairly extensive built-in functionality, which saves you from the numerous searches for necessary programs in the market. In this article we will talk about the built-in call recording feature. This option is available on all versions of MIUI shell. Let's look at the example of Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro function "call recording".

Unlike third-party solutions. built-in voice recorder records very good sound quality in mp3 format, no ECHO and other noise. This function can help a lot in everyday life by recording conversations that contain a lot of information, for further transfer of all data to paper or a notebook. It is possible that the recorded conversation may be evidence of some wrongdoing by a person.

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It is worth mentioning that in every country the laws on recording conversations are very different. Many countries prohibit or allow only partial recording of telephone conversations. In the Russian Federation recording of conversations is allowed, but with certain restrictions. For more information, let's turn to the Constitution (Article 23, part two):

Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other communications. This right may only be restricted by a court order.

In practice this means that you are allowed to record the conversation, but you are only allowed to listen to it, otherwise the disclosure or distribution of the recording amounts to a violation of the aforementioned article.

Recording calls through third-party applications

Despite the fact that each subsequent version of the firmware brings a lot of new features, after the update, some smartphones are unstable. This happens when the user ignores the preparatory stage.

It happens that on the phone Xiaomi Redmi 9 pre-installed application for making calls does not have an audio fixing function. This happens from time to time and depends on the specific firmware version. You can bypass this restriction by installing third-party software. For example, Call Rec software:

  • Open the Google Play app store.
  • Use the search box to find CallRec, and click "Install".
  • After installation launch the program and agree to the terms of use.
  • Go to "Recording Rules" and configure the options for recording phone conversations as you see fit.

After performing the above steps, all calls will automatically be recorded. At the end of the call, you only need to agree or refuse to save the call.

How to enable call recording on Xiaomi?

Why it's important to record Xiaomi conversations? There are many reasons why you can provide phone conversations as evidence. Recorded conversations on your phone can prove your innocence or the guilt of another person.

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You'll need phone records if:

  • Are receiving threats over the phone;
  • Calling employees of banks, collection agencies;
  • Calls with various offers of services and products are received.

To always have proof, it is recommended to turn on the smartphone function "conversation recording" in automatic mode.

The fact that the function is already built into many modern phones. But the manufacturer has thoughtfully disabled it in the settings. To fix it, you need to perform a number of simple steps.

Let's look at what you need to do to record calls on your Xiaomi smartphone. Let's specify right away that the instruction is designed for all models of this manufacturer without exception. There is no difference in the settings.

The shortest way to go to the recording settings, open "Calls" and in the lower left corner click on the "Menu" button, then select "Settings".

Select the "Call Recording Settings" "Record calls automatically" on the next menu.

When you activate "Record calls automatically," you'll have the choice of who to record conversations with:

The recording settings can be accessed through "Settings" "System Applications" "Calls.

How to record a phone call on Xiaomi and where to find call records

Xiaomi brand smartphones among the devices of many other manufacturers are rich functionality out of the box. MIUI shell provides the user with a variety of useful features. One of the quite sought after is recording phone conversations. How to set up and where to find call records can be found in this article.