How to enable screen recording in Windows 10

How to record video of what is happening on the monitor in Windows 10 without installing third-party programs. How to record video in any Windows 10 window

Recording what is happening on a computer or laptop screen in a video clip has long become commonplace and every day is gaining its relevance for an increasing number of users. Someone records games, someone makes video instructions for themselves or for others, and someone else comes up with other ideas that require the delight of what is happening on the monitor and then save into a film.

In general, NOT a suspension of the goal, the means for recording video from the screen are used alone. We will consider 2 options for recording on video everything that happens on a computer or laptop screen:

  • The first option will not require the installation of any programs and will provide the ability to record video, using only the built-in capabilities of Windows 10
  • And in the second case, we will use the installation of a convenient and, which is important, free program for capturing video from the screen.

Video recording from the monitor, without installing additional software, built-in Windows 10 function

The method is interesting first of all because you do not have to search and install anything, but it is not suitable for all purposes. The fact is that the built-in Windows 10 utility for capturing video, after starting recording, will only record the game or program in which the recording was started and does NOT know how to record just the desktop, Explorer, or other elements of Windows.

  • Remember that the built-in recorder will only work inside the game or program you want. In our example, we will be recording video work in Photoshop.
  • We launch the browser, or any other program that needs to be recorded on video, and press the Win G key combination (that is, hold down the “win” key, and, Do not release it, press the “G” key once)

After that, a small window will appear on the screen in which you need to check the box next to the entry “yes, this is a game”

  • As soon as we check the box, the window will disappear, and to call the video recording control panel, you will need to press the Win G key combination again (that is, hold down the “win” key, and, Do not release it, press the “G” key once “)
  • On the appeared control panel, all that remains is to press the round red button to start recording.
  • A mini-bar will be displayed on the right side of the screen, signaling the recording process and allowing you to instantly turn on / off the microphone or stop video recording. If this mini-bar gets in your way, you can hide it by pressing the arrow button. (The video will be recorded further)

    And to return the video recording panel from the Windows screen, press the Win G key combination again

    You can end the video recording by pressing the same red button, or simply close the game with the program or application in which the recording was conducted. The recorded video will be automatically saved in the video clips folder located at the “C drive” folder. The “users” folder is a folder with the “username”. Video folder. “Clips”.

    How to create a video clip of everything that happens on a computer or laptop monitor.

    The built-in video recording feature in Windows 10 is great for capturing videos in games or programs. However, when you need to record everything that happens on the monitor, desktop, switching between windows and / or running programs, games, and so on, you will need to install additional software.

    Best of all, Free Screen Video Recorder is suitable for capturing video from the screen. Download it HERE. (If the installation process causes any difficulties, you can refer to the detailed instructions for installing Free screen video recorder) After installation, launch Video Recorder and see a small window approximately in the middle of the screen

    The working window of the program is minimized in order to cover as little of the screen as possible, so that the user can freely navigate which window or which area he needs to select for video recording.

    This small panel has six main buttons, each of which speaks about its purpose if you hover over it.

    To start recording a video, click on one of the three case buttons. Here we are offered:

    • Video recording of everything that happens on the screen. “Recording video from the desktop”
    • Record video of what is happening in a specific window or program. “Recording video from the window”
    • And the ability to record everything that happens in a certain area of ​​the screen, which we will be asked to pre-select. “Recording video from the area”

    For example, we will select “Record video from area” and click the corresponding button on the Free Screen Video Recorder panel

    After that, we press the “Continue” button to use the program for free

    And highlighting the area needed for video recording, held down the left mouse button

    After you release the mouse button, the Selected part will be fixed as a window for recording video and a panel of main commands will appear below it, to start recording in which you need to click on the button in the form of a red circle.


    The frame around the recording area will blink to indicate that screen recording has begun. 2 buttons will appear under it. “Pause” stop video recording with the possibility of further continuation of the clip, and “stop”. end video recording.


    After clicking the stop button, the screen recording will be minimized, and the main Free Screen Video Recorder panel will reappear in front of us. In order to view the recorded video, click on the icon in the form of a lattice case

    And select the item “open video folder”


    As a result, the program will open a directory in which all the videos made in it are saved.

    How to record video on a laptop webcam: basic recommendations

    The webcam is usually only used for video conferencing. The product is designed to transfer images between users. The quality of the “picture” is considered to be of secondary importance, although modern models offer ample opportunities in this direction. The camera is also often used to shoot videos, which are then posted on the World Wide Web and sent to friends. How to quickly record video on laptop webcam? Let’s figure it out in more detail!

    Applications will be useful to the owners of video blogs.

    Windows features

    We are talking about the Windows Movie Maker utility built into the OS. Using this tool is quite simple, it has a user-friendly interface and several control buttons. To shoot a video on a laptop webcam, follow these steps:

    • Make sure the device is connected to the computer. Often, users have difficulties with turning on the camera built into a laptop. To do this, we recommend using a combination of Fn and one of the F1-F12 buttons;
    • Set the input volume to maximum, turn on the microphone;
    • Run the program for recording, then select the “Webcam Video” parameter in the “Home” menu item;
    • Select “Record” to start recording the image. To stop, click on “Stop”, then come up with a name for the file and the storage path.

    Interestingly, the utility allows you not only to save the footage, but also to change the content, add effects, crop and carry out a lot of other actions with the files. Just remember to save the updated file for the changes to take effect.

    Using Mac Tools

    If you use Apple products, you will NOT be able to use Movie Maker here. An alternative to this tool will be QuickTime, which has no less Outstanding abilities.

    Complete the following steps:

    • Start the program, select “Record new video” in the “File” item;
    • Adjust equipment. When changing the position of the camera, it will be displayed on the monitor;
    • To start image capture, click on the red button. It is logical that “Stop” will be used to stop.

    All that remains is to save a new file with your movie and enjoy watching. In addition, the utility allows you to instantly transfer the file to friends and acquaintances. To do this, just export the video to social networks, iMovie or iTunes.

    Third party utilities

    There are many tools that allow you to record movies from your laptop camera. One of them is Debut Video Capture. You can get it on the world wide web for free.

    From the menu (top of the screen) select “Device” to define the device. The program will detect the device, after which it will be possible to start shooting. The tool allows you to record a “picture” in popular formats, while adjusting the encoding parameters. With the help of Video Capture today you can convert an image from a camera to flv, avi, mp4, as well as mpg, wmv and 3gp modes.

    Before saving the file, it is recommended to adjust the contrast and brightness of the video to improve its quality. It is also possible to add text.

    Online programs

    Want to shoot video, but don’t want to install additional tools? Then you can use the online recording from the device’s webcam. It’s not difficult to do, you just need to go to the resource, register for free by creating an account, and start recording.

    On the left side of the menu is the “Record” key, which must be pressed to start recording. Using the online utility, you can record a video up to 10 minutes long. After finishing work on the project, come up with a name for the video and share it with the world.It is also possible to use the mov, mp4 or flv formats.

    There are many ways to record video from a webcam, there are third-party programs and programs built into the OS. If you have no desire to install additional applications, use the online shooting.

    How to record a video from a laptop webcam, then post it on YouTube.

    I have already tried different programs for recording video from a webcam: Virtual Dub, MyCam and others. My video and sound are out of sync! The sound lags behind the video 🙁 At the same time, for some time after the start of the video recording, the voice on the video begins to distort! As if breathing helium. Straight lines are so strong, but it looks a little: (How do you record video from a webcam? What program PS I am not good at computer technology, no one understands the environment either. I can’t register on computer sites! Help kind people! I really need to! 🙂

    Damn, well, really no one records video from a webcam? 🙁

    There is a video recording button in the program for the webcam, actually.

    So there seems to be an opportunity to record via youtube without third-party programs.

    When you add a video. Another window appears there. Allow access to camera, microphone.

    There is a video recording button in the program for the webcam, actually.

    I have this program, since my PC broke down, I changed the hard drive, reinstalled the system and therefore this program was erased, apparently.

    So there seems to be an opportunity to record via youtube without extraneous programs.

    When you add a video. Another window appears there. Allow access to camera, microphone.

    ABOUT! What information is needed! Thank you, I’ll try this. I hope the sound will not slow down.

    There is a video recording button in the program for the webcam, actually.

    I have this program, since my PC broke down, I changed the hard drive, reinstalled the system and therefore this program was erased, apparently.

    Well, you can download it from the Internet if the brand of your computer is NOT erased. There are brains for this, but for recording your video and showing the whole world there is.

    I want to write it down but I don’t know how. Help me urgently.

    I DO NOT download the program and what to do now?

    Damn, well, really no one records video from a webcam? : ([/ Quot

    It’s unfortunate, I don’t even know how ((((

    I have already tried different programs for recording video from a webcam: Virtual Dub, MyCam and others. My video and sound are out of sync! Sound lags behind the video 🙁 However, for some time after the start of video playback, video voice begins to distort as if breathed helium direct so much, but it seems a bit:. (How do you record video with the webcam With what program? PS I am not good at computer technology, no one from the environment understands either. On computer sites I just can’t Register Help good people! Very much needed! 🙂

    Yes, there is a button and that’s it

    Help write I really need

    Tell me where this button will be found

    Please tell me where is this button, I just want to shoot a video, but I don’t know how a simple camera is there, the phone’s broken, the wire was rubbed

    If you want to put it on YouTube, then you don’t have to be smart! On the site itself, in the “add video” section there is a “button”. Recording from a WEB-camera!

    The easiest and fastest way. Use a standard Windows tool. Windows Movie Maker. On Windows Vista / 7, this is Movie Maker Live. Select File Record in the program and select the webcam to capture

    And I don’t have Windows Movie Maker Live on the seven

    Of course, there is a button, but when you press it after clicking on, allow, only the clock ticks, and not the images NOT sound, and then there are buttons to download. And how is it then?

    I have always liked the iSpy program for recording ( In principle, everything is simple and free, and you can also implement “complex” video surveillance

    You guys are not a single normal answer blah blah about anything. Goonies!

    I am trying to record from a WEB-camera on YouTube. The recording takes place, but no sound. Why is there no sound recording? Help please

    Well, you can download it from the Internet if the brand of your computer is NOT erased. There is a brain for this, but for recording your video and showing the whole world there is.

    The best software for recording video from a webcam

    The main purpose of the webcam. shoot video for sending over the Internet. But the program for recording video from a WEB-camera expands the capabilities of a simple device. with it you can create videos for Youtube or Keep track of the house in your absence. The webcam usually does NOT record footage on its own, allowing only still images to be saved.

    The software for recording a video stream in real time has a simple interface. Applications differ in a set of formats for saving the result, functions for adding a title, and the presence of automatic uploading of a file to social networks. The ability to record a stream from a WEB camera to a computer is included in popular video editors, allowing you to immediately crop the footage or adjust the sound.

    Programs for saving the stream from video surveillance devices are allocated into a separate group. They know how to automatically start working on a signal from motion sensors or when the noise level increases, they allow you to rotate the webcam.

    Connecting the webcam to a computer

    Before recording video from a WEB-camera, you need to properly connect and turn it on. First, fix the device to the monitor floor using the special clamps or place it on the leg. Next, let’s figure out how to connect a WEB-camera to a computer.

    Insert the main USB cable from the device into an available USB port on your computer. If your webcams have an auxiliary power cord, plug it into a power outlet. Some devices have a built-in microphone. you will see a mini-jack 3.5 cable, put its plug into the PC audio input connector (it usually has a pink border).

    Then you need to install the drivers, which will allow you to correctly transfer the video signal to the computer. They are often already present in the operating system database. then after a couple of minutes you will see a pop-up message in the right corner that the new device has been successfully connected. If the message does NOT appear, load the settings manually.

    How to install drivers on a WEB-camera on a computer: insert the disc that came with the kit, the process of unpacking the contents will automatically start. If the disc is missing or damaged, find the drivers on the manufacturer’s website by the full name of the device.

    The exact information on how to properly enable the WEB-camera on the computer and how to set up web access is given in the user manual. A special application is usually installed along with the drivers, where you can set the parameters:

    • Brightness;
    • Tons;
    • Contrast;
    • Sharpness;
    • Saturation;
    • Picture quality;
    • Sound volume.

    Depending on the model, illumination adjustment, imposition of effects on the image floor, rotation control are available.

    At the end of the process, you need to test the operation of the equipment. How to quickly check a WEB-camera on a computer? If you have Skype installed, open the Video Settings item in the Tools menu. If you see your image instead of a black rectangle, the webcam is working fine. To make a test call. select Echo from your contact list, click Video Call.

    Or use the WebcamMic test service: It checks the operation of the device online, without downloading additional applications.

    Frequent webcam errors

    If an error occurs in the process and there is no picture or sound. what to do in this case? When the built-in WEB-camera on a laptop or a separate one on a computer does not work, first test the operation of the PC:

    • Reboot your computer;
    • Insert the camera wire into another USB port.

    If the computer still does not see the WEB-camera, check the drivers. Go to the “Device Manager” (through the properties of “My Computer”), find the webcam in the list. If it is missing. in the Action menu, start the configuration update. Right-click on the found device, in the menu click “Update driver”. After the installation is complete, restart your computer.

    If the image from the video device is missing only in one application. in the program settings, select your device by name as a video source.

    Video recording software

    Windows Film Studio

    Select “Webcam Video” from the menu bar. A new window will appear with buttons to start and stop shooting. If the device is not found in automatic web mode, select it manually.

    record, video, webcam

    The recorded WMV file is saved in the My Videos folder. The footage can be edited immediately. crop, overlay text or effects.


    AlterCam is able to record images from a WEB-camera. The software can upload filming to Youtube, allows you to select video and audio codec, add effects during the broadcast of the image floor (blur, transfer to black and white, etc.), Can change the voice.

    After installing AlterCam, a virtual camera will appear in the system. Save the selected set of effects and select the virtual device in other applications, replacing the stream from the real webcam. To start capturing an image, click in the Record panel. The bottom line will display the duration of the video.

    After stopping the process, you will see the history. list of captured files. In the video viewer, you can view the finished video, delete Unnecessary, Upload the video to Youtube. The free version has a limited list of features, the image floor hosts the AlterCam watermark.


    A small free video editor: http://virtualdub.Sourceforge.Net/. Virtualdub can cut, glue, transcode and Compress video, replace the audio sequence. Captures and records a video stream from a webcam.

    Download VirtualDub from the link from the project site, choosing the version for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Unpack the archive and open the utility, you do not need to install it. To start recording your video from the laptop’s WEB-camera, in the “File” menu, click “Capture AVI”. You can select the desired device in the “Device” menu. The result is saved in AVI format with sound and is immediately available for editing.


    Program WebcamMax for a computer has a rich library of effects, there are about 1500 of them. Various masks, backgrounds, distortions, filters can be applied directly during shooting. Also WebcamMax creates a virtual device, redirects the changed image to other video call services. You can select a webcam as a signal source or launch a media file.

    The recording start and stop buttons are located right below the main picture. The created video can be uploaded directly to Youtube and social network. In the free version, the video footage floor is placed with a WebcamMax watermark, loading new effects from the site is not available.

    Tracking software

    The webcam can be used Not only for video calls, but also for security. Watch out for a child left with a nanny, a car in the parking lot or your own apartment, when going on vacation. all this can be done by a video surveillance program. The stream from the portable video camera will be stored continuously or turned on only by a signal from a motion or noise sensor, which will save disk space. The recorded video can be sent to the server or accompanied by a message by e-mail or SMS.

    Please note that you can install video surveillance only in your personal home or office, with prior notification of everyone who may get into the frame. Covert shooting or Difficult in someone else’s room. illegal actions.

    However, you can also be spied on the webcam by gaining remote access to your computer. Therefore, DO NOT download files from suspicious resources without opening email attachments from unknown recipients. disguised as a free antivirus, you can download a utility that will open the fraudster access to the video stream from your camera.


    The program for professional and home video surveillance through a WEB-camera Ivideon allows you to save files in the cloud or a local archive. Consists of a server and a client. You download the server part from the official website and install it on your computer (supported by Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). We set the settings for monitoring. continuous shooting or triggering on a signal from motion and sound sensors. You can connect to viewing through the client part on a computer, in a browser or in an application for smartphones.

    The free Ivideon tariff assumes access to the stream from one webcam, viewing by two users, short excerpts are saved to the cloud. first 10 sec. After motion registration.


    WebcamXP utility a program that registers what is happening in the room. The free version only streams from one camera and adds its own logo over the picture. In the video surveillance settings: switching on according to a specified schedule, saving the entire video or frames at certain intervals. You can connect to webcasting from your video device via the Internet, with password protection.

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