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Bandicam 11/12/2020

Try Bandicam and capturing any video from your computer screen.

Bandicam. is a handy free screen recorder for Windows that allows you to capture any part of the screen as a screenshot or video file. You can record lectures, webinars, games and Skype calls, add audio from your microphone and video from your webcam, and upload finished videos to YouTube or. To record your computer screen, select the Screen Recording Mode in Bandicam.

Customer Reviews

Bandicam. is a simple and handy screen recorder. I really like her and I hope you will benefit from her too.

Hello everybody! I use this screen recorder and it is very good for free software: there are no viruses, there are problems with screen recording, and it is easy to use.

I think this is the best screen recorder. It allows you to take pictures and record video from the screen WITHOUT delay. The program allows you to record voice, and you can also record only a part of the screen that needs to be shown, or the entire screen!

Effective system monitoring requires the right tool. Bandicam is just right for this. The program allows you to record everything that happens on the screen. It can capture all the actions that took place on your screen when you were at the computer or anywhere else. It can be used to monitor your computer, as well as record video tutorials, games, etc.

Bandicam functions. Free Screen Recorder

These Bandicam features will help you achieve the best results

Site selection and recording

Select the area of ​​the screen that you want to record, and you can immediately start recording.

Drawing in real time

Draw and highlight elements in a screenshot or video in real time.

Adding a webcam image

I will add the image from my webcam into a video that I record.

Adding a voice

Add your voice to the video that I’m recording.

Adding a logo

Add your logo to the video so everyone knows who created it.

Mouse effects

Add effects and animations for Mouse Clicks while recording.

Video Review of Screen Recording with Bandicam

The screen recording mode can be used to record SEPARATE areas of the computer screen. This mode is suitable, for example, for flash games, streaming Internet videos and various programs in Windows.

Screenshots at Bandicam. Free Screen Recorder

Click on images to open screenshots of Bandicam

Webcam video recording. what programs to use?

Working with multimedia content on modern laptops and desktops is hard to imagine without devices such as webcams. Whether external or embedded, they usually serve for direct video communication between users. However, these same cameras can be used to create presentations, training courses, and other digital products. In such cases, video processing is required and for this it must first be removed and saved to the media.

Recording webcam videos is not that difficult. For such purposes, software developers have created many applications, from simple and free, to professional commercial ones with a lot of additional functions. over, in Windows 10 itself, or rather, in its standard Camera application, there is already a function to capture a video stream from a webcam. It does its job perfectly well, but in this review we pay attention to third-party tools.


A simple and convenient program for recording video from a webcam and desktop with the ability to use various visual effects. The application supports broadcasting desktop content through a webcam in real time, pre-recorded or arbitrary video, adding images and text to a video stream, taking pictures with a webcam, integration with such popular instant messengers as Skype.

There is even a special option for changing the voice in AlterCam, however, in order to use it, you will have to install the special driver supplied with the program. As for recording video from a webcam in the program, everything is simple. select your camera in the list, if AlterCam did NOT do it automatically, and click the “Record” button. Pressing the same button again stops the delight of the video stream and opens the folder containing the recorded video.

Super Webcam Recorder

Unlike the previous tool, Super Webcam Recorder is more utilitarian. It has “entertainment” functions, and is strictly intended for capturing webcam videos and taking photos. The application is extremely easy to use. To start recording, you must click on the toolbar button “Record” to stop and save. the “Stop” button. Disconnect button disconnects the webcam, making recording impossible.

The program has a task scheduler, a module for imposing “water” marks and a simple file manager that allows you to quickly access the recorded content. In the application settings, the user can select the format (AVI and WMV), frame rate, codec and compression method.

Active WebCam

If you’re looking for a more functional webcam recording tool in Windows 10, check out Active WebCam. a powerful professional program that allows you to work with different video devices, from ordinary webcams and ending with remote surveillance cameras. The main purpose of this software is to organize direct video surveillance, but the program can just as well be used to record video from webcams.

The list of functions supported by the application includes broadcasting video on the Internet, fine-tuning recording parameters, motion detection, providing users with IP addresses to connect to the broadcast, creating web pages for access using the HTTP Server, FTP Upload and Copy Images protocols. To record video from a webcam using this program, you must first add your camera to the list of devices in the File menu, and then click the Record button on the toolbar. By default, the program saves the captured video to the folder of the same name in the profile directory “Video”.


Another popular program that allows you to record video from a webcam. Manycam has a simple interface, support for working with different messengers and the ability to apply a variety of visual effects. In addition to a webcam, video sources in ManyCam can be a desktop, an IP camera, a video file opened in the player, a PTMP server, a web page and video from YouTube. The application implements adding text, date, animated and static images to the video stream, as well as changing the background, including using a chroma key.

Additional features of the program include face recognition and quick screenshots. Initially, ManyCam works in broadcast mode, that is, it displays the image from the webcam in its window. To start recording, you need to click the camera button on the toolbar. In the application settings, you can select the format, resolution, encoder and target directory for saving the recording.

Webcam Surveyor

When looking for a program for recording video from a webcam, and do not also pass by the attention and Webcam Surveyor. lightweight and at the same time functional tool for working with video capture devices. Unlike ManyCam and similar utilities, Webcam Surveyor does not contain visual effects, since its main task is to save the video stream from the webcam to a file and organize video surveillance. Among the declared capabilities also appear motion detection, broadcasting a video stream from a webcam to the Internet, creating pictures in JPEG, PNG and BMP formats with a specified interval, sending a notification by mail (when using Motion Detective), hidden operation mode and password protection of the program.

You can enable / disable recording by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar, however, before starting recording, it is advisable to configure the streaming settings, otherwise the recorded video may be of low quality or you will get a black screen instead of video.


So, we took a quick look at how to record webcam video in Windows 10 using the five most popular programs. There are other applications that can capture a video stream from devices, however, in our opinion, they are less convenient in everyday work. In any case, you can test several utilities and choose the best option for yourself that suits your needs.

Best Screen Webcam Video Recorder and Audio for Windows / Mac

Yes, you can record streaming videos without downloading from Twitch decent sites for free. There are many open source screen recording software you can try. However, if you want to get a good screen recording with audio and webcam, It is not an easy job. You are lucky to find this post. Here is the best webcam screen recording for YouTubers, gamers and other professionals. No technical known required.

To get started, here are some tips for recording your screen with Facecam. As a result, you can create a professional looking webcam video.

  • 1. Enough light
  • You can go back facing the window to light your face instead of the webcam.
  • 2. Right position of the webcam
  • You Should Pay Attention To The Webcam For Interactions.
  • 3. Clean background
  • You’d better record your screen in a clean and quiet place.

Now it’s time to record screen with Facecam and audio on your Windows or Mac computer. Just do as the following paragraphs say.

Fonelab Screen Recorder

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

Best Way to Record Screen Video with Webcam on Windows

Fonelab Screen Recorder It is not only screen recording software but also Facecam recorders and audio recorder. You can simultaneously record video from your desktop and from your webcam, as well as system sound and your voice. Every Windows computer has a built-in webcam. If you want to record video to your screen using an external webcam, that’s fine too. In addition, FoneLab supports all connected webcams and microphones.

Main Features of Windows Screen Recorder with Webcam

  • Record gameplay, movies, tutorials, Skype calls, TV shows and other live broadcasts without delays.
  • Capture system sound, online audio and microphone voice at the same time.
  • Take a screenshot in full screen or custom size.
  • Set hotkeys to start, pause, resume and stop recording, close the webcam, etc.
  • Edit video recording or snapshot with text, line, arrow, rectangle and other marks.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 / 8.2 / 8/7 / Vista / XP.

Fonelab Screen Recorder

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

How to Record Gameplay and Facecam Simultaneously on Windows 10/8/7

Launch Windows Webcam Recorder

Download, install and run your webcam recorder in Windows. Then select VCR Mode.

Select a webcam camera

Include Show, Webcam, Sound System and Microphone Based on your needs. As for screen recording with Facecam, you need to select the target webcam from its down arrow.

Adjust screen recording settings (optional)

You can set task schedule, timer and other parameters before recording. Click settings near the top right corner. If you want to change the video, audio or snapshot format, you can find the Result section. You can manually adjust video quality, frame rate, video codecs and other parameters. Later select OK to save your changes.

Start recording webcam video

Then press REC to record screen with Facecam and audio. You can Pause and resume recording without time limit. You can also click the Snapshot icon while recording.

Save or share recording file

When Facecam recording process ends, you can preview all videos. Then choose the next discount next to export the video file. Also, you can directly share your webcam video to YouTube and other social media.

Fonelab VS Game Bar

For Windows 10 users, you can record screen videos using Game Bar. However, some games block the Game DVR function. Only in windowed mode, you can record game video on Windows 10 using Game Bar. To get around the disadvantages of Game Bar, you can record screen video with your webcam via FoneLab on all Windows operating systems.

Ultimate Method to Record Screen and Self at the Same Time on Mac

Mac FoneLab Screen Recorder allows users to record all screen activity with or without a webcam. The webcam recording screen can record all streaming video and audio simultaneously without loss of quality. This is also supported if you only want to record webcam video. In short, you can easily manage all your screen recording settings with FoneLab for Mac.

Basic webcam functions and screen recorder for Mac

  • Record webcam video and adjust its position inside the screen recording window.
  • Set hotkeys to start and stop webcam recording.
  • Record mouse clicks, include a countdown, and control other webcam recording settings.
  • Webcam and Screen Recorder software works with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.
  • Offer a secure, clean and easy-to-use interface.

Fonelab Screen Recorder

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

How to Record Your Face and Computer Screen Simultaneously on Mac

Launch Webcam Screen Recorder for Mac

Prepare to Record Webcam on Mac

Enable built-in or external webcam first. Select Position from its dropdown menu. Later you can manually change the position and size of the webcam window.

Manage webcam recording settings (optional)

Select the Gear Settings icon at the top right corner of your interface. You can adjust mouse action, bit rate, sample rate and other parameters.

Record webcam video

The moment you click the REC icon, the webcam screen recorder will instantly capture your screen. You can choose Stop whenever you want. To find your webcam recording, you can Media Library.

Fonelab VS QuickTime Player

You cannot simultaneously record screen with Facecam using QuickTime Player. This is the main drawback of the default Mac screen recorder software. Also, you cannot edit video while recording video with QuickTime Player.

It is true that you can use Bandicam, screen-o-matic and other online and offline screen recorders. But if you want a lightweight and powerful webcam and video recorder, FoneLab will always be your first and last choice.

Fonelab Screen Recorder

Fonelab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

Webcam recording software

Security systems for a private home or office have always been relevant. But not so long ago, an intercom with the possibility of video-photo fixation was considered a novelty and the latest technology. Now, home security systems in the form of a video door peephole have gained popularity and are becoming more widespread. The modern system is equipped with its own monitor and has the ability to record from a video surveillance camera to a memory card, turning it into a web camera. But the recorded video can not only be saved to the hard disk, but also improved. To do this, you need programs for recording and processing footage. Let’s talk about some of them.

A little about surveillance systems

Now digital technologies can independently identify the source of danger, give an alarm signal to either the landlord or the operator of the security system. All alarm video signals are transmitted to a computer, where they are recorded in a special data storage.

There are many programs for video monitoring systems, but we, within the framework of this review, will tell only about a few of them. Let’s start with the EyeCU program.

Eyecu Professional V.2.2

Despite the fact that the program is English, you can use it to set up home video surveillance. All you need is a computer and a regular web camera.

Although the program has a spartan interface, its capabilities are very good:

  • Sending captured video to a remote server.
  • Automatic recording of the work schedule in the log file with the choice of the data storage folder.
  • Implementing the ability to record on a schedule.
  • When the motion sensor is triggered, video recording together with sound.
  • Start recording when motion or sound detectors are triggered (no signal zoning).
  • Notifying the owner of the house when an intrusion is detected In several ways: playing selected music, sending an e-mail to a postal e-mail or sending it to a pager.
  • Time control of the control area with automatic image saving.
  • Ability to preset brightness, contrast, color in the settings menu.

The application works in all versions of Windows and leaves a good impression with its capabilities. Can support up to 10 webcams. But there are also disadvantages:

  • There is no way to set the boundaries of the video surveillance zone.
  • No program lock with a password.

Video Editor by Movavi

The program is specially designed to intercept video from a web camera. There are several modes:

  • Recording everything that happens on the screen;
  • Selected area recording;
  • Interception of streaming video;
  • Screenshot mode.

How the utility works

From the list on the right, Selecting the “Capture Video” item on the “Import” tab, go to the recording mode from the web camera.

First you need to set up a few settings:

  • In order for the video to be recorded with sound, it is necessary to check how correctly the program has detected the devices for capturing video and sound. From the drop-down list, you must specify the device that will be used.
  • Specify the drive and folder where the footage will be stored. By default, this is the system folder of the program itself on the C drive.

Actually, now everything is ready for video capture. It remains to click the Start Capture button to start recording. The footage can be left unchanged or corrected in the video editor. The recorded video will go directly to the editing window.

The possibilities of the program are wide:

  • You can make transitions between Separate fragments;
  • Overlay background music track;
  • Add your own credits, etc.

After the editor, the video can be saved. If you wish, the footage can be transcoded into a file for mobile devices or into a format for viewing on a computer. You only need to select the expected format of the future video from the drop-down list, depending on whether the file will be available for the Internet or will remain on the hard drive.

The program is very simple and straightforward. Supports 12 languages. You can switch from the Russian interface to English. But I must add that this utility is paid. After downloading from the Internet, it is possible to test the program for seven days for free, but watermarks will be superimposed on the entire captured video during the test mode.

The creators of the program have prepared in advance not only the Windows version, but also the version for Mac platforms.

Recording from a webcam is now necessary for almost every user, and even more important for the owner of the security system of his home. Therefore, on the Internet, you can pick up free versions of such programs. For example Altarsoft Video Capture.

Altarsoft Video Capture

The utility, despite its small size, the installation file of which “weighs” only 934 KB, except for capturing video from webcams, it can record everything that happens on the monitor.

Before recording on the “Output” tab, you must specify in which of the formats. AVI, ASF or WMV. the recorded fragment will be saved, as well as the path to this video file.

If you only need an audio track, then it can be saved in the mp3 or wav extensions. In the process of audio recording, there is also the possibility of pause.

On the “Codecs” tab, you can set the parameters of the compression codecs of the output video file and the parameters of the recorded audio track. At the first launch, the program is configured to save the recording of preset formats with compression. If the capabilities of the hard disk allow, then you can uncheck this item.

On the “Device” tab, you need to select the equipment installed on the computer for recording video and audio.

There is a separate panel where you can set parameters such as:

  • Brightness;
  • Contrast
  • Color gamut and saturation.

There is a video editor with the ability to add accompanying text or insert a logo. The resulting picture can be cropped, rotated to an arbitrary angle or scaled.

There is a Pause button in the Control panel. If you press it, the recording will stop, and the Unwanted fragment will NOT be recorded.

Capture parameters are set on the “Screen” tab.

Despite its small size, the program can record streaming video from the Internet. To do this, insert a link to the page or the path to the video file on your hard drive into the appropriate window, which is located on the “Recode” tab. While recording video from the Internet, you can pause it and take screenshots, which will be saved in bmp or jpg extensions.

The program for continuous recording from the webcam is completely free and supports multiple languages. In addition to English and Chinese, there is a Russian-language interface, which is set by default.

Intercom will record video

In modern security systems equipped with a video intercom, it is possible to record in a photo or video mode of visiting a visitor’s home or office. Now a video intercom with a recording and a motion sensor is a necessary element of the security system. Mostly such systems are in demand in private houses, but it will also be useful for the office owner to know who visits him and at what time.

Of course, over time, the video archive fills up, and, from time to time, unnecessary recorded files on video intercoms need to be deleted. If possible, you can find the place in the device where the video files are stored. It’s very simple. Each day, recordings are saved in a separate folder. All that remains is to filter records and delete unnecessary obsolete data.

In modern models, when the memory card is full, new data is overwritten by default. This speeds up the process of filtering data. If the function of deleting the archive records of the doorphone by the storage period in the cloud is configured, they are also deleted automatically. You can completely erase the data during the visit if you resort to the complete formatting of the drive of the DVR’s drive. But if the house is connected to the security system, backups can remain in the data centers of the security company.

record, video

So, based on the above examples, you can understand what criteria you need to select software in order to organize a recording from any webcam. A properly selected program will allow you to reveal all the possibilities of digital video surveillance.

TOP 10 programs for recording video from a webcam

Video recording software falls into two categories: for recording from a monitor screen and for recording from a webcam. Our list of programs for recording video from a webcam is different in that here you will find tools for both recording video to a file and for broadcasting it on the Internet.

As a rule, free video recording programs such as MyCam, WebcamXP, ContaCam and others have a convenient Russian-language interface and immediately after installation allow you to record video from a webcam. They have a flexible system of settings and save footage in several popular formats.

Paid camera software such as Active WebCam, Super Webcam Recorder and WebcamMax allow you to shoot and edit content at the same time. They have more opportunities. They allow you to broadcast video to the Internet, automatically upload pictures taken from the camera to web pages, and use video overlay effects. Often such programs include the functions of a professional video editor.

Also pay attention to video surveillance systems separately. Special programs, for example, Axxon Next, are designed for video surveillance and allow you to record all events occurring in a certain area on the record. The functionality of such programs often includes motion detection, and recording only when the picture on the video changes. You can also schedule the recording to start automatically.

Live WebCam. This is a multifunctional program that allows you to take photos and videos from a webcam, spy on users who use it, and also manage the resulting material. One of the main advantages of this software is the ability to automatically compare the taken and the previous images, which makes it possible to exclude the same frames from entering the archive. Also, the comparison module is designed in such a way as to compensate for the “noise” of the webcam in low light.

Supports Russian. Updated regularly. Allows you to automatically record video and capture images from the installed webcam. Tracks duplicate snapshots to save space on your computer.

Virtualdub. Free video editor with the function of shooting video from a webcam. The program allows you to record video from a webcam, edit video in AVI format. The software does not require installation and allows you to apply various filters to the video, cut it into fragments, Scale, change the frame rate and bit rate, replace audio tracks, adjust brightness and contrast, etc.

Allows you to distribute work between Several computers in the network. Supports batch file processing function. Works with Multiple Audio Tracks. Allows you to work with files weighing more than 2 GB. Shoots from a webcam and allows you to edit the footage: cutting and gluing fragments and sound using selected key frames, splitting video and sound.

Can only save video in AVI or MPEG-1 format.

Mycam. A free program that is designed to take screenshots and record video from a webcam. The finished pictures can be saved in JPEG, BMP format, and video in MJPEG / MP3 and AVI formats. The program does not require any special configuration and does NOT require installation. All brands of webcams are supported.

Allows you to record video from your webcam. Supports taking screenshots of the desktop and selection area. There is a preview of video files and graphic images. Shooting is performed in JPG / PNG. There is support for delayed shooting. Photo processing is performed using various filters and special effects.

Leaves watermarks on images. Removal is paid. Russian language sun.

Webcamxp. The most popular utility for webcams, with which you can arrange video shooting from a professional camera, smartphone and even a phone camera. The program is addressed to individuals and companies who do not want to invest large sums in complex video surveillance systems. Using the WebcamXP program and almost any web or network IP camera, you can broadcast video directly to the site, change its frequency, adjust sounds and picture quality.

Works with all camera models and all Windows versions. Allows you to shoot high-quality video from the camera, save it or immediately broadcast it to the site. There are settings for audio and video compression filters for recording. There is a built-in chat for communication.

It is necessary to configure the program for a specific camera model.

Contacam. A free program that allows you to organize your video surveillance system and carry out video broadcasts from several cameras at the same time. The program supports almost all modern camera models. Of the many functions of the application, one should first of all highlight the presence of a motion detector, multiple windows, sound recording, video logging for creating video reports. The program has a built-in web server, which allows you to organize remote access from anywhere on the Earth to the camera, upload the captured video to an FTP server or send it by mail.

Supports DV, WDM, VFW devices and network cameras. Automatically turn on the camera and record when the application starts. 24-hour video recording. Implementing captured events as animation. Sound recording in video surveillance mode. Uploading Videos to the Internet.

IP Camera Viewer. a program that provides the ability to carry out video monitoring. Installed it, you can view the “live” picture received from various models of IP cameras and USB web cameras. The footage can be saved in various formats to disk or removable media.

Support for a large number of camera models. There are several options for starting a recording. There are many functions that allow you to correct the display of images from cameras. Can save videos in several popular formats.

Active WebCam. A paid program that allows you to receive video images from devices such as webcams, network cameras, digital or analog cameras, which are identified by the Windows system. One of the main functions of the program is the organization of broadcasting images on the Internet, which can be implemented as launching your own HTTP server, uploading files to FTP, or broadcasting via the web.

Works with various types of cameras. Has a quick reaction to a number of actions taking place in front of the lens. Production of broadcast video MPEG 4 and audio MP3 (frequency. Up to 30 frames per second). Supports simultaneous work with multiple cameras. It is possible to superimpose SEPARATE elements on the video (date, time, text, etc.). Password protect video.

High system requirements. Complex interface. Paid.

Screen video recording

Super Webcam Recorder. A paid program designed to capture video that is broadcast through a webcam with the subsequent saving of materials on a PC, removable disk in WMV and AVI formats. over, the utility takes screenshots of the camera image at a certain time interval, as specified by the user. The program also has preset presets, which allow you to choose the optimal quality of the saved picture.

Easy to set up. Stable in operation. There are hotkeys. There is an integrated task scheduler. There is a function of sending video to mail or cloud. Allows you to configure settings for video shooting.

Sun of the Russian language. Expensive license.

Webcammax. This is a shareware program that allows you to shoot video from a webcam and add all kinds of graphic elements to the image, such as animal masks, faces of famous personalities, harmless decorations like flowers, and also allows you to use color filters.

Allows you to record videos from your webcam. Supports video streaming in multiple applications simultaneously. There is a function of automatic broadcasting of video when fixing movements with the camera lens. Effects base contains 1000 elements.

Paid license. Russian language Not set by default.

Axxon Next. a paid program designed to organize video surveillance. Supports more than 9900 names of IP-devices, including more than 3 thousand models of network devices, integrated using a proprietary protocol. Allows you to work remotely via a mobile device and PC. The program is easy to use, has a simple Russian-language interface and allows you to shoot what is happening on various scales.

Has a wide range of functions. Easy to learn, has a hint system. There is a Russian-language menu. Compatible with all camcorder models. Compatible with all Windows assemblies. Has an active support service. Supports remote control.

Free version works for 30 days.

Thus, having familiarized yourself with the set of programs for recording video, you can decide which of the presented you need to install on your computer. However, we recommend you pay attention to such as Live WebCam, VirtualDub, IP Camera Viewer. These are free programs that have a flexible system of settings, have the most complete toolkit for controlling shooting and shooting quality. Such a program can be used to shoot and edit videos for popular YouTube channels or organize home video surveillance.