Screen Camera

A small application “Screen Camera” in Russian is available in a demo version and three paid versions.

record, video, web-camera, sound

Captures the actions taking place on the monitor, in any programs, games. The effects library has screensavers, templates, melodies.

The finished material is exported in 30 formats, including mp4, avi. Recorded on dvd, broadcasted on youtube,. yandex video.

Disadvantage. all functions are available only in paid versions.

Altarsoft Video Capture

The free Altarsoft program is available in Russian and is used to create video presentations. Suitable for Windows 7, 8, xp. The result is saved in the formats wmv, avi, asf.

  • screen;
  • webcams;
  • collections of drawings;
  • files. from the device;
  • internet streams. insert link.
  • capture is performed from the screen, separate windows;
  • adjustment of contrast, saturation, brightness, chromaticity;
  • saving audio stream in wav, mp3 format;
  • the ability to skip some frames;
  • taking screenshots.
  • there is no editing function, audio track overlay, cursor effects;
  • when working on xp gives errors;
  • extra programs are loaded during installation.

Mirillis action

With Mirillis Action, you can record a game, screen, part of it.

The capture is carried out from media players. Avi, mp4 are used for saving. The choice of resolution, for example, if it was originally 720 p, it is better to leave this indicator in the settings. The frame rate is indicated, the start of shooting, pauses, the quality is set.

The advantage is the Russian-language clear interface, recording directly on youtube, in. Disadvantage. you have to pay for use.


The function of instant video capture is available in VirtualDub. The file can be more than 2 GB.

The program has built-in kodaks, filters, tools for cropping, gluing, converting, preserving the original quality. Screencaster works by default with mpeg, avi, datm mpv. Compatible with mp4, vob, asf, flv.

The advantage is small size. Disadvantage. few functions.


AutoScreen Recorder is a shareware program with an English-language interface. A number of tools are available as a paid option. Captures the entire screen image, part. A handy option for video tutorials.

  • simple menu;
  • simultaneous use of multiple monitors;
  • high quality when capturing game episodes;
  • no scaling problems.

The disadvantages include the lack of the Russian language, the ability to resize, edit video, add sound.


The video is produced from the screen, webcam, simultaneously from both sources. Exported to mp4, avi, flv. Stored on the cloud, hard drive, uploaded to youtube. Convenient for teachers in the process of preparing presentations, training video programs.

In the basic version, the shooting duration is 15 minutes, system sounds are recorded, the logo is saved. The deluxe option includes an editor, scaling, changing the speed, the ability to add text.

The advantage of the program. the premier version has a backup tool, 100 GB storage.

Disadvantage. limitations in the free version.

VLC Media Player

Not everyone knows about VLC Media Player’s screen capturing ability.

The program is better known as a media player for multimedia files, dvd, audio cd.

The program is free, open source, does not require registration, does not annoy users with advertisements. The interface is in Russian, simple and straightforward. There is a frame rate adjustment. Compatible with Windows, mac OS, linux, Android, iOS.

Minus. you cannot record video and sound from the microphone at the same time. System sounds recording. No built-in editor.

Overview of programs for recording video on a computer

There are many video capture applications on the Internet. In our article, we will analyze the most popular ones. Among them are multifunctional utilities with a built-in editor, audio recording capabilities, small video capturers without unnecessary tools.

Filters work according to the same principle. you need to select the capture area, set the settings, connect additional devices, enable recording.

Features of work, capabilities, advantages, disadvantages of each video master are analyzed in the sections of the article.

How to record webcam video online for free

Once you visit, you will be asked whether to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow Confirm. Otherwise, you will not be able to record webcam video with sound. Later, you can get a tool called Video Recorder. Online DVR allows users to capture video and take pictures with your webcam. Also, don’t forget to check your Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1 Search and visit online video recorder.

Step 2 Confirm access to your camera and microphone.

Step 3 Click the Settings icon to launch Mirror Mode if needed.

Step 4 Select the camera icon in the lower right corner of the window to take a photo.

Step 5 Click the red Stop icon to end the webcam video recording process.

Step 6 Choose the discount option to download video from your webcam to your computer.

Seriously, this is the place where you can record webcam videos for free. However, there are not many preferences and effects of video recording. You can only record sound from the microphone here. If you want more options, you can skip to the next section.

[For Beginners] How To Easily Record Streaming Video Online Like a Pro

In fact, there are many situations that you need to record online videos. For example, if you want to watch YouTube videos offline, you need to download or record the streaming video first. If you attend online webinars, you’d better record videos of the online webinars for future reference. No matter the reason why you make the decision: if you want to record a live broadcast on a PC, you just get to the right place.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

This article walks you through the step-by-step recording of online videos from websites. So, you can use the following solutions to download online videos for free. Despite the common freeware for VCRs, this article shows typical 2 tools. Thus, you can record streaming internet video in different aspects.

How to download high quality streaming video from any website with FoneLab

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Step 1 Launch FoneLab Screen Recorder

Download and install FoneLab Screen Recorder for free on your Windows or Mac computer. If you want to record streaming video without time limits, you need to activate your account by providing your email address and registration code. Later, run the online video recorder software after installation.

Step 2 Prepare for Online Video Recording

Click VCR in the main menu. Use your mouse to draw the area of ​​the screen that you want to capture. Well, you can lock the screen if needed. During this time, you need to set the audio input source. Trigger on Sound System and Microphone options according to your needs. What’s more, you can move the volume slider below.

Step 3 Record online video with audio

Press the REC icon after all preparations. You need to open online streaming video within 3 seconds countdown. Later, you can pause and resume recording freely. Well, you can use the paint panel while recording. Screenshot creation is also supported.

Note: The default output video format. MP4. You can change the format and other options in the section before recording. Therefore, you can customize the screenshot format from PNG and to other formats.

Step 4 Save or Share Recorded Video

When you want to end recording, you can click the Stop icon. Early on, a preview window pops up. You can check if everything is ok. Then select the discount option in the lower right corner of the window. If you want to change the destination folder, you can click option to view the new folder. select Next move on. Finally, you can even share the recorded video to YouTube and other sites directly.

Your Best Way to Record Streaming Video on Mac and Windows

this is FoneLab Screen Recorder that allows you to record all kinds of video and audio. To be more precise, you can record not only online videos, but also live broadcasts, game videos, tutorials, FaceTime calls, etc. The program can capture both system sound and microphone. Thus, recording streaming video online. it’s just a piece of cake.

Of course, all websites are supported such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others. Even if the site does not have a Download icon, you can still record online videos for offline viewing. In short, you can record any video online and offline using customizable filters with FoneLab Screen Recorder.

Main features of FoneLab Screen Recorder

  • Full screen online video recording or customized screen size without delay.
  • Capture streaming audio and then save them to any destination folder you want.
  • Take screenshots during or after recording an online video.
  • Add texts, arrows, lines, step-by-step tools and other graphics to your video or snapshot.
  • Set hotkeys to control the entire video recording process.
  • Use the timer to record online videos for a long time wisely.
  • Select output video, audio or snapshot format.

Tips and Techniques for Downloading and Capturing Online Videos

You can use online video downloaders to capture streaming video. However, quite often some video links are not supported. Plus, you can spend a lot of time downloading. The quality of the uploaded video is not good enough though. To get around these annoying questions, it’s best to record videos online instead. What’s more, you can even capture specific video clips instead of the entire movie.

It’s all about how to download or record online videos for free. If you have any questions during the appointment, just contact us. Of course, your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorials, and more on Windows / Mac, and you can easily resize, edit video or audio, and more.

Recording video from a laptop camera with sound

Today there are a huge number of different devices for recording video, ranging from smartphones to professional camcorders. But most Internet users still have a regular webcam that is connected directly to a computer. Therefore, in today’s article we will tell you which programs for capturing video from a webcam are best used at home.

Windows features

This is the Windows Movie Maker utility built into the OS. Using this tool is quite simple, it has a user-friendly interface and several control buttons. To take a video on a laptop webcam, follow these steps:

  • make sure the device is connected to the computer. Users often have difficulty turning on the camera built into a laptop. To do this, we recommend using a combination of Fn and one of the F1 – F12 buttons;
  • set the input volume to maximum, turn on the microphone;
  • start the program for recording, then select the “Webcam Video” parameter in the “Home” menu item;
  • select “Record” to start recording the image. To stop, click on “Stop”, then come up with a name for the file and the storage path.

Interestingly, the utility allows you not only to save the footage, but also to change the content, add effects, crop and carry out a lot of other actions with the files. Just remember to save the updated file for the changes to take effect.

Capturing webcam video on Windows 10

This system is the easiest to use, because a special free application “Camera” is already built into it, which allows you to record video from any webcam. To open it, just type in “Camera” in the search box and select the appropriate result:

How to use search in different versions of Windows, there is a separate article here “

The application will open, in which (item number = number in the screenshot):

Video recording. That is, if you want to shoot a video from a WEB-camera, click here and then on the record button;

Program settings, where you can change, for example, shooting resolution, photo quality.

As you can see, the application is elementary, without problems, there is only the most necessary. But Windows 7 users are much less fortunate.

Online programs

Want to shoot video but don’t want to install additional tools? Then you can use the online recording from the device’s webcam. It’s not difficult to do, you just need to go to the resource, register for free by creating an account, and start recording.

On the left side of the menu is the “Record” key, which must be pressed to start recording. Using the online utility, you can record a video up to 10 minutes long. Once you’ve finished your project, come up with a title for your video and share it with the world! It is also possible to use mov, mp4 or flv formats.

Working with Webcam Recorder

As I said, the program is very simple and it will not be difficult to figure it out even without my given guide but nevertheless, I will definitely give some instruction for beginners!

After starting the program in the main window, you need to immediately click “Connect” to activate the WEB-camera:

The program should immediately find your WEB-camera and you can already record by pressing the Record button, but if you chose the wrong one (suddenly you have 2 connected to your computer at once), you can change it in the settings (I’ll write it down below).

To stop recording, respectively, press Stop [1], and to create a screenshot, the button with the image of a fotik [2]:

All recorded videos and captured photos are saved in the folder by default:
C: UsersUserNameDocumentsFree2xWebcam Recorder

If you need to quickly open the folder with the saved data, then click on the folder [1], and to change the folder for saving, click on the gear [2] and select the desired.

To go to the settings, click on Settings and on the video and audio tabs you can, if necessary, work with the program settings, for example, change the resolution of the camera, switch between multiple cameras, select the microphone and adjust the sound.

That’s all, the most basic and necessary in the program.

Using Mac Tools

If you use Apple products, you won’t be able to use Movie Maker here. An alternative to this tool will be QuickTime, which has no less outstanding abilities.

  • run the program, select “Record new video” in the “File” item;
  • adjust the equipment. When changing the position of the camera, this will be displayed on the monitor;
  • to start image capture, click on the red button. It is logical that “Stop” will be used to stop.

It remains only to save a new file with your movie and enjoy watching. In addition, the utility allows you to instantly transfer the file to friends and acquaintances. To do this, just export the video to social networks, iMovie or iTunes.

Third party utilities

There are many tools that allow you to record movies from your laptop camera. One of them is Debut Video Capture. You can get it on the world wide web for free.

From the menu (top of the screen) select “Device” to define the device. The program will detect the device, after which it will be possible to start shooting. The tool allows you to record a “picture” in popular formats, while configuring the encoding parameters. With the help of Video Capture today you can convert an image from a camera to flv, avi, mp4, as well as mpg, wmv and 3gp modes.

Before saving the file, it is recommended to adjust the contrast and brightness of the video to improve its quality. It is also possible to add text.

  • Large collection of presets;
  • Working with an audio track;
  • Extensive video editing capabilities;
  • Simple intuitive interface in Russian;
  • Limited time trial period;

To capture video from a webcam in Video Montage, open the application. Select “Webcam” on the start screen. The app will automatically recognize the connected device. If not, click the “Connect Webcam” button. After that click “Start Recording”.


WebcamXP is a free application for capturing video from a laptop, computer and mobile device camera. It is also often used as a video surveillance system. With it, you can broadcast video via an IP camera to your device and even to a website. You can download this program for recording video from a webcam in Russian for free.

  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Capture from multiple sources;
  • Supports Russian;
  • Overlay a watermark;
  • No video editor;

First you need to set up the capture source. To do this, in the column on the right, right-click on any of the slots and select your device. After that click “Record”. The process is stopped by the “Stop recording” button. The captured video is automatically saved to the program folder. You can change the export directory in the “Settings” section.


MyCam is a multifunctional program for capturing video from a WEB-camera. The captured video can be edited, filters applied and saved in AVI format. It also allows you to take screenshots through a connected device and process the resulting images. The application supports recording from almost all camera models and allows you to broadcast video online. The application can be used for all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 7.

  • Built-in filters;
  • Online broadcast and web publishing;
  • Delayed shooting mode;
  • Export only to AVI format;
  • Watermark and limited features in trial version;

Open the program and click the green “Open Camera” button in the right side column. The app will automatically recognize the connected device. After that, click the “Record video” button in the bottom panel. During the broadcast, you can apply filters and effects to the picture.

Live webcam

Live webcam was created specifically for controlling video broadcasting from a webcam. In it, you can record video calls and take screenshots, track users’ actions through the camera. Its feature is the auto-shooting mode and the ability to conduct covert surveillance. The application works on all versions of Windows, including it can be used for Windows XP. At the moment, its development has been discontinued, but you can download this program for removing video from a WEB-camera on specialized sites or via torrent.

  • Russian language support;
  • Setting the automatic shooting mode;
  • Tracking and comparison of repeated frames;
  • Limited set of tools;
  • The development is closed, therefore performance is not guaranteed;

Run the software. The current position of the headset will be displayed in the lower left corner. To take a screenshot, click “Take Snapshot”. Shooting is started with the “Start” button. You can change the parameters in the “Camera settings”.

Free2X Webcam Recorder

Free2X Webcam Recorder allows you to capture video with sound from your computer or laptop webcam for free. The footage can be converted to MP4, AVI and WMV formats. It also allows you to take screenshots, start recording on a schedule and overlay images on the created video.

  • You can overlay an image, logo or watermark;
  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Limited set of tools;
  • No video editor;

Open the app and connect it to the video headset with the “Connect” button. Click “Record” to start recording. By clicking the “Keybord” button, you can set hotkeys. Automatic start is configured in the “Schedule” item. By default, video files are saved to the application folder. You can change this in the “Save Folder” field.


With ContaCam, you can create video surveillance systems and broadcast the video stream to the site. Its functionality includes a motion tracking sensor, sound capture, creation of an action log. The application includes an embedded web server. With it you can create remote access, send videos to FTP servers and by mail.

  • Recording duration up to 24 hours;
  • Allows you to upload footage to the Internet;
  • Sound recording problems;
  • Complicated setup and management;

How to Record Video and Audio From Camera Using MediaRecorder WebRTC API in Javascript Full Project

In the program menu, select “Capture” and mark your device. A new window will open. To start, press the red button under the preview window. You can stop the process in the same way. The footage is saved in mp4 format to the system folder. You can configure the save path in the “Settings” item. “General settings”.


VirtualDub is one of the most famous free video capture and processing software. In it you can record a video call from the webcam and save the file in AVI format. The created file can be processed: apply filters, crop, replace sound, cut into fragments, adjust brightness and contrast, etc.

  • Batch processing of files;
  • Working with large files up to 2 GB;
  • Requires installation of additional video codecs;
  • Export only in AVI or MPEG-1 format;

To start recording video from your webcam, open File, then Capture AVI. First you need to set up your recording device. Go to the “Device” item and configure the parameters. Capture is started with the F5 key. To stop the process, press ESC. To export, open File, then Set capture file. Specify name and directory.


ManyCam is a software for recording video and sound from a webcam, desktop and video calling applications. In the program, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the image on the device, the function of overlaying additional elements on the video and the background replacement tool are supported.

Click the “Start Recording” button in the main window of the ManyCam utility. After that, the process of capturing video from the webcam will start.

How to Capture Video from Multiple Webcams the Easy Way

In the Video Sources section, you can quickly switch between several available recording sources. In the “Presets” section, the ability to work with layers is available.

  • hot keys for quick control of the main software functions;
  • adding special effects and titles;
  • creating pictures over the main image of the webcam;
  • setting the number of frames for recording;
  • changing the scaling of the video image;
  • the presence of a function to rotate the picture on the video;
  • customizing colors;
  • support for picture-in-picture function.
  • you cannot record sound from a separate microphone;
  • you cannot create a separate HTML video for the video.

The ManyCam program is translated into Russian and is distributed free of charge, but a 50 license can expand the basic functionality.


webcamXP is a special software for controlling the basic functions of a webcam. The program has a built-in scheduler for using the main functions on a schedule (video recording, live broadcasts), and you can add a logo or a watermark to the video.

Select an existing source in the main window of webcamXP, from which you want to start the video capture process. You can also add or remove sources from the available list.

While capturing an image, you can view information about video and audio sources. The app also displays the video resolution. The created files with video and photos can be viewed in the “Gallery” section.

WebcamXP software has several advantages:

  • setting a schedule for launching the main functions of the application;
  • the ability to work with two or more sources when recording video clips;
  • broadcasting a video stream from a webcam to the Internet;
  • deleting recorded videos in automatic mode;
  • generating HTML code for integrating created videos from a webcam into forums and social networks;
  • the presence of scaling tools for the main camera.
  • no built-in library of special effects;
  • you cannot change the settings for capturing video of the webcam.

The webcamXP application is free to download. The interface is translated into Russian.

WebCam Monitor

WebCam Monitor is a useful software that allows you to record video from a webcam. The functions of creating snapshots in different formats and launching the main application tools on a schedule are also supported.

Before you start recording video and sound from your webcam, you need to add a new device to the program. To do this, click “Add webcam” on the toolbar.

In the “Camera Model” line, select the webcam connected to the computer. In “Display Name” you can specify the name of the device that will be displayed in the utility list. There is also an option to rotate the camera image. The “Preview” section displays a preview of the video from the camera.

To start the process of recording video from the added webcam, click “Record” on the toolbar of the WebCam Monitor application. The original file will be saved in one of the folders on the PC.

  • task scheduler for running the main software features on a schedule;
  • the ability to take high-quality pictures;
  • the presence of a function for broadcasting images to large streaming sites;
  • built-in FTP for uploading created videos to the Internet;
  • the ability to work with several devices at the same time;
  • the presence of a tool for editing the quality of the camera: brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation.
  • you cannot apply special effects to the video;
  • there is no translation of the interface into Russian;
  • no HTML code can be generated to embed recorded video on websites and forums.

WebCam Monitor is available in English. Licenses cost 70, but you can install a free trial version with limited functionality.

Programs for recording video and sound from a webcam

When creating videos and presentations, sometimes you need to insert images and sound from your webcam. To record video from a webcam on a Windows computer, you need to use special programs, with which you can adjust the picture quality and select codecs for the source files.


SMRecorder is a small software for capturing video from a webcam, with which you can record a video from the desktop of the Windows operating system. The software provides the ability to record voice from a microphone in MP3 format, and you can add notes to recorded videos from a camera or desktop.

To start the process of recording video from a webcam, go to the “New Target Recording” section, which is located on the SMRecorder toolbar.

A new window for setting up image capture will open. In the “Capture Type” line, you must select a device. In the general settings, you need to set the video and audio input. There is a tool for changing the overall microphone volume levels. Also in this section you need to select a folder to save the original video file on your computer. You can set the duration of the future recording.

The “Others” section contains additional settings for the process of capturing video from a webcam: playing a video file after the recording is completed, going to the folder with the original file.

The main advantages of the SMRecorder program:

  • adding annotations to recorded videos;
  • choice of microphone;
  • function of setting the duration of image capture;
  • simple interface in the style of minimalism;
  • built-in multimedia player for watching video files.
  • you cannot add effects to the webcam;
  • there is no section for changing the quality and resolution of the webcam;
  • there is no tool to take snapshots from the connected webcam.

The SMRecorder software is free to download. The utility is translated into Russian.

Capture WebCam

Capture WebCam is a small program that allows you to capture video and audio from your desktop, webcam, TV tuners connected to your computer. The program allows you to record videos for up to three hours without interruption.

Before you start recording video from your webcam, go to the “Capture” menu section. “Video”.

In the window that opens, you need to set the number of frames per second for capturing video. Also here you can set a time limit for recording video from a webcam. Enable Capture Audio to have Capture WebCam record audio from the connected webcam.

After applying all the parameters, start recording audio and video from the webcam.

The main advantages of the Capture WebCam utility are:

  • the ability to set the number of frames (FPS);
  • a tool for setting the time limit for capturing video from a webcam;
  • the presence of a function to select the level of video compression;
  • the function of taking photos from a connected camera;
  • there is a useful ability to capture video from TV tuners.
  • there is no tool to launch application tools on a schedule;
  • there is no special effects library;
  • you cannot add a logo or watermark over the video;
  • there are no tools to control the scaling of the image from the webcam;
  • there is no possibility of broadcasting video from the camera to streaming platforms.

Capture WebCam software is distributed in English. Licensed version price. 7.


WebcamMax. software for working with a webcam with a large library of effects (animations, accessories, emotions, changing the background). The program supports video recording with sound and taking snapshots from a webcam, there is a tool for creating drawings over an image from a webcam.

To start the process of recording video with sound, click the “Record” button on the toolbar of the WebcamMax utility. During video recording, you can pause the process.

The “Source” section contains functions that are used to configure the basic parameters of the device. Here you can set automatic camera selection or manually select a device. There is a tool for changing the scale of the image and the position of the picture horizontally and vertically.

In the “Image size” menu, you can set the resolution for the webcam.

  • more than 1,000 special effects in the program library;
  • the ability to customize the camera: scaling, resolution, picture position;
  • tool “Doodling”, which allows you to paint over the video image from the webcam;
  • snapshot function;
  • tool for playing multimedia files.
  • you cannot start live broadcasting popular streaming platforms;
  • there is no possibility of working with two or more sources at the same time.

The WebcamMax utility has been translated into Russian. The price of the licensed version of the software is 50, but you can download a trial version for 30 days.


A program for capturing video from the screen and creating screenshots. It allows you to quickly record the process of work on the computer, add explanations and create visual instructions. You can also process photos in the application. Snagit features:

  • Recording of all actions in the selected area;
  • Processing videos and photos using built-in effects;
  • Capture a picture with a combination of hot keys;
  • Ready-made layouts for the design of documentation, manuals and materials.

The user-friendly interface allows even beginners to work. For full video editing, you need to download additional software. The developers provide a 15-day trial, after which Snagit must be purchased.

Snagit interface


Free screen recorder with sound. In it, you can shoot a demo clip or video tutorial. UVScreenCamera also has a frame-by-frame editor. The app allows the user to:

  • Choose a site for work;
  • Edit: add or remove fragments, transitions;
  • Work with text, titles, footnotes, frames;
  • Visualize mouse actions;
  • Record sound from a microphone or overdub previously recorded audio;
  • Take a screenshot and process it;
  • Convert files for mobile platforms;
  • Save the result in various video formats.

UVScreenCamera interface

Screen Camera

Software from domestic developers for screen recording. It will be comfortable for all users, regardless of skills and experience. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to get started right away. In the application, you can capture the entire work area or a specified area, record an online broadcast or a game process, edit the footage and save it to a PC.

  • Large catalog of titles and musical accompaniment;
  • Saving the final material in modern video formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG;
  • Fast trimming of unnecessary fragments;
  • You can quickly upload the result to the Internet or social networks;
  • Transferring Videos to DVD with Interactive Menu.

Screen Camera Interface

The best software for capturing video from the monitor

Such software is used, for example, for demonstration of materials of work, development and design of webinars, recommendations for the passage of the game. Most video capture software has a number of common features:

  • Two screens: capture the desktop along with filming from the webcam;
  • Processing and commenting on the video after it has been filmed;
  • Saving the result in various video formats;
  • Posting videos on websites or social networks.

It is often difficult to understand and choose a program suitable for specific goals. We have tested and evaluated the top 10 applications that are able to capture all the actions performed on the computer.

AVS Video Editor

A good application for capturing a monitor and further editing video materials. It allows you to shoot a video, correct it and burn the final projects to discs. You can also create slideshows, screensavers and transitions. The functionality of AVS Video Editor includes:

  • Filters catalog;
  • Over 300 video effects and transitions;
  • Editing tools: you can trim, split, merge fragments;
  • Capture material from a variety of sources: DVD, Blu-Ray, webcam;
  • Working with audio track, text and comments;
  • Supports major video formats: AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV, 3GP, MOV;
  • Converting the final material for mobile devices.

In AVS Video Editor, you can process Blu-ray and create interactive DVD disc menu. The Russian-language interface and multilingual support will allow even a beginner to figure it out. The trial version puts the developer’s logo on the video.

AVS Video Editor interface

TOP 10 best video capture software with sound


A utility for recording high-quality clips from the monitor. It does not require certain skills and will allow even a novice user to create a video tutorial, presentation, record the process of the game or broadcast online. The software makes it possible to shoot a video with or without sound. It also captures either the entire monitor or a pre-specified portion of it. SRecorder allows you to:

  • Save the recorded audio track separately;
  • Synchronize video and audio tracks;
  • Record from webcam;
  • Share the result on social networks: and google.

SRecorder is available in Russian and is provided free of charge. After installation, it works minimized by default. This allows you to access it whenever you need to take a photo or demo video.

SRecorder interface

Free Screen Video Recorder

Compact full featured desktop capture utility. Free Screen Video Recorder is capable of recording material from the entire monitor or just the necessary fragment. All captured videos are saved in the universal AVI format. Features and functions:

  • Record video track, voice and sounds of the operating system;
  • Cropping and adjusting the aspect ratio of the video image;
  • Screenshot editing: resizing, cropping, rotating;
  • Selection of cursor path;
  • Change quality settings on save.

This application is absolutely free and has an interface in Russian.

Free Screen Video Recorder interface