Car rearview mirror with monitor and rearview camera

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Hi everyone, in this review we will talk about a car rearview mirror with built-in monitor and rearview camera.

I needed this model with a 4.3 inch screen and no video recorder, because I do not trust this model 2 is 1.3 to 1 and t.D.Da is compact, but the recording quality video out there is terrible so more and navigators curves.

The package arrived, as usual, in a slightly crumpled box. The camera and the wires were separately in a bag, tied with tape to the box

The mirror is packed with foam rubber well on both sides the box itself was wrapped The dimensions of the mirror are as follows On the back we see the mounts for your standard mirror, it is universal, that is, it fits all mirrors Here, on the back we see 3 buttons that are responsible for the settings. Middle menu button and side Choice. The settings are small: language, brightness, contrast and display format. Personally, I left all the settings as standard, except for the language. There are rubber gaskets on the mounts so as NOT to scratch your regular mirror, but it seemed to me that this gasket is very tight rubber as it is not very good (The first jamb that I noticed was rust on the mount They sent me a rakolovka for review (it is not here on Muska), so here there was also rust, apparently the warehouses of the Chinese are damp and this is very bad for electronics. The mirror wire has 3 entrances. Red, white and yellow. Red-power Yellow-our camera White-you can stick in another camera, video recorder, radio tape recorder. Well but in general, there is a difference between the white and yellow input. In the future, I want to put a camera in the front bumper. There is a film on the glass, which it is advisable NOT to remove until the mirror is completely mounted, you never know, suddenly scratch it with a screwdriver The mirror itself is slightly tinted and the screen is practically NOT visible. you need to see it at a certain angle Next, we have 2 power cables in the set with an approximate length of 1 meter. The black cable has thinner wires than the red one.I put a minus it is NOT convenient to solder such “hair” we also have a video cable 5 meters long, which is very good, since you can install this gadget in trucks and in large cars. Also, this cable has a common one, if you will connect the camera to the radio, but in our case it is not needed. Well, the last thing in the set is a camera with dimensions of 2×2 cm. Also, there were 2 small screws in the bag, but they were too small, replaced with large ones. We see 4 LEDs on the camera. I thought there would be IR diodes, but there are ordinary ones. There is little light from them, I would say there is none at all, but it will only be useful if you park right next to the wall, then they barely barely illuminate some distance. An adjustable mount is installed on the back of the camera. The description says that the camera has IP67 protection, but judging by the slot where the wire goes, IP67 is a complete hat. The camera wire has a wire approximately 25 cm long and has 2 inputs. The red is the power supply, and the yellow video input If there are any difficulties, then, as usual, the box contains instructions and a connection diagram Installation and operability of the mirror The whole installation took about 2 hours, I was not in a hurry, I wanted to do everything neatly. I can say I installed the mirror directly outside the box, but I did it tightly, so there can be no backlash and speech in the script, and you simply cannot remove it) First, we screwed in the screws and put on the fasteners on them And I did it because when I put this mirror on top of the standard one, then it looked out from me and I really did not like it. Now everything looks beautiful. They asked the mirror from the ignition. Many power it from the plafond, but Note that the mirror is constantly powered and after 4-5 days The battery will completely run out if the car is in the garage without movement. So I strongly DO NOT advise taking power from the ceiling lamp, it is not safe, suddenly something will short out in your absence, this is China after all! I fixed the camera on the trunk lid with large self-tapping screws I took the camera power from the reverse lamp. Turn on the reverse gear and your monitor automatically lights up and the camera is activated. During rain, drops practically DO NOT fall on the camera, although it all depends on the setting above. The wires stretched all the corrugation to the salon As for the camera settings, here all the cars are different and where you install it. Personally, I have the minimum distance at which I see the ground is 40 cm from the towbar. Then I will change the angle of the camera, and reduce the distance to get used to and master the parking on the monitor. Well, in conclusion, a couple of moments in the mirror. I am very satisfied with the product. The mirror is larger than the native one and, accordingly, a better overview As for the screen, everything suits both the quality and the size of the display, the resolution of which is 480RGBx272. The camera transmits the picture in a resolution of 480 × 234 pixels. most write the video to the media, and just play it on the monitor. As for the night, the camera has night vision, it switches to b / w mode, but I have foglights installed on my bumper and the back lighting is good enough There is enough light and night mode is not always activated for me. Through the rear window I see nothing at night. for toning and through the mirror of the monitor is a completely different matter

Pros and cons of this mirror I saw the disadvantage in the universal mount. It will sit on any regular mirror, only your old mirror will look out, so I put it on the screws.

Of the advantages, perhaps the fact that there is no registrar and other garbage, which seems to sit compactly, but does not work correctly. The picture is clear enough for the size of the screen, and the fact that the mirror is larger than the regular one. From the side it seems that this is an ordinary mirror and thieves will not be so attractive to pull it out

Video mirror with rear view camera: how to choose and connect it?

Technologies today are developing at a catastrophic speed. If 20 years ago motorists had no idea what a DVR or a rear-view mirror for a car with a camera was, today the range of such devices is very large. So huge that sometimes it is simply impossible to make the right choice. Read more about the main characteristics and the choice of mirrors with cameras below.

Device characteristic

If you decide to purchase a salon mirror, then you will probably be interested in the features of such devices:

  • Of course, the first feature. it is an opportunity to find out exactly what is happening behind the car, including the blind spots. Even if there is a small obstacle behind, the driver will still be warned about it.
  • Large viewing angle, on average, this parameter is about 170 degrees, which again allows you to fully control the space behind.
  • Most cameras connecting to a mirror display a color image.
  • The ability to operate cameras in any weather conditions, since the device itself has a sealed case.
  • Such cameras demonstrate a mirror image of the image, respectively, the driver will know about the real location of objects.
  • If you give preference to a more modern device with a high-sensitivity matrix, then the video quality will be high even if the lighting is low.
  • Most auto mirrors with cameras turn on automatically when reverse speed is activated.
  • If necessary, the driver can always adjust and adjust the camera to select the most optimal viewing angle.
  • In the picture displayed on the mirror, special parking lines are superimposed, which will allow an inexperienced motorist to park more quickly.
  • Versatility of mounting a mirror device and a camera. The gadget itself can be built into the license plate frame of the car.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the types of gadgets that can be found on sale:

  • Versatile options. Installation of such devices is carried out in a specially designated place.
  • Gadgets sold with a number frame in which they are installed.
  • Standard rear-view devices, produced for use in specific models of cars (video Anything different from China).

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, any electronic device has both advantages and disadvantages, this is quite normal. It should be noted that all the pros and cons depend solely on the specific model of the gadget.

The advantages of such devices are as follows:

  • Simplicity of design, as a result of which the installation of the mirror and the camera itself is possible in any place convenient for the car owner.
  • Affordable price.
  • Full control of the situation behind the vehicle.

As for the disadvantages, they are:

  • Depending on the device, it may be equipped with too little damage protection. And when driving a car on our roads, the device can fail quickly enough.
  • Bad image. If you bought a cheap device, you shouldn’t be surprised by the near picture quality.
  • Usually this type of device does NOT support the ability to change the angle.

Installation and connection instructions

Now we suggest finding out how to connect a rear view camera. Installation and connection should be carried out in accordance with the diagram that comes with the kit.

  • Install the mirror first. Depending on the model, it can be a separate design or put on top of a regular mirror. If the interior lamp interferes with the installation, then dismantle it.
  • Next, connect the wires. The minus from the mirror can be connected to the wiring of the same lamp, but the plus should be connected to the reversing lights, this will allow the device to start when reverse gear is engaged.
  • Lay the wiring under the headliner or under the thresholds, as it is more convenient.
  • After laying the wires, it is necessary to install the camera itself. If there is a special plug next to the license plate lighting, then it must be dismantled. If not, then it is necessary to cut a corresponding hole where the camera will be fixed.
  • The wiring directly from the mirror is routed through a rubberized corrugation, this will protect it from mechanical stress and, accordingly, damage. All wires must be connected in accordance with the diagram that comes with the kit.
  • When all the wires are connected, and the camera and mirror are ready for use, it is necessary to check the functionality of the installed system. As mentioned earlier, the device must be activated from the reverse gear; it is not necessary to start the motor for this. If the gadget does not work, you need to ring the wiring. In some cases, it happens that the device does NOT function due to a failed reverse sensor, if it does not work, when the reverse gear is engaged, the rear lighting will not turn on.

Choosing a mirror-video recorder with a rear-view camera

Mirror-video recorder. it is a modern device that will be useful to every driver. The reasons for the great popularity of such devices are the versatility of their application, simplicity of design (looks like a regular rear-view mirror), the absence of sagging wires, as well as the presence of a built-in video recorder and a rear-view camera.

Since the DVR is built into the design of the mirror, this makes it possible NOT to attract unnecessary attention of strangers to this accessory. Thus, from the outside, the mirror-recorder looks discreet and as practical as possible.

And at the end of the article, see a video review of one of the most popular mirror-recorder models, by the number of sales.

Characteristics of mirrors with a DVR, which should be noted

Let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a mirror-DVR:

  • Camera resolution. The video resolution of most models is not less than 720×480 pixels (480p), but the maximum. 1920 x 1080 (FullHD 1080p). The higher the resolution, the better the shooting quality. The presence of the extrapolation effect significantly improves the quality of video recording.
  • Video recording format: AVI or MPEG (aka MP4). These formats will be readable on most modern devices, ranging from smartphones and ending with televisions.
  • Wide viewing angle. We recommend paying attention to recorders with a diagonal viewing angle of at least 120 degrees.
  • The frame rate must be at least 25 frames per second. At lower video frequency, jerk will be played.
  • Crash sensor with built-in parking monitoring function turn on the camera, for example, if someone “grabs” your car in the parking lot.
  • Parking markings when the reversing camera is turned on will add a lot of convenience to the driver.
  • Possibility of shooting at night.

Also, most models of mirror-DVRs are equipped with their own battery, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the device even when the engine is not running. The higher the capacity of the built-in battery, the longer the autonomous operation of the recorder will be.

The main advantages and disadvantages of mirrors DVRs

Every car owner strives to add functionality to his car, so from time to time we buy useful gadgets that make our journey more comfortable, cozy and safe. DVRs in the rearview mirror can also be attributed to the list of these devices.

But it should be remembered that, like any other electrical devices, DVR mirrors have both advantages and some disadvantages.

If we talk about the advantages of such mirrors, then they are obvious:

  • Versatility of use (any car or bus).
  • The absence of foreign objects on the windshield. there are wires and extraneous sensors that impair the driver’s view.
  • The appearance of the device is identical to the standard rear-view mirror, the DVR in it is practically NOT visible from the outside.
  • Installation of the device does not require special knowledge and skills.
  • Ease of use.
  • The presence of multifunctional properties: in-salon mirror, video recorder, rear view camera, and some models even have a GPS navigator.
  • These mirrors are usually larger than standard mirrors, which improves the view behind the car, thereby increasing the safety and comfort of driving.
  • The built in mirror dash cam does NOT attract the attention of burglars.
  • The mirror-recorder has an anti-reflective coating, which practically excludes the possibility of dazzling by the headlights from the rear of the vehicle.
  • Using the device’s apps does NOT block DVR recording.
  • Buying this device allows you to save your money, since several gadgets are built in it at once (rear view camera, DVR, navigator).
  • Offline recording capability.
  • Saving car space (no foreign elements).
  • Swivel mount allows you to change the angle of view of the DVR.
  • Free access to the front panel buttons of the DVR.
  • Some models have a built-in sun visor above the dash cam, which allows you to take high-quality shooting even in sunny weather.
  • Selectable video resolution, which allows you to adjust the image quality and save space on the memory card.
  • The presence of infrared illumination will allow you to make video recordings even in the dark.
  • The use of microSD cards ensures the safety of information even in case of severe damage to the “mirror”.
  • Parking camera makes reversing safer.

But, despite such a number of advantages, mirrors-DVRs are NOT devoid of some disadvantages:

  • The built-in video recorder must be selected individually, since there may be NO coincidences in the length of the mount and the thickness of the standard mirror.
  • The original mirror mount is usually designed for its own weight only, so it may NOT support the covers of the new device. Also, rubber bands and clamps are sometimes used as fasteners, which do not fix a new mirror very well. It may be disconnected at the first serious shock.
  • The price of a good mirror with a DVR and a reversing camera is quite high.
  • If one device fails, you lose everyone at once: the DVR, the parking camera, and the navigator.

Features of installing and connecting mirrors with a DVR and a rear view camera

The installation of the DVR mirror is usually carried out on the standard fastening of the car’s interior mirror. Having ensured reliable fastening of the recorder, it will be necessary to connect the power wires and the rear view camera to it.

The most common way to connect DVRs in cars is to power them through the cigarette lighter socket. If for some reason you cannot do this, then Connect the positive wire to the ACC contact (accessories) of the ignition switch, and the negative wire. to the “mass” of the car.

In addition to the power wires of the DVR, a rear-view camera must also be connected to the mirror. To do this, the video signal and power cables of the camera are pulled through the car interior into the luggage compartment.

If you want the external camera to turn on only when the reverse gear is turned on, then it follows the request not from the cigarette lighter or ignition switch, but the power supply circuit of the reversing lights.

For a more aesthetic appearance, we recommend that you hide all wires under the headliner and car pillars. This is done quite simply, by bending the rubber seals along the edges of the sheathing, and pushing the wires under it with any thin and not sharp object (for example, a ruler).

The rear-view camera itself can be installed in the decorative trim of the trunk lid, although for this you have to drill a hole. If it is not possible to drill a hole in the trunk lid, then you can use the car’s license plate frame and fix the camera on it.

The best dvrs in the mirror with rear view camera

And so, our TOP 3 best mirrors with a DVR and a rear-view camera:

  • Car DVRs Mirror;
  • Artway MD-165 Combo-mirror 5 in 1;
  • Trendvision aMirror.

It is quite difficult to compare these devices with each other, since they are all in different price categories.

But, as they say, any of our choices always vary between our needs and capabilities. We hope this article will help you choose a good dvr mirror with a rear view camera, among the abundance of models and manufacturers.

How to connect a mirror with a rear-view camera for a car and installation diagram in the cabin

Mirror with rear view camera. it is a device that allows you to more effectively monitor the road behind the vehicle when reversing to improve safety. It also serves to display useful information. This is achieved by the presence of a built-in display.

Functions and characteristics

The angle of view of the view camera with the monitor in the mirror characterizes how well objects located to the left and right of the vehicle will be viewed. There are 2 options for installing a car mirror with a camera:

  • Instead of the standard interior rear-view mirror.
  • As an overlay on a standard mirror using clips.

Many mirrors with a camera have parking sensors, which makes it easier to park a car in tight spaces. A special radar, which is installed behind the car and connects to the device via wires or Bluetooth, determines the distance to the nearest obstacle. Lines will appear on the screen to indicate the dimensions. If the device has a speaker, beeps will sound. Parktronic function is useful for a novice driver to facilitate maneuvering.

The size of the monitor built into the device can range from 3 to 6 inches. The larger the screen size, the smaller the viewing area of ​​the mirror. expensive models can be equipped with additional devices and functions, such as a navigator, at times, a video recorder. If the accessory has a built-in radar detector, the driver will be able to slow down in advance before approaching the controls.

Criterias of choice

Please pay attention to the input and output interfaces before purchasing. Most often, a rear view camera is connected using cables with RCA connectors and a power socket. If the accessory is rated for 5V, then make sure the mirror has a 4-pin jack socket. The rear view camera must be compatible with the parameters of this device.

The higher the resolution of the picture received from the camera, the more clear and distinguishable small objects will be. When choosing a mirror by display size, you should focus on convenience. For example, a device with a six-inch screen is suitable for viewing videos and photos, but the view behind the car can be difficult due to the reduction in the useful mirror area.

Rating of the best models

These view camera mirrors are in good demand and have all the functions you need. In some models, small monitors are installed under the mirror sheet. Some mirrors are full-fledged DVRs with rearview camera input.

Trendvision MR710GP

This device is a mirror image DVR with camera and monitor. The accessory has a high-quality matrix that allows you to shoot videos with Full HD and Super HD resolution. The image refresh rate is 60 frames per second. Another advantage is the wide viewing angle. 147º. The built-in memory is 128 GB. There are 2 slots for SD and MicroSD memory cards. A video input is provided for connecting a rear view camera.

The built-in battery provides autonomous operation of the device for 20 minutes. The constant power supply of this mirror with a monitor is carried out from the on-board network with a voltage of 12 or 24 V. The device has a built-in 4.7-inch display located in the middle of the mirror. The built-in GPS informant warns of the appearance of traffic police posts on the way. No navigator function.

Autoexpert DV-525

This mirror with a camera and a monitor for a car can be installed instead of the standard one. Dual video input allows you to connect not only the rear but also the front camera. The monitor with high-quality color reproduction and high contrast is located on the left. Another advantage of the Autoexpert DV 525 device is secure fixation thanks to spring fasteners with adjustable height. Limits of change. from 55 to 78 mm. The only drawback. overcharge.

Dunobil Spiegel DUO

This device is a panoramic mirror video recorder, which compares favorably with the presence of a rear-view camera with a standard VGA resolution. A wiring harness terminated with a 4-pin connector is provided for connection. The device has various useful functions such as a motion sensor and a G-sensor. Screen diagonal. 4.3 “. A 250 mAh battery is provided for short battery life.

Interpower Silverstone f1 Interpower HD-5

This camera mirror has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The device is powered from the vehicle’s on-board network. The display shows a high quality image, which may not be bright enough in summer. Another disadvantage of this model. short wires for connection, which may cause difficulties during installation. The mirror has a good viewing angle, which allows it to be used for its intended purpose.

SHO Me M43

This device with a monitor for a camera view is widespread due to its low cost. It has a 4.3-inch low-resolution display. 480 by 272 pixels.

The auto mirror of this model has a small height, which makes it difficult to use it for its intended purpose.

Another drawback is the low contrast and color saturation of the display. But there is also an advantage. this is the presence of 2 video inputs.

How to install

Installation of a view camera with a mirror. the process is simple. The easiest way is to install a camera mounted in the license plate frame. Installing a camera instead of a canopy will require skills and tools. You will also need to decide on the installation site so that a good view is provided and fogging and road dirt are not allowed.

Mirror installation

If a universal spring latch is used, then squeeze one of them as hard as possible to install on top of a standard mirror. Then the accessory is carefully put on and the latch is smoothly released. The other latch is locked in the same way. When installed instead of a standard mirror, the latter is removed and the new device is installed using the mount included in the delivery set.

Camera mounting

To install the camera on a view with a license plate frame, remove the latter and screw on the device. The wires from the accessory can be brought into the body through the trunk by drilling a hole next to the license plate. After routing the cable from the camera, it must be sealed. When the frame is installed, the license plate is screwed into place.

If you plan to install instead of one of the shades, you should purchase a special kit suitable for the vehicle. You can also put the camera inside the regular case. To do this, disassemble it, cut through the front and back covers for the accessory and insert it. After that, the body is assembled and sealed with silicone sealant.

How to connect correctly

The camera connection diagram for a car depends on the availability of the required interfaces. When connecting the camera via a 4-pin jack, make sure the pinout is correct. The first contact of the connector is connected to the reverse switches so that when its contacts are closed, the mirror display turns on. The second contact supplies the analog video signal from the rear view camera, and the third contact supplies 5 V. The fourth contact. it is mass. It is necessary to check both the diameter of the plug and the socket so that they fit together.

The plug fits into the socket on the mirror monitor. Then the video signal is connected by inserting the yellow plug from the camera into the socket on the adapter. If the mirror with the monitor has an output for powering the camera, then its corresponding connector is inserted into this socket. Otherwise, power is supplied separately from the reversing light button. This is necessary so that the camera is NOT constantly energized, but only while reversing.

The wiring from the camera is routed to the floor or ceiling. It should be located as far as possible from the antenna cable and car radio wiring to avoid interference. The constant power supply of the mirror can be taken from the lighting shade. To do this, it is removed, and with the help of a tester, the contact of the lamp switch which is under voltage is determined. After that, the wire is soldered or screwed so that it is connected to the desired terminal.

Best Rearview Mirrors: Independent Top-8

The days when all mirrors were just mirrors are long gone. The modern electronics market offers models with built-in video recorders and a bunch of additional functions. they replace several devices at once, rather than taking up a lot of space. How to choose such mirrors and which 8 rear-view mirrors are the best, we will now tell you.

How to choose a rearview mirror

For many years I only drove on a regular mirror. Then we bought a navigator and a DVR with an external camera. I had to have time to look into two devices and mirrors when driving, which was NOT particularly convenient. Plus, hanging technology limited visibility. When I bought a smart mirror with a built-in recorder and navigator, my joy knew no bounds. It is slightly wider than the standard mirror, when you turn on the recorder, a screen appears on the left, like a small smartphone. When the recorder is off, it is a normal mirror. From the street, it’s not just that I have a mirror with a registrar, and I don’t take it off every time I leave my car in the parking lot.

There are many smart mirror models:

  • With one or two cameras;
  • With or instead of a standard mirror;
  • The screen can be positioned to the left, right, or center;
  • Only with a video recorder or with a navigator and a police camera radar;
  • With the minimum required functions or with a large set of additional chips.

The price of a mirror largely depends on the set of functions, so before buying, consider whether you need all the functions. I bought without radar and cameras. used to NOT violate traffic rules.

The manufacturer is of great importance. When buying a device from the market leaders, you don’t have to worry that it will work in accordance with all the declared parameters, without breakdowns and glitches. Among the market leaders, I single out the companies Artway and AVIS, for a good ratio of price and quality. They have both simple models and premium devices, but they are all quite reliable.

The viewing angle of cameras and the quality of the video being shot are very important. The bypass camera must have a sturdy, moisture-resistant housing. The body of the mirror itself can be metal or plastic. The second is better, but it does not particularly affect work.

Top 8 rearview mirrors

Mirrors on the market. spilled sea. Now I will tell you about the most successful mirrors with a built-in video recorder, with a monitor, in multifunctional and panoramic models.

The best rearview mirrors with a dvr. 1. Navitel MR250

This smart mirror can do more than the first model. Navitel MR250 records video in MP4 format and compresses it in H.264 format. This saves space on the memory card and reproduces good quality recordings in real time. Supports microSD cards up to 64GB. memory problems are unlikely.

Both cameras have a metal body. In the main one there is a good viewing angle of 160 degrees, the video resolution is 1920 by 1080. The external one sees only 85 degrees, records video 656 by 492, but it can be rotated 180 degrees and DO NOT hide it from moisture. Both cameras take photos.

The motion detector turns on the recorder in the absence of the driver, and the G-sensor helps to protect the video taken in a collision, sudden braking or acceleration. Sensitive microphone will ensure good sound transmission.

The five-inch screen is located in the center of the mirror, which may not be very convenient.

Video recorder Artway AV-601

A budget model from Artway with two cameras for 3000 rubles. reliable device with the required minimum of functions. It is attached to the standard salon mirror with rubber mounts, becoming as invisible as possible. You DO NOT have to shoot while leaving the car in the parking lot. Knows how to look after the car during the absence of the driver. In the event of an accident, the device automatically turns on, records a video with time and date. Battery provides 10 minutes of battery life.

The main camera is built-in with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. Matrix resolution for video 1.3 Mpix, for photos 5 Mpix. Video shoots in AVI format with a maximum resolution of 1440 by 1080. There is no zoom in the cameras, but there is a very decent viewing angle of 120 degrees.

The external camera shoots video in AVI format with a resolution of 720 by 480, has a viewing angle of 90 degrees. Zoom and photography modes are also available, but it is possible to use it as a parking lot. Bypass camera body is NOT water resistant.

Loop video recording is 1, 2 or 5 minutes, but it can be turned off. The recorder display is 3.5 inches in the left corner of the mirror. In addition to the picture, the DVR is capable of recording sound, but it has a speaker. SD card capacity. 32 GB.

The best rearview mirrors with a monitor. 3. AVIS AVS0475DVR

The DVR is installed instead of a regular mirror and at first glance is not much different.

The included recorder transmits video to a 4.3-inch LCD monitor. Records videos in AVI format with H.264 compression. You can choose the video quality to your liking: from modest VGA (640×480) to Full HD (1920×1080). Photo resolution is also selected.

A 4x digital zoom will help you see the details, the microphone and speaker ensure full sound transmission. The G-sensor saves the video recorded in critical situations from being overwritten. If desired, you can connect a parking camera to the device. The disadvantages include microSD of only 32 GB, the price is 8000 rubles, the lack of a second camera in the kit.

Autoluxe 64693

Thanks to 4 cameras, such a mirror provides the most complete picture of everything that is happening around the car. With it, you won’t miss anything on the road. The images from the cameras are fed to a 6-inch screen. The model is convenient to use when parking.

With such obvious advantages, the manufacturer’s note that the device has recording functions looks very strange. At a price of 4500 rubles, this is a serious drawback.

The best multifunctional rearview mirrors. 5. Artway MD-161

Multifunctional model from Artway. It is a video recorder, GPS informer and radar detector. The navigator with proprietary software will orient on the terrain and record up to 100 geo-points of your choice.

The radar detector recognizes most of the equipment used by the police, including low-noise devices. The sensitivity can be adjusted so as not to hear false alarms in the city. On the trails, on the contrary, sensitivity will be beneficial. It is possible to set the permissible speed mode for the device. Alerts are annoying. they can be disabled. With such opportunities it looks tempting.

There is only one camera in Artway MD-161, but with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. The picture is of high quality. FHD 1920 × 1080. Video is recorded in AVI format with H.264 archiving.

Photo resolution can be selected: 8, 5, 2 or 1 megapixel. The memory card capacity is small. only 32 GB.

Additional functions include G-sensor, motion and light sensors, electronic compass, clock, protection against detection.

Intego VX-435MR

Inexpensive DVR with two cameras. The main one provides a Full HD 1920 × 1080 picture, extended. VGA 640×480. At a price of 3,000 rubles in the main camera, the viewing angle is 140 degrees, there is a G-sensor to protect the video in case of an accident. Intego VX-435MR records video in AVI format, which can be stored on a 32 GB flash drive. Knows how to automatically turn on recording when driving near a car.

The best panoramic rear-view mirrors. 7. Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual

Video recorder, parking camera and GPS alert for police cameras. all in the rearview mirror. The main camera with a viewing angle of 150 degrees records Full HD video. An external camera with a 120-degree view provides HD video. The device is able to indicate the date, time, speed, geolocation and even the license plate of a car on video recordings. Such a video will be a powerful argument when searching for the culprits of an accident. The G-sensor will help you save the extreme record. Neoline G-Tech X27 records video in MOV format and archives it in H.264.

The GPS-module contains a database in the police radars of the Russian Federation, Europe and 5 neighboring countries. This information can be updated on the manufacturer’s website every 14 days. A special feature of the G-Tech X27. the ability to intelligently handle cameras calculating average speed and warn and exceed. Doesn’t seem too high for such a gadget.

The picture from the cameras is displayed on the 4.3-inch display in the center of the screen, which is not convenient for everyone. But when the navigator is turned off, the screen on the mirror is not visible.

Carcam Z-360

The main feature of this mirror-recorder. lens with 360 degree rotation. It provides an overview in front of the car, on the sides, in the car and behind the trunk. A second camera with a 100-degree viewing angle can be placed on the back of the car or in the cabin. You will have to pay almost 8000 rubles for a good review.

The Carcam Z-360 records video at a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels and transmits a high-quality image with a date and time stamp to the 4.3-inch display. Supports memory cards up to 128GB. There is a G-sensor, which is indispensable in case of an accident. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 20 minutes of battery life if necessary. The disadvantages of the model include the placement of the screen in the center of the mirror, the lack of a photo mode.

Comparison table of the best rearview mirrors


Main characteristics


Navitel MR250

Records video in MP4 format and compresses it in H.264 format, both cameras take photos.

Artway AV-601

With two cameras, the resolution of the matrix for video 1.3 megapixels, for photos 5 megapixels.


Records videos in AVI format with H.264 compression.

Autoluxe 64693

The image from the cameras comes on a 6-inch screen, the model is convenient to use when parking.

Artway MD-161

One camera, but with a viewing angle of 140 degrees, FHD 1920 × 1080, video is recorded in AVI format with H.264 archiving.

Intego VX-435MR

Full HD 1920 × 1080, portable camera. VGA 640×480, viewing angle 140 degrees, G-sensor for video protection.

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual

Main camera with a viewing angle of 150 degrees records Full HD video, an external camera with a 120-degree view provides HD video.

Carcam Z-360

360-degree lens that records video at 1440 x 1440 dots and transmits images with date and time stamp to 4.3-inch display.

How to connect a mirror with a DVR? Recorders usually work from a cigarette lighter. To prevent the wires from being evicted in the cabin, they are carried out under the casing.

How does a panoramic rear-view mirror work? The driver sees more in a panoramic mirror than in a standard salon one. He can assess the situation Not only behind the car, but also on the sides, in the “blind spots”. The viewing angle is increased by the curvature of the optical element.

Step-by-step installation and connection of the rear view camera to the car interior mirror with a monitor.

In this article, we will try in detail and with pictures to show motorists how you can install or replace the parking system by improving it and installing it instead of standard equipment.

Let’s look at a modernized interior mirror with a monitor and a rear-view camera, both with and without parking sensors.

Dismantling of a standard inside salon mirror.

All cars have different mountings, depending on the make and class of the car.

Today there are a huge number of ways to dismantle the original mirror.

In our article, we will consider using the example of fastening, which approximately 70% of the cars in picture 1 have.

1) At the time of Dismantling, it is worth using force when removing the mirror, since the patch is attached to the windshield, and the glass, by its density, can crack with a sharp movement or strong pressure on it, or at the time of removing the mirror.

70% of cars have this mount.

The mirror itself is directly attached to Piglet and tightened with a locking bolt, picture 2. Gently unscrew it with a hexagon and easily remove the mirror.

The mirror is directly attached to the Piglet and tightened with a locking bolt

But we want to note that the mount shown in picture 2 may differ significantly from yours. There are many mounts, but this is the most common today.

Figure 3 shows not all the options for standard mountings that are in cars.

2) Mount the mirror with the monitor on the already installed patch to the windshield.As shown in Figure 4, We will install the mirror and tightly fix the mirror mount with a corkscrew bolt.

Usually, along with the mirror, a hexagon must be present in the package.

3.1) Installation of the rear view camera occurs from the back of the car, the most suitable and more acceptable option is in the center. But it is not always possible to install over the license plate, it all depends on the car brand. Also, if you decide to install a standard camera, then they are usually installed with an offset to the left or right, depending on the model, usually this installation takes place instead of the ceiling.

Figure 5 shows an example installation, with underlined (red. Color) how the wiring from the camera to the mirror is usually laid.

3.2) Scheme of detailed wiring from the rear-view camera to the inside of the salon mirror or vice versa (Figure 6 / 6.1):

Detailed wiring diagram for rear view camera.

A) The cable from the rear-view mirror with the monitor is wound under the headliner B / U) Next, the cable under the headliner is laid to the rack.

Next, the cable under the headliner is routed to the rack.

D) The cable is fastened with clamps along the stand to the usually already existing loop of wires. You can lay the wiring both on the left and on the right pillar (optional).

You can lay the wiring both on the left and on the right pillar (optional).

E) The mirror is connected to the camera.

The mirror is connected to the camera.

E / G) The cable goes down to the threshold of the car and stretches to the trunk with a gasket along the threshold (before laying the cable (included with the camera, about 5 meters) that commutes the mirror with the camera, go through the top layer of electrical tape so that the cable does not rub or any external damage).

The cable goes down to the doorstep of the car and stretches to the trunk with a strip along the threshold.

C) At point C, the laid cable is switched with the camera itself and power supply to activate both the camera and the mirror.

The figure does not show all the variety of connections and the location of the rear view camera on the vehicle. Depending on the brand or class, in different cars, for example: SEDAN, hatchback, UNIVERSAL, the installation of a rear view camera is different. We show an example of installation on a hatchback, but this type of car has its own subtleties and different differences during installation.

3.3) A detailed wiring diagram of the rear view camera is shown in the figure.

Detailed wiring diagram for rear view camera.

We hope This publication helped you a little to understand.