Rear view camera with monitor in panoramic mirror PARKVISION, test

The reversing assistance system can be either parktronic. Parking sensors with a scale, or a rear view camera with a monitor. The second option is more informative and indicative, so that it is chosen by both automakers and car owners, in whose cars a rear view camera is not installed.

The image from the rear view camera can be transmitted to the OEM car monitor, the monitor of the main multimedia device, to the car TV screen. But in THESE cases, the driver has to “throw” his gaze from the rearview mirror to the monitor, which is usually set much lower.

Saturn High-Tech’s solution eliminates the scattering of attention between two images: the image from the camera is displayed directly on the rearview mirror. Thus, the driver is more attentive, which increases safety when reversing.

The set consists of a PARKVISION PVC-TS6 rear-view camera and a rear-view interior mirror with an integrated PARKVISION PVM-100MKII monitor.

PARKVISION PVC-TS6. rear view camera test

PARKVISION PVC-TS6 rear view camera is a metal ball 2 cm in diameter with a lens eye. The top position is marked with an arrow sticker. The camera body can be installed in four different ways: either into one of the three different-shaped bodies included in the kit, or simply cut into the plane of the body. In the latter version, the camera (especially on a black car) is not conspicuous.

Dust and moisture protection in PARKVISION PVC-TS6 cameras is equal to IP-68, a high-quality rubber O-ring does NOT let dust, dirt and moisture inside, and the “ball” itself is covered with corrosion-resistant black paint.

The camera is connected to the monitor with two cables. The first one comes out of its body, has a length of 3 meters and ends with a micro-jack connector with a diameter of 4.5 mm. The second cable is made up of two wires: one. for power supply, 3.9 m long, second. for video signal transmission, 7.8 m long. The wires are all soft, not too thick, so it will be convenient to lay them. The video signal wire ends with a RCA connector (cinch).

PARKVISION PVC-TS6 camera produces a picture with a resolution of 680×512 pixels. In 420 lines, it works in the PAL color system and perceives the surrounding situation with an illumination of more than 0.5 Lux. Declared viewing angles: 135 degrees diagonally, 115. horizontally and 80. vertically close to the real indicators.

A wide range of installation options allow you to choose the most suitable way to mount the camera. All options are simple and do NOT cause any difficulties, there is an O-ring rubber seal on the wire, which protects the cable from chafing in the place where the body passes. The slim connector allows the use of existing process holes, even if they are small in diameter. The length of the adapter cable is designed for universal installation, including, it seems, even buses. It will be redundant for most machines, but it is better than detecting the lack of wire length during installation, which is often found in models from other manufacturers. The camera’s consumption is low, only 60 mA, and it only turns on when reversing, so you don’t have to worry about the battery.

The camera angle is adjusted using a metal bracket, which is best kept in the cabin at all times. Despite the tight fit of PARKVISION PVC-TS6 in rubber seals, there is very little risk of changing the position after, say, high pressure washing. The power circuit, as befits any electrical appliance, is protected by fuses.

Video images allow you to fully see the situation with the car, the main thing. keep the lens clean.

PARKVISION PVM-100MKII. salon rear-view mirror with built-in monitor, test

The salon rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor PARKVISION PVM-100MKII is attached to the standard one with spring clips. Despite the relatively large size (305x105x17 mm), it is light enough and holds firmly. A 40 cm long cable comes out of the upper end of the device, ending in an 8-pin connector, to which the main cable 2 meters long is connected, which includes power wires (-, and reverse) with a fuse, as well as four wires with a mating RCA connector ( tulip): two for a video signal, two. under audio.

The thing is in the front part of the PARKVISION PVM-100MKII mirror frame there are control buttons: power, signal source selection (camera 1 or camera 2), menu control. There is also an IR receiver for signals from the remote control.

The remote control allows you to fully control all mirror functions at a distance of up to 5 meters, subject to direct line of sight.

The display of the device is located on the left side of the mirror and is a reflective element in the inactive state. When a video signal appears, the monitor displays a picture from a camera or other video source. Display diagonal 7 inches, resolution 480×234 pixels. These characteristics, taking into account the proximity of the monitor to the driver’s eyes, are quite enough to make out the obstacles to movement. The monitor supports color image and works with PAL / NTSC cameras.

There are two speakers on the back of the mirror.

PARKVISION PVM-100MKII interior rear-view mirrors with a built-in monitor have a flat reflective surface, so that the mirror does NOT distort the picture, unlike many panoramic mirrors. And you can’t call it a panoramic ego: the viewing width, in comparison with a standard mirror, does not increase much. However, the field of view becomes wider, which reduces the size of the “blind spot” and contributes to increased traffic safety.

PARKVISION PVM-100MKII is easily attached to a standard mirror, it is held securely, and does not break from vibration and bouncing on bumps. The cable is led up, and does not interfere with the driver’s view and is easily laid along the windshield frame.

The left part conveys the reflection comfortably for the eyes, the picture is similar to the reflection in a regular mirror. The right side of the mirror is darkened, apparently designed to compensate for bright lighting from cars driving behind. When the display is turned on, the reflection remains only on the right side of the mirror, which is convenient: you can navigate both by the picture from the camera and by the reflection.

The image on the display is clear, reproduces colors fairly correctly (here, of course, is also the merit of the camera). Brightness, saturation and contrast are adjustable using the menu in a wide range and you can always find a comfortable option. Details are clearly visible, the sharp difference in illumination is slightly compensated, leaving even shadowed objects against the general bright background quite distinguishable.

You can connect two cameras or other video sources to the mirror and, if necessary, switch between them, or you can turn off the monitor altogether. over, one of the video inputs can be correctly configured to work with a rear view camera: when the rear speed is turned on, the display will automatically turn on or switch, broadcasting the image from the camera. For the second video input, you can connect, for example, a video recorder. In this case, you get the opportunity to quickly monitor the progress of video filming and quickly view videos on a large screen and with high-quality sound.

The menu has a choice of language, including Russian.

In general, the panoramic mirror PARKVISION PVM-100MKII. an excellent solution that allows you to conveniently monitor the situation when reversing, as well as use additional video devices.

Rearview camera with mirror image

The second camera is mounted on the rear window or bumper, in the license plate. The DVR should work reliably in high and low temperature environments. Therefore, it has two distinct advantages at once: it does not interfere with the driver’s view and is invisible to intruders. Therefore, we install the recorder in the car so as not to obstruct the driver’s view and DO NOT distract him from the road. In practice, this function does NOT interfere in any way with the driver or cause interference when recording video or parking. Usually, fixing a recorder starts with finding a location. Car DVR. an important element of a modern car, and one might even say, mandatory for installation in any vehicle. As the rear view camera works with a bang, it is convenient to park. The manufacturer claims that the mirror is compatible with many car models, but we still recommend that you first compare the standard mount with the theme that is included in the kit. You may need to install a device driver. This model has a high-quality speaker and microphones for playback of recordings with sound and without distortion.

The color box differs from the hard one, rather expensive. 5000, you don’t even have to look at the temperature drop slider icon. Here, too, little will be able to see correctly if the sun is bright, if at night it is blind, be healthy. Information in traffic conflicts, forcing to such a registrar, the area becomes very small, it must be admitted. The fact that the card would be logical was the emergence of DVRs for a massive, installation site options are minimized. I know it’s worth the flow. and from the front and rear view. The variant will fit as a result of the registrar reduction. it is his.

I had to have time to look into two devices and mirrors when driving, which was NOT particularly convenient. This allows video recording without starting the power unit. You should immediately make sure of this, otherwise you will either have to buy an overlay recorder or re-glue the mounting bracket. Firstly, they take up much less space, because such models do not require the allocation of a separate space near the windshield. It is possible to set the permissible speed mode for the device. But there is also a second type of negative: disadvantages are inevitable, which are due to the cheapness of electronic components and cannot be corrected even in theory. Usually, in other devices, the camera located at the back takes less quality. DVRs in the rearview mirror can also be attributed to the list of these devices. That is why it is necessary not only to securely and correctly fix it, but also to choose a convenient place.

As a result, the mirror is constantly grabbed by your fingers, you have to wipe it regularly. It is not very promising to change such optics, therefore it is better to immediately give preference to glass. over, the DVR built into the rearview mirror is completely invisible. Unfortunately, only a 2-megapixel matrix is ​​installed here. We hope this article will help you to choose a good mirror-dvr with a rearview camera, among the abundance of models and manufacturers. Therefore, it was logical for the appearance of video recorders for hidden installation or successfully mimicking any standard element of the car. The main advantages and disadvantages of mirrors-DVRs Each car owner strives to add functionality to his car, so from time to time we buy useful gadgets that make our movement more comfortable, cozy and safe. The video material is used as an evidence base in court (for solving controversial situations on the roads). This decision can be called controversial for the following reasons. Due to technical limitations, the brightness of displays installed in mirrors is small, and it will be difficult to navigate the menu on a sunny day.

My built-in card was filling, I did NOT see anything like it. Built-in 4.3-inch screen, with which you can customize the menu, various items, such as overlaying the exact date and time in the video. The footage can be broadcast in the left or right side of the mirror, in the middle. In this new item there is the possibility of two-way recording. It is NOT uncommon when the windshield is littered by the simultaneously hanging recorder and navigator. This function is only active when the ignition is on. Or in our reality. to remove the device and put it in the glove compartment away from the eyes of the marauders. A rear-view mirror with a monitor is more expensive than simple devices. Built-in microphone and speaker provide audio recording.

Installation that does not require compactness The device will not be, the guys spent everything under the casing, glued the cameras where necessary, plus the power does NOT come from the cigarette lighter, but was done directly from the battery. Stores, prices, operation is not recommended top-end recording quality in two-camera devices only starts from 10-12 thousand rubles. The automotive segment is attached directly to only 5490 rubles. Model with power supply through the correct installation As we reviewed, it copes well with night photography. The site to which there will be additional camera applications is available, but the only one can be too all.

Mirror recorder to a regular place

The main feature is a full-fledged built-in color monitor that allows the driver to quickly and efficiently navigate the road. The attachment to the windshield is made with a separate platform, which is attached with double-sided tape, after which the DVR is already attached to it. We present the best options for this segment of automotive components. So it is even less universal when it comes to cars. over, to change any settings, you just need to reach out. The device has a slot for connecting a memory card, the maximum size of which is determined by the device model. Video surveillance mode Development of our own software allowed us to implement several additional functions, one of which is the video surveillance mode.

A gadget of a new generation of the form, a conventional DVR of the lower part of the case, on which touch control buttons are located. Each will need a vacuum cleaner for those who have a wide space in front of the windshield. Rack, made settings that allow automatic switching, an integrated camera is located, which takes pictures and displays the resulting image on the screen. The accessory has proven itself functionally, in that the regik is in the mirror, outside you have to have proof of your innocence with you. (They are, as you may have noticed, even a very convenient service is small, especially during the day.

Himself master: Install and connect the rear view camera yourself

All modern cars today are equipped with multiple electronic devices, one of which is parking sensors. Such a gadget allows you to park correctly, given the dimensions of the vehicle. However, in order to have a more complete picture of what is happening behind the car, many motorists are installing rear view cameras. For more information on how to install a rear view camera and how to choose such a device, read below.

Choosing the right device

Before you learn how to properly connect a car rear view camera to a monitor or navigator according to the diagram, you should decide on the choice of a device. The modern market offers buyers a large selection of such gadgets, characterized by different features and functionality. Accordingly, the cost of such devices is also different. In production, they always take care that the end consumer can always supply the device with his own hands, therefore gadget kits are always equipped with instructions and adapters.

So, how to choose the right gadget:

  • First, you need to decide on the choice of the shape of the device, because this will directly affect its connection to a monitor or navigator. Where is the connection made? Sometimes the rear view camera is installed in the bumper, other models are equipped with special fasteners. In addition, in some cases, the installation of a rear view camera is carried out in the luggage compartment lid or in its illumination.
  • Also, by type, rear view devices can be wireless or with wires. Installing a rear view camera with wires. it is more painstaking business, but such a gadget, unlike a wireless one, is much cheaper. Of course, wireless devices are more technological, their connection to a navigator or a mirror is carried out wirelessly. It all depends on financial capabilities.
  • When choosing a reversing camera, you also follow the concepts of what angle of view you need. If the directionality of the sensor is too narrow, then the motorist will simply not be able to fully assess the situation behind the car. Accordingly, there will be little sense from such a reversing device, be it with wires or wireless. However, if the rear view gadget has a wide viewing angle, too much unnecessary information will be displayed on the monitor or navigator, which will interfere with the driver’s concentration.

Preparing to install a rear view camera on a car

Where and how to install the rear view camera? Mounting a camera with wires or wireless with your own hands requires the car enthusiast to remove certain components of the upholstery or bodywork, as well as some skills when working with electronics. If you decide to do everything yourself, that is, with your own hands, then remember that you cannot rush to dismantle the plastic upholstery. It is better to find all the necessary fasteners and adapters, to identify the places where the latches are located, so you will understand where to go. Using a screwdriver and other tools, you can easily prepare the car for the connection process with your own hands.

rearview, camera, working, mirror

Camera image in the rearview mirror

Remember that always, when working with electrical wires and cables of the car, you need to disconnect the battery:

  • Where to look first. so it’s in the luggage compartment. You are required to designate the place through which the cables and wires will pass to connect the reversing monitoring device. As a rule, in the trunk there should be special plugs for this, if necessary, after pinouting the cables, they can be laid already next to the existing wires.
  • As for the peephole itself, which will monitor the reverse, it is better to mount it in the bumper of the car or in the backlight of the license plate. In principle, it all depends on the car owner. it’s up to you to decide which is the best scheme to use for this. In some cases, in order to pinout and bring out the cables of the reverse monitoring device, it is required to remove the whole bumper, sometimes it is enough to simply hide the device with a plug. Depending on the car, installation is carried out in special seats.
  • Please note that before connecting the rear view camera, it will be necessary to dismantle some of the components in the passenger compartment, on the front panel. As a rule, the installation of the gadget involves the removal of the torpedo and the lower part of the control panel, this is necessary in order to correctly connect all the adapters after pinout and connect the device to the wiring. In some cases, it is required to dismantle the multimedia system (video author. SERGE).

After you carry out the pinout, prepare all the necessary adapters and dismantle the upholstery, you can start installing the device.

Installation and Connection Guide

Tools and materials

Before connecting the rear view camera, please prepare all the necessary tools.

If you plan to connect the device to a standard monitor, then in addition to cables and tools, you will need the Appropriate adapters:

  • Drill;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Screwdriver.


  • The first step is to install a peephole. If your car has the right places for mounting this element, just dismantle the plastic plugs and install the peephole in their place. But how to install a rear view camera if the car is not equipped with seats? Using a drill, drill the desired hole in the bumper and install the device in it, fixing it with glue.
  • Next, lay all the necessary cables through the luggage compartment. First of all, connect the negative cable to the car body, that is, its mass, usually a black cable. You can use a bolt to connect, but in advance it is necessary to clean the body from rust and dirt, if any, so that the contact is good. As for the positive cable, it is better to connect it to the taillight wiring. Thus, the device will turn on automatically when the driver activates the reverse speed.
  • After connecting the device, the cables are pulled into the front of the car interior and connected to the monitor. As a rule, the cable is enough for THESE purposes, but you may have to lengthen it yourself. Here we will clarify the moment on the adapter. If you plan to connect the device to the OEM monitor, then you may need to purchase the Corresponding adapters in advance. But in most cases, the connection goes through without problems, with the introduction of standard “tulips”. If a modern multimedia system is installed in your vehicle, then it must be equipped with an appropriate outlet for such a device, check this.
  • After you connect the device to the monitor, the final stage will be to connect the screen to the network and mount it on the torpedo. In this case, the minus cable should be connected to the ground of the car body, plus is connected to the power cable of the reversing lights. Typically, this element is located in the area of ​​the gear selector, then the center console. As for the display itself, fix it on the console with self-tapping screws, but double-sided tape will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Checking and setting

  • To check Connect the battery, turn on the ignition.
  • We activate the reverse speed.
  • In the event that an image with the background of the car’s rear view appears on the display, the connection process can be considered complete. Can be assembled upholstery.
  • If necessary, you can adjust the lens.

Video “Installation of the rear view device

Detailed instructions are presented in the video below (the author of the video. Differently from China).

Rearview Mirrors Connection Diagram

Functions and characteristics The angle of view of the camera with a monitor in the mirror characterizes how well objects located to the left and right of the vehicle will be viewed. Then a separate button is NOT required, the systems are turned on simultaneously. Install a mirror. First, it is recommended to make sure that they are securely attached to the elements, fixing them on the drive mechanism. Connecting a rear view camera It is worth recognizing that in most cases the harm from this function is much more than the benefits. Also, this method is not suitable for radio tape recorders, which require an excitation wire. When parking, you can see children and animals, which often walk in the yard. In this case, you will simply need it and be useful for identifying, eliminating and subsequent repair of such a malfunction. Installing a camera instead of a canopy will require skills and tools. Having glued the heater to one side element, we proceed to the other, after which we insert the structure into the case and proceed to connecting the wires and contacts. Fault monitoring system lamp What if you have installed a rear view camera in your car, and it only works when the car is muted? Rearview Mirror Monitor

Criterias of choice

The only drawback. overcharge. To prevent the wires from dangling and NOT frayed, wrap them with cloth tape, if possible, fasten with ties to a standard wiring harness, or Fix using the technical holes of the body elements. The wiring is laid under the car door trim and further under the panel. I don’t know exactly how the headlights work, so I’m asking. The only drawback in my case was that the mirror turned out to be slightly longer than the standard one, so the driver’s sun visor clings to it. The display shows a high quality image, which may not be bright enough in summer. But the reversing camera will not work correctly with such interference. Red-power supply White-you can stick in another camera, video recorder, radio tape recorder. Through the rear window at night I do not see anything because of toning, but through the monitor mirror is a completely different matter. Advantages and disadvantages of this mirror I saw the disadvantage in the universal mount. There are 2 options for installing a car mirror with a camera: Instead of a standard interior rear-view mirror. Personally, I recommend this model to everyone. In the passenger compartment, the wires can be pulled both below along the thresholds and behind the headliner. If the mirror with the monitor has an output for powering the camera, then its corresponding connector is inserted into this socket. Reversing camera and monitor connection

Installing SE mirrors on Prior

Thus, find out where the breakdown occurred in the electrical circuit. blown fuse, broken wire, short circuit, or just lost contact. Connect all wires. There is no such problem on the passenger side.

It has a 4.3-inch low-resolution display. per pixel. The backlight illuminates the camera lens, so the image quality does NOT improve at night.

I can say that I installed the mirror directly outside the box, but I did it tightly, so there can be no backlash and speech in the script, and you just can’t take it off.First, you screwed in the screws and put the fasteners on them And I did it because when I installed this mirror is on top of the standard one, then it looked out from me and I really did not like it. Next comes the turn of the boot and back cover, which must be removed. Installation of a rear-view camera of a standard mirror with a monitor and a DVR. Tokzamer.Ru

After that, the wire is soldered or screwed so that it is connected to the desired terminal. It has a 4.3-inch low-resolution display. per pixel.

The mirror may buzz, but not fold if the gear on the shaft with the worm is worn. An adjustable mount is installed on the back of the camera. The description says that the camera has IP67 protection, but judging by the slot where the wire goes, IP67 is a complete hat. If the gadget does not work, you need to ring the wiring.

Next comes the turn of the boot and back cover, which must be removed.

Which “unfolds” the picture. what will happen here? Do-it-yourself heating of the rear-view mirrors It is worth at the same time to check the integrity of the plastic parts and all the latches, which, after the mirror element is removed, become available.

Electrical circuits Lada Largus

All wires must be connected in accordance with the diagram that comes with the kit. The second contact supplies an analog video signal from the rear view camera, and the third contact supplies a voltage of 5 V. It is necessary to check the diameter of the plug and socket so that they fit together.

After laying the wires, it is necessary to install the camera itself. Now everything looks nice asked the ignition mirror. But there is also an advantage. this is the presence of 2 video inputs.

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The camera wire has a wire approximately 25 cm long and has 2 inputs. When parking, you can see children and animals, which often walk in the yard.

The other latch is locked in the same way. Mounting the camera To mount the camera on a view with a license plate frame, remove the latter and screw on the fixture. This procedure is not carried out in all machines, but extreme care is required, since it is easy to damage the coating. Yes, it is compact, but the quality of video recording there is just awful, so the navigators are also crooked. You just need to connect everything according to the instructions that are necessarily attached to the device. Monitor for rear view camera TFT LED Monitor U5 7 “. Overview.