Rear view camera with dynamic markings: overview, views, characteristics, description and setting

What is a rear view camera for in a car? In fact, it allows you to park your vehicle more safely. Modifications with dynamic markup are in great demand. Cameras of this type make it possible to estimate the distance to obstacles, and not only observe them on the display.

For drivers with little experience, they are a real salvation. Modern models are sold at a price of 10 thousand rubles. In order to understand the devices in more detail, you need to consider the main types of rear-view cameras.

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Globex CM15U parameters

This camera is manufactured with four sensors. The viewing angle of the device is 230 degrees. The operating voltage of the model does not exceed 13 V. The camera does not have an all-round view function. However, it is important to note that a robust security system is in place. The sensor is of the flat type. The central unit is made quite compact, does not take up much space in the car.

The system supports four channels in total. In this case, the markup can be configured through the main menu. Also, the user is able to change the brightness of the picture. In parking mode, the device consumes approximately 230 mAh. The minimum allowable chamber temperature is 14 degrees. The G-sensor is not included in the standard kit. The DVR function in this case is. The volume of a minute recording does not exceed 13 MB. This rear-view camera costs about 12 thousand rubles.

Falcon FN 190-R

The Falcon FN 190-R is a compact and versatile rearview camera with dynamic markings. Installation of the central unit is carried out on the panel. Additionally, it should be noted that the camera comes with sensitive sensors. The controller in the system is designed for three channels. The user can change the recording format through the main menu. The resolution is 550 by 340 pixels. The dynamic layout for the rear view camera is adjusted via the main menu. The model does not have sensors for determining the distance to the object. Housings are manufactured with IP60 protection system. The user can buy the specified camera for 11 thousand rubles.

Globex CM10U

This camera is available on the market with two high sensitivity sensors. The horizontal angle of the object definition. 145 degrees. The camera consumes little power in parking mode. It is also important to note that the operating voltage of the system is 15 V. In total, the device has two USB connectors. It has a slot for an external drive. The sensor on the model is used at 1.2 inches. The model costs today about 13,500 rubles.

Electronics GT C20 device overview

The Electronics GT C20 is a compact rear-view camera, and the trajectory of objects along the markings is clearly visible. Its obstacle detection angle is 150 degrees. The operating voltage of the system does not exceed 12V. The unit is installed on the panel. The minimum allowable temperature of the model is 15 degrees. It does not have a circular view system. There is 250 MB of RAM.

The camera has a DVR function. The user can change the video signal format through the main menu. The volume of a minute recording, as a rule, does not exceed 14 MB. The video processing unit is designed for three channels. The control board in the system is installed with a built-in sensor. If necessary, the drive can be connected via the USB connector. This rear-view camera with dynamic markings (market price) costs 14 thousand rubles.

Electronics GT C15

Characteristics of the Falcon FN 180-R model

These cameras are of high resolution. The recording format can be changed if necessary. Resolution rate. 620 by 460 pixels. The function for changing the color of the marking in the device is provided. The model has four sensors in total. According to the buyers, the installation of the system is quite simple. This parking equipment has a USB connector.

If we consider the disadvantages, it is important to note that the menu is provided in English. The memory drive can be purchased separately if necessary. The body of the model is made of plastic. You can buy this camera for 13 thousand rubles.

Which parking system to choose?

The best is parking sensors or a rear view camera? Nowadays, there is a lot of controversy over this issue of choosing a parking system. Initially, the driver only has a rear-view mirror at his disposal. However, in fact, there is an opportunity to enlarge the review. In this case, you can stop at the parking sensors, or supplement it with a rear-view camera. As a result, such a parking system will be called video parktronic.

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If you choose only one device, you should understand that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In defense of the parking sensors, it must be said that, in comparison with a rear-view camera, it costs much less. Additionally, it provides accurate distance information. At the same time, there is no element of visual deception. In defense of the rear view camera, we can say that it is easier and more comfortable to use. At the same time, it is able to let the driver see what the above device will not show (parking sensors).

Rear view camera with parking sensors: how to choose

The most difficult element for a novice driver is the parking element. At the same time, a person really lacks vision to correctly perform a maneuver without risk. The following means come to the aid of drivers in this matter: a camera, parking sensors, a rear-view mirror. They can be used individually or together. It is generally accepted that it is better for the driver to use all means at the same time. In this way, you can get much more information that will be needed to complete the maneuver.

Everything about the camera is clear to many, but parking sensors are a more complex device. Additionally, it is called a parking radar. His responsibilities include accurately determining the distance from the car to obstacles. In this case, the process itself is carried out using special sensors.

Important characteristics of video parktronics

Speaking about the characteristics that a rear-view camera with parking sensors has, first of all, we should mention the display parameters. In this case, the manufacturer must indicate the exact resolution of the device. This indicator is measured in pixels. The aspect ratio and chromaticity are also indicated.

The input voltage of the equipment also plays an important role. In this case, the video signal can be used in various types. From the characteristics of the monitor, the last indicator is the temperature range, and it is measured, of course, in degrees. Next in the video parktronics are the characteristics of the power supplies. First of all, this means the operating voltage and current.

Among other things, the displayed and processed distance values ​​can be found in the documentation for the device. Last but not least, the characteristics of the device’s camera itself are taken into account. In this case, we are talking about the chromaticity, the type of matrix, as well as the minimum illumination. Another important parameter is the viewing angle, which is measured in degrees. As with the monitor, the temperature range is indicated. Finally, we can note the security indicator, which is indicated by a certain marking.

Model “Inkar

Parktronic with a rear-view camera of this brand is quite comfortable to use. At the same time, it has a high-quality display. The frame format is provided by the manufacturer at the level of 4: 3. In turn, the input voltage of the device fluctuates around 12 V, and the input signal is of a combined type.

The working current of the video parktronic is 0.5 A. Additionally, it should be noted that the indicator of the displayed distance is a maximum of 2.5 meters, and the volume of the sound signal is perceived by the device up to 45 dB. On average, parking sensors with a rear-view camera will cost the buyer about 7 thousand rubles.

Control units

Control units must be selected separately. Their operating voltage must be at least 10 V. At the same time, the operating current is at least 0.6 A. All this makes it possible to get data fairly quickly. The processed distance of the control unit is 2.5 meters on average. In this case, the volume of the sound signal must be perceived up to 50 dB.

Last but not least, the power consumption of a rear-view camera with parking sensors is assessed. On average, this parameter fluctuates at 6 watts. At the same time, the car battery will not be discharged quickly, which, of course, is good for the driver.

Advantages of video parktronic “Longhorn

The main advantage of this brand’s video parktronics is undoubtedly high-quality new-generation matrices. over, they are installed in all models. Of the shortcomings, only the high cost of the devices should be noted. They will cost an average buyer about 10 thousand rubles.

The minimum illumination of the device is 0.2 lux. At the same time, the maximum viewing angle of the rear-view camera with the “Longhorn” parktronic has 180 degrees. Among other things, mention should be made of the excellent protection of the device, and it is absolutely not afraid of moisture.

Choosing a high-quality video parktronic model

How to choose parking sensors and a rear view camera? Answering this question, first of all, you need to pay attention to the monitor of the device. The display resolution in the model must be at least 480 by 240 pixels. In this case, the frame format is encouraged 4: 3. You should also pay attention to the color system of the model. Recently, NTSC types seem to be more preferable.

In this case, the input voltage of the monitor should be at the level of 12 V DC. In turn, the input signal must be perceived as a combined type. In this case, you can ignore the temperature range. As a rule, video parktronics can be used both in frost and hot seasons.

Rear view cameras with parking guidelines: overview, selection, connection

Car manufacturers are constantly improving the performance of their products. The equipment becomes more reliable, more functional and more economical to maintain. Along with this, special developments appear that improve the ergonomics of using the vehicle. In this regard, rear-view cameras with parking guidelines deserve attention, which not only facilitate the driver’s tasks, but also increase the overall level of safety. Such equipment will be useful not only for beginners who have just passed their license, but also for experienced drivers who, due to certain external factors, may be forced to turn to an electronic assistant for help.

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Features of wireless systems

The classic method for transmitting a signal between components of on-board automotive electronics is to use the local power grid. It can be standard fittings, but it is most often paired with central power supply lines. To save car enthusiasts from painstaking cabling, manufacturers began to master wireless rear-view cameras with parking guidelines with a monitor to which a radio signal is broadcast. To organize the infrastructure of this connection, the installation of the transmitter and receiver modules is required. That is, the video signal will be sent wirelessly from the camera to the main unit of the parking system. The concept is convenient to install and operate, but it has two drawbacks. broadcast instability in conditions of strong interference and a limited coverage area (10-15 m).

Installation operations and equipment connection

The installation method will depend on the type of camera. Fundamentally, there are two options. surface-mounted and flush-mounted. In the first case, by means of the complete adhesive clips, the device is simply applied to the target surface, after which auxiliary external holders can be used. It is advisable to use a mortise type of installation if the connection of the rear view camera will be wired. Creating a hole in this situation fulfills the task of installing the device and provides access to the on-board network. The camera itself is fixed in a special seal and clamped in a prepared socket.

This is followed by the stage of connecting the system components. As stated, wireless models do not require traditional cable connections. But even in this case, output RCA connectors can be used. In the standard scheme for connecting a rear view camera, the main panel is connected to the battery and the audio and video outputs are connected. Again, depending on the functionality of the model, it can also be connected with third-party devices, including a navigator, TV tuner, etc.


Main characteristics of devices

In the operation of such equipment, the importance of optics is extremely great. Experts recommend to give preference to cameras with HCCD matrices, which are distinguished by high-quality “picture” and small size. The more detailed the image, the larger should be the screen on which it is displayed. Models with resolutions of 510 x 492 and 720 x 480 are considered standard. But it also makes no sense to acquire a too massive display, since the dimensional equipment on the dashboard interferes with the natural view. In addition, rear-view cameras with parking guidelines can have different coverage angles. It varies from 120 to 170 degrees on average. On the one hand, the increase in visibility is a plus, since the car owner controls a larger area. But almost always, such models are inferior to analogs with a smaller angle in terms of image quality. detail and clarity suffer, which is especially evident in the evening and at night.

Model Blackview VPF 2.1

This model is also integrated into the bearing structure of the license plate. During operation, the lens is protected from dirt and mechanical stress. The features of the device include the presence of two sensors, which are located on the sides of the camera. They allow you to fix the distance to surrounding objects. However, the detection distance is small and is only 20-30 cm. Like the best rear-view cameras with parking guidelines, this version is equipped with a beeper. This functional component provides the possibility of sound notification if the scanning system detects a critical approach. Also, the advantages of the Blackview solution include a solid 720 x 480 screen and a wide range of operating temperatures.

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AutoExpert VC-216 Model

This model is mainly preferred by car owners who want to get a simple and low-cost tool to facilitate the parking process. The device is easily mounted using two lugs. Then it only remains to direct the camera to the advantageous area and connect it to the central panel. Despite the budget class, this version provides a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees and produces a detailed image. Also structurally, the rear view cameras with parking guidelines from AutoExpert are rarely criticized by users. Element base and assembly of devices are made at a high quality level.

Pros and cons of conventional parking sensors

Of course, the installation of a conventional parking sensor and a display with an audible warning greatly simplifies maneuvering, however, the degree of risk is still high, since the parking sensor sends a pulse of a certain shape (most often cone-shaped) into space, which must, after reflected from the obstacle, return to it, and in this case, it is rather difficult to avoid the presence of dead zones, which are not covered by these signals. Only a large number of installed emitters can help in this, which, in turn, already threatens with aesthetic unattractiveness.

In addition, only large and wide solid objects are capable of reflecting the signal well, but the sensor may incorrectly determine the distance to all kinds of posts or carts from the supermarket, but most often they remain completely “invisible” to him. This problem is supplemented by the possibility of signal reflection in the other direction if it hits an inclined surface.

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Do not forget about animals, whose fur simply absorbs the signal without reflecting it. Thus, the parking sensors absolutely do not see him and the car can cause great harm to the animal. Sewer openings without hatches can also become invisible, since they are corny located outside the sensor’s range of action. Problems were also noted in rainy weather, when droplets saturate the air and the signal is distorted, or does not pass at all.

Of course, adherents of classic parking sensors will find something to object to all these special cases, however, the optimal and progressive solution will still be to use parking sensors with a rear-view camera, when a video camera is mounted in tandem with the sensors and broadcasts the image behind the car. Thus, the driver will be able to fully control the situation: both visually and relying on the sonar readings, which determine the distance.

What is the difference between ordinary parking sensors and parking sensors with a rear-view camera

In the modern auto world, disputes about the effectiveness of parking sensors and rear-view cameras are quite violent. And the latter begin to come forward more and more.

So, the authoritative American insurance institute specializing in road safety (IIHS), conducted tests, based on the results of which he concluded that it was the cameras that broadcast the picture on the screen that were safer. During the study, “test subjects” tried to park in reverse as close to the dummy as possible and in cars equipped with cameras, many more people did this.

Parktoronik with a rear view camera on the Kia Sorrento. You can determine the distance to the obstacle, the parking sensor will beep when approaching the obstacle

Of course, such a trend will not cause a massive rejection of parking sensors. Indeed, according to a specialist from IIHS, they can be successfully used for safety net and early warning of the driver about possible danger. This is especially true when the obstacle is out of the “video eye” line of sight, is located in the shade or in cloudy weather with precipitation, and in this case, the lens may also be contaminated.

Backup camera with sensor and led lights

In addition, many automotive experts agree that a system that combines parking sensors (plus various radars, sonars, rangefinders, etc.) and a camera will become the ideal parking assistant. Such a parking sensor with a camera will be the perfect way out of the situation and put an end to all disputes, satisfying both parties. After all, parking using only mirrors, in addition to a high degree of risk of damage to one’s own or someone else’s vehicle, is associated with the complexity of spatial orientation, since the driver assesses the mirrored situation.

Picture to help

The display, which receives a signal from the camera, can be located as a separate element, or it can be mounted in a special salon rear-view mirror. This option is quite convenient and does not violate the interior design solutions.

Clearly, briefly and clearly. what is a parking sensor with a rear-view camera and a monitor in the mirror.

Such a parking sensor in the rear-view mirror can be equipped with both b / w and a color screen, which, in essence, does not provide any advantages, except for the visual perception of the resulting picture. And this is due to the fact that the image quality depends on the size of the display itself and the sensitivity of the camera. All worries about “night broadcasts” can be safely discarded, since all modern video cameras are equipped with infrared illumination.

In general, the principle of operation of such a system is quite simple. It is activated automatically, simultaneously with the inclusion of the reverse. Depending on the model, the image can be supplemented with a visual display of the actual distance to the obstacle or voice information about the distance, or the system will squeak like a regular parking sensor.

Parking lights with a rear-view camera seem to be the optimal solution, since they allow not only to be aware of the presence of a hazard, but also to have its visual representation, which greatly simplifies the analysis of the situation as a whole. Thus, the driver is not limited in his actions and he does not have to leave the car to make an optimal decision.

Parktronic installed in the mirror. In the menu, you can make the necessary settings

Already today, these types of parking sensors with a camera are very popular among motorists and rightfully gain their confidence. When installing such a system, the standard salon mirror is replaced with a specialized one, the working surface of which consists of two parts. over, this can be noticed only when the reverse gear is activated, when a picture appears on the left side of the reflector, with a clear image of what is happening behind the car, trajectory prompts and lateral intervals to obstacles. Parktronic signals the driver about approaching an obstacle, and the closer the obstacle, the stronger and longer the signal will be.

One half of the mirror reflects the camera image at intervals to obstacles

In addition, in addition to fully performing all the duties assigned to the system, the functions of the in-car mirror are significantly expanded by equipping it with auxiliary options and specialized connectors that can be used to connect external devices such as car navigators or video recording modules, Bluetooth hubs and others.