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Rear view with a Wi-Fi wireless rear view camera for a personal car: what’s what

There is a solution. a Wi-Fi rear view camera for the car, mounted outside the car. The kit includes a video fixing device and a Wireless Fidelity dispenser. The bundle works simply:

  • when the ignition is on, the wireless communication module serves as a Wi-Fi signal distribution point;
  • the gadget is connected to the wireless network;
  • when reverse gear is activated, a picture of the situation behind the car is transmitted to the device connected to the Wi-Fi distribution point.

For reference. The role of a gadget can be played by both a GPS navigator and a smartphone or tablet running on Android or iOS.

It should be noted that the wireless camera-gadget link works exclusively in digital format. There is no conversion of a “digit” into an analog signal and vice versa, inherent in a wired bundle. This means that
the image quality from a wireless camera is much higher than from a wired one. It is necessary to emphasize such an advantage of Wi-Fi video recording tools as the versatility of use. After all, such a wireless module can be used as:

  • DVR by installing an application on Android / iOS that allows you to record video into the gadget’s memory;
  • a device that complements the intercom function;
  • observation center, broadcasting the situation in the yard.

Overboard: Wi-Fi Car Rear View Camera with Navigator on Android

Reversing maneuvers are still difficult for yesterday’s pupils of driving schools. The reason for this is the erroneous perception of the rear dimensions of the vehicle. To compensate for this disadvantage, and to improve driving technique in tight spaces, many people install parking sensors. However, the issue is often solved in a different way.

Kit installation

  • Drill a hole in the tailgate (behind the license plate).
  • Route the wires from the video fixing device through the previously made hole in the trunk.
  • In the luggage compartment, connect the wire to the wireless module.
  • Fix the Wi-Fi module and antenna.
  • Connect the red wire (12V) either to the ignition switch or directly to the battery.
  • Connect black wires to ground.
  • Connect the yellow wire to the “” reversing lights.

Experts who know how to install any Wi-Fi rear-view camera in a car note one feature. Do not mount Wireless Fidelity close to metal. If you ignore this requirement, then the metal will “shield” the signal that generates the dispensing unit.

Technological process of installing a Wi-Fi camera on a car

The Wireless Video Generator cannot be used offline. it must be installed.

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Software affairs

Having assembled the base, you should proceed to the materiel. It consists in installing software on a working gadget and configuring it. For example, for the top device GlobusGPS GL-Wi1, two programs are available: a simple RFK Wi-Fi and an advanced Sight Wi-Fi. It should be noted that they can be installed on Android OS version 2.2 and higher. Apple Gadgets are supported if the iOS version is higher than 4.2.

So, having downloaded the factory software to the video receiving device, you should check the operation of the equipment that captures the image behind the car. Experts recommend setting up an automatic connection of the gadget to the signal distribution point. This is necessary so that when the reverse gear is turned on, the video viewing application opens automatically. This option is activated in the program settings.