Rear view camera sho me ca 9j185d1

Rear view camera Sho-me CA-9J185D1. compact body, versatility of installation, convenient mounting, moisture protection
Sold: 115 pcs Production: China Article: 5025

What universal rear view camera can you recommend with a viewing angle of up to 90 degrees 😕 thank.

If you choose a model for rear view, then we have all cameras with a wide view, since the task of the ZX camera. capture more objects in Focus. Our front cameras are also wide-angle. We have exactly the parking equipment on sale, so the overview is wide.

In those. For the characteristics of this camera, the viewing angles are 105-horizon and 60-vertical. On other sites, the viewing angle is 150 degrees. I am interested in the real angle of view of the camera offered by you. thank.

Камера заднего вида SHO-ME CA-9204LED

If we consider this particular model, then the characteristics indicated by us in the description are provided directly by the manufacturer, in our opinion the review of this camera is approximately at the level of competitors with 170 gr. diagonally, so the horizontal angle is also wider than the specified 60, somewhere around 110 degrees.

This camera has parking guidelines?

There are no parking guidelines on this camera.

Hello. What is the maximum allowable cable length. if you lengthen it. I have a bus 17 meters, is it possible to install a camera?

The manufacturer does not indicate any restrictions on the length of the cable, we tried with 18 meters. everything is fine. Of course, given the length of the cable, it should be held in such a way that there are no external interference, and a lot depends on the quality of the cable itself, a lot of junk on the market.

Hello, I bought this camera from you, but I lost the user manual! When installing, I encountered a problem, the monitor does not automatically display the picture from the camera! The manual for the radio tape recorder says what should be thrown from the magnetophone in reverse, hence the question for what are the orange wires on the Av cable? If I connect one end to the reverse gear and the other to the radio cable, the picture will be transmitted automatically, or do I still have to separately throw the wire from the radio to the reverse gear? If possible, discard the f.l-dmitry @ user manual! thank.

Just if you connect the indicated wire, then everything will be OK, nothing needs to be pulled separately.

Hello. Please tell me if it is possible to match a rear view camera from other manufacturers with an alpine car radio? Thanks in advance.

КАМЕРА заднего вида с РЕАЛЬНО хорошим УГЛОМ обзора

It is possible, if the radio tape recorder of this brand, or any other has a video input with a Tulip connector and support for PAL, NTSC color systems.

In the instructions for some cameras, it is written: the camera is not designed to constantly supply power to it. Sho-me CA-9J185D1 rear view camera can work for a long time? For example, as a camera for a multi-channel DVR? If not, recommend a mirrored camera, not a very wide angle of view and capable of long-term operation.

Hello, from our assortment the camera manufacturer sPARK guarantees constant work. Sho-me, model CA-9J185D1, reports that the service life will be lower, i.e. not quite suitable for these purposes.
Rear-view cameras should have maximum coverage, so they have a large field of view. We can offer the following camera:

Explain the concept: is the image mirrored? Is there also a mirror image (on / off)? What is the difference. thank.

Mirror image means that the picture looks like in the rearview mirror. Some cameras can be used not only as a rear view, but also as a front view, then the image can be switched from mirror to forward.

Hello. I purchased this Sho-me CA-9J185D1 camera from you. I’m trying to install it myself. And such a question for you: where do you need to connect the orange wires on the video cable. I connected everything except them. Camera does not work.

Orange wire. these are 12V video cables, it is connected to a similar wiring on the radio, if it is not capable of automatically displaying a picture from the camera when a signal appears at the video input. As a rule, such a system is used on Chinese-made multifunction monitors. To test the camera itself, you can connect it to a regular TV and supply power only to the red and black wires.
It should be noted that the camera works only in PAL, if the radio on the video input does not support this color system, then you will not see the picture on the display.
Also, there are radio tape recorders, where manually through the settings you have to activate the video input. Check all these points.

Hello! What is the length of the stock video cable?

Measurements made by specialists

you can learn more about the measurement method here

Rear view camera Sho-me CA-9J185D1. compact body, versatility of installation, convenient mounting, moisture protection

Compact rear view camera at an affordable price!

A rear view camera is very important for any motorist who is concerned about safety while driving. The rear view camera is able to provide a high level of comfort when parking your car, even in the most difficult situations. When your car is moving in reverse, it is very difficult to see everything that is on its way. Posts, fences, curbs. all this can be out of your sight and cause damage to the car, stress and repair costs.

A rear view camera mounted on a car allows you to cover a wide area of ​​space and display on the screen all obstacles in the immediate vicinity of your car’s bumper.

Rear view camera Sho-me CA-9J185D1 is made in a miniature black body, equipped with a convenient mount and can be installed on any car model.

20 ° C to 75 ° C at 95% RH

40 ° C to 80 ° C at 95% RH

This video was prepared and sent by our dear client Evgeny Salavatovich Almukhamedov from the city of Orsk.

Rear view camera Sho-me CA-9J185D1 has no parking guidelines on it? and what is the cable length of the camera itself

There are parking lines. Cable length from camera 55 cm.

need a camera in solon gazelles without parking lines dog length from camera to tulip 1 meter

We can offer the following model:
This camera can turn off parking lines.

Hello, I ordered Recorder R01 from you. The question of such a plan, the rear-view camera included in the kit does not suit the viewing angle, which camera would you advise to replace the standard one without replacing the cable, do not want to stretch it with a new one, the viewing angle is preferably within 170 degrees or what can you tell.

There are no cameras for a standard cable, you need to make an adapter with jack 2.5 4pin to “tulip”.
In the instructions for the registrar, we have information on how to connect in this case, the “parking assistance” section:
As for the viewing angle, in fact, cameras with an angle of 170 degrees do not exist on sale. Of all the models that we tested and sold, there was only one with a diagonal viewing angle of 166 degrees, while the manufacturer declared 180, while the image was noticeably distorted, which in some situations, on the contrary, made it difficult to park comfortably.
Cameras with such a high angle have the so-called “fish-eye” effect and are only relevant for very large vehicles.
We can offer the following cameras from our range:
We can also offer cameras for flush installation:

Hello. tell me how to turn off parking lines?

Hello. Please tell me why the yellow wires on the AV cable? (Camera sho-me ca-9j185d1).Thanks

If your multimedia device or monitor to which the camera is connected cannot automatically display the image from the connected camera when a signal appears at the video input, then for this you need to additionally connect this yellow signal wire with the corresponding wiring of the multimedia system, and the other end of the wire with the camera power wiring. Otherwise, these wires are insulated and not connected.

Hello. I installed and connected the sho-me ca-9j185d1 camera (I did not touch the yellow wires on the AV cable), the car is standing, I supply power to the camera. there is no picture, you should wave your hand in front of the camera without even touching it, the picture appears. please tell me what’s the matter. there were no instructions in the box with the camera. thank you.

There is no sensor here that detected movement near the camera. This camera turns on when the power is supplied to it. Test it at home by connecting to a regular TV and supplying power from a 12V power source.

Sho-me CA-9J185D1 rear view camera is suitable for parking sensors with PARK-8-V2? Or maybe you will advise something else within 2000 rubles. Please advise for the SPARK-8-V2 and an inexpensive front-view camera.

Suitable for this parking sensor. Of the front cameras, the most affordable of our range is the following:

Good afternoon, tell me what is the delivery time and the cost of delivery to the city of Tomsk of cameras Sho-me CA-9J185D1 5 pcs.

You can check and calculate the exact cost and deadlines for all possible delivery methods to a specific address by clicking on the “EXACT DELIVERY COST” link, which you will see next to the icon in the basket.

Tell me, what type of matrix does this camera have? CMOS?

CMOS, for its price the camera is very good, I personally use it, no problems with parking, only the camera mounting leg should be processed before installation so that it does not rust, we have a rather aggressive environment on our roads.

Hello! Do you have video cameras for forward viewing in a car with a viewing angle of 150-170 degrees and an NTSC television system

Sho-Me CA-6184LED

Finally, we got to the leader of our review. These products are characterized not only by fairly decent performance, but also by ease of installation. The camera has a built-in LED illumination, so the camera can be used not only in the daytime or in the presence of artificial lighting, but even in its absence. There are parking lines here, and they are quite clear, so it becomes much easier to navigate in space. The operating temperature range is quite decent. from 20 to 60 degrees, the body is carefully protected from dust and moisture, but the lens will have to be wiped from time to time to get rid of accumulated dirt.

It is quite easy to install such a camera, especially since it comes with a frame for the number. The device will be almost invisible on the vehicle body. The products have infrared illumination, so you can park even in the dark. The picture quality is pretty decent. no noise or interference was detected even with a lack of lighting.

  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • Reliable protection against physical influences;
  • Small-sized and practically invisible products;
  • Infrared illumination is provided;
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Not too high range of infrared illumination. it is about 1.7 meters.

Sho-Me CA-9J185D1

The device has two types of attachment to the side of the car. the camera is installed using an external bracket or a mortise clip. The model can be powered from the reversing light. The product is characterized by small overall dimensions and is versatile. The products have very wide viewing angles, so even an obstacle that is at a considerable distance will be clearly visible. The parking lines are very clear. The image quality is pretty decent. you can easily see even the smallest details on a relatively large screen. This model can be installed on any rear surface of the car. spoiler, bumper, license plate, if necessary, it can be fixed on the rear window.

The rendered picture is full-color, the optics have a matrix with a resolution of 0.3 Mpix, the viewing angles, as already mentioned, are wide enough for such products. 120 degrees. The camera is capable of producing a decent image even in low light conditions. 0.2 lux. The camera is housed in a black case made of matte plastic. The quality of protection against moisture corresponds to the level of IP67. Connects using the wires supplied with the device.

  • Reliable protection against moisture and dust penetration under the case;
  • Excellent image quality;
  • Acceptable cost of the device;
  • The camera has wide viewing angles;
  • The delay in displaying the image is minimal, so the driver will be able to react in a timely manner to the arisen obstacle.

AutoExpert VC-216

This is not just a camera that allows you to provide an overview of what is happening behind the car, but a real set, which also includes a fairly large monitor with a diagonal of 5 inches. With the help of this equipment, you can greatly facilitate the life of novice motorists or drivers of sufficiently large vehicles. The picture on the monitor appears automatically. immediately after the reverse gear is engaged. With the help of the camera, it will be possible to get rid of all kinds of dead and blind spots. The overall dimensions of the monitor are not very large. 130x100x37 mm, it weighs about 130 grams, so it can be easily placed on the windshield of a car or on the cab ceiling. The monitor looks very stylish, it will fit organically into the interior of the car. It has three physical control buttons on the back side and an output for connecting the corresponding cable.

The set comes with a special adjustable bracket that allows you to change the viewing angle. You can also hang the monitor with a special double-sided tape. On the monitor, the picture will be perfectly visible even if direct sunlight falls on it. for protection from them, a sun visor is provided, which reduces the amount of glare. The declared angle of view of the camera is 170 degrees with a matrix resolution of 0.3 megapixels. It is powered by the on-board network of the car, the voltage of which must be in the range from 9 to 16 V. Parking lines can be turned off if necessary. The image is transmitted in a mirror format, however, this can also be corrected.

  • There is a monitor in the kit. you can not connect to the DVR;
  • Everything you need to work with the device is included;
  • Decent product viewing angles;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Large monitor diagonal.
  • We’ll have to stretch a decent amount of wires into the salon and hide them.

How to choose rear view cameras?

It is quite natural that the first impression is made by the appearance of the structure, especially since such a camera should be in harmony with the design of the vehicle. All products can be divided into three main groups. regular, mortise, overhead and mounted in the license plate frame. Standard designs are placed in a special place that the car manufacturer has provided for it, and it can also be installed instead of illuminating the license plate. Such devices are almost invisible, easy to install. However, they are not very versatile.

Mortise chambers are placed using latches or lock nuts. To install them, you will have to cut a special hole in the bumper. Overhead models are attached using the bracket that comes with the device. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to drill the car body. you can use double-sided tape for this. The camera mounted in the frame of the license plate is also easy to install, but here the complexity depends on the curvature of the bumper.

You should immediately think about where the signal coming from this camera will be output. You can get an image on a special monitor, which is placed on the dashboard. Today there are folding monitors that do not interfere with the view at all, and there are also rear-view mirrors on sale that can replace a monitor. The device is capable of transmitting a signal to the display of the DVR.

Be sure to take into account the technology of data transmission. cable or wireless. The cable method is standard and these cameras are not very expensive. Cameras equipped with a module for wireless data transmission cost much more, but they have a serious drawback. when sending a signal, a rather large amount of interference can occur. Information can be transmitted via FM modulation or via Wi-Fi. In the latter case, the signal can be received not only on the video recorder or other similar devices, but on any mobile device equipped with the appropriate module.

Interpower IP-950 Aqua

A very original model that was developed using innovative technologies. The main point that distinguishes this camera from other similar models is the built-in IP-950 Aqua washer. It can be placed on the rear horizontal surface, for example, in the place of license plate illumination, but it is permissible to install it on a vertical surface or on the front of the vehicle. The camera is versatile. it fits perfectly with all brands and models of vehicles. The design perfectly suits the Russian conditions: due to the available washer, the picture will always be clear and legible. It easily removes all kinds of dirt from the lens. dust, splashes, and so on.

rear, view, camera, 9j185d1

The kit comes with a special mounting bracket that allows you to connect the product to the windshield washer system. The driver will always be aware of what is happening behind his car. The camera is of a fairly high quality workmanship, it has a built-in CMOS sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the image depending on the amount of natural light outside the vehicle. The overall dimensions of the product are insignificant. 2.5×2.5×2.5 cm.The body is made of high-quality metal, the lens has LED backlighting.

  • Decent image quality;
  • The presence of parking lines;
  • There is a pretty bright backlight;
  • Possibility of connection to the glass washer system is provided;
  • Well assembled.

MIO MiVuue A30

It is characterized by compact overall dimensions, and the camera itself, if necessary, can be completely removed from the mount. It is installed on the case using a special double-sided tape, which is supplied in the kit and has excellent qualities. In particular, it can easily withstand even significant temperature changes, exposure to moisture, dirt, and so on. The device is equipped with a special Sony sensor, which has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. The product is capable of shooting in Full HD, and this camera can be used not only as a parking lot, but also as a video recorder that will constantly record everything that happens behind the car.

It is not at all necessary to install the device outside. it is permissible to place it in the cabin, fixing it on the rear window. The set comes with a connection cable that has an original shape, and it is quite long. well suited even for a large passenger car. It is most convenient to connect the camera to a DVR so that it also records from it. At the second end there is a branching. one socket is designed to connect to the on-board power supply, the second is designed to display the image on the recorder, car monitor and other similar structures.

  • Original products of excellent quality;
  • If necessary, you can make continuous recording when the car is in motion;
  • Can be recorded even when the car is parked;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Can be mounted on the rear window inside the cabin.
  • Decent value;
  • Large diameter of the supply cable;
  • If the rear window is tinted, then glare occurs during recording.

Proline PR-VD52C

The three leaders are opened by the camera, placed in a completely waterproof case, which reliably protects the device from dust and water penetration. The operating temperature range is wide enough. from 30 to 46 degrees, so the model can be used in any climate and in all weather conditions. The overall dimensions of the device are 37×26 mm, so such a camera will be practically invisible on the body of the car. It is attached using a special bracket that comes with this device. The viewing angle is 120 degrees, the camera is also equipped with a sensor, the resolution of which is 420 TV lines. The device is equipped with infrared illumination, the range of which is 2 meters maximum. This feature allows you to park comfortably even in complete darkness.

The design is housed in a robust plastic case with increased strength. It has a matte finish and does not collect dirt. The only thing is that you will have to wipe the lens from dust from time to time, otherwise it will significantly affect the image quality. The camcorder allows you to receive images in color format. A quarter-inch format CMOS sensor is installed here. The maximum picture resolution is 648×488 pixels. Latency of image output is minimal.

  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Infrared illumination;
  • Extended viewing angles;
  • High class of protection against moisture and dust penetration under the case;
  • Around the perimeter of the lens is an LED backlight;
  • Decent workmanship.
  • No parking grid provided.

TOP 10 best rear view cameras

Due to the limited visibility and the presence of a large number of blind spots, parking in reverse gear is a rather dangerous maneuver. To make this process at least a little easier for motorists, a special rear-view camera has been developed, which helps to clearly see everything that is happening behind the vehicle. If necessary, you can also install special parking sensors that will inform the driver about the presence of various kinds of obstacles.