How to install a rear view camera on a Renault Logan 2 car

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Renault Logan is considered one of the most common representatives of the budget group. Delivery of such vehicles is carried out in various configurations, the video camera simplifies the placement of the vehicle in the parking space. A rearview camera on Renault Logan is often found, since it is installed on its own. Let’s consider the subtleties of such a procedure in more detail.

Standard device

The Renault Logan 2 is not a big car, but it can be difficult to reverse when moving. When considering a standard device, you need to take into account the following points:

  • The car in question, even in the second version, does NOT come with the options under consideration, so there are cameras installed at the factory.
  • The standard camera is located instead of one of the room lighting shades. This arrangement eliminates the possibility of damage to the device.
  • There are cameras on sale that are installed on various German and French cars. They have high build quality, but will cost much more than analog.

The stock device displays a high-quality image even in poor lighting conditions. For this, a backlight is installed, the matrix used in the manufacture of the device has a high light sensitivity.

Similar replacement models

There are a considerable number of analogues on sale, which have attractive properties. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The viewing angle must be at least 170 °.
  • Modern devices can output HD quality images.
  • Enclosure protection class IP66. It provides protection against moisture and dust.
  • Some models are equipped with night vision function.

How to install

The Renault view camera can be installed independently. This will require:

  • Rear view camera kit. When purchasing it, attention is paid to the length of the cable.
  • Rigid wire, the length of which is 1.5 m.It is used to pull the cable along the corrugation.
  • Clips that are required to connect electrical wiring.
  • Special wrench for removing the trim clips. If not, use a screwdriver.
  • Insulating tape used to protect cables and connections from environmental influences.

If you put the camera incorrectly, then there is a possibility of the need to re-dismantle the casing. Therefore, the camera is checked in its direct installation.

Installing the camera on Renault is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparing the car for the work being carried out, for which the battery is disconnected. The installation of the camera does not need to be energized. If installed while energized, there is a risk of electric shock.
  • Installing the camera involves removing the native ceiling. In this case, a special adaptation kit is required. All connections Must be properly insulated when using electrical tape.
  • The cable is pulled through with a rigid wire. The power supply is connected to the reversing lamp. The connection of SEPARATE elements is performed by the twisting method.
  • When pulling the cable through the passenger compartment, you can choose the path along which the wiring was laid by the automaker itself. In this case, fixation is carried out using screeds.

It is necessary to qualitatively insulate the wiring, since vibration can become a prerequisite for a violation of the integrity of the protection and the occurrence of a short circuit.

How to connect

The camera is connected after placing all the main elements. A small monitor or rearview mirror is used as a display device. There are several main ways to activate the system:

  • When a video signal from the device appears.
  • Activating a device using a special input.

The chosen option depends on what materials are required and how difficult the work being done will be.

After connecting all the elements, you can start testing the system, for which the ignition is turned on and reverse gear is selected.

If the picture is of high quality, then you can install the finish in its place.

Maintenance and repair

There are no problems with the operation of the rear view camera. This does NOT require periodic maintenance. The following repairs are most common:

  • Camera replacement.
  • Checking the cable for breakage by using a tester and replacing the damaged part of the system.
  • Checking the contacts for corrosion. Repair is carried out by removing the oxide mechanically or with special fluids.

The installed camera displays virtual markings, which simplifies the procedure for placing a vehicle in a parking space. It is created by the gyroscope, modern models can adapt the markings depending on the angle of entry.