Rear view camera settings

Starting from version in Menaco for SHGU Media-Nav, additional options for controlling the rear view
camera are implemented.

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  • It is possible to delete the standby mode 5 sec. (display image when reverse gear is engaged).
  • Menaco programmatically provides the drawing of colored parking lines on the screen of the radio. Sometimes a purchased camera has its own parking lines. To disable these lines in Menaco, follow the Disable / Toggle Parking Lines Instructions found in the User Guide under Rear View Camera.
    Note: In previous versions of Menaco, for example Media-Nav and Media-Nav Evolution, to disable these lines in Menaco, delete the /menavrus/ParkLine.fLG file from the flash drive and restart the radio (turning it off for 30 seconds ).
  • Rear view camera, audio channel, information line settings are moved to the graphical interface.
  • The image from the camera comes before the firmware is fully loaded.
  • Ability to mirror camera image (Menaco. RVC Settings).
  • The ability to display the camera in full screen. You need to additionally install https://cloud./public/DtjY/KwBxUmU1t (thanks to the French and Zmiterm!). (Instructions: 1.unpack upgrade.LGu onto a USB flash drive. 2.install by inserting the USB flash drive into the ShGU).
  • Ability to mirror camera to full screen.

Rear View Image

Menaco provides two modes of displaying the rear view image. manual and automatic (the settings provide configuration buttons for manual and automatic modes of turning on / off the image display).

  • The automatic mode of turning on the Renault rear view camera (if a camera is connected) occurs automatically when the reverse gear is turned on. The gear lever supplies power to the rear view camera.
  • The manual mode of turning on the Renault rear view camera is set by pressing the “camera” button in the lower right corner of the Menaco menu. Manual mode programmatically connects the video input of the SHGU, but it does not supply power to the rear view camera. The manual mode can be used when another device is connected instead of a camera (for example, a video recorder), and it constantly gives a signal to the SHGU.

Rear view camera (connection diagram)

Menaco allows you to connect a rear view camera to Media-Nav Renault (Dacia), Opel. All the necessary software support for the camera for the Media-Nav radio is contained in the Menaco firmware. Menaco allows for both wired and wireless reversing cameras.

Starting from version in Menaco, a revolutionary method has been used to determine the presence / absence of a signal at the analog video input of the radio!

  • The function of automatic signal detection at the input of the ShGU has been implemented. You DO NOT need to connect 12V from the reversing light to the radio connector.
  • Added the ability to use a wireless rear view camera connection as well as other video sources.
  • The method of working with the camera gives 100% security, there is not even a theoretical possibility of violating the configuration of the MICOM controller.
  • Added the ability to enable and disable signal detection without restarting the radio.

Renault Laguna 3 with rear view camera (2009 model with Tomtom). Video interface installed

Rear view camera connection diagram

Rear view camera connection diagram is a detailed color diagram of how to install a rear view camera in Renault (Dacha), Opel cars.

Connect Rear View Camera in Renault and Dacia with MediaNav Monitor