Renault Arkana (Renault Arkana)

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Renault Arkana. it is a fundamentally new word in the SUV segment. The coupe crossover of the French brand combines the comfort and elegance of a sedan with the dynamics and maneuverability of a crossover. This model has the longest wheelbase in the segment.

The Latin word Arcanum means “secret.” What is behind it? Futuristic looks and Advanced technology to help you along the way. Powerful powertrains, which guarantee the new model speed and fuel efficiency. Arkana heralds a battle against stereotypes and offers a new understanding of beauty and functionality.

The new Renault Arcana was presented at the Moscow Motor Show at the end of August 2018. Sales began in the first half of 2019. Now the car is available for purchase in dealerships from an official dealer of Renault FAVORIT MOTORS.

Renault Arkana is available in four modifications from an official dealer FAVORIT MOTORS.

The basic version of Life is equipped with everything you need for comfortable and safe movement. The cars are equipped with air conditioning, electric windows for all doors, a standard audio system that allows you to listen to MP3 files, Bluetooth for connecting a phone, hands free, an on-board computer. Thanks to the heated side mirrors, you will NOT encounter icing during the cold season. Front airbags are responsible for your safety.

The Drive trims add front airbags, cruise control and heated front seats. Externally, the car can be distinguished by glossy mirror housings, black wheels and a chrome-look exhaust pipe.

The pre-maximum modification Style is equipped with proprietary navigation, light and rain sensors, climate control and parking sensors. Renault‘s new crossovers feature stylish two-tone body paint, tinted rear windows and a chrome-look rear bumper.

The top-of-the-line Extreme will delight you with Pure Vision LED optics, which guarantees optimal illumination in any weather. Pay attention to the exquisite details of the Extreme logo on the steering wheel and door sills, door handles and air duct frames in noble Ivoire Anodise.


The novelty has classic crossover dimensions. However, due to its streamlined shape, the car looks NOT bulky, but elegant. You are guaranteed confident maneuvering in an urban environment, hassle-free parking even in tight parking lots and stable cornering.

The high ground clearance makes the Arkana Not only an “indigenous” city dweller, but also a freedom-loving off-road dweller. Four-wheel drive will help to emerge victorious from the battle with pits and hillocks.

The Arkana crossover coupe received a high-tech engine, which is the company’s own development. It meets the current Renault reliability standards.

Climate control will take care of your comfort, regardless of the weather outside the window. Branded navigation will NOT allow you to get lost in a new city. Rearview camera and parking sensors help you to park quickly and easily. The rain sensor will react to moisture and turn on the wiper blades, and the light sensor will independently change the light from high to low.

According to Laurence van den Acker, who works as the chief designer of the brand, Renault Arkana combines power, French style and recognizable features. The coupe crossover resembles a strong and confident, charming predator, which “looks” intently with original headlights-blades. The “toned” body speaks of the sporty ambitions of the model, and chrome moldings on the sidewalls and a line of glass give it elegance.

Thanks to the large wheels with technocratic rims, the Arkana looks impressive and reliable. Brutality is added to it by a chrome-plated radiator grille with horizontal slats, which make the car visually wider, the traditionally large brand logo and a massive radiator grill with a deliberately geometric dual block of fog lights. Bright accent. Mesmerizing LED headlights of complex architecture.

Concise, stylish, ergonomic. this is how you can characterize the Renault Arcana salon. For the decoration of the interior space, the designers have chosen restrained colors. black and milky. Numerous chrome elements (on the steering wheel, doors, center console) bring a touch of high-tech fashion style to the interior.

The steering wheel is sloped downwards, as it would be expected for a sports car. The dashboard is bright and crisp. For the convenience of the driver, an armrest is provided.

Renault engineers dramatically increased the rigidity of the Arkana’s body, thereby increasing the level of safety and control of the coupe-crossover. The adaptive steering system guarantees a safe and comfortable driving experience in all conditions. Depending on the configuration, from 2 to 4 airbags are installed in the car.

Passive cruise control maintains the set speed. The system allows you to significantly reduce the level of driver fatigue during prolonged monotonous movement (for example, on the highway).

The new model is powered by 1.6 or 2 liter high-torque engines. The maximum vehicle speed depends on the type of power unit. 172-186 km / h. To gain the first hundred, the car needs from 10.5 to 12.5 seconds. Fuel consumption. 7.3-7.9 liters per 100 km of track (combined cycle). Crossovers are equipped with a classic 5-band mechanics, an automatic transmission and a CVT X-Tronic transmission, which saves up to 0.5 liters of gasoline.