How to restore camera on Android phone if it doesn’t work

Many people choose gadgets running Android, based on many parameters. One of them. an opportunity to get a little money, a high-quality camera or video camera. But due to the open source code of the platform and for a number of other reasons, this option may not work correctly. In this essay, the issue will be considered in detail. what to do if the camera does not work on Android.

Possible reasons

There can be many reasons for this phenomenon. Let’s list the most common:

  • The first reason. firmware update. Such a procedure is automatic on the shell, but this can become a prerequisite for the failure of fundamental settings and Incorrect operation of the camera. In this case, you can use System rollback after updating Android.
  • The second reason. viruses. In recent years, with the rapid development of the platform, this reason has become one of the most common. If you do not install an antivirus and often visit unfamiliar sites, the risk of catching something like this is very high.
  • Mechanical damage. When the gadget falls, one of the modules may be damaged, which is responsible for the camera settings.
  • There is dirt or dust on the sensor. In many manufacturers, such modules are placed on the outside, if something gets on it, the option starts to work incorrectly.
  • Clogged module cache.

Improved camera for Android. How to set up a camera on Android

Now let’s list Possible solutions to problems and how to set up a camera on Android:

    First way. reset the gadget to factory settings. To do this, you need to do the following sequence: go to the phone settings, then go to the “backup” tab and click the “reset to factory settings” button. In many cases, this will solve the problem. You can read more about the reset procedure here.

If the image from the module comes to the screen, then everything is working correctly. In some applications that use the camera, the option to choose between the standard program and the downloaded one will be available. Ways to improve your camera can also help you.

How to turn off camera sound on Android

Skype integration issues

Many people who use a smartphone for the first time with a downloaded IP-telephony program ask themselves a question. why the camera does not work in Skype on Android. There may be several reasons for this.

The most important version of the utility is still under development, or simply does not fit the current version of the operating shell.

Another case. camera settings are NOT set to work with such programs. This option is activated in different phones in different ways.

Thus, from all of the above, it can be understood that working with the camera on Android has a number of features, which must be taken into account, then there will be no problems when using the module and the operating system.

Camera does not work on Android

The camera crashed with an error reset of the cache helped!

None of the options helped

I will go to the camera and on a whim Det such a mistake I did NOT succeed in connecting to the camera sho I do pamagite please

The camera takes a picture of the photo, but when I go to the gallery, there is an empty file instead. The video does NOT shoot at all. In the gallery, I cannot create a new album or move photos from one to another. There is only 1 album. This is after factory reset

After the Google update, the video camera stopped working, it says that during the call, the seed is impossible, help me what to do?

The camera does not work, please help, when an error occurred in the key camera in the “Gallery” application.

The camera does not work for me, I go there and it says a camera failure. What should I do?

This is a very individual question. The solutions are different for each phone. First, clarify which update you have installed and which version of android was before? Second, try to do a master reset. Thirdly, maybe the camera itself is out of order and malfunctions. Fourthly, there is an option to reflash the gadget yourself. That is, you yourself are looking for and downloading the required firmware. Then on the computer Install the drivers for your gadget, Install the program for the firmware. Put your phone into firmware mode. Connect to the computer, run the desired program, specify the path to the firmware files and flash. If the most are not confident in their abilities, then it is better to take the device to the Repair Shop, where the guys will quickly figure out what the problem is and solve it. The truth will have to pay. And independent attempts to solve it can NOT only not help, but also aggravate the situation and disable the gadget without the possibility of repair. So, I do not regret the money, taking it to the repair.

I will NOT get it

What if the apps have cameras? How then will clear the cache?

Hello. The camera may NOT work for various reasons, both hardware and software. By software errors. Here you can personally reboot the gadget. If the problem persists, do a full factory reset. If this does not help, then you can try to flash the device. But, if you doubt that you can do this, then it is better NOT to take it. In this case, it would be best to seek professional help. For hardware problems. Sometimes it happens that the camera breaks down for technical reasons (hardware). That is, the loop can be frayed, the contacts oxidized, the camera itself is out of order, the camera controller, autofocus, or other camera controls. It is only mono to replace the camera itself and the cable to it (usually they are inseparable). But, for this you have to disassemble the gadget and replace it all. Again, I recommend that you go to the professionals, as you yourself can make things worse. Read here. B5% D1% 82-% D0% BA% D0% B0% D0% BC% D0% B5% D1% 80% D0% B0. Maybe the question will be asked and you will be answered). Can you tell me which gadget is it in? After all, there are some models in which there is a sore spot. this is a camera. For example, on TF201 Prime and all of its modifications have this drawback. In this case, only replacing the camera with a loop helps, because the loop itself is frayed.

Hello. The camera may NOT work for various reasons, both hardware and software. By software errors. Here you can personally reboot the gadget. If the problem persists, do a full factory reset. If this does not help, then you can try to flash the device. But, if you doubt that you can do this, then it is better NOT to take it. In this case, it would be best to seek professional help. For hardware problems. Sometimes it happens that the camera breaks down for technical reasons (hardware). That is, the loop may be frayed, the contacts will oxidize, the camera itself is out of order, the camera controller, autofocus or other camera controls. It is only mono to replace the camera itself and the cable to it (usually they are inseparable). But, for this you have to disassemble the gadget and replace it all. Again, I recommend that you go to the professionals, as you yourself can make things worse. Read here. B5% D1% 82-% D0% BA% D0% B0% D0% BC% D0% B5% D1% 80% D0% B0. Maybe a question will be asked and you will be answered)

Hello, the camera does not work, the child pressed something! The camera app is stopped. I took everything to the factory settings, it did not help, I installed other camera applications, writes the same thing, the camera application is stopped. Himself (the screen) takes pictures. But neither the main nor the front camera works. Sony T3 phone. Android 4.4 what to do tell me?

Android camera not working: what to do?

Today, even inexpensive smartphones are equipped with professional Photomodul, which are in no way inferior to the once popular “soap dish”. With the help of mobile gadgets, any user can feel like a novice photographer. And if you install a special program for the camera on Android, you can play with the effects and give the pictures an extra charm.

No matter how well gadgets work, some people are faced with the fact that the photo module of the device stops working for no apparent reason. Let’s try to figure out this problem.

Probable causes

If the camera on Android does not work, then there may be a number of reasons for this. For example, in the process of updating the phone software, a failure occurred, which caused a malfunction of the photo module. In addition, some users are trying to reflash their gadgets on their own, which is also fraught with consequences. Viruses and malicious files can also be a prerequisite for the shutdown of the camera application on Android.

And, of course, the smartphone can fail due to mechanical shock. The following are some of the most common problems and their solutions.

Software errors

This category of problems includes:

  • Viruses. To get rid of malicious code, which could interrupt the camera application on Android, you need to install a good antivirus and check the system.
  • Lack of free space. If everything on the memory card or on the phone itself is packed to capacity, then this can provoke the failure of the photo module. To solve this problem, it is enough to clear the phone memory and delete all unnecessary or unused files.
  • Blocked cache. Temporary files are constantly accumulating on smartphones. If the cache is full, it may well cause an error. Therefore, it is enough to simply delete all temporary data.
  • Incorrect settings. If the picture was taken on a memory card that was later removed from the smartphone, then you just need to restart the phone.

If after THESE manipulations the camera on Android does not work, then the problems may be more global.

Physical problems

Before going to the service center, it is worth checking all the Possible causes of the breakdown. Even if they sound absurd.

If the camera does not work on the Android phone, then you need to check if the micro SD card is in place. Very often, on smartphones, photos are not saved to the same device, but to a miniature drive. If it is not installed in the phone, the camera will be inactive.

Second The most common reason why the camera on Android is not working is a dirty lens. Very often, users buy unusual cases for smartphones, under which dust and dirt successfully accumulate. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction, it is worth checking whether the miniature eye of the photo module is dirty.

If the camera works intermittently and periodically turns off right during the shooting, then it is worth re-setting it, observing the correct sequence of actions.

How to properly configure the photo module

If the camera on Android does not work or periodically fails, then you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Reset smartphone settings to factory settings. Usually for this you need to go to the gadget menu and find the “Backup” drain. After that, you need to select “Reset factory settings”. Before that, it is better to save all important data and transfer contacts from the address book to the memory card.
  • Download and install the antivirus (before that, do not go to other sites). After that, you need to clean the system. It is recommended to download Antivirus software only on Google Play, so you can guarantee your phone’s protection from malicious files.
  • Clear cache. This operation is performed immediately after the anti-virus scan has been performed. To clear it, you need to go to “Applications” and find “Camera” there. In the same menu there will be a button “Clear cache”.
  • Wipe the objective lens thoroughly with a special optics cloth.

If you still can’t take pictures, you can try installing a different camera app. There are a lot of such utilities. There are paid and free programs, more functional and those that only allow you to take pictures.

rear, view, camera, android, working

If all else fails, then all that remains is to contact the service center.

Camera not working on Android, how to fix?

If you try to launch the Camera application on your device, but instead of the viewfinder window, you see a black screen or the message “Failed to connect to the camera”, then either an error has occurred in the Camera application, or your camera module is damaged. be the order of actions if the camera does not work on Android.

What to do if the camera does not work on Android

If your Android camera does not work, then first of all pay attention to the lens. if there is any visible damage. If the camera stopped starting after physical damage or water ingress, then the right solution would be to contact a service center.

First, restart your device. Many software malfunctions are then safely resolved by themselves. If restarting your device does not work, delete the cache of the Camera app and try starting it again. This is done like this:

  • Open the application menu in settings
  • Select the “Camera” app
  • Click on “Clear cache” and “Clear data”

New updates are constantly being released for applications, as well as for the Android system itself. If some applications can work without being updated, then for the second, timely updates are necessary for work. You can check for updates for the Camera app like this:

  • Open Play Market
  • Go to the list of installed applications
  • See if there is an update for the Camera app
  • If there are updates, install them

How to check for new system updates:

  • Open the settings
  • At the bottom of the list, click On Phone
  • Go to the “System update” section
  • If there are updates, install them

If you have a smartphone with Android version 6 or higher, or have installed special utilities to manage the resolution, you should check, and not if you have mistakenly prohibited the Camera application from accessing the device’s camera. For more information on permission, see Android App Permissions.

It is possible that a third-party application that you installed on your smartphone interferes with the camera. This option can be tested in Safe Mode, which only enables system apps. If the Camera application works normally in safe mode, then the prerequisite for the error is a conflict with one of the installed applications. Try disabling the applications that you installed recently while trying to turn on the camera. So you will understand which application the camera does not work, after which you will have to delete this application from the device.

Camera on Android via a third-party app

Today there are many high-quality applications for using the camera on Android, their functionality is often much richer than a standard camera. If the Camera app is not working, you can install one of the third-party apps and use the camera with it. Here are some of the apps that have already earned recognition among Android users:

There are much more decent camera applications on Android, you can always find a suitable one for yourself in the open spaces of the Play Market. Also read the article Photo Editing Apps on Android.

The camera does not work on Android. Causes and solutions to the problem

A few simple tips on how to fix the problem with the camera not working on your smartphone. This is especially true for budget phones. Just the other day, they brought me a DEXP phone, which, when the camera was started, showed only a black screen. In my case, the problem was not solved, unfortunately, and the client took it to the SC.

But, with a high degree of probability, you can bring the camera to life using several simple methods. We will not touch on the complex technical part, but we will only touch on the problems that can be solved on our own.

Camera cannot be connected. Close other applications that might be using the camera or flash.

But the camera does not start even after restarting the device.

Below I offer you several ways that can help you solve your camera problem.

What to do if the camera does not work on Android:

Before proceeding, launch the camera app and, if you see a black screen on the main camera, switch to the front selfie camera. If the front camera works, then the problem is directly in the main camera module itself and you will NOT be able to fix it on your own. But, in case the front camera does not show the image either, read below.

Reset cache and camera app data

Go to Settings = Applications = Camera and select the Memory tab

Click first “Clear cache”, then “Clear data”

Try to start the camera and, if it doesn’t work, go to the next step.

Install a third party camera app

Perhaps the standard camera application is so dull that even resetting the cache and data does not help it. In this case, you can try installing a third-party camera app. Fortunately, there are a huge number of such programs in the Play Market and you can choose for every taste. You can install anything, but I recommend Open Camera. As one of the most stable, besides it is completely free.

Perform hard reset

If the previous methods did not help to fix the problem with the camera, you can take drastic measures. reset your phone to factory settings. Go to the smartphone settings and find the item “Restore and reset” or “Backup and restore.” The name depends on the device model and version of Android, but in any case it will contain the word restore or reset Select “Reset data” and Wait for the phone to restart

Unfortunately, more serious camera breakdowns on Android cannot be fixed with our own. In this case, you should contact the service center for help.

The camera on the phone does not work: quick diagnosis of problems

When choosing a new phone, the buyer is always guided by a number of fundamental criteria. One of them is the camera. With the help of the built-in camera, funny selfies are taken and unforgettable vacation moments remain in the memory. Thanks to modern cameras in smartphones, many have even forgotten what a regular camera looks like. Therefore, for many it will become a big problem when the camera stops working in the phone for no apparent reason. This is what will be discussed in our article.

There are several ways to fix this problem. But first things first. First of all, it is necessary to determine the nature of the breakdown. If the phone has fallen and the camera lens is broken or the device body has fallen into water, then you will NOT be able to fix the problem yourself. You will have to contact the service center, as some parts will need to be replaced. If the gadget has not been subjected to mechanical stress and the problem lies in the software level, you can fix everything yourself.

Possible causes of the malfunction

The Android operating system is flexible in settings and the ability to work with internal files. This is a definite plus, as it allows you to customize your gadget in accordance with the user’s requirements. But sometimes this plus leads to malfunctions. Among the most common reasons for camera failure are:

  • Unsuccessful system update;
  • Installing a conflicting application;
  • Installation of unofficial firmware;
  • Removing principle files;
  • The emergence of viruses;
  • System crashes for a variety of other reasons.


It is best to start troubleshooting with the simplest actions that will NOT take much time and effort.

  • We reboot the device. It is possible that after rebooting the camera will start working as before. If the restart did not save the situation, and the camera on the phone still does not work, go to step number two.
  • Install a third-party camera app and see if it works or not. If it works, then in 90 percent of cases, the problem is resolved after clearing the application cache.
  • We go into the phone settings and select the application item. Among the many programs you need to find a camera and click on the icon. In the window that opens, click on the erase data button. Thus, the application is freed from unnecessary data that could lead to a crash. In most cases, after cleaning, the camera starts to work correctly.
  • We remove all programs installed before the crash. Perhaps the operation of the new application caused the camera to fail.
  • We download the antivirus and put the phone to check. If it doesn’t help. you can connect your smartphone to a personal computer and scan for viruses using a computer antivirus. Malicious programs may well block smartphone functions, including photography.
  • Save all the data you need to a separate media or cloud storage. After that, we reset to factory settings. After a reset, all settings on your phone will be restored to factory defaults and your personal files will be deleted. Therefore, we resort to this method only if the other actions did not lead to success.

Theoretically, THESE methods are enough to restore the camera to its former performance. But there are difficult situations when, even after a full reset, the camera on the phone still does not work.

If the problem is of a software nature, then the firmware of the device will help with one hundred percent probability.

But there are several nuances and features here:

  • If you have a completely new phone, which is still under warranty, DO NOT flash the phone yourself. Taking it to the service center along with the warranty card.
  • With self-flashing, there is a great risk of disabling the device. This process requires certain skills and knowledge. Be sure to remember one rule. the firmware can only be downloaded from the official website. Otherwise, not only the camera will fail, but the entire smartphone.


Various applications can be used to diagnose the status of the phone.

One of them is the Phone Doctor Plus program (Download).

With it, you can check not only the camera, but also the state of other fundamental elements of the smartphone.

After launching the application, general information about the device will be displayed. To make them relevant at the moment, you need to go to the second tab, where more than twenty tests are located, including the camera we need, GPS and much more. Each of the tests is performed separately, some ask the user to perform a specific action, for example, shake the phone or insert headphones. If successful, a green check mark appears. this means that the tested function works correctly. With these simple steps, you can assess the real state of the camera.

As practice shows, there are no hopeless situations. If the camera on the phone does not work. it does not lead to frustration. You can solve the problem by pressing a few buttons. It is enough to use the tips from our article, spend a few minutes of your personal time and continue to enjoy beautiful pictures.

Connecting Rear View Camera to Android

Many modern cars are equipped with on-board computers and rearview cameras. In new models, even some budget cars are already connected, and you can use the camera in the car without finishing anything yourself. But what about those with a leaner trim or older model and with an onboard PC? The easiest option would be to install the device on Android. It can be a car radio, a tablet, or even a smartphone. You will learn how to connect a rear view camera to Android devices in this article.

How to connect the camera to different devices

Before proceeding with the instructions, you need to understand the principles of work and with all the necessary presettings. It is also worth understanding that although the instructions for all devices are very similar, there are differences in which device to choose for such a task. If you already have an Android head unit installed, the choice is obvious. But if you don’t have it, the choice is between a smartphone and a tablet.

The tablet is chosen by people who want to install a stationary device and never take it out, but do not want to bother with a radio tape recorder.

The smartphone is suitable for those who are afraid to leave electronics in the car or simply do not want to “freeze” it in the winter. In any case, the choice is yours. The only thing to consider is that for a car, an Android device must have OTG support.

All Wired Cameras require a special adapter called EasyCAP. It looks like this:

You can NOT limit yourself in which camera to choose. Fortunately, the market is captivated by good offers: with backlighting, night mode and other functions. You only need to select according to the compatibility of the camera outputs with the inputs on EasyCAP, which you can see in the screenshot above.

Price is an important factor. But do not chase high price tags, justifying this with the best quality of the product. even the cheapest solution is suitable for our purposes.

A wireless rear camera for Android can also be an interesting choice. With its help, you can customize the display of video on Android, and not using any adapters. Everything you need. this is a special program that is supplied in the kit or indicated in the instructions.

Wireless cameras are divided, in turn, into what are connected via Wi-Fi and what use Bluetooth to connect.

A more common option is a Wi-Fi rear camera. It looks like this:

Everything you need to do to connect. fix the camera and transmitter, and then connect via a smartphone or tablet to the network. Just keep in mind that this gadget works at temperatures below 20 degrees, and when turned off, it can be at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. So it’s better to install the transmitter in a secluded place.

A bluetooth rearview camera is much less common. Users of such cameras claim that the quality is worse here, and some complain about the black and white picture. So it is better to exclude this type of equipment.

Having figured out all this, you can go directly to the installation instructions.

Tablet connection

We will NOT tell you how to mount the equipment. Let’s start from the moment of connection. In order to connect a camera to an Android tablet:

  • Connect the camera leads to the corresponding inputs on the EasyCAP simply by color matching.
  • Easycap Connect to OTG adapter.
  • Now you can connect the other side of the OTG cable to your tablet.

Connection work completed. But the equipment won’t just start up. You will need a dedicated Android program for the rear view camera.

At the moment, several programs, both paid and free, are working with the equipment that we have connected.

FPViewer is one of the best and most popular free ones. Therefore, we advise you to use it. If you have connection problems on your tablet model, try any other option from Google Play until the picture appears.

Connecting the radio

In order to connect to an Android radio, you will need to perform almost the same steps. No need for an OTG adapter, because the radio has an input for a full-size USB cable.

The radio may NOT detect EasyCAP via the app. This problem is solved as follows:

  • Engage reverse gear.
  • In the window that appears on the screen of the radio, check the box “Use as default” and click “OK”.
  • In the next window, select the first item.
  • The camera image should appear.

Smartphone connection

If you want to connect to a smartphone, you will need to follow exactly the same sequence of steps as when connecting a tablet. The application for displaying the image on the screen may NOT be suitable. But you can always pick it up from the Play Market, especially since the link is in the section with the tablet connection.

Connecting the camera to Android is real and easy. It is much more difficult to decide on the device to which the image will be displayed, and to find an application for the rear view camera on Android that would be compatible with the model of your gadget.

You can go the path of least resistance and install a Wi-Fi camera. Although it will be a little more expensive, it is easier to install and configure.

You can also choose equipment that works via Bluetooth, although it risks getting less high quality. It is up to you to decide which equipment to use and what you need. We advise you to ask the sellers for the characteristics and capabilities of the purchased gadget model, and also clarify the availability of support for connecting via OTG.

What to do if the camera does not work on Android

Most often, a smartphone today is used NOT so much for calls as for entertainment, including taking pictures. These can be photographs of work, family, friends and others of the most diverse. That is why the presence of a camera. this is one of the most fundamental modules in a modern device. But sometimes users have problems with the camera on Android, as a result of which the pictures are of poor quality, the application for shooting does NOT start, slows down, photos are NOT saved on the device, and so on.

As part of this article, we have considered all sorts of problems for which the camera may NOT work on Android, and also described solutions for each case. Recommendations are described in general for Android devices, so please note that some menu items may differ slightly.

Causes of Camera Problems

In fact, there can be a lot of reasons, but, as a rule, they all come down to two categories: hardware and software. And if in the first version, for the most part, it is necessary to change any components, conduct a thorough diagnosis and carry the smartphone to the service center, then in the second case, almost all problems can be solved on our own.

Checking the camera lens

Sometimes a banal film on the lens can be a prerequisite for problems with the camera. Most often, such difficulties are encountered when buying a new device or installing a protective glass. Anything you need. This is to carefully inspect the lens for films and other adjoining protective coatings. In some situations, even tweezers are required to pry the film and remove it from the device.

Contamination of the device

In general, this item is similar to the previous one, only now it is not the protective coating that interferes with the shooting, but banal dirt or dust. Over time, the lens gets clogged, especially if you carry your smartphone in your without covers or other protective elements. Try to wipe the lens and try turning the photo app on and off a few times. If the problem was really dust and dirt, then after thorough cleaning you will be able to take pictures and will not have any problems.

Attention! If the problem lies in the fact that there are numerous scratches on the lens glass, then in this case you will have to carry the smartphone to the service center and change the glass or the entire camera module, since no polishing will help you restore its previous state due to its small size and special material.

Saving Snapshots to SD Card

One of the most common problems when taking photos. this is the saving of the received pictures. The system cannot save them in the device’s memory, since it is simply “clogged” to the fullest. In this case, users in the settings set the default to save to the SD card. In your case, we advise you to see how much memory is free on the memory card. If its practically comments, then we recommend cleaning and removing unnecessary applications. You can also transfer information to the internal phone memory. In this case, there may be problems with the SD card itself. To be sure that the problem is precisely in it, try inserting another one or in the settings set the default saving to the phone memory. If after such manipulations you can easily create photos and save, then the problem is in the memory card.

Problem in the Camera app

Unfortunately, the standard “Camera” application on Android does not always work correctly, for example, due to the firmware curve, a large amount of “garbage” in the device’s memory, temporary files and other problems. In this case, it is recommended to clear the cache of the application itself, and the data that is stored in it. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your device and go to the “Application Manager” tab. On your Android, this item may be called a little differently, but in general the essence of the instructions does not change;
  • Find “Camera” in the list of applications and open it;
  • Now click on the “Clear cache” and “Clear data” tab so that all temporary information from this program is cleared
  • Next, you need to be named according to the “Stop” tab so that the program completes its work;
  • Now restart your smartphone and launch Camera again. If everything works correctly, it means that the problem was exactly in “Trash”. If you experience similar problems, just repeat the steps described in this recommendation.

Rebooting your smartphone

In some cases, only a full restart of the Android smartphone helps, and no other actions described above, but does not correct the situation. As a result of such an overload, the RAM of the device is completely cleared and all applications are restarted after being started by the user himself, including the “Camera”. Since the built-in android service does NOT know how to clear data from RAM, you have to resort to such methods.

For a complete reboot, you need to hold down the “Shutdown” button and press “Restart” on the screen or simultaneously hold down several “Power” “Volume Down” buttons for a few seconds, after which the smartphone will turn off and automatically turn on.

Full factory reset

If, after all the above recommendations, you still have not been able to configure the phone camera, we advise you to perform a full factory reset in your phone. Just be sure to create a backup copy before that, since all information from your device will be completely deleted, the system will be deauthorized from all your accounts, so you will need to re-authorize, specified logins and passwords. Resetting the settings can be done both through the Recovery Menu and through the standard settings of the smartphone. You can read more detailed instructions for resetting here.

Viruses on a smartphone

Another common prerequisite for the failure of INDIVIDUAL applications or the entire system can be viruses that spread at a tremendous speed in Android, both through the official Google Play service, and by installing SEPARATE APK files from third-party sites. We strongly recommend checking your phone for malware, and it is advisable to do this using a good antivirus, such as Kaspersky or Panda. You can also connect the device to your computer and check your smartphone through PC antivirus. We have a separate article on our website in which we described all the nuances of checking an Android smartphone in various ways.

Flashing the device

In this case, you will have to roll back the firmware of your device or flash it again, they get information from thematic sites, for example, at, where the Appropriate instructions and files for the firmware are posted for almost every smartphone. If you have NEVER performed such actions on your own, contact people who have similar skills and experience.

Alternative applications for “Camera”

It is not necessary to use the built-in software to take snapshots. On Google Play you can find a huge number of alternative options, which in their capabilities even surpass the standard “Cameras” application in Android. For example, you can install Open Camera, Camera MX, Camera Zoom FX and others. Just be sure to follow user comments and see the average rating in order to understand whether it is worth downloading this program to your smartphone or not.

In most cases, installing a separate photo application will correct the situation, and you no longer need to use the standard program. If at this stage the problem is solved, then in each case you will run the already loaded application to take a picture. Remember this!

Diagnosing Android Features

To make sure that the camera is not working, you can use a specialized application, for example, Phone Doctor Plus. It allows using various tests to diagnose each module in a smartphone and assess its real capabilities. Some of the sensors will be checked automatically, while for some you will have to perform various actions along the way. You can also use it to check your smartphone’s camera. If it works correctly, a green marker will appear after the tests.

Additional ways

Especially for you, we have posted a few more recommendations that can help you restore the camera to work. There is a 100% guarantee that they will fix the problem, but in most cases it works on specific models:

  • We delete all cached data. We described above a method where the cache is deleted only for the “Cameras” application, but you can clear them for all applications. To do this, go to the “Settings” of your device, go to the “Memory” item and find the “cached data” tab there, and then clear them.
  • Removing the battery. When I turn off my smartphone, remove the battery, SIM card and SD card from it for a few seconds, then Put everything back and check if the camera works.
  • Safe mode. Android has a “Safe Mode” in which all third-party applications will be disabled and only the standard ones will remain, but nothing will be removed. And if the camera still works correctly in this mode, it means that there is a conflict due to some specific application on your smartphone.

We contact the service center

Only at this stage is it worth contacting the service center, when all sorts of methods have already been tested by you and none of them helped to correct the situation. If you are afraid that original components may be removed from your smartphone and replaced with “Chinese” ones, use the “Master at Home” service. Now this is a very popular and proven service, when a specialist comes to your home and carries out all the tests and diagnostics with you, changes modules and carries out different work.

As you can see, the camera is not working. this is not the biggest problem, and even if the module is completely out of order, it can be replaced. Yes, you will have to pay in this case Not only for the work of a specialist, but also for the component, but you will get a fully working and serviceable device in your hands. The cost will entirely depend on the class of the smartphone. It is clear that the more expensive the phone is. the higher the cost of SEPARATE components for it. And it is not necessary to search for them on Chinese sites. If this is a service center with a good reputation, experts will offer you their assistance in the purchase and delivery of parts with a guarantee.