Installation of a rear view camera on Lada Granta, Priora and Kalina

It’s hard to imagine a modern car without a rear view camera. If your car has this option from the factory, then you can install the camera yourself. Lux configurations of Lada Granta, Kalina 2, Priora cars have similar multimedia systems (MMS), so the process of connecting and setting up the camera is identical. During the installation of the camera, there may be differences depending on the type of body (hatchback, station wagon, sedan, liftback), but they are insignificant.

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  • Rear view camera, see AliExpress catalog.
  • Mini ISO connector (blue shoe and cinch).
  • Several meters of wire.

Most often, a rearview camera is placed above the license plate (on an overlay called a “saber”). Such an arrangement The most successful from the point of view of the view, the camera is not striking and there is no need to remove the bumper. First, remove the trunk lid trim, and then the saber, which is held by 6 M8 screws.

Determine the best location for the camera and drill a hole there. Attaching the accessory from the back with a nut.

We lay the wires from the camera into the trunk through regular corrugations.

It is more convenient to pull the wiring into the front of the car under the headlining rubber seal. Then, under the dashboard, we drag it to the back of the radio. To remove the MMC, you will first need to dismantle the panel cladding.


General connection diagram for rear view camera:

In the trunk, connect the camera to the tail light wiring:

  • 12V to green wire (reverse)
  • “Mass” to black

Connect the miniISO connector to the radio tape recorder, the arrangement of the wires in the blue block is as follows:

  • Ground (outer part of the tulip) of the connector to pin 16.
  • Plus (center) of the connector to pin 19.

It is worth noting that if the MMS was installed on the car in the “norm” or “standard” configuration, then you will need to additionally bring 12V from the reverse to the contact of the A1 connector of the radio.

The process is also shown in

Setting up a standard MMS

Radio firmware is NOT required, you just need to activate the rear view camera. To do this, download the program (To download the files, you need to log in to the site) and copy it to a removable media (USB Flash).

  • Go to the desktop (WinCE). On the screen of the radio, hold down the “Settings” button, then “Exit” and “Desktop”.
  • We launch the program. My device. USB disk. Program folder. Launch the CamOnOff file.
  • I give permission to use the camera. Click on the corresponding button. We close the program, it and the flash drive are NOT required anymore.

By the way, the whole process is also shown in

Checking the operation of the rear view camera, including reverse gear.

Recall that some motorists prefer to use parking sensors instead of a camera.