Тест-драйв Lada XRAY (2016). Кроссовер ли он?

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➕ Large trunk
➕ High ground clearance
➕ Design
➕ Ergonomics

All cons of Lada XRAY Cross 2019-2020

➖ Build quality
➖ Reliability
➖ Fuel consumption (winter)

Design. The bumpers, sills and fenders make this car definitely prettier than the regular X-Ray. However, the problem of spreading rear wheels has not been solved, and I do not like it.

Interior. Normal, but still not clear. why it was impossible to make a normal gearshift knob and seats.

Ergonomics. Landing in the car is decent. It is convenient to climb in and out, both in front and behind. Visibility in certain cabin configurations ranges from fair to good. There is enough space in the cabin everywhere.

Assembly. No complaints other than incomprehensible upholstery in the trunk.

Dynamics. The 1.8 engine does not go badly. But it is very noisy. The suspension is soundly tuned, fulfills all variations of irregularities well and quietly.

Review about LADA X-Ray Cross 1.8 with mechanics 2020.

First impressions after purchase. And nothing so, briskly, switching is soft and clear. Keeping in mind the running-in, I try not to press the pedal above 3000 rpm, it is normal in city traffic. We have here all winter, the roads are cleaned, but not everywhere, there is porridge in the yard, it’s hard to walk on foot.

I watch how Raid Select works: the green arrow blinked, I was going straight, the backside did not drag (it felt very strongly on Grant, on Santa. like on a steam locomotive, but there is a permanent four-wheel drive), excellent. I put a plus!

We drive into the yard, track, drive straight, calmly get out of the track, although there are thorns, which is surprising, but still excellent. Further. Snow porridge, going, rowing, as if nothing had happened, only the arrow winks. Plus again.

Morning. I turn on the car factory, we come up with my wife and daughter. The appearance evokes a happy smile. cool, chic. “eyelashes” are burning, the engine runs smoothly, the car is warm. Climate control is set to 24 degrees, after 15 minutes the legs are hot, I turn it down to 22 C. There are heated front and rear seats, steering wheel, everything is great and fast. A plus.

Boarding passengers. I’m all big, I was afraid there would be no room in the back. First, he put his wife forward. high, but the pillow does not go down, the adjustment is only forward and backward and the angle of the backrest is changing (the driver’s seat, I remind you, is also up and down). Normally, my daughter is back, almost an adult. you can have your legs under the seat, you can sit.

Navigation. Works, cameras show (anti-radar is not needed). A plus. Rear view camera. standard, sorry for not showing the option of movement when turning the steering wheel.

Is the trunk small? It fits four 17-inch wheels while standing, without overlapping the rear window and without removing the raised floor, and only two 15-inch wheels fit into the Santa. So the trunk is normal.

At the moment, the mileage has already exceeded 3,000 km. City consumption in the region of 11-14 liters of AI-92 (average speed of 11-17 km / h). BC shows about the same. Quite a lot, but not quite warm weather affects. from 15 to 30 degrees. And the 1.8-liter engine itself is gluttonous.

Review of Lada XRAY Cross 1.8 (122 HP) manual transmission 2019

Обзор установки камеры заднего вида на Lada XRay

At two thousand mileage, the steering rack knocked, followed by the front suspension on the left side. This just shouldn’t be on a new car! At OD, the cause of the knock was revealed. the steering universal joint was thundering. Warranty case, will be changed.

Gasoline consumption is a separate topic. In winter I was very upset, but the snow melted, and the gas mileage became normal. 9.7 l / 100 km. The machine itself is playful and fast. Sport mode on pavement is fun.

I chose the XRAY Cross, hoping that the new car would allow me to ride comfortably for at least the first couple of years. It did not come true.

Ladovsky plastic did not pass the tests even in the first winter. The car is always parked on the street, yes, but we haven’t had big frosts in the Moscow region yet. And the plastic already lives its own life. it will creak on the right, then near the frontal rattling, then in the back door there is some kind of creak (and also in the right).

So far there are no complaints about the chassis and the engine (I drove only 1,000 km), so far everything pleases. The only thing, after skidding in a rut (I rolled to the dacha), there were extraneous sounds from below in the back.

I drove to my acquaintances at a car service. it turned out that between the rear of the muffler and the body there is a thermal protection on clips (clips are below average lousy). When I skidded along the track. apparently hooked her, tightened the clips. the sounds disappeared.

I don’t even look at the consumption now, since the car is running in, and it’s winter outside. The numbers will still be incorrect.

Lockers with soundproofing pleasantly surprised. Heated rear seats, as well as ergonomics and noise insulation acceptable for the class, pleases. Everything looks decent under the hood, neat and correct.

Cool 17-inch wheels. The design of the car itself is of interest. while they were registering around the car, people always walked around, inadvertently looking into the salon. There are no questions about assembling the car, the gaps of the body elements are even, nothing creaks in the cabin.

Poor directional stability. Apparently connected with the fact that the width of the front track is 1 503 mm, and the rear track is 1 546 mm. We will treat by installing spacers on the front axle.

Insufficient stiffness of the steering column. The short first gear is probably good off-road, but not very good for the city. At the same time, there is also a large gap with the second, it is difficult to get under way from it even from the roll. However, the 6th gear would not hurt.

Poor tidy, trip computer is not intuitive, I had to read the instructions. A week later, rusty streaks appeared from under the caps of the central holes of the alloy wheels. The combined upholstery of the front seats raises design questions. Despite the manufacturer’s assurances, the lateral support is insufficient.

I also have unstuck linings for the front fender arches (at the junction with the bumper). Although it is possible that it was “Peter LADA” screwed up when she removed the bumper to put the radiator mesh.

LADA X Rey: photos, specifications, equipment and prices

LADA X Ray is a tall compact car, the concept of which was first presented at the Moscow Motor Show in the summer of 2012. The new model, created according to the project of one Italian company “Verkormodel”, was assembled according to the project of the domestic automotive design LADA. Translated from English, the name of the car means X-ray radiation. LADA X Ray became the central exhibit of the Russian concern of the Moscow International Motor Show in 2014. The conceptuality of the model created by Russian AvtoVAZ implies the development of the Lada model range in the future, designing crossovers and SUVs. LADA X Ray is the first urban five-door crossover in the history of domestic production. The peculiar design and style of the chassis is the development of AvtoVAZ stylists. The design of the car was built in a joint partnership between AvtoVAZ and Renault on the VO platform. The model of this instance eventually cost up to one million dollars. The production started officially at the end of last year. At the moment, the production of the first cars takes place at the sites in the city of Togliatti. The start of car sales took place in mid-February this year. To date, LADA X Ray is available to customers in seven trim levels.

Model characteristics

The car is characterized by good handling, volumetric dimensions and energy consumption. At the front, it is equipped with an independent suspension. The dampers and spring settings have been re-created. LADA is equipped with disc brakes at the front, drum brakes at the rear. At the moment, the car model is equipped with front-wheel drive only. An all-wheel drive transmission is being developed. The vehicle has the following configuration dimensions: the width of its wheels along the arches is 1764 millimeters. Crossover length. 4165 mm, height. 1570 mm plus 48 mm, wheelbase. 2592 mm plus 3 mm. Luggage capacity is 361 liters, with the rear sofa folded down. 1207 liters. The total weight of the chassis without additional cargo inside, the driver and passengers is 75 kg, the total weight is 1650 kg. Vehicle ground clearance. 195 mm.

Models with three types of engine are available to the buyer:
1. The basic model of a car with an engine index VAZ 21129 for many compatriots has become a hatchback of 1.6 liters per 106 hp, which is equipped with a manual transmission with a maximum output of 5800 rpm, at 4000 rpm with a thrust of 148 Nm. The maximum speed of the motor is 170 km / h, the acceleration time is 11.9 seconds.
2. Another chassis model with the same volume but with 114 hp. with Nissan engine.
3. Model 1.8-liter X-Ray is calculated 123 power. Motor VAZ 21179. The car is equipped with an automatic transmission.

Initial voiced. The “Top” version with a built-in navigation system, multimedia system and fog lights costs 668,000 rubles. The “Prestige” version with such an engine capacity is additionally equipped with heated front glass, climate control in the cabin, a rear-view camera, with light and rain sensors. The initial.
. The Top grade has a price of 693,000 rubles. The version of “Perstizh” of the complete set is estimated at 723,000 rubles.