How to install and connect

Self-installation of the KIA RIO view camera is not difficult. To carry out the work, electrical tape, screwdrivers, a knife, clips and keys are required. Video camera installation can be divided into several main stages:

  • The trim is removed, after which you need to pull out the cover. The panels are fastened using screws and caps. To increase reliability, latches are used, which just press a little.
  • You can install the device instead of the plafond, which is designed to illuminate the room. This place is most suitable because it provides the required visibility and protection from environmental influences.
  • If we install the device in a car that was supplied without a camera, we have to lay a cable through the entire interior to the torpedo. In most cases, the cable is laid along the floor under the finishing material or under the plastic protection of the threshold, but in some cases it is attached to the roof.
  • After laying the wire, the device is connected to the reversing lamp, as well as to the head unit. Such a scheme determines that the system will turn on only when reversing.
  • At the time of connection to the GU, the tulip is connected to the CCD IN jack.
  • The plug located at the rear consists of ground, side light, fog lamp reversing plug. It is recommended to use a special clip-connector when connecting.
  • If there is no OEM monitor, you should install an external monitor to which the video recording device will be connected. It is often placed over a mirror.
  • After completing the procedure, you should check the operation of the system. For this, reverse gear is engaged. In some cases, it is necessary to correct the position of the camera, since even a slight displacement becomes the reason why using the system is uncomfortable.

If there is a bolt near the device, then you should put a mass on it. Putting the original device in its original place is quite simple, but in some cases you have to change its shape and size.

What to choose for replacement

If the original Kia RIO X-Line rear view camera is expensive, you can choose another model.

Most often, they pay attention to the Chinese versions, since they are much cheaper.

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When installing the camera on a car without a corresponding option, it is necessary to provide for the need to place the display on which the image will be displayed.

How to install a rear view camera on a KIA RIO hatchback (sedan) with your own hands

Reversing in any vehicle creates a lot of difficulties. The KIA RIO rearview camera, which is included in several configurations, can simplify the task. From time to time, there is a problem associated with the improper operation of such a device. You can dismantle and repair the device with your own hands if you have a relatively small set of tools.

Features of the original camera

The stock camera on the RIO 4 sedan and hatchback has features that make reversing easier. The rear view camera on the KIA RIO has the following qualities:

  • The device provides a more complete visual control in comparison with budget models.
  • In some configurations, a camera is installed that can display video in high definition resolution. At the same time, the picture quality is not lost in low light.
  • The displayed image is equipped with parking markings. It facilitates reversing maneuvering in confined and tight urban environments.
  • A wide-angle lens is used when equipping the camera. Protection is provided when using a shock-resistant housing, which is protected from aggressive environmental influences.
  • Some models can operate in the infrared range, which is selected at night. Some webcams transmit information to the server, where it can be stored for a long period.

The original camera can be installed by hand on the X-Line model. At the same time, the cost of the equipment used is relatively low.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Some versions of the vehicle come with a built-in reversing camera. Possible malfunctions of the system that allows you to safely maneuver in reverse are in the following points:

  • Damaged wiring.
  • The appearance of oxide on various contacts.
  • Mechanical damage to the case.
  • Malfunction of the device itself.

You can fix some problems yourself. A wiring damage case has the following features:

2017 Kia Rio Backup Camera Install

  • Finding the gap is the hardest part. It is not always possible to visually determine cable damage; a multimeter is required for continuity of the circuit.
  • After determining the location of the break, it is necessary to replace the entire cable, to save money, the section is cut off and both ends are connected, qualitatively insulated.

To determine the state of the device, you need to dismantle it. At the same time, we note the following points:

If the camera is damaged, it must be completely replaced. Before buying a new one, it is recommended to clean all available contacts, since the problem is often corrosion.