Ku-ku, I can see you! 🙂 Not a bad camera option for installation in a regular place!

It just so happened that in the conditions of the modern world, video cameras have filled cities and towns. Every supermarket, gas station, bank and even a cell phone has this device. Therefore, another small camera on the side of your car will not be in the way. Although there is probably a DVR in the car, but this camera is not easy, and the rear view camera for Kia Ceed JD models (2012-present) Hatchback with LED backlight.

It is paired with a monitor of a two-din car radio, just a monitor or with a monitor in the mirror.

There are already parking lines on the camera glass.

Kia Ceed JD Android Multimedia Reverse Camera

  • camera with shade,
  • power wire,
  • video wire
rear, view, camera, ceed

On the hatchback, you will have to remove the number with a frame because its width does not allow easy access to the standard flashlight.

Color CMOS rear camera
Designed for a given make and model of a car, to be installed instead of the rear license plate light, thus does not require changes in the body of your car, which has a positive effect on the dealer’s warranty. Recommended by the manufacturer as a parking camera for a given car make and model.

If the plafond is inserted into the room without problems, then you will have to tinker with the wiring. interior disassembly is pending.

Key Features
adjusted tilt angle
original size
body made of impact-resistant ABS plastic (anti-vandal)
clear transmission of color images in the dark
parking lines
compatibility with any monitors, OEM (non-original) radio tape recorders.

Behind the left casing, you need to call back the wire that goes to reverse (it will be blue) and cling to it.

After this procedure, the camera is powered when the reverse gear is engaged. The only thing left is to pull the video cable.

After that, we connect the cable to the output wires of the monitor and enjoy the rear view.

Kia Ceed JD Android Multimedia Reverse Camera

By the way, the camera is equipped with 4 LEDs and this improves visibility at night.

This camera is made of black plastic, but it is better to take a transparent one. she has a more stream of light that falls on the license plate.

Convenient installation in a regular place makes the camera almost necessary for purchase.