Installation of rear, front and all-round view cameras on Volkswagen Passat

The Cybercar company offers a full range of services for installing cameras on Volkswagen cars. Only top-class cameras are offered for installation, excellent in quality and characteristics. All cameras and surround vision systems can be installed on any Volkswagen model.

for the installation of cameras “Turnkey” (Equipment for work). Want to know more about installing rear, front and all-round view cameras with image display on the OEM monitor?

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Installing the camera on the Passat SS. Passive safety element and reliable assistant

The comfortable sedan Volkswagen Passat has long been loved by car owners, thanks to its reliability, comfort and equipment. The car has a fairly large dimensions. Its latest models already have parking assist and a rear camera. The Passat B7 is NOT equipped with a reversing camera in all trim levels, like its newer models. Cybercar installation centers offer retrofitting with rear and front view cameras for all modifications of the Volkswagen Passat. Installation of the camera is carried out by experienced craftsmen who have passed the appropriate training and certification. We offer cameras of exceptionally high quality, installed in regular places. The Passat CC camera will be connected using an HDMI connector, which is Cybercar’s own development.

Do not forget that fixing the camera peephole in a regular place or in another, if such is not provided, the process does NOT end. Only professionals know how to connect a stock camera. It is not recommended to trust such work to amateurs, since incorrect decoding can lead to incorrect operation or to the shutdown of various nodes. A rearview camera is NOT just a handy device that you can show off to your friends. This is a major breakthrough in safety and comfort when parking or maneuvering. A properly connected Volkswagen Passat camera allows you to display a picture from the overlapping parking lines on the OEM display. This allows the driver to accurately choose the trajectory of movement, as well as avoid hitting obstacles invisible to the parking sensors.

Do not forget that the Volkswagen Passat has a fairly long hood, and, accordingly, a large dead zone in front of it. If parking sensors are installed, they will help to avoid hitting objects invisible to the driver, but not always. The front camera of the Passat, installed in the bumper or radiator grill, together with the parking sensors, will allow the driver to safely maneuver even in the most difficult areas. It is important to remember that the Passat rear view camera differs from the front one by mirroring the picture on the OEM monitor. Thanks to this layout, the car owner will feel confident even without serious driving skills.

Make driving your Volkswagen more comfortable

Front-view cameras are used less frequently than rear-view cameras, but this does NOT mean that they are less useful for motorists. They are especially valuable for owners of cars with a front spoiler, bumper trims, etc. With the front view camera, the “blind spot” in front of the car will become visible to you.

The only difference between front and rear view cameras is that a live image is transmitted from the front view camera, and from the rear view camera. Mirror. Such cameras are installed in any convenient place, for example, on the inner part of the bumper, where there is space for installation, in the radiator grille under the nameplate, or even in the logo itself.

Front-view cameras have a high class of dust and moisture protection. The installed camera will not be conspicuous and, of course, will NOT spoil the exterior of the car in any way.

The most interesting option in the segment of parking systems. Installing Surround Cameras Our Surround View System gives you the ability to fully control the area around your vehicle. Parking radars or recorders cannot guarantee you one hundred percent view without “blind spots”, but our system. Can.

We install four ultra-wide angle cameras: rear view, front view, and two side view cameras (in the mirrors). Thanks to this, you get a formed overall image (i.e., top view) and full control over the situation around the entire perimeter of the car. Surround cameras allow you to view the entire area around the car or display information from each camera separately, on one screen, in two angles, which allows you to park back to back and increase the safety of any maneuver.

Installing a rear view camera on a Volkswagen Passat B6

On many modern cars, a rear view camera is installed to make it easier to reverse. However, this option is not always included in the package, and you have to install the device yourself. The rear-view camera of the Passat B6 can differ significantly, so the choice of the device must be taken responsibly.

What is in the factory version of the car

Radio B Passat 6 can be simple or with a large display. In the factory version, a camera is installed with the following properties:

  • The viewing angle of the device is not less than 170 °.
  • The quality of the displayed image is high. Therefore, all objects are clearly visible on the display.
  • Built-in IR illumination that enhances image quality at night.
  • The device is capable of applying virtual markup to the image. It was created in such a way that B 6 and another city could just put on a parking space.

The cost of the factory device for the B6 is quite high. In the case when a car is produced at the factory without such an option, many are trying to install the camera at the location of the badge. There is just a large number of analogues on sale, they all have their own properties.

Which camera to choose

There are many different cameras on sale for the car in question, so there are no problems with the choice. When choosing, attention is paid to the following points:

  • The viewing angle is the defining parameter when choosing a device. Most models have 170 ° viewing angle.
  • The operating temperature range is within the 40 ° limit. 50 ° C. This makes the device more resistant to weather conditions.
  • The body is manufactured to various standards. In most cases, it provides IP66 protection against moisture and dust.
  • In most cases, the device is powered from a 12V network.
  • The physical resolution of the matrix determines how clear all objects in the output image will be.

When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the configuration of the device. It often includes an AV cable, DC cable, and some other items. The model that provides for the placement of a special icon is very popular. It opens and the camera moves forward a little.

Installation and connection

A scheme that provides for the installation of a camera under the vehicle logo is becoming more and more popular. In the standard version, a motor is located in this place, which is responsible for the rotation of the rear wiper. You can find a suitable Landing Socket from the Passat CC version. The camera is installed according to the instructions below:

  • A suitable ring is installed in its place. For fastening, you can use a liquid quarrel with a sealant. The surface of the boot lid is painted if necessary.
  • After installing the seat, the camera is placed. Connection requires a set of wires.
  • The complexity of the connection lies in pulling the cable through the tube that connects the trunk lid to the body.
  • The problem with cable routing arises due to the fact that you have to remove all the trim. It is fastened with bolts and clips.
  • In the car in question, the gasket is carried out on the right side. There is little space due to the washer tube, so the wire is pushed first, then the wiring is attached.
  • At the time of disassembling the interior, you need to be careful, as metal clips can be damaged.
  • When laying the wire, you will have to remove the glove compartment and RNS. A wire is passed through this place, which is additionally fixed with clamps.
  • After connecting the wire and placing the camera, the sills and trunk are assembled. During installation, you need to be careful, as strong mechanical stress will damage the fasteners.

A similar system is found on expensive cars, because the camera has reliable protection against environmental influences. The selected system can apply a virtual adaptive markup, which greatly simplifies delivery.

Malfunctions and their elimination

Disassembly is often carried out due to a malfunction. The most common are the following:

  • Malfunction of the camera itself. Chinese versions can crumble almost in the hands. This is due to the poor build quality. Therefore, the device may break even with strong vibration.
  • Lack of contact. The connection of SEPARATE elements can be carried out using various methods. If quality plugs have not been used, then there is a possibility of corrosion. It can be removed mechanically or by using Special Products.
  • Damaged wiring. Even a standard system can fail due to an error in cable laying. You can find the damaged area using a multimeter. It is not recommended to restore the damaged area; it is best to lay a new cable.

It is almost impossible to troubleshoot camera problems. Therefore, a new device is being installed.

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