Features of the

The main purpose of the rear view camera for Nissan Qashqai J11 is to provide intelligent parking. It has the following properties:

  • a realistic image showing all the details that need to be taken into account when parking the car neatly;
  • good night vision stability;
  • wide-angle lens (120 degrees horizontally and 170 degrees vertically), providing a wide outlook of the site;
  • waterproof case that protects the device from precipitation and washing;
  • anti-fog function.

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The availability and quality of the 2012 Nissan Qashqai rear view camera is widely recognized. The manufacturer took into account all the nuances and conditions of its operation for the best result.

Rear view camera Nissan Qashqai

A rear view camera is an indispensable thing when parking. It provides a wide view and high definition picture. The device connects to a car monitor via an RCA connector and mounts effortlessly. Due to its compact size, it can be installed on any side of the car.

Camera selection

  • parking markings;
  • resolution;
  • clear image at night;
  • lens protection;
  • viewing angle;
  • CCD / CMOS matrix;
  • temperature holding range;
  • the degree of protection against dust and moisture;

Do not forget to take a closer look at other important parameters:

  • installation site;
  • the degree of contamination of the selected plane;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • visibility (so as not to steal).

The set includes wires for connection and instructions.

Installing the camera

Installation of the device on Nissan Qashqai is simple and does not require any special skills. It takes a few steps from you:

  • Remove the trim from the tailgate by unscrewing the key bolt by 10 and removing a pair of clips.
  • Slide down the plastic cover.
  • Remove the license plate light.
  • Go to wiring. It is better to lead the power cables through the hole intended for the room backlight cord. There is a sealing gum on it, which you need to pierce and remove the wires.
  • Find the red cord and combine it with the green one from the reversing light.
  • Lead the wire into the passenger compartment (you can use a wire attachment for this).
  • Route the cables to the place of the car’s light. Pull the video and power cords out through the light bulb holder and connect to the connectors leading to the monitor.

If there is no desire to open the casing, then you can use the transmitter and receiver of the color video signal.

If necessary, contact the installation center for knowledgeable people to complete the task.

If the rear view camera installed on the Nissan Qashqai does not work, then disassemble and revise the wiring for kinks or breaks. You also need to pay attention to the presence of water in the mechanism. It is better to disassemble and dry a raw device.


For a full view and control of the road, it is recommended to purchase a front view camera for the Nissan Qashqai. It attaches to a badge on the bonnet for confidence in poor visibility areas. In order to broadcast a picture from two or three devices simultaneously on the screen, a specialized interface is used. Some gadgets are available with a color display, which significantly improves their functionality.

Installing a rear view camera is not that difficult task. You can easily do it yourself.

Rear View Camera Installation for Nissan Qashqai J10 (J11)

Among the modern innovations that can be installed on a car, one can single out a rear view camera. It greatly simplifies maneuvering in a confined space. The rear view camera on Nissan Qashqai j10 and j11 displays an image with superimposed virtual markings due to the location of the gyroscope. If the car was delivered without such an option, then you can carry out the installation yourself. Compliance with the recommendations will avoid problems.

Installation and connection

You can install a rear view camera on Nissan yourself.

Such tuning takes a relatively small amount of time, it will cost no more than 3000 rubles.

Installation of the camera is carried out as follows:

  • A suitable camera model is selected, taking into account the HU model. After purchase, you need to connect and check how the two devices are combined.
  • To place the camera, the backlight plafond is being dismantled.
  • The plastic protection is removed from the inside of the luggage compartment lid. It is secured with several bolts and caps.
  • The plastic cover is removed from the plafond. Fastening with nuts.
  • The camera is installed in place, the wiring is carried out using a rigid wire inside the cover.
  • The camera is connected from the reversing lamp wire. This connection enables the device to engage when reverse gear is selected.
  • The cable is pushed into the front through the corrugation. For this, the plugs are cut off.
  • The plugs are connected to the main part of the wires by soldering, after which the surface is insulated.
  • Connecting to the head unit. At this stage, it is advisable to check the entire system, because in the future, there may be problems with adjusting the wall.
  • It is recommended to additionally insulate all connections, since high humidity can lead to loss of contact.
  • After testing and calibrating the entire system, the installation of finishing panels is carried out.

There are special piston pullers for the car, the use of which eliminates the likelihood of breakage. When working, you need to be careful, because if the installation is carried out without all the fasteners, there is a possibility of vibration.

Description of the original camera

The original video camera is found on a large number of different configurations of a similar car. It has the following features:

  • Standard devices shoot with a range of 170 degrees.
  • A device that has an IP66 protection class is installed on a Nissan Qashqai. It provides a long service life at relatively low humidity.
  • Image quality is relatively high, but less than HD. When driving at night, there is a chance of graininess.
  • The device applies virtual markings that represent the setting area. By complicating the design, the manufacturer made adaptive markings, it changes depending on the angle of the vehicle.
  • For driving in the dark, there is a night vision mode, for which infrared illumination is installed.

The original device is hidden inside the luggage compartment lid, which provides additional protection for the device.

Which one to choose instead of the standard device

  • The viewing angle must be at least 170 degrees. This figure is sufficient for a good view when reversing.
  • HD picture quality. Poor quality becomes the reason why it will be difficult to identify small elements on the road surface.
  • Protection class not less than IP66. Otherwise, moisture may enter the structure, which will cause loss of contact.
  • Additional features include night vision and illumination, as well as image mirroring.
  • The popularity of a brand largely determines how long a device can last. If the cost of the device is too low, it indicates that low-quality materials were used in its manufacture.

In addition, attention is paid to the size of the case. An analogue of a standard camera is installed instead of a plafond, so the dimensions matter.

Possible problems and their elimination

With the installed system, various malfunctions may occur from time to time. The most widespread are the following:

  • mechanical damage to the camera;
  • damage to the cable and the occurrence of a short circuit;
  • coating of contacts with corrosion.

It is impossible to solve the problem with damage to the camera yourself, because it has a complex design. If the cable is damaged, the area can only be determined using a special tester. For a visual inspection, you will have to dismantle almost all the finishing material, which will take a lot of time.

The information above suggests that it is important to find the right camera. If the image quality is too low, it will be difficult to reverse parking. Adaptive lane markings are more effective in the case of side parking. When creating the system in question, you can install parking sensors.

The main distinguishing features of the Parkvision PLC-81 rear view camera:

Wide viewing angle. The camera covers a wide area behind the vehicle, so you can see even small objects in the immediate vicinity of the rear bumper. The camera covers an angle of 120 degrees horizontally and vertically. 90.

How it works.Nissan’s 360 Degree Camera

Automatic mirroring of the image allows the driver to see objects on the screen as they are in reality.

Protection against moisture and dust. The camera has a dust and moisture resistant housing, which ensures stable operation of the camera in all weather conditions.

Full color image. The monitor receives a color image, which allows you to get the most realistic picture of everything that happens behind the car.

Unique camera design. The camera is designed for a specific car model, so you will not have any difficulties with installation.

Built-in backlight. A bright LED is built into the camera body, which provides illumination of the car’s license plate.

Can be used instead of a rear-view mirror. You can use the camera instead of a rearview mirror at night and in low light.

Native rearview camera Parkvision PLC-81 for Nissan (Qashqai, X-Trail)

Today, the situation has become customary when the streets and parking lots are filled with a large number of vehicles. Therefore, the driver often has difficulty parking and reversing when the space to maneuver is limited. Naturally, this can lead to accidents and damage to your own, and possibly someone else’s car.

Many car owners have had to deal with situations when various factors complicate parking, for example, dirty car windows, poor lighting, etc.

The Parkvision PLC-81 camera is installed in the regular place of the license plate light for Nissan cars (Qashqai, X-Trail) and transmits the image to a monitor located in the car. Timely receipt of information about everything behind the car allows you to make the right decision and avoid accidents, scratches and damage.


Hello, tell me please, I need a rear view camera on the Nissan Xtrail body nt30. first model, right-hand drive and where it is installed. Advance blogging.

this camera will fit for Carolla 2008?

Will not work. Unfortunately, we do not have standard cameras for your car, you can choose a model with a universal installation:

is it possible to connect this camera to a multimedia center.

If there is a tulip input and the PAL color system is supported, then you can use the media center as a monitor to view information from it.

Is it possible to install Parkvision PLC-81 on Nissan Almera Classic B10 body

Is it suitable for the Nissan Patrol? (2005 restyling with tall taillights)

For which Nissan X-Trail models this rear view camera is suitable and where to install?

The manufacturer does not specify for what modifications this camera is, therefore, it is better to check compatibility practically by comparing the camera mount with the lamp of the car’s license plate light.

OEM rear view camera with parking sensors for Nissan Primera P12 do you have or not

We have no information on your car. You can independently compare the mountings of the cameras presented on sale with the mount for the car license plate illumination, perhaps you will find an identical one.
As for the parking sensors, any standard rear-view camera from the ones we have on sale can be connected to the monitor through the following parking sensors:

Good day! Will this camera fit a 2006 Nissan Patrol Y61? It looks similar to the regular 2006 Nissan Patrol Y61. If not then advise a rear view camera and a receiver and transmitter kit for organizing a wireless connection between the car camera and the monitor.

Replacing Nissan Qashqai Reverse Camera

Good day! Tell me with which GPS navigator or monitor I can use Parkvision PLC-81 rear view camera for Nissan X-Trail? Are there instructions for installing and connecting this camera?

2010 Nissan Qashqai I choose between rear view cameras: Parkvision PLC-81, SPARK type A N3 and SPARK type C N3. Which one do you recommend better and are they all compatible with my car??
I also want to buy a Parkvision PVM-100 MKII video monitor and a SPARK-6V parking sensor with a video output for the rear view camera. What can you say about your choice and whether they will be compatible with the proposed rear view camera?

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Native rearview camera with parking guidelines for Nissan Qashqai

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Native rearview camera with parking guidelines for Nissan Qashqai

Camera for Nissan Qashqai to help you make parking maneuvers with ease

The SC-01 FR-07 camera from the well-known company Neoline has many features that will help you park your vehicle. Among these characteristics, it should be noted a viewing angle of 100 °, the presence of parking lines, a resolution of 648×488 pixels, etc.

Cars on which you can install Neoline SC-01 FR-07

This rear view camera can be installed on the following vehicle models: Nissan Qashqai (2009, 2013), X-Trail (2009, 2013), Pathfinder (2004-2014) or Citroen C5 (2010, 2013). Installation should be carried out in a regular place of the car instead of the license plate lamp.

Some features of the camera will allow it to display a full-color and clear image on your display, on which you will see almost all the interference. Thanks to the color CMOS matrix, as well as the resolution of 648×488 pixels, you will see on your monitor (not included in the package) a clear picture of what is behind the rear bumper of the vehicle. Due to the fact that this camera has a viewing angle of 100 °, almost all obstacles that your car can collide with will be visible on the screen.

Any camera (front or rear view) requires installation in a vehicle location that cannot be protected from moisture and dirt. The developers of the Neoline company took this fact into account and endowed the SC-01 FR-07 camera with a moisture-proof housing. This prevents liquid, dirt, dust or any foreign particles from entering the device. Thanks to this feature, the specified camera will be able to serve you for a long period of time.

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  • Installing the protection of the front bumper, kengurin 1500 rubles. 1 hour
  • Installation of a set of thresholds for a car 1500 rubles. 2 hours
  • Installation of protection of the rear bumper 1500 rubles. 1 hour
  • Installing a gearbox blocker from 3000 rubles. 2 hours
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