Instructions for pinout of a radio tape recorder for Nissan

The concept of an interface is closely related to any electronic device. It is used to connect additional devices. And the task of the interface is to ensure the correct transmission of a certain signal. For this reason, if you look at the back of your Qashqai, Almera, X-Trail, Tiida, N16 car radio, you will see several connectors to which the wires are connected. With their help, you can connect traditional car equipment, such as a multifunction steering wheel, a rear view camera, a navigation radio, and achieve correct operation.

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Nissan radio pinout

Connect the radio

For the connection to be correct, a separate graphic instruction is made for all connectors of media devices, which describes the connection diagram. The pinout of the Nissan head unit is a graphical installation guide. This company, unlike many others, maintains a single standard for all interfaces of its cars. This approach allows you to avoid connection errors that are encountered during operation.

A detailed guide on connecting SEPARATE elements and devices enables experienced users to replace the media system on their own, rather than Contacting the service.

Standard pinout of the radio:

  • Nissan head unit pinout

Detailed pinout of the main connector

The diagram shows a typical pinout of the Nissan radio connector. Please note that there are several connection interfaces on the back of the radio.

List of terminals for connecting car radio Nissan:

  • AUX. line input;
  • CD changer;
  • Terminal for connecting navigation and smartphone;
  • Terminal for connecting external speakers, etc.

Despite the modular principle, the pinout of the Nissan X-Trail radio is different, this is due to the development of technological solutions, for example, the absence of the need to connect CD-changers. At the same time, there is a growing need not only for adding their device, but also for wider functionality. The second diagram will help you set up the Qashqai, Almera, X-Trail and second brands with modern navigation, where the contacts and connection diagram are described in more detail.

AUX connection

AUX. this is a line-in input, which expands the possibilities for connecting external devices. The simplest use case is associated with the ability to listen to music with headphones by connecting them via a minijack. In some car stereos of previous generations, and not supporting synchronization with a smartphone and, accordingly, playing music with a wireless signal, you can set up the playback of music from a media player via AUX, abandoning the CD changer.

AUX connection

AUX also allows you to connect a USB jack, amplifier, or other audio devices.

Features of the work of Some standard car radios for Nissan Qashqai:

Description of the Qashqai 2012 scheme

Depending on the assembly, additional functions can be implemented in standard car radios of second manufacturers. For example, the pinout of the Nissan Qashqai radio does NOT imply additional functionality and transfer of the driver’s speaker to navigation mode, but some manufacturers have implemented such undocumented capabilities. This is manifested in the fact that the driver’s speaker will be quieter than all others. In addition, your car radio can emit service sounds when doors are opened or when second functions are activated. Least of all such cases are found in Qashqai 2012 and older models. The scheme in this car series is very simple and does NOT cause conflicts.

Radio tape recorder Nissan Qashqai

These features are related to the internal typical schemes used by the manufacturers. This functionality is not always indicated in the operating instructions, since they refer to undocumented additional technical features. Separate problems of this kind have to be dealt with with the help of additional devices. If you DO NOT have a sufficient level of electronics skills, it is better to contact the service with this problem. No experience Use only typical wires and interfaces without additional connections.

Pinout diagram

Please note that the new generation car radios have so-called “Smart” functions. The device may turn up or down the volume depending on the mode. In SEPARATE brands, these functions may work according to an erroneous algorithm. As a rule, such errors are not found in car radios for the more expensive models of Qashqai, Almera, X-Trail.

Nissan Rear View Cameras

Nissan rear view cameras are installed in the place provided for them by the manufacturer, providing the driver with a high-quality picture of everything that happens behind the car. They make it easier to park and help you reversing comfortably.

Nissan rear view cameras are indispensable assistants when reversing and parking. The motorist can always comfortably see everything that is happening behind the car on the monitor in the cabin. Equipped with tempered glass lenses, they are scratch-resistant and anti-blurring. Therefore, the devices successfully tolerate negative influences.

How rearview cameras work

Devices are fixed on a license plate, car bumper or on its body. They are connected to a monitor located in the cabin, this can be done by cable or wirelessly. The energy comes from the rearview light. when moving backwards, power is supplied to it, the camera immediately begins to receive an image and supply it to the display.

What a good rear view camera should be

The technique of this type has a number of features:

  • Extreme operating conditions. The cameras are located outdoors, so they are constantly faced with wind loads, precipitation, icing, temperature extremes and drastic changes in humidity.
  • A clearly visible picture regardless of the light level. The problem of reversing and parking is especially relevant at night. Therefore, the camera must produce a high-quality picture both during the day and at night.
  • The ability to determine the exact distance to the object. It is quite difficult to do this from the picture. The cameras use parking lines that are superimposed on the image.
  • Installation site. The video camera can be placed on the license plate, bumper or other element of the car body.
  • “Mirrored inverted” image. It appears in the same way in the rear-view mirrors, so the driver will NOT get confused while moving back.

Basic parameters when choosing a rear view camera

Camcorders can transmit a signal to the monitor in two ways:

  • By cable. It connects the device and monitor through the entire vehicle interior. This method allows the signal to be transmitted reliably and is not subject to radio interference. The only inconvenience. the need to lay a cable in order to covertly locate it, it is necessary to remove the trim in the cabin.
  • Wireless way. In this case, the signal is transmitted over radio waves. The method does not require cable laying, but its reliability is limited by radio interference. Signal transmission can be via FM transmitter or Wi-Fi connection.

The parameters of the optical system play an important role:

  • The presence of parking lines. Quality devices Must be able to put parking lines on the picture. They are Presented as a rectangular grid that is displayed on the screen. This makes it easier to determine the exact distance to the obstacle.
  • Viewing angle. It is preferable that the indicator is in the range of 120-170 degrees. With its increase, the coverage of what is happening increases, on the other hand, the image may be somewhat distorted.
  • Video resolution. The higher it is, the better and clearer the resulting picture will be.

Modern Nissan rear-view cameras will help even novice motorists to park and reverse with confidence. These devices are affordable and take driving convenience to a whole new level.!

Native rearview camera Parkvision PLC-81 for Nissan (Qashqai, X-Trail)

Today, the situation has become customary when streets and parking lots are filled with a large number of vehicles. Therefore, the driver often has difficulty parking and reversing when the space to maneuver is limited. Naturally, this can lead to accidents and damage to your own, and possibly someone else’s car.

Many car owners have had to deal with situations where parking is complicated by various factors, such as dirty car windows, poor lighting, etc.

The Parkvision PLC-81 camera is installed in the regular place of the license plate lamp of Nissan cars (Qashqai, X-Trail) and transmits the image to the monitor located in the car interior. Timely receipt of information about everything that is behind the car allows you to make the right decision and avoid accidents, scratches and damage.

Main Distinctive features of Parkvision PLC-81 rear view camera:

Wide viewing angle. The camera allows you to cover a wide area behind the car, so you can see even small objects in the immediate vicinity of the rear bumper. The camera covers an angle of 120 degrees horizontally and vertically. 90.

Auto-flip image function allows the driver to see objects on the screen as they are in reality.

Protection against moisture and dust. The camera has a dust and moisture resistant housing, which ensures stable operation of the camera in all weather conditions.

Full color image. The monitor receives a color image, which allows you to Get the most realistic picture of everything that happens behind the car.

Unique camera design. The camera is designed for a specific car model, so you will have no difficulties with installation.

Built-in illumination. A bright LED is built into the camera body, which provides illumination of the car’s license plate.

Can be used instead of a rear-view mirror. You can use the camera instead of a rearview mirror at night and in low light.


Color system: PAL

Current consumption: no more than 140 mA

Working voltage: U = 10-15 V

Minimum illumination: 1 LUX

Vertical viewing angle: 90 °.

Horizontal viewing angle: 120 °.