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If you have a Fiat Ducato III, Peugeot Boxer III, Citroen Jumper III, and you are looking for a parking aid solution, this article is for you.

5-in-1 Reverse Camera Solution for the Fiat Ducato (CAM-FT6)

The main purpose of the rear view camera. this is the provision of a video picture of the situation behind a car during parking.
Installing this parking camera will allow you to:
– see visual pictures of everything that happens behind the minibus when reversing,
– timely and promptly react to the appearance of an accidental pedestrian behind the car,
– calculate distances to obstacles or other vehicles,
– park as close as possible to any obstacle,
– park at any time of the day and time of the year,
increase safety in this maneuver,
– gain confidence!

The rear view camera is fully automatic. To activate the parking camera and get a picture, you only need to turn on the reverse gear. The camera will automatically and instantly turn on and be displayed on the screen. After completing the maneuver and disengaging reverse gear, the camera automatically turns off and the monitor enters standby mode. Everything is very simple and convenient!

Ducato Install Rear View Camera

Code: BGT-28030CCD
Matrix: Sony CCD
Viewing angle: 170 °
Built-in IR illumination unit.
Power supply: 12V
Waterproof: ip67
Operating temperature:.35 °. 65 ° C
Warranty period: 24 months
Production: BGTpro (China)

Rear view camera for Fiat Ducato III, Peugeot Boxer III, Citroen Jumper III,
wiring for connection,
video cable,
installation instructions,
warranty card.