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All cons of Chery Tiggo 4 2020-2021

➖ No steering wheel adjustment for reach
➖ Small trunk
➖ Manageability


➕ Not afraid of cold weather / warms up well
➕ Suspension
➕ Salon
➕ Light

Skated on Vesta for exactly 2 years or 32 thousand km. In comparison with her, Tiggo 4 has the following advantages:

CHERY TIGGO 8 Как разместить телефон в автомобиле

A softer suspension and a smoother ride, but it comes at the price of handling. On Vesta, due to extraneous sounds in the suspension, there was always a feeling that something was wrong in it, even after the warranty replacement of the anti-roll bar due to the creak of the bushings.

Head optics. There are lenticular halogens on the Tiggo, and there is a lot of sense from them, these lenses, in contrast to the same RIO-Cret, where they seem to be for show. In principle, I did not complain about the quality of light on Vesta, but there is such a gorgeous light beam of low beam!

AMT vs. CVT. Well, here undoubtedly the variator gave the comfort of movement, although sometimes it kicks a little when translated into reverse, but this cannot be compared with the drizzle that Vesta’s robot sometimes threw.

Multimedia. In Vesta, it is just the bottom, it is needed to display the picture from the rear view camera. Here, the functionality is much richer.

Sound quality. In general, it was not bad in Vesta, but here the sound is deeper, the lows are juicier. Quite worthy for a Chinese no-name.

Interior soundproofing. While on the run-in, I try not to drive more than 110 km / h, but there is no aerodynamic noise, everything is quiet and excellent in the cabin.

I spent about 3 months in winter conditions. During this time, the warm-up is fast (the display shows information that the engine warm-up is completed in about 2-3 minutes). In a snowfall, you turn on the heating of the windshield and steering wheel, after about 1.5 minutes the windshield thaws, the steering wheel heats up after 2 minutes. The stove starts heating after 5 minutes, after 10 it is already warm (and this is at 1 position).

There were no problems with launching: v.29 started up normally, without any effort. There was no fogging in the city, and I didn’t go on the highway in winter, I can’t say anything. Heated seats also flawlessly. 2-3 minutes. In general, everything works well so far.


Also, there is no rain sensor in the car, only a light sensor. On the one hand, it seems even better that he is not, if compared with Hover, then there he worked not very well. But all the windows are automatic, you can open the windows from the remote control, and when arming the open window will close automatically.

The radio tape recorder is peculiar, the operating system on it is Linux, why they did so is not clear. Separately, the gesture control deserves attention, at first glance it’s a cool thing, you can switch tracks or radio, turn up and turn down the sound, but only if you are driving alone! If a person is gesturing in the passenger seat, then you will immediately have to turn off this function, as we did.

For half a year of ownership there was the following opinion about the car. This is not a racing car or an off-road car, but for moving around the city, on far from the best roads and exits to a gravel country road. it is quite suitable.

On the road, the car feels confident, there is no excessive roll at turns, the steering response is accurate and quite “sharp”. By ten thousand cars “came to life”, became more dynamic and cheerful.

Yes, there are constructive mistakes and shortcomings, but for me they are not critical and it is quite possible to live with them. The trunk, of course, is too small, but it has already adapted to this! Sometimes there is also not enough steering wheel adjustment for reach, but somehow I got used to it and adjusted the position of the chair as conveniently as possible.

It happens that you see an outwardly beautiful car, but once you get into its salon, the whole impression disappears due to the wretched interior with hard cheap plastic. So there is no such thing in Chery!

The exterior of the car leaves a pleasant visual sensation, and when it enters the salon, they only intensify, since the trim resembles the salons of premium brands (at least visually). In general, it is pleasant to sit inside, you feel like in a good car. The interior is finished with soft plastic, leatherette, aluminum and carbon look inserts. Hard plastic is present in small quantities.

Ergonomics. The seats are comfortable, with good anatomy, and resemble Vagovski’s in shape. The steering wheel is adjustable only for tilt, but the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in all directions and has a lumbar support, which makes it quite comfortable to get comfortable. Everything is clear about the management of the salon, the location is convenient.

Safety and comfort systems

Despite the modern design of the exterior and the stylish interior of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020, the manufacturer decided to save on the list of security and comfort systems, offering only the most necessary. We can say that this list is the difference between the configurations of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. So on board the crossover is listed:

  • Era-Glonass system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • all-round visibility system;
  • tire pressure monitoring;
  • stability control system;
  • emergency braking system;
  • front and side airbags;
  • safety curtains;
  • mount ISOFIX;
  • light and rain sensor;
  • delay system for turning off the front optics;
  • stowage;
  • Cruise control;
  • electric power steering;
  • electromechanical handbrake;
  • keyless engine start;
  • keyless access to the car;
  • electric tailgate;
  • multimedia system;
  • digital instrument panel;
  • LED interior lighting;
  • remote engine start and car interior warming up;
  • heated front and rear seats;
  • heated steering wheel and side mirrors;
  • leather seat upholstery;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • wireless charger;
  • USB connectors for recharging;
  • Bluetooth.

Price and configuration Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2021

The official premiere of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro in Russia took place on September 10, 2020. Almost immediately, the manufacturer opened the list of trim levels, characteristics and cost of the crossover. The buyer was given a choice of 3 configurations, which differ from each other in the list of safety and comfort systems, in terms of technical characteristics, the cars will be the same.

Equipment Filling Price from, rub. (Doll.)
Luxury 1.5 L, 147 HP, gasoline, 8 CVT9, front-wheel drive 1369900 (17,502)
Elite 1.5 L, 147 HP, gasoline, 8 CVT9, front-wheel drive 1,439,900 (18,396)
Prestige 1.5 L, 147 HP, gasoline, 8 CVT9, front-wheel drive 1,539,900 (19,674)

Specifications Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2021

Having dealt with the design, let’s move on to the technical characteristics of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. Initially, it was assumed the appearance of modifications with different units and transmissions, but, in terms of variety, there are no special changes. For Russia, a new crossover is offered with a single turbocharged gasoline engine and a CVT. over, the promised all-wheel drive is not yet to be expected, only the front-wheel drive configurations of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, besides, the body of this model turned out to be load-bearing.

Specifications Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020-2021
Engine Turbocharged petrol
Fuel Gasoline AI-92
Number of cylinders / valves 4/16
Volume, l 1.5
Power, hp. 147
Torque, Nm 210
Maximum speed, km / h 186
Acceleration time to 100 km / h, s 9.8
Transmission CVT9
Drive unit Front
Environmental class Euro 6
Fuel consumption Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020-2021
Around the city, l 10.8
On the track, l 6.6
Mixed cycle, l 8.2
CO2 emission, g / km 189

As for the suspension of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro crossover, there are no special innovations. An independent McPherson suspension is installed at the front, an independent multi-link at the rear. The brake system turned out to be average. Front ventilated disc brakes, rear non-ventilated disc brakes. With modern technology, it is worth noting the electromechanical handbrake and electric power steering.

Dimensions and weight Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2019-2020
Length, mm 4500
Height, mm 1842
Width, mm 1705
Wheelbase, mm 2670
Front wheel track, mm 1550
Rear wheel track, mm 1550
Curb weight, kg 1540
Full weight, kg 1888
Trunk volume, l 475 (with seats folded 1500 l)
Fuel tank volume, l 51
Ground clearance, mm 190


Exterior of the new crossover

It would seem that the changes in the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro will be minimal, since the prefix in the car name usually indicates minor modifications. In this case, the opposite is true, the car has received significant design improvements. The front of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro looks more like Hyundai cars. Large open radiator grille with diamond-shaped design and branded emblem in the center. By the way, there were rumors that Chery was planning to change the design of the emblem, but, apparently, there are no changes yet.

Following the radiator grill, the strict look of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is emphasized by the narrow, matrix front optics. The front bumper of the crossover stands out no less, black plastic protection at the bottom and a chrome insert at the joint. On the sides of the bumper, in large holes, horizontal LED fog lights were placed, which also act as daytime running lights. The last detail on the front of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is the hood. Unlike the usual 7th version of the crossover, the Pro modification received a raised center and a sharp edge. Due to the lines of the hood that converge to the radiator grill, the car received a more austere look, which had a good effect on the overall design.

The side of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro crossover has been updated in its own way. A strict line extends from the front optics to the hind feet. A small stamp appeared at the bottom of the doors, paired with chrome moldings and a small plastic trim. Despite current trends in car design, the developers of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro decided to stick to the classics by installing regular door handles and positioning the side mirrors in the corner of the front windows.

Another interesting point that went to the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is a two-tone body color, but only as an option for the top model. Under the additional color were the car racks and the roof. Although according to the manufacturer, the side and rear pillars will be painted black as standard, thereby giving the crossover an unusual look. The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro shade palette includes:

As for the color of the crossover roof, there are only two options. black or white. At the heart of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, depending on the configuration, 17 “or 18” alloy wheels are installed, with tires 225/65 or 225/60, respectively. In addition to all of the above, the designers decided to leave the classic arrangement of the side mirrors (in the corner of the front windows). The standard set of mirrors includes heating, electric adjustment and LED turn signal repeaters.

At the rear, the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020 looks more like a cross between a Korean and an American SUV. As it should be for a modern car, the rear feet are fully LED, and the designers have installed an additional LED line with the company logo in the center over the entire width of the trunk lid. A little lower placed the nameplates indicating the model and equipment.

The very top of the trunk lid was also not left without modifications by installing a small sports spoiler. The side pillars are made black, thus the side glass seems to merge with the rear window. The rear bumper is modern and stylish, with a pair of horizontal foglights and a chrome line across the entire width of the trunk. Completing this whole set is a black splash guard with a diffuser and a pair of chrome-plated exhaust tips.

The last detail of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro exterior that is worth considering is the roof. This is not to say that there are many differences or features in comparison with other, more famous crossover models, but considering the price, the equipment is quite good. By standard, the roof is solid, with stiffeners, a hatch in the front, a pair of roof rails and a small shark fin antenna on the back of the roof. Top model Chery Tiggo 7 Pro received a panoramic roof with a sliding front part.

The exterior design of the new crossover has really gotten better. If earlier the opinion about Chinese cars was not the best, now it is a complex of advanced technologies, modern design, comfort and many other positive aspects. Most likely, in the future, the manufacturer will withdraw Chery Tiggo 7 Pro as a separate model or even change the name, making it unique.

The interior of the new crossover

In contrast to the exterior, the interior of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro will surprise you with many modern details. The front panel, regardless of the configuration, turned out to be modern and stylish. In the center there is a 12.5 “display of the multimedia system and a pair of air ducts under it with a start / stop button for the engine. The basis for the multimedia was the modified Android Auto platform, but there are both pros and cons.

According to some owners, the multimedia system, and the car as a whole, is very talkative. The slightest movement, control or action with the car is accompanied by a sound effect. It turns out that it will not work to start or drown the car without a sound signal. The central part of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro interior ends with a massive panel with mechanical buttons to control security and comfort systems.

The central tunnel looks rich, but here, similar to multimedia, the situation is with the climate control touch panel. When you press the touch button, there is no vibration or response, just a sound. On the one hand, it’s not hard to figure out what and where, but while driving, you will have to be distracted by the panel, since touching with your finger, there is no physical recognition of the buttons.

Below the center tunnel is the transmission lever, a large wireless charging compartment, a pair of cupholders and a heated seat control panel. All this ends with a spacious armrest. But the main plus is that the cupholders can be moved towards the armrest. In the resulting space, a couple of additional cup holders are hidden, but already with the function of heating or cooling.

The main disadvantage is that the panel coating was made glossy in black, which means that small scratches or dust will be clearly visible. They did not leave without the comfort of the passengers of the second row, air ducts and a socket for recharging gadgets were installed on the back of the armrest. Not without subtle details. As a rule, the central tunnel in cars is massive and without unnecessary details, but in this crossover it is two levels. The upper one is responsible for the entire functional set, but the lower one (in the area of ​​the driver’s and front passenger’s legs) is made in the form of an additional shelf for storing small items. Although, if you think about it, in the summertime, dust will collect here most of all, and in the wintertime you can wipe it with shoes or the remnants of dirt.

The interior of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro turned out to be no less attractive, in comparison with the usual Tiggo 7. The front seats received a high back, good lateral support and a comfortable fit. As a material for the upholstery, the designers of the crossover used high-quality leather, although previously the upholstery was fabric or artificial leather. Depending on the configuration, the front seats can be adjusted mechanically or electrically, in 4 or 6 directions (does not depend on the type of adjustment).

As for the second row of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro seats, there is enough free space for 3 passengers. If necessary, the seats can be folded in a 60/40 ratio, while in the center there is an armrest with a pair of cup holders, and there is enough free legroom. Regarding the interior colors of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, so far it is known only about deliveries with a black tint. It is possible that a beige version may appear in the future, but no more. In addition, thin LED lighting is installed around the perimeter of the interior, which was not previously found in Chery cars.

Finally, it is worth considering the driver’s seat of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020. Unlike the usual Tiggo 7, there is something to be surprised at even in a simple configuration. The instrument panel is digital, based on a 7 “or 8” display. As standard, there are three modes for setting the location of devices and one mode with individual settings. In addition to basic information, you can display navigation maps, images from cameras and even information from a gadget on the dashboard.

Least of all changes were made on the steering wheel. If it was finalized by the designers, then it was minimal. Standard three spokes, two upper for function buttons and one lower spoke, with decorative silver trim. You can adjust the steering wheel in depth and in reach. The downside is that there are no gearshift paddles behind the wheel, although their presence would have played a minimal difference in price, but in terms of comfort it would be a huge plus.

Well, the salon of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020 has really changed significantly. Large display in the center of the panel, digital tidy and nothing more. It’s hard to say that the car comes from China and is catching up with competitors from the South Korean market with big strides. It immediately becomes clear that the car has become more comfortable, and the Pro prefix in the name is no longer minor improvements.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro review 2020-2021. technical characteristics and photos

Review of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020-2021: appearance, interior, specifications, configuration, parameters, security systems and price. At the end of the article, a photo and video review of Chery Tiggo 7 Pro.

The compact crossover Chery Tiggo 7 was officially presented at the Beijing Auto Show in 2016. In September 2018, a restyled version of the crossover was presented, but only the first generation has so far reached the territory of Russia and neighboring countries. Most likely, restyling will never make it to our automotive market. Nevertheless, the buyer will already be presented with a new generation of Chery Tiggo 7 with the Pro prefix.

It would seem that there should not be anything special, a maximum of a different engine, transmission or interior refinement. In fact, the Pro prefix in the Tiggo 7 completely changed the car, both externally and internally. The basis for the new crossover Chery Tiggo 7 Pro was the new T1X platform, respectively, the dimensions of the car changed. According to the manufacturer, under the hood of the crossover for Russia, only one turbocharged gasoline engine will be available, paired with a variator.

The manufacturer installed the most modern technologies on board the novelty, which automatically transferred the model to the top list of this brand. It is possible that, to the extent of the receipt of new batches, a modification with a manual transmission, a robotic transmission or an all-wheel drive system may appear on sale.

Crossover complete set

The basic equipment of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020 crossover differs from the top-end modification, both externally and internally, but most of all in the list of comfort and safety systems. So for the base model there is no possibility of a two-tone body color or wireless phone charging, but the digital dashboard remains in the list.

Basic equipment Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2020-2021
LED optics
Multimedia system
Cruise control
Climate control
Heated front seats
Keyless engine start and vehicle access
Rear View Camera
Tire pressure monitoring

The new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro crossover has changed significantly in comparison with the usual Tiggo 7. The exterior of the car has become modern, similarly to the completely updated interior. The main disadvantage, of course, is in the characteristics, since only one engine and transmission in the form of a variator were offered to the buyer in Russia. On the other hand, the plus is that for a relatively low cost, the buyer gets a pretty good car and a lot of modern systems. Despite the fact that the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro car is of Chinese origin, many people note that the build quality and design have become better.

Video review of the new Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2021: