Choosing the best camera with effects for Android smartphone and tablet

Do you often shoot with your smartphone camera? Are you fond of selfies, like to apply various effects to your photos? This guide, first of all, will be of interest to Android users, for a number of reasons, dissatisfied with the Android system camera. Installed camera apps from Google Play (the best ones are here), you will definitely kill a few birds with one stone:

  • You can significantly improve the camera on your phone or smartphone
  • Add dozens of colorful eye catching photo effects, nice filters
  • Add a range of features useful when shooting with your phone and manually controlling the camera
  • Improve camera control by adding new gestures (by the way, the owner of monopods will be interested in specialized selfie cameras like Selfishop Camera)
  • If the camera does not work on Android. You will be able to fix this common mistake on your smartphone and tablet

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How to improve the camera on your phone or smartphone?

Since most android phones and smartphones have a camera installed, it is a sin NOT to use it: actively take selfies, take pictures to record information, take pictures of friends, family, etc. But often the capacity of a standard Android camera is not enough to fully appreciate all the possibilities: there are no effects, filters, flexible settings. Of course, you cannot improve the physical characteristics of the camera on an Android smartphone: to radically change the situation, it is better to find a phone / smartphone / tablet with good technical characteristics of the camera.

Camera Zoom FX. Spectacular camera for your smartphone

ZOOM FX. paid camera, which however is worth the attention of Android users along with free apps. Camera ZOOM FX reaches 400,000 users thanks to its fast response and exclusive customization options.

This is a smartphone camera app. one of the functionally rich ones. As part of ZOOM FX. Photo functions, image editor for Android platform. All this. under a simple and straightforward interface. Judge for yourself: using the small panel of the ZOOM FX Camera, you can quickly switch the shooting mode, activate the stabilizer, timer, turn on the sound activation of the shutter, HDR.

rear, view, camera, android

Camera Zoom FX App Settings

While most of the program’s features can be considered basic, there are tons of free extension packs for decorating, customizing. Especially interesting is the possibility of vignetting photos and adding captions.

The advantages of Camera Zoom FX, thanks to which it has won a number of high ratings in the media, include:

  • Excellent camera performance on Android;
  • 90 effects for overlaying, decorating and processing photos;
  • Hardware control of “zoom”, flash, smartphone front camera;
  • You can bind the controls to the buttons of the device by adjusting the zoom, for example, with the volume control;
  • Automatic adjustment of white balance, lighting level;
  • Shooting by sound, timer, motion, at intervals;
  • Image stabilization when shooting;
  • Collage creation;
  • Posting photos on social networks at the touch of a button;
  • Lots of effects and filters, including the capabilities of the graphics editor Photoshop.

ZOOM FX works in editor mode. you can easily make your photos truly unique. The price of the program is low, about 5, and the possibilities are very encouraging.

Summary. All in all, Camera Zoom FX. the best camera for Android with photography capabilities, fast processing of the received images. The only thing that scares off about Zoom FX. some limitations of the free version. If you have a fairly modern smartphone, then you will have to pay a modest 4 for the ability to work with photos of 0.8 megapixels. If you are NOT ready to pay 4. Look at other similar applications in which I have already written. Camera360 or Manual Camera.

Camera FV 5. The camera app for serious photographers

Camera FV 5 is designed for serious photographers in the sense that you can squeeze everything out of your android camera by manually controlling the shooting parameters. At the same time, fans of “vanilla photos” and Instagram filters will not be interested in the FV 5 Camera due to the lack of such add-ons (for such purposes, we recommend installing the Candy Camera application).

Shooting with the FV 5 Camera

The camera controls are located on the main panel of the fv 5 app. These are white balance, focus mode, metering mode, ISO, and exposure compensation. Camera FV 5 additional tools include interval timer and exposure bracketing.

Another cool feature of the Camera app. setting of camera parameters, simulating the settings of a conventional camera. The user of Camera FV 5 pro can set aperture, sensitivity and exposure time in order to prevent blurring of photos when shooting with a phone (which often happens even for experienced photographers).

The FV 5 Camera application supports gestures, especially the zoom in (zoom) when taking photos. Don’t say that shooting modes quickly switch in a few simple touches, and, accordingly, it is easier for the user to switch the FV 5. settings, for example, change the focus mode, white balance, turn on the grid, focus, change the viewfinder, etc.

Summary. Camera FV 5 for Android significantly surpasses the stock camera of a tablet, generously sharing all the options with the user and giving the freedom to customize. The main advantage of the FV 5.Extremely flexible shooting program.

Photo and video camera B612 (selfie from the heart)

The B612 camera will give a new pleasant sensation to lovers of self-photography on the phone: it is not for nothing that it is referred to as “self from the heart”. With the B612, taking photos of yourself isn’t just quick. In this mobile application, you can, in every sense, take perfect photos with your smartphone or tablet camera:

  • The B612 camera supports not only the front camera, but also the rear camera on Android, switching is done with one swipe of your finger across the screen. This option will be useful if one of the cameras on Android does not work.
  • Shooting short selfie videos in the b612 is a simple click of a button;
  • Making Selfie Surprise: a choice of effects is available in a random mode;
  • Apply special effects for the Android camera effortlessly: in the b612 app there are vignettes, frames, the filter can blur the edges;
  • B612 camera shift, tilt, easy defocus modes for soft, lively photos taken with the phone;
  • Interval shooting, pre-pause for best angle.

B612 camera interface: shooting video and photos

The B612 camera is free, but adds its logo to the resulting photos. This nuisance is not very annoying when shooting and processing photos, since there are more than a dozen options in the set, among which there is one that will not spoil the sensation of the photo, will suit the style and location.

Summary. B612. A good camera on Android, attracting attention with simple, casual settings, excellent opportunities for self-shooting.

Camera MX. Just a good Android camera

Camera MX is one of the top Android cameras. It has been installed on the phone by more than 9 million people around the world. The Camera MX program is distributed in more than 100 countries, is constantly being improved and allows you to post your photos and videos in online storages, share them with friends. Even work in editor mode is supported if the tablet or other gadget has a physical device for obtaining images.

MX Camera interface on a mobile smartphone

The functionality of the MX Camera program includes:

  • A rich set of effects, including offset, tilt, texture mapping and artistic filters;
  • Using the Camera MX functionality, you can process a photo or video after it has been saved to the smartphone’s memory;
  • There is a pre-setting of effects or their set, when shooting, they are applied automatically;
  • Posting to the Instagram application and posting to network storages;
  • Automatic settings designed to create near-perfect pictures in a specific genre or mode. for example, “Self”, “sunset”, “landscape”.

The MX Camera interface is simple and intuitive. The developers managed not only to realize many possibilities for a variety of image processing, but also to simplify the control of the camera as much as possible. With Camera MX, everything is done with just one finger. selection of scenery, effects, template for shooting, switching flash mode and other useful functions. The program is in beta testing, is free and available for download on a smartphone.

Snap Camera. Best HDR Camera with Effects on Android

Snap Camera. One of the few HDR cameras that is constantly updated, it is overgrown with interesting shooting functions.

Briefly about what HDR is. This feature makes it possible to take photos in a dark and lit space. Two photos are taken, after which they are mixed, at the output you get a full HDR photo. The final result (image in HDR format) can be edited in the built-in Snap Camera editor.

The Snap Camera HDR camera is nowhere simpler: all control is carried out thanks to two buttons and a wheel that allows you to quickly change the photography modes. Naturally, gestures are supported: zoom, photo preview, photo adjustment. Volume buttons can be used for focus or zoom.

Other features of the camera:

  • Live preview of android camera effects and the ability to undo the overlay through the app history
  • Quick publication of photos to or Google by clicking the icon
  • Creating (gluing) panoramas in Android 4.0
  • Fast image capture in preview mode
  • Image stabilization mode

Summary. Thus, if you are primarily interested in a good camera with effects on Android, then the Snap Camera app. The best choice among other mobile cameras. You can download the application through Google Play or

Candy Camera. camera for selfies and “instagram” photos

Already looking at the icon of this application, you can guess that it will appeal to girls. Why? Candy Camera pleases with a whole scattering of vanilla effects that change the image in real time, making the color scheme warmer.

Appearance and settings of the Candy camera for Android

It’s not surprising that Candy Camera greets its user with a front camera mode and shows a panel with filters. Most photographic filters. nothing more than changing the color scheme so that the photos look vanilla (like on Instagram). Someone will like it, someone will be put off by the relatively small number of Candy Camera settings, with which you can adjust the shooting process on your phone or smartphone. On the other hand, if your Android does not have a very good camera, this can be compensated by filters, effects. and there are more than enough of them in the Candy Camera application, as already mentioned.

Thus, we advise you to download Candy Camera if you want a selfie program with nice filters. As the developers write, “your skin will look amazing” (even if you are a pimply teenager or a brutal and life-beaten type).

Selfishop Camera. Selfie app for Android

If you have a selfie stick, a tablet with a good camera and what you need is a camera for your phone with monopod support, Selfishop Camera. great solution for Android OS. The application is optimal for taking photos in the selfie genre with wired and wireless (bluetooth) monopods.

Selfishop Camera. Great app for taking selfies

There are any decorations (effects, presets) in the “Selfishop” mobile application. everything is strict. On the other hand, most selfie apps have a different focus, the main emphasis is shifted towards control: you can significantly improve, expand the capabilities of the android camera, Using the potential of monopods to the fullest. You can set up certain actions on the remote control buttons (taking a picture, zooming in, changing the camera of the device), etc.

In addition to its selfie focus, the Selfishop application is valuable for its flexible shooting settings, among them: autofocus, photo from rotation, white balance, exposure lock, continuous shooting, setting the actions of self-buttons.

Finally, two interesting Selfie shooting modes should be noted: incognito (without attracting the attention of others) and the usual shooting mode, in which Selfishop Camera is convenient to shoot without a monopod.

Thanks to all this, Selfishop Camera is considered one of the best selfie cameras for Android. We recommend this program to all happy owners of selfie sticks, tablets with a good camera.


VSCO Cam shell. not the most user-friendly Android camera on our list. Despite the minimal user interface, it takes some time to find the menu you want. But this is one of the best Android cameras. thanks to the number of settings that it offers and the quality of the correction and second parameters of the camera when shooting.

The VSCO Cam app combines the camera itself with editing tools. Sharing features provides an Instagram-like experience, only more powerful. The option “decorate the photo in one click is present here, you can also adjust the temperature, hue, contrast, sharpness of the picture.

The application provides free integration into a kind of social environment, where many photographers are already registered. You can subscribe to profiles Browse images, enjoy the best selection and post your own collections. The benefits of the VSCO Cam program include:

  • Lots of professional-grade effects;
  • Fine tuning of work with photography;
  • Careful use of tools that allows for minimal changes to the picture;
  • The ability to compare the original and the result;
  • Branded set of effects;
  • Convenient library, with navigation, the ability to operate vsco cam filters;
  • Creation of your own albums and collections;
  • Connect with the VSCO community, access the work of thousands of people; the ability to post images on other social networks.

The VSCO Cam is the best choice for those who prefer to take meaningful, high-quality and interesting photos. Clear, precise and accurate work of the instruments, professional level of filters, high quality of image processing. all this will help to make the photo on Android Perfect.

app name VSCO Cam
developer VSCO
Android platform version 4.0
Number of downloads 11,000,000-51,000,000
Download Vsco Cam free

A better camera

Better Camera. in fact, exactly what the name of the app says: an excellent photo camera for Android as an alternative to the standard built-in Camera app. Better Camera brings a number of interesting features, including the Bestshot feature. taking a series of photos and then choosing the best shot. the clearest, sharpest and highest quality in general. It’s a simple idea, but it works really well.

A Better Camera app interface on Android

A Better Camera also includes immediate post-processing, something that Sony and Samsung camera apps lack. You can record video in real time HDR. Unfortunately, many of the app’s best features are only available with an In-App Purchase. This means that most of the application’s functions will be available only in trial mode.

However, if you shoot a lot of photos and have a small investment, A Better Camera will certainly live up to its name as a decent Android camera.

app name A better camera
developer Almalence
Android platform version 4.0
Number of downloads 1,000,000-5,000,000
Download A Better Camera Skin

Camera 360 Ultimate

Camera360. a very popular application on Google Play, which will quite serve as a replacement for the standard camera when shooting for Android. Camera 360 Ultimate has over 400 million users installed on devices.

The 360 ​​Camera app offers a complete set of android camera tools. When taking pictures, a lens filter is applied, and these filters can be applied before the picture is taken. That is, you DO NOT have to wait for the result to appear when applying the filter. It is available in preview mode. In addition, the Camera 360 application offers a solid set of options, presets, useful in various shooting modes, including Selfie. Even if not all functions are unambiguously useful, it is interesting to “play around” with them.

Camera360 app installed on Android

Camera360 is easy to use, presents the most important shooting parameters on one screen, and you can adjust multiple parameters at the same time. Actually, this is what other cameras clearly lack.

What other possibilities does Camera 360 offer to the Android user:

  • Over 200 filters to process, all completely free;
  • Lots of tools for professional editing;
  • Functionality for automatic placement of images in network storages;
  • 10 pre-configured modes;
  • Face detection and skin retouching in photos.

Users of the Camera 360 app for Android get free not only the camera itself, but also the space for publishing photo albums in the cloud storage. It’s nice that Camera 360 does NOT broadcast ads, which is rare for high-quality mobile applications.

Manual Camera. Handheld phone camera

Most camera software for Android is designed for the user to take a picture as quickly as possible. The result is photographs worthy of publication in. However, it is difficult to call them professional: the picture is blurry, the colors in the photo are faded, the composition is lame. Experienced photographers, professionals should pay attention to the advanced Android camera. Manual Camera.

Manual Camera, as the name suggests, allows the photographer to control shooting parameters on the phone, improving the quality of the photo on the phone, in fact, in the process of creating it:

  • Shutter speed
  • Custom white balance
  • ISO for shooting
  • Exposure compensation
  • Setting the focal length
  • Exposure compensation

Additional functions of the Manual Camera mobile application:

  • Adding geo-tags
  • Photo timer
  • Guides for controlling composition
  • Sound control
  • Adjusting the screen brightness

Also, the Manual Camera on Android will allow you to save images in uncompressed RAW format, which gives new perspectives for further post-processing of the image.

If you seriously intend to take pictures with your phone or smartphone camera, the Manual Camera mobile app is a great camera for Android OS. Please note that the phone camera is stable only starting from Android 5.0 Lollipop.

ICS Camera

Camera ICS mobile application. an extended version of the Official Android Camera that is included with Ice Cream Sandwich. The owner of both smartphones and tablets will like this camera, since the interface here adapts to the size of the screen, however, to the needs of the user.

Camera CIS program interface

The application has 3 operating modes:

  • Camera
  • Panorama
  • Video recording

It should be noted that Camera ICS. the app is free and ad-free. You can download the APK-distribution from the link below.

app name ICS Camera
developer Moblynx
Android platform version Depends on the device
Number of downloads 1,000,000. 5,000,000

Google camera

The Google Camera app offers a simple and straightforward interface with a Few manual settings (there is ISO, white balance or filters, for example). Google’s camera also has photosphere and panorama modes. Google Camera for Android has such a thing as Lens Blur. a filter that creates a depth effect. First you take a photo, then slowly pick up the device. The application creates a blurred background for the focus object, making it stand out in the frame.

The result of the photosphere ranges from interesting to very impressive. In fact, on the camera of an inexpensive tablet, you get a panoramic 360-degree Interactive photo that can be freely rotated.

Google’s camera on Android has some problems on various devices. However, we recommend that you install the Google Camera on your mobile device. if it works out, then everything will be OK and you can safely take interesting photographs with excellent quality.

app name Google camera
developer Google inc.
Android platform version Depends on the device
Number of downloads 10,000,000-50,000,000
where can I download

Paper Camera. Cartoon camera for Android

If you’ve never heard of “paper camera”, there is a chance to download the Paper Camera app from our website. This camera gives you the opportunity to see the hand-drawn effects live. For instance. You can place your subject in cardboard or a line drawn with a pencil. While the Paper Camera can eat up some resources, the results justify the cost. In addition, this camera takes both photos and videos.

Paper Camera. Paper Camera for Android Paper Camera App Settings

app name Paper camera
developer JFDP Labs
Android platform version 2.1
Number of downloads 1,000,000. 5,000,000
Where to download the Paper Camera app Download paper camera

Answers on questions

I press “take a photo”, and the phone not only does not save the photo, but also goes to the main menu. Samsung Galaxy A3 phone. Please help, without a camera on Android I’m nowhere.

The camera on the phone is missing. It is not included in the application. Can the camera be restored? When I turn on the application. Shows only the front camera in the settings (there is no option “switch to main”). I tried to restart. It became the same again. And the camera shows an inverted image.

Answer. It is likely that this is a software conflict. The simplest solution to the problem. download an alternative camera for Android on Google Play: Google Camera Manual Camera, Candy Camera and others. There are many options, choose according to your taste and color. Many applications give odds to the standard camera. What is NOT a way to improve the camera on the phone?

The second way to fix the camera (if you really need a standard one). Android firmware change.

When I turn on the camera on my phone (Android OS), the system tells me that the “Camera” application is not available. What to do?

Answer. There are several options for fixing the error: radical and milder. The problem might be related to your phone’s firmware. it can be problematic. In this case, it is best to reflash your mobile device if you know how to do it.

A softer version of fixing the Android camera (in the event that the “Camera” application does not start). Install one of the alternative cameras from the list. In addition to fixing the error, you get an application with more interesting settings, effects and photo modes.

Such a problem. From the phone, or rather from the memory card, the photo applications for the camera on Android disappeared from the Camera section. The size of the remaining memory on the flash drive has not changed, but the photo is not visible, the phone itself does NOT take pictures either, the camera sounds and so on, but there is no gallery. If you turn off the USB flash drive, everything goes to the internal memory.

Answer. In the settings of any software camera, you can specify the location for saving photos. If this method does not work, try downloading the Android camera from the list instead of the standard one.

Check if there are any problems with saving data to the memory card in other applications. If observed, format the sd card.

Android video cameras


This application gives a second chance to the camera of your smartphone, no matter what brand and model it is. With this application you can take high-quality photos and videos, thanks to the support of all cameras and extensions, the choice of quality, optimization, convenient scaling and special functions.

You can record creative

  • Creating interesting transitions between frames
  • By slowing down or speeding up your footage, or by applying filters
  • Timer before shooting
  • Shortening the rollers

The Camera MX app also has a variety of modes and effects for video and photo editing. Unique features include:

  • Photo mode “live pictures”. photos come to life when you touch them
  • Shooting the past mode. the camera starts shooting a few seconds earlier than you start shooting

Google camera

Perhaps for most video and photo lovers, Google Camera is the best solution. At least for a start. The program contains a standard set of features for shooting high-quality photos and videos: stabilization allows you to shoot smoothly (compensates for jerking and shaking), HDR technology improves the quality of shooting in low light, Smartburst allows you to take a series of shots.

With the Google Camera app, you can shoot Slow motion video (up to 240 FPS) and panorama. The disadvantages include the fact that the latest version of the program is available only on the newest Pixel and Nexus devices with OS Android 7.1.1 and higher. As with other applications, you will not have access to functions that are NOT supported by your phone.


Application for shooting video and photo editing for android. The built-in camera of the smartphone is transformed into a professional one: Using the functionality of the program, you can shoot high-class video. Detail, richness of colors, clarity of pictures. all inclusive (HDR).

Built-in capabilities of ABetterCamera:

  • Panorama 360. panoramic shooting
  • Timelapse. time-lapse video shooting (you can make very beautiful videos, but in skillful hands)
  • Exposure metering
  • Night mode. high-quality videos and photos, in low light
  • Pre-shot. shooting frames before pressing
  • Removing unnecessary objects from the frame in the editor, etc.

You can also add filters or make individual adjustments to light, clarity, contrast, exposure and the photo will look natural.


Free application designed to work with photos and videos. It looks quite simple and does NOT seem complicated in terms of navigation, but it has a good set of functions for professional video shooting (but some functions are available only if your device technically supports them). What will please FootejCamera:

  • Burst shooting
  • Slow motion video
  • Panorama mode
  • GIF creation
  • Manual ISO setting and more.

The application has a built-in gallery, you can shoot a series of photos and create animations. Adjust white balance, focus, use video screenshots as full photos. In the paid version, UAH gets even better, and the interval of continuous shooting is reduced.


Free, ad-free and open source, the OpenCamera app is a full-featured assistant in photo creation and video recording. With this application, the built-in camera of a smartphone or tablet will reveal its full potential, and if you have good taste or a keen desire to learn video / photo shooting, then this program will provide all the technical side of the activity.

A standard set of basic functions (timer, shooting mode, ISO setting, focus mode, the HDR support, grid overlay, etc.) OpenCamera perfectly complement the advanced features such as:

  • HD video and take photos while recording video
  • Supports some types of external microphones
  • GPS location photo tagging
  • Camera2 API support
  • Focus bracketing mode

It should be remembered that some functions on your Android phone may not be available if the device does not support them in hardware. It is possible to work with the application remotely. delete materials, take pictures on command. And the most amazing thing is that this can be done even with bracelets such as Mi Band.

Camera FV-5 Lite

The Camera FV-5 Lite application is positioned by the developer as a camera for professionals. Why? For beginners, there are always preset settings, modes, filters. Everything in Camera FV-5 is subject to manual adjustment, which is unlikely to appeal to beginners, but will delight professionals (DSLR lovers will find a completely manual DSLR). The feature set is impressive:

  • Long exposure support
  • Display of exposure time, aperture
  • Shooting timelapse
  • Bulb: 1/80000 to 2
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Autofocus and manual focus
  • Bracketing from 3 to 7 frames

The application is free, but with reduced functionality, the full one is available in the paid version. If you like the free one, then a few dollars for the full version is not that much.

Camera Cardboard

Google’s Cardboard camera. the most simple application for creating a photo, which, nevertheless, is NOT inferior in functionality to everyone else. The main feature of the program. shooting photos and videos in VR format. virtual reality. Here you can create a panoramic shot, play with the settings. colors, clarity, contrast, color.

The made images look realistic and mesmerizing, a 3D effect is created, which, when viewing a photo through time, allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of that day and those events again and again. You can also record sound in the application, and full viewing of photos becomes possible with virtual reality glasses of the same name.


Free application for Android phones and tablets MotionStills. a real find for those who like to create clips, short videos and looped animations. Show your imagination and taste by creating panoramas, miniatures and cinemagraphs. The application offers: shooting short (up to 3 seconds) videos, speeding up the recording to get a more concise video, gif images, combining several fragments into a full video, the ability to share your work on social networks and much more.


SnapCameraHDR application is designed for photo creation and video shooting. In the trial version, everything is available that is in the full paid version (price: about 2), but the trial version starts with a 10 second delay. To start the camera without delay, you can turn on the “airplane” mode. Here are some of what the SnapCameraHDR developers promise:

  • 4k 16: 9 video recording (for Nexus 5)
  • Convenient management. only the necessary buttons are displayed on the screen
  • Multifunctional controller

SnapCameraHDR app helps you with focusing the camera, zooming in without loss of quality, adjusting color and contrast. You can use burst shooting or set a timer, take a panorama or edit photos.

HD Camera

HD Camera. it is an application for shooting HD photos, panoramas and video clips. The application contains all the popular features: timer, autofocus, video capture; offers many filters and settings (white balance, exposure setting, location data, date and time of creation of the material, etc.).

Panoramic photography has several modes. The program has a photo gallery for easy viewing of photo and video material. Among the shortcomings of the application, users note a large number of ads and the lack of Russification.


ProShot is a professional paid application for working with photos and videos. The program supports automatic, semi-automatic and manual control, analogue of DSLR. This is a complete program that can compete with a DSLR. You can use standard automatic settings or adjust everything manually, which will please both beginners and experienced photographers. The program has flexible and dynamic settings, which can be changed right during the recording. App price around 4.

The full range of capabilities of this Android camera is impressive. Here are just a few of ProShot’s features. The application allows you to take pictures with any aspect ratio, for example 50: 3. Supports 4k video (3840 × 2160). The following shooting formats are available: JPEG, RAW, or RAW JPEG (RAW =.DNG file). Timers and Manual Video TimeLapse.

Save files in a format convenient for you, adjust the light, select the shooting resolution, adjust the scene mode and effects, select the frame rate.

Almost all of the above cameras for shooting video on Android are also well suited for amateur and in some cases professional photography. The applications we will look at below are already less focused on video shooting.

Cameras for photography on Android


The free CandyCamera app will help you take a beautiful selfie without wasting time. Just select a filter or mask and take a photo. it is very simple. Now you don’t have to worry about small defects or lack of lighting. Here you can use the skin enhancement mode or choose a filter with which your photo will look the most advantageous.

The application has additional tools for editing Selfie: blush, mascara, whitewash, makeup. The girls will appreciate it! Android application CandyCamera has a good photo editor that allows you to glue several photos in your style, perform manipulations with scaling or apply a cute sticker on the photo. And remember that over-infatuation with Selfie looks silly.

According to Google Play statistics, the program was downloaded by more than 3 million users and it received the “Editor’s Choice” mark. Download Candy Camera for Android.


App for Android Camera360. It is not only a photo editor, but also a large network of like-minded people connecting aspiring and professional photographers. Here you can take advantage of a powerful editor and take a beautiful selfie thanks to the individual camera settings, filters and effects. An abundance of effects to discourage even the most biased users. it is animation, and portraits, and a number of creative effects.

The app allows you to enhance your camera’s capabilities or to look however you like: enlarge your eyes, shrink your nose, reshape or modify facial features. the scope for experimentation and creativity is vast.


Cymeracamera. another beauty camera whose main purpose. editing selfie. This application for creating and editing photos, allows you to work out each fragment of a photo with detail, make a collage, apply a filter. Of the features: detailed silhouette editing. clothes, figure or face, apply makeup, use special stickers and more.

The photo editor will help you to make the photo bright, clear, as close to professional shooting as possible, to beat the photo. And a selfie camera will allow you to take a really decent photo and for this you just need to select the settings you like.


Youcamperfect is a selfie game and photo editing app. With it, you can transform Selfie into video (Video Selfie with Beauty function), use various filters, create collages with your own or automatic placement of objects. The application can be called a powerful editor, if only because the editing mode is detailed here: you can change the shape of the face, make smooth skin, add cosmetics or freckles, remove bags under the eyes or puffiness, and raise the corners of the lips so that the face is harmoniously illuminated with a smile. In addition, you can remove the background object or replace the background altogether.


Dslrcamerapro. This is a paid application designed specifically for professional photography. The main feature of the program. imitation of a DSLR: priority in manual settings of shooting parameters; there are fanciful filters, artificial decorations, and so on. Pure photography. the motto of the DSLRCameraPro developers. Cons: no support for video filming. Humane price 3-4.

Many of the application’s functions depend on the characteristics of your gadget. All the main features are available: independently set focus, exposure, flash, metering mode, white balance, contrast, clarity, detail, ISO, use color schemes and filters, timer, grid to level the horizon.

Every Android smartphone has a built-in camera for capturing videos and photos. To make work with video and photos on the phone more productive, and the footage to be more effective. there are camera apps on Android. These programs allow you to shoot video clips and Process photos with various filters and special effects. Some of them allow you to get a creative professional level of photography or video. In addition, the applications are equipped with many additional functions that are available in the built-in camera, as well as unique capabilities.

Rear view camera software for Android and iOS: always at hand

The program for a rear view camera on Android or IOS is designed to display an analog video signal on a digital device connected using an EasyCap adapter and an OTG adapter.

And now, in simple words! Rear view camera connected to your phone or tablet, just like the picture will not be displayed. It gives out an analog type of signal, while a smartphone understands only digital. In addition, even if she “wrote in digital,” the video would not work in Android directly, via a cord. First, the recording must be uploaded to the hard drive of the smartphone.

That is why, to convert an analog signal into a digital one, an EasyCap device is used (an adapter with bells on one side and a USB connector on the other). And to display video in real time on the phone display (without intermediate transfer to the PC), an OTG adapter is used. On one side it has a USB port for the EasyCap adapter, on the other. connector for connecting to a smartphone.

The whole circuit looks like this gadget. EasyCap device. OTG device. smartphone with Android or IOS.

However, this is only the technical part of the connection. In order for the rear view camera to transfer the picture to a smartphone with IOS or Android, it is important to install special software on the latter. It is in such programs that we will talk today!

The best utilities for Android

Keep in mind, it is not a fact that all the above programs will work perfectly with your rear view camera connected via a smartphone. If one does not fit, test another.

Best Rear View Camera Apps Displayed on Android Device:

  • Fpviewer. Converts analog signal to digital and outputs it to gadgets with OTG support. Saves videos in MP4 format. The video always remains on the desktop floor, with the ability to partially minimize the window (to read a message, receive or start a call, etc.);
  • USB Camera Connect. Allows you to connect EasyCap devices for broadcasting and recording analog video / audio streams on digital gadgets. There is a paid version, with the ability to minimize videos, display on the lock screen, no ads;
  • Easy Cap Recorder. Another good application for transmitting a signal from a rear view camera to an Android phone via EasyCap and OTG adapters.
  • You can find similar programs in the App Store. True, there are far fewer, but because it is no secret IOS file system is closed from outsiders. Therefore, there are far less programs here than in Google.

Next, let’s look at how to use rear view camera software on Android devices.

How to use?

The first step is to correctly connect the video gadget to the car’s electrical network and connect all the elements of the circuit. Then, select and download the program to your smartphone with android. When you run, you will see a black screen (or white, with the words No Video), but this does not mean that it does not work. As soon as you activate the transmission in reverse drive mode, the blank display will change to a camera signal. By the way, don’t forget to select PAL video format in “Settings”, in “Record Settings”. Auto mode.

The rear view camera connects easily enough via an Android phone. You will definitely not dance with a tambourine. Despite the fact that the programs are NOT translated into Russian, they are easy to understand.

Camera software for Android

Here you can download the software for the camera on your Android phone for free without registration and SMS.

Snapchat (Snapchat). Chat application with an interesting set of features and its own philosophy. The developers of the program managed to combine all the best of popular chatters, spice up with multimedia functions and present to the public an innovative format of communication without electronic surveillance.

Instagram (Instagram). a program for editing your photos and giving them a more colorful appearance with various actions and a large selection of functions, thanks to which you can use all your imagination to give a very colorfully design to any photo.

Photomath. application for solving math problems. Using the functionality of the program, you will receive a detailed solution of examples, inequalities and equations with step-by-step explanations. Photomath makes math easier and saves time.

Zepeto. a social network in which they create a virtual mini-copy of themselves on Android in order to interact with the characters of other users. In the application, you can add the characters you like as friends, keep correspondence, exchange real photos. Regular quests, gifts for active users and other opportunities to warm up interest in the program are available.

Photo collage editor. popular application for Android with which you can edit images, create collages, desktop backgrounds and much, much more.

The B612 application was created especially for those who like to take selfies. It contains functions that are available in analogs. Due to this, it has gained wide popularity among users.

Youcam Perfect. a program for Android with which you can change photos to your liking. A wide range of application features will help you realize your creative ideas and fantasies, correct images. There are a lot of ways to change a photo.

Momentcam. is a free Android app that turns photos into funny cartoons. With it, you can create cool pictures with just one click of a button, and the result can be shared with friends directly from the application!

Google Photos. application for working with video, photos. After downloading, all data becomes available to the user; you can, for example, share them with your acquaintances, friends, loved ones. All you need to worry about running out of space on your mobile device: pictures can be deleted from memory by placing them on the cloud.

Alfred. an application that allows you to make a webcam for surveillance from a mobile phone. This option is suitable for young mothers, budding bloggers and people who care about the safety of their families and homes. App requires a phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Picsart. Photo studio. This is a multifunctional package that combines all the most necessary functions for professional photo processing. Installed this program on your Android phone or tablet, you will get a real harvester capable of doing whatever you want with your pictures. Nice interface, ease of use, many settings, effects, and most importantly, all the functionality of the program is available to you for free.

Cymera. A great addition to the standard Android photography tools. This utility simultaneously combines the functions of a camera and a photo editor, so that image processing can be done, which is called right on the fly. A feature of this application is the richest functionality that makes the program almost one of the best programs in its class.

Unfold. photo and video editor that allows you to create beautiful stories on Android for social networks and instant messengers. The finished video can contain text, photos and videos. The user has dozens of design templates available in the program, which differ in style and arrangement of elements on the screen.

“9GAG. Cool photos and videos ”. an application that allows you to view current content on Android from the official website of the social network of the same name. The basis of the posts published in the feed is made up of entertaining photo and video materials. The notes you liked can be shared with friends via messengers and other social networks.

Google Camera. program for creating high-quality photos and video recording with stabilization. The tools allow you to manually adjust exposure, white balance, filters, and focus. The Google Camera app for Android provides night mode and HDR shooting. You can download and install the program as an APK file without viruses.

Instasize for Android. is a program that allows you to upload full photos to the social network Instagram without cropping them. You will NOT have to crop your photo anymore if it is large in order to post it on Instagram.