Installing a rear view camera on Renault Duster

It so happens that driving on a city road can be a problem for a motorist. The biggest problem right now. this is wherever parking in densely populated with traffic jams, revitalizing the city. According to practice, a huge number of small accidents happen exactly when the driver needs to drive into a bottleneck or back up to park. To avoid the trouble of rear parking, a rear view camera was invented. A new device like this will certainly make life easier for many drivers. In this article, we will try to figure out how to choose the right device such as a rear view camera, as well as install it with our own hands on a French Renault Duster car, in the event that a standard camera has not been installed previously.

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Choosing a suitable device for Duster

Lucky for all the owners of the “Frenchman” Renault Duster, who installed such a useful device as a rear-view device in advance. You will ask why? Then, just a standard camera allows the driver to park the car comfortably and safely backwards, plus dynamic special markings allow to select the most optimal variant of the trajectory of movement, and the most accurate distance to all obstacles.

But still, do not be upset if your Renault Duster has not yet been equipped with a camera, several hundred manufacturers from all over the world offer this product to their potential buyers. There are several dozen different models that are installed behind the trunk, and they all have different capabilities, special functions, unique characteristics.

To understand which camera is best for you to choose and install on your car, first you need to clearly understand that the purchased item is already in the package and what you can save on. In this case, speech is affected by the presence in the car of a built-in multimedia standard or separately purchased device or a car radio, but certainly with a display.

So, the presence of such devices in your car from France Renault Duster allows the owner to buy a camera, which is also equipped with a display. And you can save a lot on this. It also allows you to significantly reduce the time for installing equipment.

If your car does not have a car radio with a monitor, then you will have to use a rear view camera, and be guided by an alternative auto display. But the rear-view camera, the most popular among consumers now, displays all the data in the parking lot in the mirror. Thus, the camera kit includes an almost ordinary salon mirror, which easily replaces the standard one and immediately performs the second important functions. monitor and, of course, mirrors.

In addition to devices that actually display data on the rearview mirror, devices are often used, again, which have their own display located on the center console. Thus, the device you connect directly to the display, which is installed in, as always, in front of the machine. Such equipment is accompanied by the operation of a special parking sensor, and it allows you to control the rear of the Renault Duster Not only using video playback, but also using special sound.

Do-it-yourself parking device installation

Many owners who have already installed such a device as a rear view camera on their cars often ask themselves the following question: can you carry out the work on installing the equipment yourself, and effectively save money and your time on this? As it turned out, the setup is not complicated, and even an inexperienced car owner can perform it, the main thing is to study the available materials on the operation and operation of the car, the instructions that always come with.

In any case, the easiest way will be for owners of Renault Duster cars, already in which the salon is equipped with a car radio with a color screen and a special connector for direct connection of the camera. Then you DO NOT have to pull a few wires through the whole car dealership and put a special replacement standard mirror.

The installation work begins with the car radio. To do this, you must disassemble the center console. In this case, it is extremely important to understand that you will need to prepare the necessary tools in advance, this is, first of all, a screwdriver with which you can remove the plastic of the interior, the main thing is not to damage any decorative inserts and machine parts.

So, prying the Renault Duster console, you need to remove it, and already remove the audio recorder from the inside. Then, using the same screwdriver, you need to gently pry the connection connector, which is responsible for the interaction of the entire multimedia system of the model with peripheral devices. Including, through this connector, the radio tape recorder and the rear-view camera will interact. In advance, you must also prepare a 2-core wire, which will actually connect the monitor and the camera to each other. In the 10th and 22nd pins (in the second and first row, the third from the left), you need to clamp both wires, and then the cover of the central car console and the radio tape recorder itself are put in place.

If the new rearview camera you have purchased works directly with the rear-view mirror, then you should pry off the mount to remove the old standard mirror and install a new, electronic special mirror, which came with the kit. The long wire between the devices should run along the edge of the windshield and then through the entire central tunnel, and it should end where the rear view camera is mounted.

This very camera is installed at the rear of the Renault Duster. Often, installation is carried out instead of one of the license plate light bulbs, which is why you need to remove it in advance, and for this, remove the luggage compartment door trim. Through a special connector, which was included in the kit, the wiring must be connected to the camera and its lens, after THESE manipulations, you can safely check the operation of the device.

Summing up

The rear view device for parking is a very useful thing. With the right selection and the right approach, this device will help you easily and easily park your car, and you will never have any problems.