Dust and moisture resistant.

This reversing camera is water and moisture resistant. It has an IP67 protection index.

Chevrolet Rear View Camera

Aveo 2012.2021.
Cruze 2012.2021.
TrailBlazer 2012.2021.

Rear view camera for Chevrolet Aveo (2012-present), Trailblazer (2012-present), Cruze. Designed for driving in reverse, it allows you to display on the display of the head unit (or a special mirror with a built-in display) the image of what is in the hidden area behind your car.

The camera is designed for use in a hostile environment and has a high degree of protection IP67 against dust and moisture (however, it is not recommended to direct a jet of water at it during a car wash to avoid damage to the camera). No additional brackets or wires are required to mount the camera. Installation and connection are simple in execution, except for laying the video cable (from the installation site to the car dashboard).

Caution and attention when driving in reverse is a prerequisite for safe driving. Rear-view mirrors provide the driver with a certain degree of awareness of what is happening behind the car, but there is still no full control of the situation. The rear view camera for Chevrolet Swat VDC-108 cars perfectly copes with this role.

For greater safety when driving in reverse, the best option. display a “picture” of what is happening outside the driver’s field of vision on the console screen (head unit, monitor). By connecting a rear view camera, you will get the desired result. High-quality optics, good resolution and excellent visibility (170 degrees. You can see almost everything that happens behind the car) is a guarantee of comfortable and safe driving. Connecting a rear view camera to the system does not require any special skills (power /. and video cable), the only difficulty. intelligently lay the line cable through the car interior to the dashboard. The camera is installed, as a rule, in the place of the license plate illumination, without violating the overall structure. Increased dust and moisture protection guarantee long-term use of the system, during the entire service life of the vehicle (however, it is not recommended to direct a jet of water under pressure at the camera when washing a car). High light sensitivity makes it possible to use the camera in the dark.


The camera has a built-in license plate light and is installed instead of it, without violating the overall structure of the system.


Switchable lane lines allow you to estimate the actual distance to an object without leaving your vehicle.

The camera’s viewing angle is 170 °, which is much more than the capabilities of human vision. You get a panoramic view.

All connecting cables and mounting accessories are included with the device. The high quality of Swat components is ready to be confirmed by hundreds of thousands of motorists who use our equipment not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.


Sensor 1/3 “color CMOS
Resolution 480 TV lines
Number of pixels 648488
Physical size of the matrix 3.63mm X 2.73mm
System PAL / NTSC
Viewing angle 170 degrees
Minimum illumination 0.2 LUX
Water tightness IP67
Video output 1Vp-p, 75Ohm, RCA male
Signal / noise 48dB
Working voltage 12V DC
Storage temperature -40 ° C 80 ° C
Working temperature -30 ° C 70 ° C
Parking lines yes (switchable)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
Failure to comply with product operating standards, exceeding operational parameters, careless handling, incorrect connection, etc.
Mechanical damage to the product and damage caused by the ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, etc.
Damage caused by natural phenomena, natural disasters, fire, etc.
The product has been tampered with or repaired by unauthorized persons or service centers.
In case of installation and connection of the product by non-certified installation centers.

Procedure for installing a rear view camera on a Chevrolet Cruze

The process of installing the camera is not particularly difficult, but it will require some knowledge of wiring and the ability to work with your hands. To successfully install the device, you must follow the instructions below.

How to Install a REVERSE CAMERA | 2012 Chevy Cruze LT

  • When purchasing a camera, you must take into account what type of body it is designed for. Camera bodies have various types of mounting. Two self-tapping screws are used for the sedan, and the devices are mounted in the hatchback using plastic latches.
  • The installation of the camera is supposed to be in a seat in which the standard room lighting is installed.
  • Installation is accompanied by the removal of the trim in the trunk. Access to the wiring site is required. One of the optimal cable entries is indicated in the photo below with a red circle.
  • When laying the loops, it is necessary to ensure that no places appear where water can subsequently enter.
rear, view, camera, chevrolet, cruze, hatchback

  • Dismantle the plafond of illumination of the state number.
  • Route the camera wires through the pressure conduit at the front of the vehicle The presence of grease inside the channel should be taken into account. To prevent the interior from getting dirty, it is recommended to wipe the cables with a rag.
  • The brought out cables need to be connected to the multimedia system head unit or a special rearview mirror, or a separate screen depending on how the front mounting arrangement of the rearview camera is planned.
  • Complete the installation of the camera in the rear of the car.
  • Control device operation.

Tools Needed to Mount the Rear View Camera

In order to install a camera, for example, Mylink on a Chevrolet Cruze, you will need a list of tools given in the table below.

Name Note
Special tool for removing decorative caps Can be replaced with a flat blade screwdriver
Key It is advisable to have a set of keys of various sizes.
Screwdriver Cross and flat blade
Multimeter For continuity of chains

Also, during the installation process, you may need a rag to clean dirt, a knife for stripping the insulation and electrical tape to securely connect the wires.

Rear view camera for Chevrolet Cruze

To reverse or park, the car owner needs to know the distance to an obstacle, hitting which will damage the car.

For these purposes, a rear view camera can be installed on the Chevrolet Cruze. By connecting it to the head unit of the multimedia system or using a special mirror with a liquid crystal screen, the car owner gets help in feeling the dimensions of his vehicle.

Using a sedan camera on other body types

If the car owner has a camera on a sedan, then there are ways to mount it on a hatchback or station wagon. To do this, you must use the instructions below.

  • The photo below shows a Mailink reversing camera designed for sedans. For installation on a hatchback or station wagon, a small alteration will be required.
  • There is a special decorative insert on the Chevrolet Cruze in hatchback and station wagon bodies, the purpose of which is to place the rear-view camera from the factory in some car trim levels.
  • To mount the camera, you must remove the plug.
  • If it is impossible to mount the camera in a seat due to an unsuitable housing, you can use an alternative option for fixing the device using a universal glue.
  • Prepare the camera for installation by removing unnecessary body parts.
  • Install the device on the car.
  • Connect the camera to the head unit of the multimedia system.
  • Install the elements of the center console.
  • Check the system performance.

Wiring a rear camera in a 2014 Chevy Cruze