BMW X6 M E71. performance characteristics. test drive. photo

BMW has always impressed with its highest quality. The BMW X6M E71, which was presented to the public for the first time in April 2009, became an excellent result of the long and fertile work of the concern.

BMW X6 M is a business class car that can be classified as a mid-size car in a fairly practical and sporty body.

Its uniqueness was that it embodied all the technical characteristics of an SUV, namely, increased ground clearance, large wheels, a powerful engine and, of course, all-wheel drive.

The main external distinguishing feature of the X5 is the presence of a noticeable slope of the rear part of the roof.

In general, X6 M can hardly be attributed to any particular type. And probably the most suitable classification would be. a hatchback with increased ground clearance and an extraordinary roof shape.

For the development of this model, the BMW concern had to pay a fairly high price, but this was very justified, since, despite the economic crisis existing at that time, the car enjoyed great success and significantly high demand.


The turbocharger and catalytic converter are located between the two cylinder banks providing a spontaneous and direct response so characteristic of M series vehicles.

Despite its excellent dynamics, the crossover offers the highest level of efficiency in its segment thanks to the combination of EfficientDynamics technology.

BMW X6 M E71 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Mercedes ML 63 AMG Porsche Macan Turbo 3.6
Working volume, cubic cm 4395 6417 6208 3604
Power, hp. 555 468 510 400
Torque, Nm 680 624 630 550

Dimensions (edit)

BMW X6M E71 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Mercedes ML 63 AMG Porsche Macan
dimensions in mm / volume in liters / weight in kg
Length 4876 4846 4781 4861
Width 1983 1943 1951 1923
Height 1684 1749 1863 1624
Wheelbase 2933 2915 2915 2807
Clearance 205 203 200 205
Front wheel track 1660 1669 1665
Rear wheel track 1672 1661 1669
Trunk volume 570 782 551 500
Maximum trunk volume 1450 1554 2050
Curb weight 2380 2418 2310 1925
Full mass 2905 2949 2880 2550

The brakes on the M E71 were installed ventilated disc. front and rear.


The E71M was equipped with a 6-speed Steptronic sports automatic transmission. ZF 6HP26.

It is also possible to change gears using the “paddles” on the steering wheel or via the electronic gear selector.

gear ratios: 1 GA6 HP26Z
I 4.171
II 2,340
III 1.521
IV 1.143
V 0.867
VI 0.691
R 3.403
The ultimate 3.909

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BMW X6M E71 Jeep Grand Cherokee
WK2 Mercedes M Class W164 AMG Porsche Macan Typ 95B
Maximum speed, km / h 250 257 250 266
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, seconds 4.7 5.0 5.0 4.8
Fuel consumption, liters per 100 km:
By the city 19.3 20.5 24.1 11.8
Outside the city 10.8 10.1 12.2 7.8
Average 13.9 14.1 16.5 9.2
Fuel tank capacity, liters 85 93 95 75
Mileage on full tank, km 611 660 576 815

acceleration DO 200 km / h takes. 16.9 seconds


The developers have made great emphasis on improving the safety system: the car was equipped with airbags for the driver, passengers and side airbags. The anti-lock braking system was also improved, and to ensure a more confident ride on the road, exchange rate stability and emergency braking systems were installed on the car.

All interiors have been finished in wood grain, matched with standard leather upholstery.

Additional advantages are an adjustable steering column, electric front seats, an on-board computer, a navigation system, a rain sensor, climate control and a rear view camera.

The second version of the X6 M in the new F86 body was first introduced in 2014.

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