TOP-10 budget quadcopters with a good camera. Introduction

Today, a quadrocopter without a camera is unlikely to be of interest to anyone, so manufacturers of household UAVs are trying to keep up with the times and equIP all their products with cameras. Various Internet trading platforms offer a huge number of quadrics with a camera and, of course, from a person who first decided to purchase a drone, looking at this abundance of drones, the question arises: Which quadcopter with camera is better?

To ease the pain of choice, we decided to select the ten best budget camera quads in the price range up to 250. Why up to 250? Because in this price range there are products that are best suited for a first familiarization experience. Having gained experience in piloting a drone from the budget segment, it will be possible to safely switch to more expensive models. The selection was carried out according to such criteria as: price, product quality, its functionality, photo and material quality. If you think that some model is missing in our rating, then tell us about it in the comments below and we will definitely consider it. Let’s start from the last. 10th place.

flight time
control range
altitude hold
Syma X8HW 1mp 7 minutes 70m Yes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 105 there is
Syma X8HG 8MP 7 minutes 200m Yes no 120 there is
Xiaomi MiTu 2MP 10 minutes 50m Yes 5GHz Wi-Fi 60 there is
Hubsan X4 H502S 720P 12 minutes 200m Yes 5.8GHz analog no latency 120 there is
Ryse Tello Drone 5MP 13 minutes 100m Yes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi from 99 there is
Xiaomi Funsnap-iDol 5MP FHD 1/3″ CMOS 10 minutes 60m Yes 5.2GHz Wi-Fi from 140 there is
Syma-W1 (PRO) 12MP FHD 18 minutes 250m Yes 2.4 / 5GHz Wi-Fi from 143.99 there is
MJX Bugs 5W 8MP FHD 1 / 3.06″ CMOS 15 minutes 300m Yes 5GHz Wi-Fi from 130 there is
Wltoys XK X1 5MP FHD CMOS 17 minutes 500m Yes 5GHz Wi-Fi from 149 there is
JJRC X12 AURORA 12MP FHD 1 / 2.7″ CMOS 25 minutes 1200m Yes 5GHz Wi-Fi from 239 there is

Syma X8HW

A complete rebuild of the previously forgotten and criticized predecessor Syma X8W. The model has become larger, more powerful, received a barometric sensor for keeping altitude, a modified 1MP Wi-Fi camera, thanks to which shooting and flying in the first person now deserve respect, and a unique golden color. Max. Distance FPV 70 meters. Max. Flight time with complete power supply is 7 minutes. The main purpose of the drone is the initial acquaintance with the basics of piloting in FPV mode with an emphasis on aerial photography. Implemented by the developer through all well-known Internet trading platforms at a price of 105. Details about the model in our review.

Beginner modes

For example, the presence of the Headless mode allows you to control the quadcopter regardless of its position in the air (forward or backward to the pilot). There is also a return to home (RTH) function, when the button is pressed, the drone flies in the direction of the remote control.

Small size

When hitting obstacles, the size of the quadcopter will greatly affect the consequences of the crash. Small size will keep them to a minimum, both for others and for the drone itself.

Which quadcopter is better for a beginner?

Dye resistance

A beginner NOT having experience flying a quadcopter will inevitably drop it and crash into obstacles. Therefore, crashworthiness must be high.

Where to begin

First of all, a beginner needs to choose a cheap quadcopter.!

The drone in the novice pilot will inevitably fall and crash into obstacles. And since the drone is quite fragile, your money will be wasted.

What else should you look for when choosing a drone for a beginner? There are six main features and functions to look out for first:

Flight time. This is the time the drone will fly on a single battery charge. Usually, manufacturers indicate the maximum time, that is, without a camera, without screw protection, without landing legs and in good calm weather. TIP: buy extra batteries immediately.

Flight speed

Control radius

Camera availability

Control method

Return home

Also cost Note a few more features:

  • Simple and convenient control panel
  • Dye resistance
  • Small size
  • Availability of modes for a beginner
  • Good stabilization.

Unfortunately, there is no quadcopter that would have all of these characteristics. But manufacturers are trying, and every year new models appear on the market with functions and available to everyone.

Good stabilization

The presence of a four or six-axis gyroscope will allow the quadrocopter to keep more stable in the air, and a beginner to avoid crashes in case of minor control errors.

For convenience, we have made a rating of cheap quadcopters for beginners, which you can find in more detail here.

Camera availability
flight time
altitude hold
Headless mode
JJRC H31 no 10 minutes no no Yes 35 there is
Syma X5C 0.3MP 7 minutes no no no from 27 there is
Syma X5HW 0.3MP 7 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Yes Yes 60 there is
Eachine E58 2MP 9 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Yes Yes from 30 there is
Dwi dowellin d7 2MP 6 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Yes Yes 40 there is
Syma X8HW 1mp 7 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Yes Yes 105 there is
Eachine E013 Small Pepper 1000TVL 5 minutes 5.8GHz analog no Yes 36 there is
Hubsan X4 H502S 720P 12 minutes 5.8GHz analog Yes Yes 120 there is
Xiaomi MiTu 2MP 10 minutes 5GHz Wi-Fi Yes no 60 there is
Ryze Tello Drone 5MP 13 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Yes no from 99 there is


Control panel (equIPment, transmitter)

The remote control should not have many buttons, so as not to confuse a beginner. And the size of the remote control must match in size and shape with the joysticks of popular game consoles.

A short instructive Animation on how NOT to fly drones.

Size and strength

The smaller the quadcopter, the better. Small devices are simpler, so they will be easy to operate. And if such a device hits an obstacle, the losses will be minimal both for the copter itself (there is a chance that it will remain unharmed) and for those around.

In addition, the aircraft must be crash-proof, i.e. Withstands collisions with possible obstacles and falls as firmly as possible. Of course, there are unkillable devices. But there are those who are able to withstand severe trials.

Which drone with camera is the best for beginners? Explore perimeters:

  • Camera availability. worth looking at quality
  • Flight time is the time that a drone is able to stay in the air on a single charge. Manufacturers indicate the maximum time. THOSE. The device will fly as long as indicated in calm weather, with the camera turned off, without the protection of the screws. In other hands, the time in the air will be less. Naturally, the higher this indicator, the better.
  • Control radius. again, the more the better.
  • Flight speed. Beginners shouldn’t choose too nimble devices. They will be harder to control.
  • Stabilization is the stability of the device in the air. It is made stable by a gyroscope (four- or six-axis).
  • Return to home function is a useful option for newbies.
  • Control method. The simpler the control panel is, the better. Ideally, the simplest remote controls are similar to game console joysticks.

For example, some drones have the function Headless. makes it possible to control the copter, regardless of whether it is in front of the pilot or behind.

Quadcopter for a beginner

A quadcopter for beginners should be:

  • Cheap;
  • Small in size;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Sturdy, drop resistant.

Let’s say in more detail in each paragraph.

A common beginner’s mistake is buying expensive devices. We used to think that the more expensive the device is, the cooler it is. In a quadcopter, perhaps the same could be said. But a cool device will NOT add coolness to the owner if he does not know how to properly use it.

If this is the first quadcopter in your life, it should be cheap. For starters, Aircraft often crash and fall. Breaking a machine that costs 2,000 is not as offensive as breaking a toy for 60,000 rubles.

Secondly, as a rule, the more expensive the device, the more additional functions it has. An inexperienced user will have to tinker with them to deal with them, and when driving, he will probably get confused and, as usual, break the drone.

Recommend a quadcopter: answer to beginners

So, the best drone with a camera for beginners should be easy to operate, small and sturdy, cheap, stable in the air. The camera should record a clear image. Of the additional functions, it should only have a return to home function and 1-2 additional options for beginners. The rest will be superfluous and complicate your learning.

Let’s name the five best models that are ideal for these parameters:

  • Eachine E013 Small Pepper;
  • Yizhan Tarantula X6;
  • JXD 510G;
  • Sky VIPer V950HD;
  • Kodo hd.

Choose a drone according to your taste, but do not forget to look at the required parameters. And everything will work out.

Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S Standard Edition

An unmanned device with a built-in FPV camera. Recording at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a frame rate of 17 fps. There are functions Follow Me (Difficult by the selected point), return home, Altitude Hold (holding a given altitude). The control is carried out from the remote control, to which the image from the camera is transmitted online. Screw diameter. 185 mm. The device’s battery capacity is 2.7 Ah. Camera angle. 90.

The weight 410 g
Autonomous work 20 minutes
Dimensions 220x220x70 mm
Operating temperature range 0-40 C

Price: from 14 898 to 33 810 rubles.

  • Rich set of built-in functions (follow me, altitude hold, return to starting point)
  • The ability to broadcast live to the phone;
  • Wide viewing angle (90 ).


Micro quadcopter with 4 propellers and built-in camera 0.3 MP. Supports iOS and Android operating systems. Functions: First Person View (FPV). The device has a built-in gyroscope. The connection between the drone and the control device is via Wi-Fi. The battery capacity is 150 mAh. The device comes with an instruction manual, 4 spare propellers and a USB charging cable.

Quadcopter With A Camera Which Is Better
Dimensions 42x42x25 mm
flight time 4 minutes
The weight 17 g
Temperature range 0-40 C
  • Very lightweight model (17 g)
  • Can connect to quadcopter via Wi-Fi;
  • Compact device (42x42x25 mm).

Comparative table of the presented models

For a visual comparison of the presented models, we use the comparative table below.

Model Maximum flight time (min) Weight (g) Dimensions (mm) Operating temperature range ( C) Price, rub.)
DJI Mavic Air 21 430 168x83x49 0-40 from 46950 to 62790
Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S Standard Edition 20 410 220x220x70 0-40 from 14898 to 33810
DJI Mavic Air Fly Combo 21 430 168x184x64 0-40 from 61290 to 103890
Syma X8Pro nine 645 500x500x190 0-40 5984 to 9872
CXHOBBY CX-10W 4 17 42x42x25 0-40 from 1460 to 3370
Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K 27 1367 254x138x38 0-40 from 35400 to 39990
DJI Phantom 4 PRO thirty 1388 289.5×289.5×196 0-40 97990 to 127390

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K

A model with rich functionality: return home, Orbit mode, circled around the GPS points, Follow Me, first person view. EquIPped with height sensors, optical, GPS module, magnetometer and gyroscope. The body of the device is made of high quality plastic. Develops a maximum speed of 65 km / h. The kit includes a mount for a smartphone. Smartphone control possible. Camera angle. 94. Shoots in Full HD1920x1080 pixels 100 fps. Camera matrix resolution. 12.4 Mp.

The weight 1367 g
Maximum flight altitude 500 meters
Dimensions 254x138x38 mm
Temperature range 0-40 C
Autonomous work 27 minutes

Price: from 35400 to 39,990 rubles.

  • Long flight time (27 minutes);
  • Rich set of functions (flew around points, return home, follow me, fly around a given point)
  • Wide camera view (94 );
  • Online broadcast to smartphone.
  • Inaccuracy of automatic landing (several meters from the starting point).

Top 7 best quadcopters with a camera

In the compiled top, you will definitely find a device that will satisfy all your requirements. In our opinion, the list of the best models looks like this:

  • DJI Mavic Air.
  • Hubsan X4 FPV Brushless H501S Standard Edition.
  • DJI Mavic Air Fly Combo.
  • Syma X8Pro.
  • Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.
  • DJI Phantom 4 PRO.

Let’s consider each model separately.

How to fly a quadcopter?

To learn how to operate this gadget, it is not necessary to carefully study special literature. Often, the instructions that come with the device are detailed as much as possible.

The drone is controlled using a special remote control. On all models, they are pretty standard and resemble a joystick with two levers for game consoles. The left lever is responsible for movement in the vertical plane, and the right one for movement in the horizontal plane. It is enough to slightly press the lever and the device will change its position.

Many models have special flight modes to make your task easier:

  • Manual. In this mode, you take full control.
  • Stable flight. It keeps the aircraft in the air at the specified parameters. This mode is suitable for taking photos and
  • GPS navigation. You can plan the route the drone will take.

When starting your device for the first time, DO NOT rush or lift it suddenly into the air. Get used to control, perform basic maneuvers at low altitude.

DJI Mavic Air

The device is from one of the leaders in the world market, producing drones for professionals and amateurs. The model is presented in three colors: black, white and red. The drone is compact and folds easily for transport. Can spend 21 minutes in flight. Develops a speed of up to 68 km / h. A 4K format camera with a matrix of 1 / 2.3 is installed “CMOS. The device is gesture controlled in SmartCapture mode. Takeoff weight. 430 grams. Shooting modes: HDR, single shot, burst shooting. Supported photo formats. JPEG and RAW. MP4, MOV. The internal memory of the gadget is 8 GB. Supports Class 10 or UHS-1 SD cards. The set includes a remote control, a smart battery, a charger, propellers and protectors for them, various cables and a bag for storage and transportation.

Dimensions 168x83x49 mm
The weight 430 g
Operating temperature range 0 C-40 C
Diagonal size 213 mm
flight time 21 minutes

Price: from 46950 to 62,790 rubles.

  • Compactness of the device (dimensions 168x83x49 mm);
  • Rich bundle (storage bag, propeller protectors, USB and Type-C cables)
  • High flight speed (68 km / h);
  • 3-axis stabilization system.
  • In cold weather, the flight time is reduced to 15 minutes;
  • Brittle propellers.

Syma X8Pro

The device of a Chinese company that produces fairly budget models for amateurs. The model is equIPped with an automatic takeoff and landing function. Shooting at a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. The device is equIPped with a gyroscope, an altitude sensor and a GPS module. Control from smartphones based on iOS and Android operating systems is possible. It is possible to broadcast live to a smartphone using Wi-Fi within a radius of up to 30 meters. The battery capacity of the device is 2 Ah. Supports charging via USB cable. Full charge time. 150 minutes.

Autonomous work 9 minutes
Temperature range 0-40 C
Dimensions 500x500x190 mm
Maximum flight altitude 70 meters
The weight 645 g

Price: from 5984 to 9872 rubles.

  • Return home function;
  • Wide viewing angle (90 )
  • Easy-to-operate device (maneuverability, easy landing and takeoff).
  • Large-sized model (500x500x190 mm).

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

A device from the world market leader, equIPped with a brushless motor. The case is made of titanium and magnesium alloy. Built-in camera with mechanical shutter and 4K quality. There is a return home function, follow me and flew around the GPS points. There is an optical sensor, as well as a gyroscope, GPS module and an optical sensor. The gadget develops a speed of up to 72 km / h. It is controlled using a phone on iOS and Android operating systems. You can install an SD memory card up to 128 gigabytes. The battery capacity of the model is 5.87 Ah. Radio control range. 3500 meters.

Autonomous work 30 minutes
Maximum speed 72 km / h
Operating temperature range 0-40 C
The weight 1388 g
Dimensions 289.5×289.5×196 mm
Photo Resolution 5472 × 3648 px

Price: from 97 990 to 127 390 rubles.

  • Backlight housing;
  • The ability to stream to YouTube;
  • 3-axis camera stabilization;
  • High flight speed (72 km / h).
  • In strong winds, the camera jerks;
  • Autofocus does not always work in the dark.