Optimal PUBG graphics settings for weak PC. how to raise FPS in 2018, improve visibility and graphics

The performance of the game is the key to success. The faster your system, the better. But if you have a weak PC, you can increase the FPS in PUBG and put the optimal settings for better visibility. this is how you will notice opponents in two accounts, and, therefore, get an advantage.

FPS (Frames Per Second). this parameter shows how many frames your system gives out a second. The higher it is, the more smooth the game is. Basically, the better the parameters of your system, the better and faster the game is coming.

If you want to get an honest advantage over other players, strive for the highest indicator. it is impossible to fight well when everything lags and buggy on the screen.

In this article, we will consider in detail how to increase the FPS in PUBG with different methods: both using the game settings and when using third.party programs. You will also find out what works and what is not. So, if you are looking for PUBG launch parameters to increase the FPS, then you will be disappointed. the developers covered this loophole.

How to find out your fps?

First you need to turn on the FPS counter in the game so that you can track this indicator. To do it is simple:

  • Press the “Steam” button in the upper left corner of the program;
  • Select “Settings”, then “in the game”;
  • Find the dick “Failure display” and select a place where it will be convenient for you to derive this figure.

Using this procedure, you can do to show the FPS in Pubg. but you can see in the bunker and in CS: GO, and the rest of the games that you will run through the steam.

You can also use third.party programs. for example, Fraps. This is not prohibited by the rules of antithee. Especially this method will appeal to those who play from the version

How to limit the FPS

Someone may need to limit the FPS in PUBG. You can do this by editing the configuration file:

  • Go to the folder “C: \ Users \ Name of_Palizer \ Appdata \ Local \ TSLGAME \ SEVED \ Config \ WindowsnoEDIDER”. By default, “Appdata” is hidden. To see it, read this guide. Or watch the video;
  • Open the Gameusersettings file.ini “using a notebook;
  • Find the meaning “frameratelimit = xxx”. Instead of the X, I had a thousand;
  • Place the value you need.

Carry out this manipulation at your own peril and risk. How new anti.shacks will respond to such an action. it is unclear.

NVIDIA settings for all players

Before we climb into the game, it is worth working with the capabilities that the video card offers. For those who use Radeon, obviously, in this section there is nothing to catch.

First, open the NVIDIA panel. you can do this by clicking on the right key on the desktop and choosing the appropriate point. There, open the link “3D parameters”, and after the “software settings” tab.

In the drop.down list you need to select PUBG. If it is not there, then click the “Add” button. Next, indicate the path to.Exe game files. it lies in the folder “F: \ Games \ Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ Pubg \ TSLGAME \ BINARIES \ WIN64”. Or just select TSLGAME if the system offers.

Next, install NVIDIA settings for PUBG as follows:

  • Vertical synchrome.impulse. turn off;
  • GP rendering Opengl. auto.cut;
  • Pre.prepared personnel. 4;
  • Caching shaaders. turn off;
  • The number of the maximum in advance. 1;
  • Stream optimization. include;
  • Power control mode. maximum performance mode is preferred;
  • Triple buffering. turn off;
  • Filtering of textures. anisotropic. turn on;
  • //. quality. high performance;
  • //. Trilinear. Off.

MY PUBG SETTINGS. Showing and explaining all my settings

Detailed settings in the form of pictures (click to increase):

These points will increase the speed of the system and allow your computer not to strain much due to textures and shaders. For owners of a weak video card, such measures will become a rescue circle.

How to increase FPS

To increase the number of personnel per second (FPS), if iron allows, you need to produce several manipulations in the settings:

  • In the Steam library using the right mouse button, select the properties.
  • In the start parameters, indicate:.Useallavailablecores.Malloc = System.SM4.High.Nomansky.Lowmemory –FullScreen

In the settings of the game graphics, you need to put the following parameters (example for FullHD, resolution 1920 × 1080):

  • Smoothing is high
  • Post.cutting. very low
  • Shadows. very low
  • The texture is average
  • The effects are very low
  • Foliage. very low
  • Visibility range. average
  • Blur during movement. without a mark

On the advice of some players, you can use a little trick by scaling the screen window up to 85-90%. Not suitable for everyone, but you should try.

How to improve graphics

Thanks to modern programs, which every day more and more solve problems for us, you can easily solve the issue with poor quality graphics. She is from such programs Reshede and she knows how:

  • imitate HDR;
  • vinier image;
  • use shader smoothing;
  • change contrast and sharpness;
  • and change some other graphics settings.

In order to set this program and configure it, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Download the updated version of the program from the official website, preferably 3.0
  • Run the installation process, click select the game / Select Game. After indicating the game, indicate this way: Steam. Steamapps. Common. Pubg. TSLGAME. BINARIES. Win64. TSLGAME.EXE. Then make sure, be sure to!, that the checkmark is marked on Directx10
  • Confirm the permit for the installation of shaaders and mark only 4 points with a checkmark: Adaptivesharpen.FX, Clarity.FX, HDR.FX, Tehnicolor2.FX. The rest of the checkmarks must be removed.
  • If you did everything correctly, then after all the manipulations and a successful installation, in the folder where the game is located, Reshade files will be added. If you delete all the files that relate to ResHade, the game will again be initial.
  • After full loading the game, press the shift2 key combination, and you will have a Reshede menu menu. Click on. set the profile name to your taste and click on Enter to save it.
  • Install the marks on the selected effects.

Now the installation is over, you just need to choose the settings for each effect, relying exclusively to your taste.

Also, some users who have already figured out the game and its settings give sensible tips. Before starting the game, you should go to the settings in the main menu of Battlegrounds. In the corner you need to click on the gear icon. A window will open in which the ability to change graphic settings for your computer will present.

It is in these settings that you will have the opportunity to improve the resolution, brightness and many other visual parameters that are directly related to the optimization of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds image.

Before starting the game

The following action that we will now have to be repeated before each launch of the game. In previous steps, we unpacked the archive from the leadership to a separate folder. Now you need to go to this folder and install the Memreduct-3 program from it.2-Setup.exe “. Why is it needed? She monitors the amount of RAM eaten. T.The game is not yet optimized, it eats a lot of RAM and after each game, it becomes less and less.

So we have installed the MemredUCT program. Launch it. First, go to the settings and choose the tongue. I have Russian. Now let’s go to the Memory Cleaning tab. We are interested in the point “Memory Management”. It contains 2 chatters that you have to stand.

I would also recommend not to set the second parameter, but to configure hot keys (global). Put the daw on the contrary to clean memory: I have a F8 button. After each game, I press this button and I have a RAM cleaned. The game continues to work. And you can safely start the next rink. The program can be turned into tray so that it does not interfere.

pubg, settings, medium

We also need another file from the archive that we downloaded earlier from our leadership. You need to start the file “Timerresolution.exe “. In it, press the Maximum button. This is where the FPS increase settings are over, now you can start the game.

Additional settings

In my config, there are settings that change through rewriting the file parameters that we threw with the replacement of Engine.Ini, Gameusersettings.Ini, scalaBility.ini. If you change the parameters through the game settings, some values ​​may return to the starting position, but this. Therefore, if you want everything to remain at the maximum. change the parameters in these files.

No bugs have yet been discovered. If you don’t like the picture that you have after installing this config. Go to the settings and set the smoothing parameter for the middle. I have it that way, because I can’t play when everything twitches. All a pleasant game!

Change settings for AMD

In the video section, select the profile “Expanded”. Next, you need to make changes:

  • In smoothing mode, you need to improve the settings.
  • Instead of a smoothing method, select a multiple sample.
  • Enable moological filtration;
  • In anisotropic filtering mode, select 16x filtering.
  • Put performance in texture filtering.
  • Enable the optimization of surfaces format.
  • Turn on the triple buffer Opengl.
  • In the cache of Shader and Tesselia mode, select “Optimized AMD”
  • Include frequency control for maximum value.

After this, the frame rate indicator will be much higher even on weak computers.

Steam launch parameters

This method will help add about twenty frames. However, if the PC cannot pull at least stable 60 FPS, then this method is practically useless. However, if you really want to enjoy the game too much, then you should try.

The option has players who play through Steam. The following commands must be entered into the launch parameters:

-MaxMem = 11264 Nomansky.Heapsize 6291456.Useallavailablecores.Fps.Malloc = System.Fullscreen.SM4.Lowmemory.Veryhight

After that, you can try to run the game.

Setting up video card drivers for Pubg

One of the easiest ways to influence the performance of the game is manual video detachment setting. The setting will not entail problems, but perhaps add a couple of dozen frames in the game.

NVIDIA driver setting up for Pubg

The guide presents two options for setting the NVIDIA video Driver for PUBG.

Option #1. automatic optimization

In such a simple way, we will say the video card that the main fps is for us, not the graphics.

Option #2. manual setting

  • We go to the video detachment settings
  • 3D settings control systems are looking for in the drop.down list of PUBG
  • We set the settings according to screenshots

PUBG launch parameters

To change the PUBG launch parameters, you need to:

Detailed description of the parameters:

  • -Winx. horizontal position of the game window.
  • -WINY. vertical position of the game window.
  • -Ress. horizontal resolution of the screen, game window.
  • -Resy. vertical resolution of the screen, game window.
  • -Vsync. activates vertical personnel synchronization.
  • -Novsync. disables vertical personnel synchronization.
  • – FPS. sets the maximum possible FPS.
  • -Fullscreen. launches the game in full screen mode.
  • -Windowed. launches the game in window mode.
  • -Nohomedir. do not use configures in the “My Documents” folder.
  • -Nosound. turn off the sounds in the game (can increase FPS).
  • -Nosplash. shutdown of the screensaver when starting the game.
  • -Notexturestreaming. Disable the loading of reduced quality textures, textures of only original high quality will be loaded.
  • -Onethread. disable multi.passage (only one core of the processor is used).
  • -Useallavailablecores. use all processor kernels.
  • -Lowmemory. the parameter is recommended if you have 8 or less GB of RAM (can increase the performance of the game).
  • -SM4. replaces shaders from DX11 on DX10, some effects are disconnected or become visually worse (increases FPS).
  • -D3D10. the parameter also launches work only DX10, but more rudely than.SM4, which is why artifacts may appear (not recommended, but you can test, TC raises FPS).
  • -Malloc = System. forces you to use Windows optimization to increase the application performance (I do not know how easier to explain the action of this parameter).
  • -High. launches a game with a high priority.
  • mat_antialias 0. disconnects smoothing
  • -MaxMem = Y. Y indicates the amount of RAM used (example: 14000 for 16GB of RAM).
  • -CPucount = X. X indicates the number of processor nuclei used (example: 4 for four nuclear processor).
  • -Exthreads = G. G indicates the number of virtual surveillance of the subject’s virtual nuclei (example: 7 for Quadcore and 3 for Dualcore).
  • -maxvram = z. z indicates the number of video memory used (example: 3763 for 4GB video memory).
  • -nomansky. worsens the quality of the sky (in some games removes the stars).

Attention! The size of the RAM must be selected, starting from the volume!

in.maxmem = you need to put your amount of RAM!

Graphic settings

The first item is the display mode. Choose a full.screen mode. This not only gives a wider display of the picture on the screen, but also retain the FPS indicator.

Naturally, the maximum quality will be with maximum resolution, and if your system allows you to do this, then take the maximum value of 1920×1080.

The field of view from the first person. it will need to be twisted to the maximum. This will give you a slight advantage in the game, due to the wider viewing angles.

Brightness-make the maximum at 60-70, depending on your monitor.

pubg, settings, medium

Next. we move on to additional graphics settings. They go immediately after the main ones below.

Additional graphics settings

Screenshot. twist to maximum, especially if PC allows you to do this without fps losses. To improve graphics. put the scale on the full.

As for the smoothing, then put on the ultra, but again, if the PC withstands such a load.

Post.cutting also needs to be twisted on the ultra. It will greatly help smoothing, which on the ultras is a little blurry, and so. everything will work perfectly.

Shadows and textures are also better to put on the ultra. this will give the game more realistic outlines. True, our PC does not take out such a load, and to improve FPS, we have chosen average settings. But if you have a priority, then choose an ultra.

As for the last 3 points: these are effects, foliage and visibility range. For the highest quality picture. it is better to put them on the ultra. Even on a low.power computer, it is better to set high rates, t.to. It helps a lot in the game.

As you already understood, in order to get the highest quality graphics in PUBG. you need to unscrew all the settings to the maximum and put everything on the ultra. Thus you will get the most realistic and clear picture as possible. But there is one big but. far from the fact that your computer will take out such a load.

If you are interested, then we will call the approximate cost of PC, which can work with such a load.

This is 3000-4000, half of which will go to the video card and the processor.

If the PC is not a reference to you, and you want to get a similar graphics, then you will fall much FPS, and the game will be filled with terrible lags. So choose you, dear readers.

By the way, if you are interested in how to optimize the game and choose optimal settings, then you can familiarize yourself with this in the corresponding article on our website.

Advanced settings

Visualization scale: 100

Always focus on your own resolution of your monitor. If it is tuned to rendering with higher resolution, you will face a serious drop in the frame rate.

FOV FPP cameras: 100. 103

By default, the value of 90 is set, while most professionals expand the range to 100–103 for a wider field of vision from the first person. The use of an expanded field of vision improves peripheral vision when searching for enemies. Fortunately, this does not lead to problems with performance.

General quality of graphics: custom

See what changes we have offered for each setup below.

The idea of ​​smoothing is that the higher the value of the parameter, the smoother the graphics. Install it too high, and visual resources will become blurry at large distances. Install it too low, and everything will become too uneven and unrecognizable. By installing it on the middle one, you will receive a slightly uneven graphics, without plunging into unrecognizable landscapes or the territory of buildings.

Tip: If you cannot save personnel anywhere else, reduce the smoothing settings to low to compensate for this.

DISCOUNTION DIT THE Lighting Effects, and if it is installed too high, this will lead to a drop in the frequency of personnel. The choice of “low” retains the visual advantages of post.cutting without reducing the frequency of personnel and avoids complex visibility conditions in the dark places that occur with higher settings.

Early versions of PUBG did not display the shadows when the Low and Very Low settings. This has changed in the latest updates. Shadows. One of the largest loss of computing power and failures in the frame rate. In addition, higher shadows settings make visibility extremely bad in dark places.

The higher the value of the parameter, the easier it will be to detect the differences between enemies and landscapes. Medium textures. This is a golden mean between visibility and performance. You will see a sharp difference in performance when switching from a low level.

Tip: If you have a PC with higher power and you can save computing power, switch to Settings “High” or “Ultra”. A change in visibility will not be so sharp, but it gives an advantage without failure in performance.

Like shadows, setting effects can be very tiring for your system and seriously limit the frame rate. Higher effects of effects only add parts and clarity to smoke and explosions. With lower settings, you will lose little.

Another parameter that adds unnecessary details to game resources such as grass, trees and other bushes. The higher the tuning of the foliage, the more difficult it is to detect enemies in tall grass and the more the frame rate drops.

View distance: low

Most professionals have discovered the minimum benefit in the High and Ultra settings. This is because the viewing distance affects landscape objects only. The real revolution is that players and equipment remain untouched. For those who need to squeeze each frame from their settings, select “low” as a default choice.

This parameter is not so important for performance. In fact, this adds more clear contours and more “sharp” textures. Due to the lack of influence on the frame rate, the choice of inclusion or off should be left at your discretion.

Vertical synchronization: prohibit

Increases the input delay and should be turned on only if you experience terrible gaps on the screen.

No Recoil Pubg (Scripting). Logitech G502

Blur in motion creates more smooth graphic movements, but worsens visibility at large distances.

There are not so many optimizing using sound settings, but we have some tips that will help you succeed:

  • Disconnect all SFX plugins
  • Use headphones with high.quality stereo sound settings.
  • Maximize the volume in the game and adjust the PC volume mixer to the desired effect.

These tips will help you hone the steps and the sound of shots. In addition, stereo settings helps determine the range and direction of sound.

So, if you are not a number of professional players, certain optimization in your settings can change some of the free eye sweets to increase the frequency of personnel. Continue to read the article to find out how to improve your performance by choosing more wise settings.

You should know that before any possible optimization, your equipment should first run the game. We have provided you with minimal and recommended requirements necessary to launch PUBG on your computer. All you need to take care of is observing the minimum requirements, and we could work on.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300;
  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 /8.1/10;
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2 GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2 GB;
  • Disco place: 30 GB.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600;
  • RAM: 16 GB;
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 /8.1/10;
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB / AMD Radeon RX 680 4 GB;
  • Disco place: 30 GB.

Now that you have been convinced that your computer’s equipment is able to run PUBG, we can proceed to discuss your settings to optimize your settings.

The best PUBG settings in 2021

First, you must understand that optimization of game settings entails a compromise between the quality of the visual image and performance. So, no one could magically put a spell on your computer so that it renders the game simultaneously with high quality and high frame rate. Now that we have found out this fact, let’s move on to the settings and give you the best choice.

Display mode

It is always better to choose a full.screen mode.


It is recommended to choose their own resolution of the monitor, as non-standard resolutions can create problems due to improper alignment of pixels.

Therefore, if you do not have a crazy computer beast that does not even bother your own permission, be careful and choose your own resolution. However, if your computer is at the lower level and struggle with your own resolution, you can choose a lower resolution as an extreme measure.

In the end, the ability to play the game is more important than launching it in your own resolution.

FPS restriction in the game

To do this, you need to know the frequency of updating your monitor. Set the FPS restriction on the highest update frequency that your monitor can withstand. Remember that the installation of a lower value will lead to a decrease in performance when the PC will give out more frames per second.


To do this, we will leave this at your discretion. However, we suggest you be careful and choose a slightly higher brightness. This guarantees that no enemy will eliminate your attention in weakly lit places.

The scale of rendering

This parameter determines the internal scale of the game rendering. In other words, you can order the system to perform the rendering process with a resolution above or below the resolution that you have identified for the game earlier.

  • For example, if you choose your own resolution of the monitor (1920 × 1080) and 100 for your scale, the game will be displayed with an accurate resolution of 1920 × 1080.

If your computer cannot provide the desired FPS with your own resolution, you can increase the scale to improve the quality of the game rendering.

FOV FPP cameras

As you know, the choice of viewing point is completely dependent on the person. But no one can deny the fact that higher FOV values ​​can help you to obtain a wider perspective.

It can be very useful for easier discovery of enemies. You can experiment with numbers from 90 to 105, if you want to be safe.

pubg, settings, medium

Change of settings in the game

PC with an average configuration may experience difficulties in starting PUBG in the best possible way, so for the smooth operation of your game you may have to sacrifice a little graphic perfection. You can easily change the settings of graphics by moving to your main settings on PUBG. Use the following settings for the most smooth launch:

What to do if the game does not start

We want to give you some useful tips for those unpleasant moments when your game will not start.

Check the integrity of your game files.

This one is quite easy to do here, just open steam. Go to the game and click it with the right mouse button to select “Properties”. Go to the “Local Files” option in the new window and click “Check the integrity of the game files”, wait for the process to complete and then click “Close”.

Tip 2. Make sure your latest version of Visual since 2017 has been installed.

Click with the right mouse button on the game on Steam, press the “Properties” and go again to the Local File tab. Click “Review of local files”. In a pop.up window, click on _commonredist.

If the 2019 folder is absent in the next folder. Install version 2019 by clicking on the following link: https: // support.Microsoft.COM/EN-Sus/Help/2977003/The-Latest-Supported-Visual-C-Downloads

Complete all other programs before starting the game.

Before starting the game, go to the task manager and complete all the programs except Steam, before starting the game. To go to the task manager, hold the Windows R buttons. In a pop.up launch window, enter “Taskmgr”. In the next window, go to the “Processes” tab and complete all the other programs, clicking on them with the right mouse button and choosing “complete the task”.

We hope that these methods will help you more smoothly launch PUBG in your system, which will allow you to work on your skills, and you will immediately become a professional. See you on the battlefield, chicken lunches are waiting for you!