How and where should it be installed

The housing with the lens is installed on the rear bumper or trunk lid in an area protected from the flow of splashing water and dirt when the vehicle is moving. On some of the products, a nozzle is installed that supplies water to the chamber when the reverse gear is activated. There are cameras made in China that are installed in the hole in the plafond to illuminate the license plate. If the backlight diode remains in the camera, then it will light up the image, degrading its quality.

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When properly installed in the camera lens, an area of ​​2-3 m in length is visible, located behind the car. The field of view depends on the height of the lens, the lower the device is mounted, the shorter the field of view. Removal of equipment to the upper part of the trunk lid allows you to increase the radius by 30-35%. On trucks, cameras are located on top of the rear gate, which provides an overview of the space when driving with the doors open.

Features of connection on machines of European production

To connect the rear view camera to a Chinese radio based on the Android operating system, you need to install cables with “tulips”. The circuit uses additional wires coming from the signal cables. The cords send a signal to the head unit, allowing you to display a graphic image. To power the electronics of the viewing device, power is supplied from the reverse indicator lamp.

On some European-made machines, a factory lamp control unit is used, which cannot be turned off by reprogramming the controller. With the engine running, the unit continuously checks the condition of the lamps, which is reflected on the display in the form of interference. The introduction of a relay into the circuit, which is powered by a cigarette lighter or on-board socket, does not allow the camera to be turned on. The junction box will continuously click, but there will be no display.

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The introduction of a diode into the circuit with an additional capacitor that smooths out the ripple of the current does not eliminate interference. To solve the problem, you need to install a high-resistance relay with power supply from an outlet or cigarette lighter through an add-on unit. A diode bridge and a smoothing capacitor are preserved in the circuit, which does not allow impulses from the lamp integrity monitoring module to act on the relay.

The owner can independently assemble the device, choosing the ratings of the components according to the characteristics of the car.

There are ready-made solutions made by Chinese enterprises, the user only needs to connect the cables. If, after installing the smoothing unit, interference is noted on the display, then the correct operation of the generator and voltage regulator is checked. It is also recommended to make sure that the components of the ignition system are in good condition.

Wireless model

To install a wireless camera, you need to place a receiver and a signal transmitter. The devices are located in the luggage compartment and near the head unit. For the operation of the transmitting device and the lens illumination, it is necessary to supply power from the reverse gear indicator lamp. With such a connection, between the activation of the reverse gear and the display of the image, it takes 2-4 seconds to initialize the communication channel between the transmitter and the receiver.

How to properly connect a wireless rear view camera to a 2 DIN head unit and connection diagram

To facilitate maneuvering in narrow passages, video cameras are used, which are brought out to the rear of the car. The information is displayed on the display of the head multimedia unit or on a separate screen. An owner who wants to install additional equipment on his own needs to know how to connect a rear view camera to the radio.

Wired model

The classic scheme for connecting a rear view camera provides for the use of RCA pads located on the back of the car radio. Such a connector is provided only in the part of the head units; information on the presence of a plug is given in the technical documentation. Patch cables are routed from the camera through the passenger compartment; it is recommended to run the cords parallel to the standard wiring. When laying through the hinges of the trunk lid, a reserve of cable length is provided, which eliminates cable tension.

The design of the camera provides for power, which is supplied through a separate cord from the vehicle’s on-board network. The wire marked Reverce must be connected to the contacts of the reversing indicator lamps. A negative signal comes from the car body (for example, from the ground bolt located under the bumper or in the luggage compartment).

How to choose a camera

The rear view camera is connected to the connectors located on the rear wall of the multimedia center. To ensure the display of a high quality picture, 2 DIN standard car radios are used, equipped with a color display with increased dimensions. The products can be used with Android or Windows CE operating systems. There are combined devices located in the body of the passenger compartment rear-view mirror, providing recording of the traffic situation and displaying the video signal from the rear camera.

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A cable or wireless method is used to transmit the signal from the camcorder. In the second case, a special Wi-Fi wireless communication unit is connected, which provides reception of signals by a radio tape recorder. When choosing a camera, you should pay attention to the angle of view, which determines the safety of maneuvering in confined spaces. It is recommended to use equipment equipped with glass optics with an angle of coverage of 120 ° or more. When installing an additional hub, it is possible to use two or more cameras that alternately display the signal on the screen.

When selecting equipment, you should pay attention to the material of the case and the configuration of the product. The camera shroud should fit snugly against the plastic trim or metal panel of the boot lid. The installed camera should not let water into the internal cavities of the body, the body should not be destroyed under the influence of sunlight or reagents that are used to treat roads in winter. In the design of products, rubber gaskets are used, which should not lose elasticity during operation.

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How to connect correctly

Connecting a standard rear view camera for a car provides for the use of cables for video signal transmission and installation of wires for power supply.

The voltage is turned on only at the moment of starting to reverse, which excludes the transmission of a signal to the display of the radio when stopping or moving forward.

When connecting the camera to a Chinese radio without a digital CAN bus on cars equipped with a reversing lamp control unit, additional relays and an anti-aliasing filter are required.