What to do if Google Play does not work? Step-by-step instruction

Android is a wonderful operating system, but let’s admit: the Forter throw out oh how loves. Imagine a situation (alas, it is easy): Take a smartphone with one wonderful Sunday morning, and there is no Google Play, applications are not installed and not updated. And not quite understand how to live with it further. You, of course, googled, but the search issued a heap of decisions. I’m guess what you will fit. Without panic! Take advantage of our step-by-step instructions to resurrect Google Play or make a stubborn application update.

Check Internet connection. It sounds trite, but first of all it is necessary to make sure that with an internet connection, everything is in order, and whether you have other services and sites.

Check out the availability of Google Play. Quite rare, but it happens that the problem is related to the work of Google servers. To learn if there was no failure in your country, you can on the official website of the company. Additionally, you need to check the working capacity of Google services using the Downdetector service. It registers failures very quickly, as the information comes directly from users.

Check VPN. If you use VPN, try temporarily disable the service and go to Google Play. If you don’t have a VPN, it will not be superfluous to try the opposite effect, even if according to Google’s card in your country there are no problems. Example Free VPN Service. Tunnel Bear. But the presence of such a program on the smartphone must be taken in advance, or you have to install the application manually from APK file.

Check the date and time. When primary configuration of the new gadget without a SIM card, the date and time may be installed incorrectly. Check and, if required, set the correct values.

If you have root access and problems with Google Play have arisen after requiring the rule of superuser manipulations, then you most likely damaged system files. In this case, we recommend restoring a backup or reflash the gadget.

Causes of lack of Google services

Not everyone is aware, for what reason, Google decided to block its services on smartphones of the Chinese company. And this is connected with the conflict between the United States and China. For a number of reasons, Huawei was introduced into a “black list”, where companies with which the American stricter companies are forbidden to cooperate. Because of Government restrictions, Google was forced to suspend the distribution of its services to the Honor and Huawei phones released after May 16, 2019.

It pleases that smartphones, released before this date, were not affected and have access to YouTube, Play Market, maps and other proprietary applications from Google. It is also worth noting that Honor no longer belongs to Huawei and US authorities removed the restrictions. Therefore, new products manufactured by this brand will have to have Google services. It is also expected that soon it will be possible to install Google Play and other branded applications on Honor smartphones issued during the sanctions period.

Reset Google Services Reset

One of the most common reasons why Play Market does not work and gives an error with the name connection is missing, this is a failure of the application itself Google. To return it to the initial state, do the following:

  • Open the system settings menu.
  • Find and open the “Applications” section.
  • Next, you must find “Play Market” services.

With the activation of the download dispatcher service

Often, the disconnection of this service leads to the sad consequences of the irrevocability of the Play Market, go to the application simply fails. To activate you need to do this:

  • Open the system settings menu.
  • Log in Application Manager.
  • In it, find the item “Downloads”.
  • It can see offers: sorting or resetting settings, we need to click on the last item.
  • During this action, all inactive software will be disabled, all installed updates will be deleted, the work of the background services will be limited and some applications actions will be disconnected.
  • In the same paragraph, we need to use the withdrawal of all notifications, and after these manipulations, the manager icon will appear on the start screen.
  • Click on the icon and run the dispatcher operation.
  • Check if you can go to the Play Market, does not pop out an error message. If this method does not help, go to the next.

Check Internet connection

Check the connection to the network. If no site is open in the browser, restart the router and configure the Internet connection correctly.

If an error occurs: “There is no connection”, although the Internet is working, then this item our instruction should help you.

Stop the right time and correctly specify the time zone. It is best to synchronize these parameters with the network. To do this, go to the “Settings” → “Date and time” and check the box opposite the items “Date and Time of Network” and “Network Time Zone”.

Bugs with Google Play updates

It is possible that Play Market does not download applications due to the presence of some bugs in its update. Try to roll back to the previous version of the store, for which again go to the application management section, find Google Play there and click the Delete Updates button.

Additionally, you can try to delete application updates “Google Play services” and “Google Service Framework”.

Activation of the download dispatcher

Often Play Market does not work on the phone due to the fact that before you turned off the utility “Download Manager”. Again, go to the settings, then applications. Swipe switch to the “All” section where we are looking for a “boot manager” and go to it. If the program is stopped, we turn on it. Restart the phone and check the performance of Play Market.

What is Play Market?

Google Play, or Play Market (formerly Android Market). Service included in the set of pre-installed Google applications. Play Market is installed default on all smartphones and tablets running the Android system. This service is an intrasystem game store and applications, and allows users to download only proven files on the device.

Unfortunately, like any other software, Play Market is subject to departures, technical failures and influence of viruses. In some cases, in order to eliminate the problems in the work of Google Play, the application has to be completely deleted and reinstall.

Specialists recommend to know how to install or remove root rights with Android.

Fix the Hosts file

Working method that comes to experienced users. By the way, it is recommended if I don’t want to delete Freedom. Refusing free coins in games. The problem is that some applications run their “roots” in system operating system system files, changing them slightly to make the most comfortable conditions for themselves.

Note that the method works only with devices that are root (superuser rights). Get them in fact very simple and pretty quickly, for example, with the help of programs: Framaroot, Vroot, King Root (not on all devices). Although if the changes in the hosts file occurred, then most likely you already have root-rights.

So, for starters, if the Freedom application is installed. Disconnect it in the “Applications” menu (Settings).

  • Make sure you have superuser rights (you can install the Root Checker program).
  • Run one of the file managers by providing him with the rule of superuser (a window appears with a proposal). We recommend using ES Explorer or Root Explorer.
  • Open the SYSTEM folder, then ETS. where and the file hosts.

Be sure to make a copy of the file by saving it elsewhere so that in case of problems, return everything to the initial state.

play, market, huawei, does

  • Click on the file by holding the finger until the menu appears in which click on the Edit item.
  • Erase everything but “ Localhost ».
  • Confirm the saving of changes in the file.

Restart the tablet or smartphone, then check if Play WORK WORK. If the cause of the problem walked in the Hosts file. then the application is guaranteed to start.

Drop Android settings

If the listed methods did not help and the Play Market does not work, then we turn to the radical measures. return to the factory settings.

During the operation, all data and programs from the phone’s memory will be deleted (photo, music, contacts and other), the settings will be returned to the original state (the topic of design will change, the call signal). In general, your smartphone will be like new. Therefore, take care of your data by making a backup. By the way, information stored on a memory card can not be deleted.

To reset the settings to the factory, go to the device settings and select “Restore and Reset” (In earlier versions of Android. “Privacy”). Select the “Reset Phone Settings” item, read the warning and confirm the action. Smartphone will reboot, after which you can try to enter the Play Market. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the method works, but you will have to reinstall the necessary programs.