How Live Photo works

“Live photos” work very simply. after you start taking a photo, the iPhone or iPad camera records 1.5 seconds of video before the shot, and then 1.5 seconds after it was taken. As a result, a valuable “context” is added to the photo, information about what was happening around, and the output is a kind of mini-video. Animation is shown by clicking on the photo.

Apple has already revealed that Live Photo is not a video file, but a combination of a 12-megapixel.JPG photo with a.MOV file. “Live photography” includes 45 frames, and is played back at a speed of 15 frames per second (it turns out just 3 seconds).

The combination of the two formatsJPG and.MOV. also results in the fact that the internal storage of Live Photo takes up 2 times more space than a regular picture.

What devices support Live Photo shooting

Live photos can be taken with iPhone 6s (2015), iPad 5 (2013) and newer Apple smartphones and tablets.

How to take Live Photos on iPhone?

Turn on the Live Photos option in the top menu.

photos, taken, iphone

Press the shutter button (white centered) to take a Live Photos. During shooting, LIVE will appear indicating shooting in Live Photos mode.

How to remove audio, crop and apply effects on Live Photos in iPhone

With the release of iOS 11, Apple has added Live Photos editing tools to the Photos app. How to crop and apply effects in Live Photos directly on the iPhone, we talked in detail in this article.

Additionally, on macOS High Sierra and later, the Photos app also has Live Photos editing tools (detail).

Live Photos: how it works and which iPhones and iPads are supported

Live Photos is a software feature in iOS (Camera app) that allows you to take animated photos on your iPhone.

What happens if you send a Live Photo to an old iPhone or Mac

Due to the nature of Live Photos (combination.JPG MOV), you can only fully enjoy the “come to life” photos on devices with iOS 9 and higher, Apple Watch with watchOS 2 and higher, and Mac running OS X El Capitan and higher. If you want to send Live Photos to an unsupported device, the MOV component will be removed, leaving only the most common photo in.JPG format. The OS X Yosemite Photos app displays two files instead of one Live Photos — one with.JPG and the other with.MOV. In El Capitan, there is already one file, the associated animation is played by double-clicking on it. But if you reset Live Photos on iPhone 6, but with iOS 9 installed, there will be no problems. the animation will remain.

As you can see in the screenshots. The JPG component of the Live Photo taken with the iPhone 6s camera takes 2.5 MB. The MOV component “weighs” 1.7 MB. If you use the front camera for such shooting, then the.JPG will be smaller. 1 megabyte, but the size. MOV will remain the same. The resolution of the.MOV file in both cases was 960 × 720 pixels at 12 FPS.

Learn the right way. Best Photos on iPhone

In early 2019, Apple launched the Shot with iPhone photography contest. From January 22 to February 7, anyone can post an author’s photo on Instagram or with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone to take part in this challenge.

Already, using this hashtag, you can find hundreds of cool photos from all over the world. Some are openly skeptical about whether this is filmed on an iPhone.?

This will be judged by professional photographers specially invited by Apple, and we can only envy ordinary people who live in a picturesque place or were able to catch an unusually successful shot.

What people around the world are filming on their iPhone:

Mesmerizing perspective and vibrant colors for a successful shot.

photo @jsnjnr

Nature is the main source of great photography.

photo @bestplacestoremember

Backlight can transform any shot.

photo @ click_india99

Such a frame can be obtained using continuous shooting. And then choose the best option out of hundreds of received.

photo @life_after_fifty

Of course, it is important to live next to charismatic personalities or in a picturesque place.

photo @ souljourney182

This picture was saved by the “contrast” setting, turned to maximum.

photo @ palacita13

Any Indian city is a treasure trove of atmospheric photographs.

photo @ souljourney182

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Tricks: iPhone camera tutorial and hidden features

Catch a moving object without blurring. done. The author of the picture is a real lucky one.

photo @ schauhan594

For westerners. an ominous photo. A cool old house for us.

photo @jule_l_photography

I wonder what take this gorgeous shot came from.?

photo @karishashasha

Excellent lighting and mystery create the atmosphere of the picture.

photo @bunch_of_pixels

And again nature. I remind you that this is also filmed on the iPhone.

photo @themist_canvas

Reflections in a puddle are wonderful. And if they are also geometrically correct. generally a plague.

photo @catching_a_smile

The moment when you just go into the sunset. Or at dawn.

photo @cschiang

Even so many years after the end of the war, pictures from a Nazi concentration camp look as ominous as possible.

photo @feyukari

The slightly littered horizon is offset by the rich colors of the sky.

photo @elad_simchayoff

It seems that this is not difficult to shoot. But only if you live somewhere in Switzerland or Norway.

photo @cschiang

The blazing sunset against the backdrop of the city is flawless.

photo @susabalfanz

A Pro Photographer’s Review of the iPhone 7 Plus

A photo of winter nature can be great too.

photo @pavluchi

And this photo was taken with an iPhone 5S. Don’t complain that you have an old smartphone.

photo @jmanuelbf

You have probably noticed that there are very few photographs from Russia, more precisely only one. It is understood that we are surrounded by dirt, gray panels, dull landscapes and that’s all.

But the more enjoyable it will be to take a really cool shot, filled with meaning, with the right perspective or unexpected angle.

Let’s take part in this competition. Check out your photo gallery. I’m sure everyone already has at least one masterpiece frame worthy of the “Shot with iPhone” tag.

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