What to do if the phone is hung on the screensaver when turned on, does not react and does not turn on

Smartphones are often broken. Most often it happens when you used the device for some time. This happens regardless of the model or manufacturer. But in this article we will try to find out what to do if your phone is suddenly hung on the screensaver when turned on, and also does not react and does not turn on.

With serious breakdowns, people turn to service centers. It is there who know what the causes of the sinking on the screensaver and not include.

Basic reasons: Explanation:
If you or someone else tried to flash a smartphone, but the attempt was not crowned with success. Or files were installed not to the end, not properly, broken archive and t.D.
System File Failure, you could use applications that enable access to system folders. Simply put, the rutted devices often fail in such a way that they are quite difficult to repaired. And they do not react to touch when inclusion.
Motes associated with internal device modules. These include cases with fluid getting inside the smartphone housing. Or the case was subject to impact, elevated temperature or sharp drops.
Also, failures in the system due to memory card problems. It may not approach the parameters that are incompatible with the device.
Device memory problems. Not enough system resources to cope with the user delivered tasks.

detailed reasons can be listed further, the main. Now let’s turn to practice and try to eliminate problems with your phone if it hangs on the screensaver and does not respond to touch.

Why the tablet or smartphone turns on, but not loaded

The reasons for which the system is not loaded may be the following:

phone, turns, loaded, battery

  • Error flashing. This problem may occur if the inexperience is installed on a tablet or smartphone firmware that does not correspond to its models. This can happen in the event that during the installation of the OS on the tablet suddenly turned off the computer from which the firmware was made. To avoid this, you need to flash the phone from a laptop or with PC connected to a uninterruptible power source.
  • Battery discharge device. This is a rare reason, which is usually characteristic only for individual models of Lenovo tablets. Usually in such cases the tablet simply vibrates and does not turn on. If the indicator or animation on the screen shows that the charge goes, and Android is not loaded, the problem is not in the battery.
  • Due to lack of memory. Free space on internal memory is required to download and work the gadget. If it is completely filled, the phone or tablet will be loaded for a very long time, but Launcher will not start.
  • Malfunction of the electronic part. Usually mechanical damage or failure of the components of the device lead to the fact that the latter does not start at all. But it happens that loading just does not go further screensaver.

In any case, it is worth trying if you do not restore the work of the gadget, then at least get the contacts.

How to save data. In order not to lose contacts because of the Android device breakdown, save them to the Google account, and not just in the internal memory of the device. In this case, the copy of the contacts will be stored in the Google-Mail address book and it will always be possible to download it to the new gadget. In this case, other data can be saved. For example, a calendar or list of installed programs.

What to do?

Yes, well done, you told us that such a bootlup and about his types, and to do what? A passage of patience, now let’s come to this, more precisely came up. First, stop nervous, because it does not help never help. Secondly, there are two options in the bootlup: the first is the simplest “for the lazy” and the second. flashing. So what about the first? So you thought? In short, the first option, how to get rid of the screensaver hangs. it is to reset the settings (Hard Reset). Wow, how smart you are, and how I will make a discharge of settings if I have a smartphone in the state of the bootlup, cixty brick almost? Do not hurry, school do not wait. I didn’t just mention Recovery just above. To make a hard reset in a button of the button, you need to go to the recovery by pressing the Vol (-) Power keys. Next, the smartphone will reboot to this mode and you need to select Factory Reset and confirm your choice. Yes, you may not get to get into the recovery from the first time. this is normal. With a cyclic rebutcher, for example, you need to clamp the off key, and then when you turn on to immediately clamp the volume and turn on the key.

However, the reset of settings may not save the situation, and does not save in 90% of cases, but it is worth trying, because this is the easiest way.If Hard Reset does not help, then drag into the side of flashing. You also have several options here: reflash via Recovery or through some utility (SP Flashtool, QFL and so on). But the topic of flashing is very individual, so here we will not be able to consider it. That’s the way you learned what to do and how to fix the screensaver hanging in the case of Android smartphones.

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Android phone does not turn on and does not respond to charging after the firmware: what to do

Gadget has long been not a luxury, but the subject of essentials. And often it performs not so much the function of the device, with which people can communicate with each other, how much universal apparatus is literally for everything. With the help of the phone, they are using photos and video, watch movies, listen to music, read books, find answers to questions. And if two decades ago the phone was something difficult for the perception of a simple alone, the new generation of users no longer considers something difficult to even reflash it independently, without attracting specialists.

Of course, the firmware is not the most difficult thing that is sometimes required for the correct work of the phone, but still this action does not always pass without consequences.

This article will have several tips for those who independently reflash the phone and collided with some difficulties. Namely, the Android after the firmware does not turn on and does not respond to charging.

Before the firmware you always need to check the level of charge, because if the phone is discharged, then it is problematic.

To begin with, you should try to connect the phone to the computer if the PC finds it, then most likely the battery level is likely.

Sometimes it is enough to leave the phone at charging for several hours. If the android screen does not reflect the battery charge process, this does not mean that the phone does not charge. Perhaps it will help.

If the phone does not want to turn on, but writes about recovery mode, then it is worth going to meet him. Recovery mode can highlight on your device as “Recovery Menu”. To start it, you need to press the power and volume buttons when the phone is turned off.

Managing the volume control buttons, you can move on the displayed menu. It will be double.

You can choose to “Restore Bacup”. It needs to select the previous position of the system, then the launch must begin in “Band Restore”.

If you select “Install Zip From SD Kard”, you can run flashing. But you will need to specify the path to the archive where the firmware files are.

These programs will help you select the desired components and launch the recovery. If the programs did not come up, you need to search for the application under your phone model.

How to be if the smartphone is loaded only to a standard screensaver

As a result, the hardware breakdown or failure in the operation of any Android-smartphone can stop responding to the power button. Frequent can also be called the problem when the phone does not turn on the screensaver. At the same time, it is visible on the screen, the logo of the manufacturer or the standard “green robot” of the Android system, but nothing else happens.

Why the phone does not turn on

If the gadget hoves on the screensaver, you can highlight 4 the main causes of the defect:

  • Android operating system glitches.
  • Critical breakage of the hardware as a result of water from entering the case, overheating of the board or strong impact. At the same time, Android can start loading and finally fail.
  • Incorrect actions when installing custom firmware, resulting in the failure of the operating system.
  • Incompatible with the device memory card.
  • Stretched SIM card.
  • Insufficient amount of free memory, slowing down process. In this case, the phone is loaded, but very slowly: within 3-5 minutes.

The phone is dependent on the screen saver

What exactly should not be done. it is for yourself to disassemble the case in attempts to determine the cause of the breakage. Without the relevant skills, you can not only lose guarantees, but also finally “kill” the device. If the gadget was accidentally flooded or dropped. contact your official service for help or reliable master.

Pull out the SIM card

It works in almost 100% of cases, first try to remove the sim card and boot without it.

Remove the memory card

Be sure to pull out the memory card from the device. Almost half of all glitches when turned on, due to this small memory chip. How to do it right, look in the instructions for the device, the universal way there is no.

Software malfunctions

The most frequent reason for hanging when Android is not loaded on the logo. For troubleshooting, try to enter Recovery Mode:

  • For Samsung Galaxy with the BIXBY button. hold the power switch simultaneously, increasing the volume and BIXBY. When Samsung appears on the screen, release the power.
  • For the remaining Samsung gadgets. press the enhancement and loudness buttons, as well as lock, then wait for the download icon appears.
  • LG. Help the volume dropper and turn on, after turning on the screen, release.
  • HTC. instruction identical to LG devices.

After entering the RECOVERY menu, the navigation for which is carried out using hardware buttons, the following actions can be taken:

  • Clear cache by selecting Wipe Cache Partition using the volume swings and the lock buttons.
  • Make a complete reset to factory settings, deleting all data. Wipe Data / Factory Reset is responsible for this action. Note that with such actions, all your data will be deleted, and the device is returned to the state “from the factory”.
  • After executing the necessary settings, select Reboot System Now to attempt to reboot.

Reflash devices

If the above actions did not help anywhere, it remains only to flash the device manually using a computer and special programs. For example, for Samsung is ODIN utility. For each device, the instructions and firmware themselves differ, the necessary information is for your phone can be found on the forums.

How to determine whether the battery is working

Frequent problems cause. failure battery. Determine the defect is pretty easily: if when connected to the power adapter, the charging icon appears on the screen, increasing the charge level with time. everything is fine. But if when the charger is disconnected, the gadget stops responding to pressing the buttons or refuses to charge. probably the problem in the battery or power connector. In this case, the only right solution is to contact the manufacturer’s service center. For example, for owners of the Samsung Galaxy line, warranty service is carried out in Samsung centers.

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Infecting viruses

Pretty rare cause of serious breakdowns. At the same time on the screen of the smartphone can be extraneous pictures, instead of the download icon.

Solution: To check with third-party antivirus, connecting the smartphone to PC.

If there is a suspicion of malware in the system, information on the removal of specific types of viruses can be tried to find on the forums of famous antivirus developers: DR. Web, Kaspersky and Nod32.

The enlightenment of the smartphone on the download process can occur in a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is possible to solve the problem on their own, only the appeal to the service center will help in others. Repair of cell phones. a difficult task, and it should be trusted only by proven professionals. Do not seek help in the nearest market or try to disassemble the device with shirts. it will only hurt and deprive the warranty. To avoid similar breakdowns in the future, remember a few simple rules:

  • Do not flash the smartphone by Chinese “left” firmware without sufficient experience.
  • When a defect is detected, do not panic and do not try to disassemble the device.
  • Use antiviruses and regularly check the smartphone for malicious software.

Adapter Fault or No Contact

The most common reason why the phone does not boot or quickly discharged. charger malfunction. To make sure that you need to connect the gadget to another power supply. If he started charging, then you found the reason and the problem was in the charger. You can draw on the contrary, connect an obviously good phone to a suspicious power supply unit. So you are guaranteed to make sure of its malfunction.

If the smartphone is not charging from a good power supply, check the contact connector. Circuit of dust can be hammered into it or get a pet wool. Carefully, Wooden or Plastic Toothproof Clean the connection socket on the phone and try again.

If a removable battery is installed on the phone, check the contact density of the contacts and their condition. There is a possibility that they oxidized from moisture or wondered when the battery was inserted after the fall.

phone, turns, loaded, battery

Another opportunity to “liven up” the battery or make sure its health is to use the universal charger. In the focus, it is called a “frog” and can charge any removable battery from the home power network.

[Troubleshooting] How to fix the Android phone when stuck on the samsung logo

Hi, I need someone’s help. I rained after work, and my phone just lay perfectly there. I had a screen darkening application. But when I woke up, my phone was stuck on a black screen with the Samsung Galaxy logo on it. I tried to restart the phone, but my Samsung phone does not turn on completely, as it should. Any suggestion about it? Thanks in advance!

This is not too common problem with the Samsung phone, stuck on the download screen. But it happens from time to time. You may not know why your Android phone does not turn on everything as it should?

Why it loads to the Samsung load logo, and then hangs?

Reasons why samsung is stuck on the logo screen

Or what is the reason why your device depended in the Android boot cycle?

Here are some possible reasons for your link.

  • Software errors. Errors in software can cause a problem. But software correction can be solved by updating the software.
  • Software manipulation. Android software can be easily manipulated and configured, but sometimes we can make a mistake when we try to perform these settings, which leads to an infinite download cycle.
  • Stuck after the update. you can also encounter a problem to get stuck in the download cycle, if the software update is not completed properly. That is why you need to have enough battery to avoid disabling the update.
  • Viral attack. in many applications there are malicious codes and viruses that can lead to improper operation of your device. To avoid this, make sure that all applications are downloaded from Google Store and on your phone installed anti-virus software.
  • Defective memory card. a bad memory card may be a problem that leads to the hang of your Android phone in the download cycle.

Restore the Samsung phone data that is stuck in the logo using FoneLab

You have other ways to fix the SAMSUNG font jam on the logo, please read the following solutions.

Remove the Samsung phone battery, and then install it again. Wait a few minutes, and then you can try to restart it.

Press and hold down the sound and power button for 20 seconds to forcibly restart your Samsung phone.

Try FoneLab if the aforementioned ways are not available for you. This will help you correct some disabled problems for Samsung without data loss.

Fix samsung phone stuck on the logo

Or software reset, or hardware reset can make the phone normally reboot, but you also need to understand that it is difficult to confirm whether you can lose the data or not after that.

Therefore, I strongly recommend using a third-party tool that will help you solve the problem. Fonelab broken Android data retrieval telephone is quite powerful to fix the Android device that is stuck in any problem with the screen hang, for example, the Galaxy Tab is a black Methlenge screen boot cycle in normal mode.

It can also help you extract broken data Android as contacts, photos, SMS, video, audio, documents, etc. D. directly from the device. Supported models include Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

You can get a free trial to try right now.

Download and install the program to your computer over the above link (only version for Windows is now available). Then the program will automatically start when it is successfully installed. Choose broken data extraction from the phone Android section about intees later.

Connect the Samsung device to a computer using a USB cable. If your Android device does not work, a black screen or screen does not respond, or you cannot enter the password or touch the screen, press the left button Start button.

Select the device name and model from the list. Make sure you have chosen the correct information about your phone or Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Then click confirm to move on.

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If your Android device system is damaged, and you cannot manage it, right-click Start Button instead. Then you will get the window below. Choose a situation in which your Samsung is located.

Follow the on-screen directions to enter the download mode. Turn off the device. press and hold the Volume DOWN power for a while, and use the UP key to select the download mode option.

The program will start downloading the appropriate recovery package to restore your broken Android system. As soon as it is done, you can access and restore your data.

As you can see, FoneLab allows users to restore data from the samsung disconnected, for example, the hangout of the Android phone on the logo, loading loop, black screen and T. D. It is easy and safe to use.

In addition, it can also fix the cracked Android screen and bypass the lock screen Galaxy S4.

Why not download and try right now!


Now you know the main reasons why the phone does not turn on the screensaver. Ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon. If only this is not the problem of “iron”. But, as statistics shows, in most cases such a problem is caused by the failure of the operating system. And eliminate this annoying misunderstanding is very simple using multiple buttons.

As a result, the hardware breakdown or failure in the operation of any Android-smartphone can stop responding to the power button. Frequent can also be called the problem when the phone does not turn on the screensaver. At the same time, it is visible on the screen, the logo of the manufacturer or the standard “green robot” of the Android system, but nothing else happens.

If the gadget hoves on the screensaver, you can highlight 4 the main causes of the defect:

  • Android operating system glitches.
  • Critical breakage of the hardware as a result of water from entering the case, overheating of the board or strong impact. At the same time, Android can start loading and finally fail.
  • Incorrect actions when installing custom firmware, resulting in the failure of the operating system.
  • Incompatible with the device memory card.
  • Stretched SIM card.
  • Insufficient amount of free memory, slowing down process. In this case, the phone is loaded, but very slowly: within 3-5 minutes.

Software failure

Activated sleep mode

Sleep mode. one of the common reasons why the gadget is not started. If at the time of the operating system transition to the sleep state, the device freezes and cannot continue to start the download of android. To remove sleep mode Connect the tablet to the zoom and turn on in a few minutes. So that there are no such difficulties in the future. disconnect sleep mode in the settings.


Rarely when the device does not function due to a viral attack. often it loads at least before the screensaver and hangs. In this situation, it is necessary to fully clean the good antivirus program. To do this, attach the tablet to a personal computer or a laptop using a USB cable. After that, spend reset to factory installations (the so-called Hard Reset, details here).

Lack of memory

Sometimes the tablet computer does not turn on due to lack of memory. Remove the card and try to turn on the device without it. Clean the OS from the newly installed applications, delete unnecessary. Programs incompatible or incorrectly installed, overload RAM. Also avoid forced system shutdown In order not to delete files responsible for its operation.

After removing third-party

If the gadget stopped functioning after removing the application, then refund to the factory settings will help:

  • Remove the flash card and sim card
  • Simultaneously press the volume button and POWER
  • Move on BIOS items using the volume buttons, select. POWER key
  • Choose item. Wipe Data / Factory Reset

Before installing any software, it is necessary to make sure to compatibility with the device. For example, such a program as Paint Tool Sai, perfectly operating on powerful devices. But after the launch of which a simple tablet (DNS, DEXP, Supra, Digma, Equator, Tehtei, Explai, Thomson, Nexus, Prestigio, etc.) freezes and ceases to respond to any actions, t. to. It is not intended to install this software according to characteristics. After deleting this application, the graphics drives fly and violate the PC operation. Only graphic tablets are suitable for such a program, such as Wacom Intuos. Do not ship what is not intended for the apparatus and then it is not necessary to ask the eternal. “because of what”.

After flashing

The process of flashing requires a certain skill, so unsuccessful intervention often leads to the loss of mobile PC performance. Most likely the firmware version is incompatible with Android OS installed on the gadget. In addition, if the cord disconnected during the process, this is a guarantee “. We recommend roll back to the initial state or use low-level utilities to restore performance.

If disconnection occurred during the firmware and the data transfer was interrupted, it is necessary to do the installation.

There may also be wine developer wines. they were incompatible with this version of Android. Return everything to the original view and disable the update in the settings. At least yet do not make sure the reliability and performance of these updates. Download Updates Running exactly your model. Huawei T1 701U, Acer W700, Samsung GT-P5100 Galaxy Tab 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000, SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A 10 5 SM T 595, SAMSUNG SM T311. Heavier to find updates and firmware to little-known and cheap brands. 4Good Light AT200, IRBIS TZ720, LG G Pad 8.0, Oysters T12 3G, Oysters T72HM 3G, Prestigio MultiPad PMP5580C, Ritmix RMD-1050, RoverPad Air Q10 3G, IRBIS TZ178, Wexler Tab 7B, 3Q Tablet PC Qo RC0721B, Chuwi, Dexp, Turbo Cide, Smart and TD.

If when loading OS, dropping or hanging on the Android logo, it means not everything is lost and can be repaired. You can restore the tablet PC from the line of bricks using the Recovery program by installing it on the PC and connecting the tablet. But with each specific model it is necessary to understand separately, there is no general instruction.