What to do if I forgot the password from the email account or any other site

Dear friends, today we will talk about the Internet and about those incident with which people who are poorly educated in the field of modern technologies are found. We will consider a fairly classic situation in which everyone periodically encounters. Why exactly everything? From where I have this statistics? Everything is simple, today absolutely any site has the ability to restore the password, and since each site can do it, then this option is necessary and is in demand from users. Of course, many of you know what to do if it suddenly turned out that the password you have entered, but there are those who do not know what to do at such a moment, this article is written for them.

So, if you are faced with a situation where the password you entered is incorrect, this means that you are doing something wrong. First of all, it is necessary to recall whether you recorded your password somewhere and if so, then there is nothing easier, how to enter it correctly, but if not, then we read on.

Most sites, if not all, are binding to your email account when registering, or your subscriber phone number. In other words, when registering on any site, you certainly entered your email address, or your mobile phone, possibly even one, if it is, for example, a social network.

If you carefully look at the page of any site, then next to the message about the password you incorrectly entered, there will be a link of the type “What to do if you forgot the password”. You need to click on this link and then act according to the instructions.

Such instructions play three main options to restore password.

Option one. you must answer the secret question indicated by you during registration and then the site will allow you to enter a new password, which will do active.

Option two. you will have to enter your email address, either a new password or a link for resetting your forgotten password and entering a new one, which will make an active one will be expelled to the cat.

Option Third. you will have to enter your mobile phone number indicated during registration and you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code that you will have to enter in the appropriate field and then the site will allow you to install a new password, which will become active.

Thus, you got acquainted with the information what to do if you forgot the password from VKontakt, or what to do if you forgot the password from classmates, or what to do if you forgot the password from any other site.

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How to restore the password

If you have tried all possible options, but could not enter, it remains only to restore the password. This is done like this:

In the upper left corner, where the entrance to the mail, click on “We forgot the password?””.

Indicate the address of our box and click “Restore”.

Email id aur password donon bhul gaye to login kaise karen

By phone number

If the mail is tied to the phone, this message will appear:

Enter the code from the picture, click “Get the code by SMS”. The window will appear:

It remains to wait for the SMS message to the tied phone number (usually comes within a minute) and get the code.

Well, then enter the code, click “Ready” and change the password.

Through another electronic box

If you are in advance and indicated an additional mailbox, then you will see the next window:

In the empty field we enter the poorly readable code on the left side and click “Restore”, after which we get the following message:

Next, we go to this, indicated box indicated, and looking for a letter from the sender “Support Service”.

We open it and see that for recovery you need to follow the link.

We cross and then give us the opportunity to come up with a new password.

We print it in one and the second field, and enter the mail. Now it will be possible to get into it on this password.

Through the secret question

Previously, when registering, it was necessary to choose some secret question (the answer to which only you know) and indicate the answer to it. This is especially true for old boxes that are more than two years old.

If you indicated it, then such a window will appear:

You just need to print the answer to this question and if it turns out to be correct, the system will immediately allow you to change the password from the box, after which it will open it.

If there is no access to the phone

If there is no access to the phone, another box or the answer to the secret question is not suitable, then there is nothing left to do not have access to the indicated phone/box/I do not remember the answer.

In this case, the site will offer to fill out about the following form:

Carefully fill it. Particular attention to the item “How to contact you”. Here you need to specify the address of the electronic box. It is on him that the decision will come to him, therefore, if you do not have other mail, it must be registered. It is better to open it on Yandex or in Google.

As you can see from two examples I disassembled, the password restoration procedure is very simple, it works everywhere according to one principle.

It happens that in addition to the password, a login is also forgotten, in which case the situation is complicated. Often on the form of entering the account on the sites there is a link and on this case, for example, “I don’t remember the login” and then you will be offered ways to restore it.

phone, email, password, enter

The extreme case when you do not remember any information that the service requests when restoring, contact those.support will probably help you restore access.

But to miss the situation to this should not be! Be sure to store passwords somewhere, for example, I keep passwords in the Google cloud, where they get directly from the Google Chrome browser.

I use this browser, because for me it is convenient and I can get passwords from any device very quickly, the main thing is to have a connection to the Internet. You can choose any other method, for example, to store passwords in the cloud through another browser (now, in principle, all the main ones allow you to do this), or use special password managers!

Advice finally: make passwords complex, do not follow the standard logic, the easier the password, the accordingly it is easier to remember it! The simpler the password, the faster you will be hacked, that’s how it will be more correct!

Make complex passwords, and for each site yours, so that if someone suddenly gets access from your account on one site, you will not be able to quickly get access to your personal accounts on other resources.

How to find out your e-mail address?

Before restoring the forgotten e.mail, it is necessary to recall the data that were used during registration. You must enter the login and password into the provided form after loading the site. Some services, for example, allow, in addition to the login, to choose also a domain. For example, at Mail this is inbox.ru, bk.ru, list.ru.

Most users are accustomed to working using not a regular intensity, but a specialized program. In such situations, you can find out the email address by entering the settings of the program, which are mainly located in the section on accounts.

Reset password without email or phone: 5 easy steps

On certain services during registration, you can get the name of the user, which will be part of the address, but do not coincide with the login. So, you can determine the email address if you go to the “Sent” tab and open any message. The address is indicated in the column “from whom”.

Mail restoration on Yandex

If the access problem has appeared when using a mailbox on Yandex, adhere to the following instructions to correct the problem:

  • Follow the link https: // passport.Yandex.ru/passport?Mode = Restore.
  • A page opens where access recovery occurs. Indicate your e-mail, enter the captcha and click “Next”.

Note: If the mailbox is tied to the mobile, the system will offer to specify the code from SMS sent to this phone.

Gmail password restoration.COM on mobile devices

To restore the password on devices with Android and iOS operating systems, it is enough to do the same operations as on the computer. The only difference is that you will have to use a mobile browser.

Another recovery method is available to Android gadget users. through the Gmail system mail application. Unfortunately, the method does not work on all devices, and if it did not help you, just drop the password through the browser.


Another domestic mail also offers a rather simple password restoration procedure. True, unlike Yandex mail, there are only two options to restore the code combination. But in most cases, even this will be enough for every user.

The first option for restoring the password is the answer to the secret question that you indicated even at the stage of creating a mailbox. If you cannot recall this information, you will have to fill out a small questionnaire on the site and send the entered information for consideration. In the near future you can use the mail again.

How to restore a remote mail

The hardest all of all to restore the remote mailbox. In this case, you will have to contact Support and fill out a questionnaire for access recovery. The same method is used if not one of the previously described methods is restored. Before using this method, think three times.

The administration immediately blocks all other methods of unlock. until she receives an answer to all messages, the account will not be restored. For user identification, they can ask completely different questions. The most tricky of them:

So, for example, a questionnaire looks like questions on the mail site. RU.

Most users cannot answer even half of these questions. This complicates the process of restoring the account.

Applications are accepted around the clock. On the access recovery page is the “Help” button. By pressing it, a window will open with the instructions for restoration of mail. Scroll the page down and go to the link “Profile of access recovery”. The user needs to fill out the maximum information about the account: part of the login, password, date of the last visits, attached phone number, etc.D. Additionally, you need to attach a photo with a passport in the hands. All this information will be developed in detail by the support service for user identification. For all emerging issues, you can contact the hotline of the Support Hot Line.

phone, email, password, enter

The procedure for restoring mail through the support service seems to be long, but it is precisely the protection of data and personal information that looks like. The more fields are filled, the greater the likelihood that the support specialists will be able to identify the user and restore access to the mail.

After filling out the questionnaire, he will wait for a specialist’s response from the support service. Response time is different and depends on the workload of the department. Usually this process takes 21-45 business days. If the administration approved an application, then a letter will come to the specified mailbox with the link. A password input window will appear on it. This is the only way to restore a remote mail.

phone, email, password, enter