Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic manual


Caution: the headphones are in a disconnected state before first use. To activate the headphones, place them in the charging case and press the function button. We recommend that you fully charge the headphones before using them for the first time.

Checking the battery level of the charging case

  • When the charging case light is lit for 5 seconds, it indicates that the battery level is sufficient.
  • If the battery indicator in the earphone case flashes, the earphone battery is low and must be recharged immediately.


  • Place the headphones in the charging case, then press the function button and hold it for 2 seconds. The light on the charging case will start flashing, indicating that the headphones are waiting to be connected.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your device, then search for and connect to “Mi true Wireless headphones”. If a password is required, enter “0000”.
  • Place one of the headphones in the ear casing, then press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. Use device A to search and connect to the headphone.
  • Once the first earphone is connected to device A, remove it from the earphone casing. Now place the second earphone in the charging case, press and hold the function button for 2 seconds. Use device B to find and connect to the headphone. This will connect each headphone to a separate device.

Feature Overview

Note: The voice assistant feature requires device support, and the voice assistant must be authorized on the device.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE: how to connect new ones, and what to do when they stop connecting

including the fact that this model is also initially oriented to work with both native Xiaomi smartphones and other Android models, as well as with the iPhone.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE TWS headphones to your smartphone or tablet

So, the Mi Air 2 SE TWS model connects to an iOS or Android device as follows:

  • If the headphones are brand new (t.е. just out of the box and have never been plugged in before), it is recommended that they be fully charged before they are first plugged in (i.e.е. put them in the case and plug them into the USB port of your PC or charger via cable) or if time does not permit, leave them in for at least 10 minutes (and during this time, the headphones should not be removed from the case);
  • then take the charged Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE out of the case, after which the headphones should turn on and switch to the pairing mode automatically (and if your smartphone is Xiaomi with MIUI and Bluetooth is not disabled, the headphones he will also see himself, as he immediately notified the appropriate notice)
  • turning on the Bluetooth module of the smartphone (Bluetooth Settings On);
  • in the list of detected devices find and tap on Mi Air 2 SE (if the system asks for a code, enter 0000 t.е. four zeros).
  • first, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE is able to remember the last Bluetooth pairing, which means that the smartphone or tablet that was last connected to, the headphones find automatically;
  • Secondly, for the headphones to automatically connect to your smartphone/tablet, you just need to open the lid of the case;
  • Thirdly, the following Xiaomi models currently support the headphone detection notification function:

How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE headphones

This is the case when in operation, the smartphone ceased to see the headphones, or they do not connect, or do not play, or only one. These problems also sometimes happen.

That said, unless the Mi Air2 SE has been banged, dropped, or bathed for a long time, in the vast majority of cases this kind of trouble is due to a software glitch. Simply put, the headphones are glitchy.

Therefore the problem can be solved in the standard and most effective way, namely by so called “hard resetting” of the headphones, i.e.е. Forced reset their software to factory settings.

Alternative way of pairing the headphones with each other

If the above method did not help and your earmolds are still not paired, then do the following:

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone;
  • Reset your earmolds settings (for example, as described above);
  • Put them back in the charging box and wait a minute;
  • Now take out the right earpiece first and turn it on;
  • Then take the left wireless earpiece out of the case and turn it on;
  • Press the multi-function button on the right and left earpiece twice at the same time;
  • You will hear a beep about their synchronization and you will be able to use their capabilities.

How to find headphones at home?

So where to find a lost headset? Your home is a lot easier to find what’s missing than outdoors, because you have a limited amount of space. They tend to get stuck in the crevices between the bed and the floor, or disappear into a pillowcase or duvet cover if you are in the habit of listening to music in bed. Also affects the ease of finding whether the device is on or off. You’ll find an active headset easier than an inactive or discharged one.

How to fix the desynchronization problem?

In addition to the method described above, there are several other operations to help synchronize the headphones:

  • Cancel pairing. One common mistake is trying to connect the device without first syncing. To solve the problem you need the gadget to “forget” to pair. Go to Bluetooth Device Manager, find the headphones in the list of paired devices and cancel the connection using the “Forget Device” button.
  • Reset the settings manually. There are no dedicated buttons on the case? You will need to remove both earphones from there and press the power button. Pressing should last about a minute. LED will light up first, then flash and then turn off.
  • Reset manually in the case. If the previous method does not work, repeat these steps, but do not remove the headphones from the case.
  • Reset with the case. If there is a special button on the charger, then the gadget should be placed inside the case. Similar to the previous method, then you need to press the power button for at least 60 seconds.

Connecting Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic to your phone

Many people note the unusually large package, in which the headphones come to the buyer. The manufacturer could have simply placed the entire small set in a package that would have been half the size.

If you had to open the Mi True box yourself, you will notice that it is almost a third empty.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2C. Bluetooth Paring Test & How to Reset

The package of the original Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic from the popular Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi includes a case with headphones, earbuds, instructions.

For some reason Xiaomi did not place the charging cable of the case, which is usually put to the cell phone. For this you will need to buy it yourself. The case needs to be charged with a cable with a microUSB/USB connector. Today this type of charger cable and device is the most common. Most users have one at home. Brushed plastic case, same as the headphone case. There is a cover that opens with little effort. In the middle of the case there are two niches in which the headphones fit.

Let’s start with the reasons that relate directly to the headphones. First of all, you need to make sure that the headset is charged enough to be able to connect to your smartphone. If they don’t charge from the case, read our separate instruction on how to fix the problem.

Many models are designed in such a way that they turn on as soon as you take them out of the case. As a result, we automatically take them out, put them in your ears, but in fact, the case has long been empty, and the headphones just do not work.

The way to properly connect your device via Bluetooth

In order in the future there are no unnecessary questions about how to synchronize the headphones via Bluetooth right, let’s look at the process.

Most models are connected to smartphones in the same way:

    On the body of the headphones there is an activation button. As well as an indicator that alerts us to the status of the device;

The name of the device should be displayed in the main window of the technology settings.

To access it in Android devices, hold down the Bluetooth activation icon in the shortcut menu (by lowering the curtain).

When you plug in your headphones or headset, try turning on the radio or music on your smartphone to see if it works for you.

Why headphones don’t connect to your iPhone and Android phone?

So what to do if wireless headphones don’t connect to your smartphone? Since 2016, Bluetooth models have become popular because of their ease of use. So many people today have TWS. Nevertheless, this progress of Bluetooth models does not mean that they do not have any disadvantages.

Often there are errors and problems that are not easy to solve. It takes knowledge and skill. In this article I listed the possible reasons why the headphones don’t connect to the phone or why the smartphone can’t find a wireless headset. Along with the solutions, of course!