How to fix a disabled iPhone with or without iTunes

There are several reasons for which the iPhone is disabled, and try to do it through 1/5/15/60 minutes.

Snuperce. Some kind of curious friend, family member or even a stranger can try to unlock your iPhone, but he or she does not know about the attempts of a limited password.

Children. Children love to press the buttons when they receive an iPhone, so sometimes the device can be disconnected due to children.

myself. You can forget your iPhone password and not unlock it. Or you can accidentally activate the iPhone screen in your and accidentally enter the access code several times.

How to solve the problem and bypass the disabled iPhone to use it normally.

We will talk about this in this post, 6 ways to unlock disabled iPhone with and without iTunes.

“IPad Disabled Connect to iTunes”. what to do

What you need to do if “iPad is turned off on the tablet screen appeared, connect to iTunes»? The appearance of this inscription means that the number of attempts to enter the correct password after all exceeded the maximum allowable value. In order to continue to enjoy your device, it must be restored. What does it mean?

Here it is understood that on your computer there must be a backup copy of all important data. This is how the security system on the tablet works. it fully blocks the device, requiring its recovery and subsequent data extraction from the reserve. If the tablet falls into the hands of an attacker who wants to choose a password, then after several attempts, the device will turn into a practically useless set of microcircuits. Unlock the iPad can only be his owner.

What are our further actions, if “iPad is turned off on the tablet screen appeared on the tablet, connect to iTunes»? The scheme is extremely simple:

Enter iPad to restore mode very easy. Connect it to a computer with running iTunes, clamp the power / lock button and the “Home” button, wait 10 seconds. Release the power / lock button and wait another 10 seconds. As soon as iTunes announces that a device is connected to it in recovery mode, the “Home” button should be released. Next, click on the “Restore” button and wait for the completion of the operation.

As a result, we get a nine clean device to which you want to fill the previously saved data. connect the iPad to the computer, select the last backup and load it into the tablet. After some time, all data in your device will be restored, and you can use your photos or work files.

In the new versions of the iPad, devoid of the classic “Home” buttons, you must click and release the “Volume Down” button, then click and release the “Volume up” button. Next, click the power button. the device will switch to recovery mode.


What is this message, why it appears and what semantic load is actually carrying?

First, you need to mention what the message is directly related to the protection of the device, which is organized very well on the iPhone.

The fact is that it is possible to install a password on the phone that protects your data from random or intentional encroachments by foreign.

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It works such a system very efficiently, but it may be inconvenient including the user.

The principle of its work lies in the following. after several attempts to enter the password (and errors in it, respectively), the device is blocked and erases all data.

You can now restore this data only using a backup, which. for this reason, notification occurring when blocking recommends connecting to this system.

Such a system for protecting data from foreign one is at the same time very effective, and not very comfortable. But it is sometimes implemented much more functionally than. which are much more difficult to restore when blocking occurs.

Right password

It should be noted that the user will not immediately see the inscription “iPhone disabled. Connect to iTunes ». How to unlock gadget? Think about it only after the owner several times incorrectly enters the password from the device. Any system allows users to make mistakes. Therefore, the chance to remember the “Passvord” from the owner of the iPhone has.

From here it follows that you can sit down and recall the data for authorization in the smartphone system. It is likely that the correct combination is just forgotten. Recall the real password is the only unlock method that does not require additional manipulations. In all other cases will have to resort to hardware assistance.

Today, as already mentioned, the message “iPhone is disabled immediately occurs immediately. Connect to iTunes ». How to unlock iOS 9 or any other? You can think about it only when the subscriber incorrectly entered the password several times. precisely, the number of attempts is 6-10 (depending on the OS).

Ways to solve the problem “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes

To start the “apple” device again, you do not need to have special skills or special devices. But if the owner of the gadget is not sure that he can solve the problem independently, then he is better to immediately contact the service center. This method is effective, but not free.

And you can solve the problem without additional investments. There are several ways to make a blocked gadget.

Solve the problem through iTunes

The most secure option to which you should resort first, specified, in fact, in the message itself on the screen of the locked device.

Using the iTunes program will enable the gadget without losing data. Surely for each user it is important.

If the device is blocked by chance, when entering the application on the computer, you just need to enter the correct password to the iPhone. Perhaps it will be necessary to specify the code word if it was spelled out when registering.

If there are difficulties with a correct password, you need to go to the second method: using iTunes you can reset the number of attempts used for a password set.

Total device allows you to enter the necessary combination 10 times. If it is not true. the lock turns on. This method allows you to reject the counter to try to remember the necessary password. A huge set.

The actions algorithm looks like this:

  • Attach the PC gadget using a compatible USB cord.
  • Open online iTunes. You need to go to the program on your computer, where I used to enter iTunes and was synchronized. Someone else’s PC will not suit!
  • Click on the “Synchronize” button (SYNC), which is from the bottom left.
  • Immediately stop the synchronization process, closing the window that appears (click on the cross right above).
  • Disconnect the PC gadget.

The device after such a procedure can be unlocked by typing the correct password on the screen. The system has reset the counter, and the user has 10 new attempts.

If you remember the cherished combination, you should move to the third method.

  • Open iTunes application on a synchronized computer.
  • Connect the cable (original!) to the device and PC.
  • Reload the iPhone using the POWER button simultaneously and the volume controller. “Apple” logo appears on the screen.
  • The application on the computer will appear about the connected device and select the Select one of the actions. “Update” or “Restore”. Both options will automatically unlock the smartphone after updating the firmware.
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What is the difference? The first option will allow you to upload a new version of iOS and not to change personal data in the device. The second with the update will delete all user information. contacts, photos, videos, documents.

It is advisable to press the update button to not lose the valuable data stored on the device.

Restore from the backup version of the device

Users who regularly create a backup of the device data can unlock the iPhone method above. But in paragraph 4 of the Action Algorithm, you need to select the option “Restore”.

After the new firmware is installed and the current data is deleted, you must click the Restore Backup button, indicating the location of the desired backup option.

Another simple way to restore from the copy:

  • Open iTunes on PC, connect a gadget to it.
  • In the “On Device” section, select the “Restore” option.
  • In the drop-down window to find the version of the backup with a dumbbed desk and choose her.
  • A rollback process starts to the selected version, the password will be reset after several automatic iPhone reboots.

Through reset all settings

This method is more cardinal, which does not leave ways to retreat, because after it lost data will not be able to resume. You can implement it without a computer and additional applications.

Be sure to take out the SIM card before starting the procedure, so as not to erase the phone numbers.

phone, disabled, connect, itunes

  • Press the device “Power” (POWER) and at the same time “home” (Home).
  • Keep both buttons before the Apple icon appears on the screen.
  • Device will reboot. All data is irrevocably erased, along with password. The device receives return to factory settings.

Using the “Find iPhone” function

Reset the password on the gadget can even be remotely. At the same time, all settings and user information are removed simultaneously with the blocking from the phone.

You can implement the procedure using cloud service icloud.

  • Go to ICloud website.COM, “Find My Device” (Find My iPhone).
  • Pass authentication under your appleid.
  • In the All Devices section (All Devices) choose a blocked gadget.
  • In the new window on the right click on the “Erase iPhone” option (Erase iPhone).

All data is deleted, the phone became absolutely “clean”, as immediately after the purchase. However, the password also disappeared, so you can insert “SIM card” and use the device.

Causes of error appearance: “iPhone blocked, connect to iTunes

Before deciding what to do next, you need to deal with the reason for the message that the iPhone is disabled, so connect to iTunes. This situation can easily occur as a consequence of the multiple input of an incorrect password, for example, if:

  • You forgot it yourself or changed;
  • Someone from your family or friends confused the smartphone and tried to unlock it with his password;
  • to the device in your absence wanted to access some other outsider.

So that the device is not blocked, you need to try correctly enter the password and not exceed the limit of attempts. And of course, do not let it be strangers and children who may accidentally block access.

Accordingly, options for solving the problem how to unlock it if the software fill says that the iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes, depend on the knowledge of the current password. Also matters, did you perform the backup procedure before the problem occurs. If in both cases the answer is negative, then with data on the smartphone you can say goodbye. the use of the method recommended by the manufacturer will result in a complete erasing of the device’s memory content. This is done for security reasons so that random persons cannot view personal information on an arbitrary device.

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phone, disabled, connect, itunes

sparing option How to unlock the iPhone if it is disabled and writes, plug, connect to iTunes, available in the presence of a backup. In this case, you can restore important data.

Method 2

When you have a Mass Catalina system or a newer, then you need to open the Finder and look for your phone in the column on the left. For other OS, you need to start the iTunes utility and in the left column to find the right mobile gadget. A dialog box appears, where you need to select “Recovery” (the update is not worth choosing).

Finder or iTunes applications will download by iPhone. It will take about 15 minutes. Next, the iPhone will be updated until the new update. It will delete all the information from it, along with password. In fact, your iPhone will be new, ready for various settings and backup created in advance.

iPod disabled? Connect to iTunes!

When iPod / iPod Touch is disabled, iPod reports connecting to iTunes, which is an effective way to restore iTunes. You can follow the manual below:

Step 1 Connect the iPod / iPod Touch disabled to the computer.

Step 2 Open iTunes and select your iPod

Step 3 Click “Restore iPod” to start the reset process. Wait a few minutes, after which you will pass the process of setting iPod.

After that your disabled iPod will be corrected as a new. You can also choose “Restore from iTunes backup” during the installation process, if you have it.

ATTENTION: To connect to iTunes and fix a disabled iPod, make sure that you have previously synchronized this disabled iPod with iTunes, otherwise you can get an error message that states that the iPod cannot connect to iTunes because the iPod is blocked by a password and Ends in the cycle. In this case, you can consider correcting the problem with the iPod disabled without iTunes.

Unlock through the “Find iPhone” function

You do not have access to a computer with iTunes, but you want to remove the lock and continue to use your iPhone? In this case, you should count on the “Find iPhone” function and for the presence of a saved data in the ICloud cloud service. contacts, photos, reminders, notes, data from the calendar, application data, and much more are saved here. If there is no computer at hand with a full-fledged backup, it will be enough to work with the iPhone.

In order to reset the password request, you must go from any other computer or tablet in iCloud, log in to your Apple ID, select your iPhone and spend remote data erasing. After that, we carry out the initial setting of the smartphone, authorized with the Apple ID and get access to your data, files, contacts and other personal information. You can restore the remaining data later, from a backup, stored on your personal computer (for example, on home or working).

This method will work only if the “Find iPhone” function will be active on your iPhone. Also, a prerequisite is to connect to the Internet. through this connection on the iPhone will receive a command to remote erasing data.