When starting a computer, the monitor does not turn on. how to return an electronic friend to life

Not to turn on the computer screen can be for a variety of reasons. And you can determine them according to the stages of computer downloading. For example, if the load stops at the stage of turning on the screen, that is, it does not respond at all to the power supply, then the matter is either in serious damage to the video card, or in the wrong connection. If the load reaches the stage of the operating system, but then for some reason the display is turned off, then drivers, a video card, and the operating system may be to blame for it. Malfunctions in the operation of one of them can cause failures and in the screen of the screen. Next, we will consider in more detail why the monitor can fail, and what to do if it does not work.

Well, now we will consider in more detail why the monitor may not be launched when the computer is turned on, and what to do with it.

The monitor does not turn on when the computer is turned on due to the lack of connection to the system unit or network

For all its simplicity, this is the most common reason why the screen may refuse to work.

It consists in a banal unrelated power cable or the absence of a reliable connection with a computer video card connector. The problem is characterized either by the complete absence of signs of life, or a dick on the screen that says that there is no connection to the video card. This explains why, when you turn on the computer, the monitor does not turn on.

To eliminate the malfunction, you first need to check the connection to the mains. Then you should see the cable leading from the screen to the system unit. If the VGA or DVI cable, then it usually contains screws with which the reliability of the fastening remains. It is necessary to make sure that they are twisted and not loosened. Other types of cables are usually just inserted into the connector.

When a computer is turned on, the monitor does not turn on for a long time due to cable damage

Cable damage is the most unpredictable situation. The monitor can sometimes work, at times. no, depending on the position of the cable, it does not turn on, and the lights do not burn. Also, he may not show signs of life at all or turn on, after a short period of time. Check if the case is really in the cable by connecting another cable. On their own, it is unlikely that VGA or DVI will be able to fix the cable, so you have to change it to a new.

There is no signal on the monitor when the computer is turned on due to damage to the connectors

One of the most severe cases. If the connector is damaged on the monitor itself or a video card itself, then there is nothing to be done here. you have to carry it to the service or buy a new display with a card.

DVI and VGA plugs have thin contacts, and they must be treated carefully

Well, if the card is main, and you can switch the screen to the built.in. But if it was the only port, and even an integrated card, then there is definitely a service.

The computer turns on, but there is no image on the monitor due to hardware damage

Hardware problems inside the system unit. a serious threat. Actually, this may include a bunch of malfunctions, because of which the monitor will not turn on when downloading a computer. Even the wrong installation of the processor can affect this. But this reason is rare, we will consider the most common problems.

Failure of power supply

Here you can conditionally divide trouble into two parts: PC power supply does not work at all, or it is too weak for the video card. In the first case, the monitor does not turn on when starting PC at all.

When replacing a video card with a new, do not forget to make sure of sufficient power power power

In the second, the computer can behave in general unpredictable. either does not turn on at all, or is rebooted when loading the system, or simply flies out in “heavy” games. In any case, you can only fix the malfunction with a complete replacement of the power supply.

RAM problems

Most often, the monitor does not turn on due to memory problems after assembling or cleaning the computer. In particular, after installing RAM in its slot, it can be unreliable, as a result of which there is no contact. This is manifested by incomplete loading of the system.

There is enough incomplete snap so that the system does not load

That is, it comes to BIOS, which conducts self.diagnosis, finds a malfunction and does not allow the system to start the system as a whole. To fix it, you just need to check whether the memory plan is correctly installed, or pull it out and insert it again until the fasteners are closed.

Non.varnishes of the video card

With a video card, the situation is similar to RAM. That is, with insufficient density of the bios contacts, the fault will also determine the fault and will not let the system start. The malfunctioning technology is similar. pull out and install the video card again.

The computer does not see the monitor due to software failures

It is easiest to eliminate program problems, because here you can handle it on your own. In this type of malfunctions, malfunctions in the operating system most often prevail.

Software failures are easiest to eliminate

They can be of different nature. violation of the integrity of the drivers, viruses or incorrectly exhibited screen parameters. This can be explained why, when the computer is turned on, the monitor does not turn on. In any case, the entire category of such problems is characterized by loading to the system. That is, Windows can start loading and immediately go into reboot, disconnect or just stop displaying data, while the PC will continue to function.

Monitor setup

This is a rarity, but now you can find displays that do not support some permits and frequencies on which the video card works.

does, turn, reason, elimination, replacement, processor

When the computer is turned on, the monitor does not work due to its own malfunction

The monitor may stop working for reasons beyond us. It can be a voltage jump, and fatigue of materials, or just a failure of any electronic component. This can explain why the monitor does not work when you turn on the computer. At home to fix a broken monitor is unlikely to work. Of course, if you are an employee of the service center with experience, you can cope with the monitor repair and with your own hands. But most people are ordinary users. Therefore, it remains only to correctly diagnose the problem and transfer the device to the service center.

It is logical that the screen can be considered the conditions when it is generally “silent”. That is, indicators do not burn and there is no image, and the monitor does not turn on either the first time or subsequent. To establish whether the monitor itself is to blame for this, in fact, in two ways: check the power cable and video. The whole check comes down to find a similar wire and test it on our suspect. If you are familiar with other methods of diagnosing and eliminating problems in monitors, you can share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

A list of basic problems due to which the computer and methods for solving them are not launched

We will alternately get acquainted with the frequent causes of the occurrence of problems and consider the recommendations to combat them.

To completely exclude damage to the power cord, use a special tester. If this is not available, you can connect another cord and see if the computer has turned on.

You can identify a shift in the switch on the BP in an extremely simple way. Switch it to another position. Perhaps there is a light bulb near it, if the indicator does not work or there is no mechanical sound sound. probably the component is faulty.

Also, the operation of the block can be checked in another, but in a more dangerous way. For experienced users only. You are responsible for all actions! Take in your hands the largest BP connector, which connects to the mother. Find the green and next to the black wire on it (only one green). Connect them using a clip or piece of wire with cleaned ends. Now turn on the BP in the outlet and activate the power switch. If the cooler is noisy, then the BP is fundamentally serviceable, if it does not react, most likely it is time to buy a new BP.

If everything is fine with the theoretic unit, the suspicion falls on the power button, to check it should be the following:

  • Disconnect the device from sockets;
  • Disconnect the side cover of the “systematic”;
  • Find two wires coming from the launch key to the motherboard (they are connected by plastic connectors, a Power SW is usually written on the connector and on the board);
  • Next, disconnect them and replace two data data data with some small metal analogue that passes the current (you can briefly touch a screwdriver or a paper clip).

If everything works, but there is no image on the monitor, replacing the cable connecting the video adapter with the monitor can help. If the picture is still not displayed, the monitor may be broken. A video card failure is also possible.

The launch error could cause strong overheating of the CPU or video adapter. To do this, eliminate the dust inside PC.

  • Turn off the computer;
  • You need to clean all the internal elements well;
  • This is done using a brush, especially inaccessible places can be cleaned with a ear cotton;
  • We clean each part inside the case, including the motherboard, video chip, coolers, capacitors, RAM, HDD, all connectors and so on;
  • The resulting garbage is pulled by a vacuum cleaner;
  • After cleaning, try to start the equipment.

In case of overheating, we recommend replacing thermal maintenance. You can maintain a cooling system both manually (given the availability of the necessary knowledge) and by contacting the service center.

Burning smell from BP

Urgently de.energize PC. It is recommended to contact the workshop to replace the failed components (according to or without warranty). You can fix the problem with an independent replacement of a certain component, but this can only be done if you have appropriate experience.

Quite often, malfunctions of the operating system, followed by turning off the PC are associated with incorrectly connected peripheral equipment. For example, a mouse, keyboard and other controllers are not connected to those connectors. Disconnect all the devices and click Power key.

Troubleshooting a PC That Won’t Turn On

The displacement of the RAM bar

A similar situation arises as a result of a mechanical nature (various blows, vibration, movement). First you need to de.energize the equipment and remove the module, then gently put it back. If the RAM is installed correctly, you can try to turn on the computer.

When examining the PC case, we advise you to carefully check the connecting train. Reliability of fastening wires, plays an important role in the good functioning of the hardware.

Failure of one of the internal components

To identify which component is broken, you can take turns pulling out additional boards connected to the mother. For example, remove the Wi-Fi adapter, try to turn on the computer. Did not help? Disconnect the sound card, try to turn on again and so on.

PC should be turned on if the processor, RAM, video card (if not built.in) and power is installed on the board. You can check the performance of these components only by replacing them with similar. If several memory plates are set, you just try to extract them alternately.

If you notice bloating or subclasses on the motherboard

These are very bad symptoms. Most likely, repair or replacement of the board will be required.

Not all fans spin in the system unit

Check the correctness of the wire connection between the cooler and the motherboard. Also, the problem may be a malfunction of the board itself or PSU itself.

If the computer turns on and immediately turns off

There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Problems with the power supply;
  • The processor has overheated strongly, replace thermal grease;
  • Malfunction of the motherboard or other devices (diagnostics will be needed).

PC turned on, but you see a black screen or a blue death screen

The problem can be not only in the breakdown of any hardware component. Do not exclude malfunctions of the drivers and settings of important software, damaged system files, all kinds of viruses, and so on. You can try to restore the operating system using a loading flash drive with the version of your OS:

  • Insert the installation drive into the USB port;
  • When turning on/rebooting (before the Windows download inscription appears on the screen), press the F2 or DEL button several times to go to the BIOS, UEFI settings;
  • Select Advanced Features and press 1st Boot Device or First Device Priority;
  • Use your flash drive as the first boot device;
  • Keep the specified configurations by pressing F10;
  • We expect the Windows 7, Windows 8 or other assembly installation
  • Instead of standard installation, select the recovery tool below on the left;
  • Next, you can use the means of diagnosis and correction of errors.

What is the BIOS sound signals (the computer squeals)?

The causes of malfunctions can prevent the sounds of the speaker. Many users are faced with situations where the computer does not load, but squeaks. In fact, on this squeak you can identify the source of the problem. Sounds differ depending on the manufacturer BIOS (AMI, Award, Phoenix). The exact version of the BIOS is indicated in the documentation for your computer technique. Of course, you can find out information on the Internet by the name of your PC.

Consider the decryption instructions:

Ami (American Megatrends Incorporated)

  • The speaker gives 2, 3 or 4 short sound signals. problems with RAM;
  • 1 long, 3 short. problems with a video adapter;
  • 5 short. not a working processor.

Award (Award Software International Inc)

  • 1 long signal and 3 short ones. it means a built.in video card is faulty;
  • Just long repeated signals, are a sign of ranges with RAM.

Phoenix BIOS (Phoenix Technologies Ltd)

Do not forget that with independent repair of internal components, you should be extremely careful. If you do not have enough knowledge or you are not sure of the correctness of upcoming manipulations, it is better not to touch anything and call a qualified specialist or hand over the equipment to the service.

If the computer is noisy when turning on, but the monitor does not turn on

One of the most common cases. Some mistakenly believe that if the computer is buzzing, coolers work, LEDs (“bulbs”) on the system unit and keyboard (mice) glow, then the problem is not in PC, but simply does not turn on the computer monitor. In fact, most often this indicates problems with a computer power supply, with RAM or motherboard.

In the general case (for an ordinary user who does not have additional power supply, motherboard, RAM and volt meters), you can try to perform the following actions to diagnose the causes of this behavior (turn off the computer out of the outlet before the described actions, and for complete de.energization Press and hold the power button for a few seconds):

  • Remove the ranges of RAM, wipe their contacts with a soft rubber eraser, put in place (and it is better to do this on one board, checking the inclusion on each of them).
  • If there is a separate exit to the monitor on the motherboard (integrated video chip), try to turn off (remove) a discrete video card, and connect the monitor to the integrated. If after that the computer turned on, try to wipe the contacts of a separate video card and install in place. If in this case the computer does not turn on again, it does not squeak, it is possible in the power supply (if there is a discrete video card, it stopped “cope”), and possibly in the video card itself.
  • Try (also on the turned off computer) remove the battery from the motherboard and install in place. And if, before the problem, you were faced with the fact that time is dumped on the computer, then then replace it at all. (cm. Time is reset on the computer)
  • Pay attention to whether the swollen capacitors on the motherboard may look like in the image below. If any. perhaps the time has come for repair or replacement of MP.

Summing up, if the computer turns on, the fans work, but there is no image. most often the matter is not in the monitor or even a video card, “TOP 2” reasons: RAM and power supply unit. On the same topic: When the computer is turned on, the monitor does not turn on.

The computer turns on and immediately turns off

If immediately after turning on, the computer turns off, without any squeak, especially if it has not been turned on the first time shortly before, then the reason is most likely in the power supply or motherboard (pay attention to paragraphs 2 and 4 from the list above).

But sometimes this can talk about the malfunctions of other equipment (for example, a video card, again, pay attention to paragraph 2), problems with the cooling of the processor (especially if the computer starts to boot, and with the second or third attempt, it turns off immediately after turning on, and Shortly before that, you did not very skillfully change thermal grease or cleaned the computer from dust).

A computer or laptop does not turn on

Updated: 20.02.2020 published: 2016 or earlier

Do not turn on the computer / laptop / monoblock with the following symptoms:

  • The inscription “No signal” appears.
  • The computer just makes noise coolers.
  • Turns on, buzzing with fans for 1-2 seconds and turns off.
  • Nothing happens. On the monitor screen is just a black screen. The computer, at all, does not show signs of life.

This can happen in itself, after cleaning or after replacing components. Also, it can be a new, just assembled computer.


This article discusses options when when trying to turn on the computer, we do not see, even the first screensaver (the maximum, information from the monitor by the type of “no signal”).

  • If the computer turns on, but freezes, without reaching the operating system loading for loading, go to the article, the computer stops loading.
  • If we see a message about the bootloader or disk, we move on to the article Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and Press Enter.


Depending on the nature of the problem or that, after which it was the computer that stopped turning on, it is worth focusing on the following:

Description of the problem possible reasons
The computer does not make noise when turning on and does not give any signs of performance There is no power supply, the motherboard is faulty or the computer switch button does not work.
Stopped turning on after assembly or redesigning (for example, after cleaning) Perhaps any of the wires was touched. If the processor was removed, the legs could be damaged. The components are not fully inserted. Too much (or weakly), the screws or cooler of the processor are tightened. The monitor is incorrectly connected.
The malfunction appeared after the replacement of components All reasons from the previous paragraph. Gloring dirt in slots. Incompatibility of new components with old. An obsolete version of BIOS.
After transporting a computer to a new place It is necessary to check the density of the fastening of all wires. Perhaps one of the wires or components inside the system unit has departed. If there are several video cards, make sure that the monitor is connected to the correct.
The problem appeared by itself There is no power supply. The failure of one of the main components of PC. The monitor cable disconnected.
Was cotton and/or smelled burning Most often, a motherboard or a power supply was burned.

And so, the reasons because of which the computer does not start is quite a lot, as well as solutions. We will analyze all ways to eliminate the malfunction in more detail and divide them into 4 stages.

If the computer is under warranty service, it is not recommended to perform checks for which you need to open the seals and pull out components.

The computer does not show signs of life

First of all, pay attention to the computer’s reaction when it is turned on. If, after pressing the power button, the starting light does not light up, and the fans do not begin to make noise, then we check the following.

    Make sure the power cable is well fixed and the electric outlet works. Also, sometimes, you can accidentally hurt the switch for turning on the network filter (pilot) or the power supply on the PC. if it is, it is located on the back of the unit itself. By moving the computer, it can be easily switched to the OFF (O) position:

Diagnostics without disassembly PC

In this paragraph and the following we will analyze the cases when the computer turns on, but does not start (there are noise of coolers, but there is a black screen on the monitor).

First, we consider options for problems for the diagnosis of which you do not need to disassemble the computer.

  • Pull out the power cable from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes and turn on the power again, then the computer.
  • If the computer makes sounds (squeaks) when turning on), try to determine the malfunction by BIOS signals.
  • Wait. In some situations, the computer may begin to check the components, but do not display information about it. it seems that it does not work. In some cases, you have to wait up to 30 minutes, after the screen, a standard loading window appears on the screen.
  • Check the monitor cable. If there are several video cards in the computer, connect the monitor in turn to the first, then the second. Make sure the working capacity of the monitor itself.

With disassembly, without replacing components

These methods imply the presence of assembly/disassembly skills PC.

  • Try to pull out memory planks and clean contacts (washing with an elastic band). If there are several memory planks, try connecting them in turn to different slots. Sometimes it helps just pull out and insert modules. If the problem began after replacing the memory, then blow out the slots on the motherboard. perhaps they got dirt.
  • For a full.fledged computer start, you need a motherboard, a processor, RAM, a video card and a power supply unit. Disassemble a computer or laptop and turn off all unnecessary devices, leaving only the listed. If you start the computer, connect the equipment in turn.
  • Sometimes, the computer does not turn on due to incorrect BIOS settings. You can knock them down in several ways. First. find a battery on the motherboard, pull it out, disconnect the power cable from the computer and wait a bit. Then insert the cable and battery in place. The second. find Jamper next to the battery (three pins, two of which hangs a partition). Pull this partition and install in another position (if earlier it was on pins 1 and 2, now it should be on pins 2 and 3). Turn on the computer, then turn off and set the partition to your previous position (yes, exactly 1 and 2). Try to turn on the computer again.
  • If the problem began after removing and installing the processor, remove it again and check that the legs are not bent on the juice. If there are defects, take the computer to the master or very carefully align the legs with a needle. Also try to weaken a little bit for the cooler. if you tighten it strongly, the motherboard can bend, which will lead to its improper work.
  • Study the motherboard for chips, strong scratches, cracks and swollen capacitors. If there is such, bring it for repairs or to replace it.
  • If the computer does not turn on when it is assembled (or redesigning), carefully check the correct connection of the power supply to the motherboard for the processor (4-PIN or 8-PIN):

Diagnosis of components

To perform some of the actions below, we will need components. They can be asked from friends or work. Otherwise, the computer will have to be carried to the service.

It is necessary to check if the power of 220V is suitable for the computer (system unit)

The most important enemy for computer equipment is a cleaning lady. Can trite the power cable from the power supply unit. It looks something like this:

The power cable 220V moved away

We insert the power cable to the stop

Return the power cord to the outlet.

Well, or on the other side, the fork flew out completely, turn on:

Connection to 220V socket

Check the position of the power button on the power supply. Should be in position “1”:

The computer does not turn on anyway?Perhaps the cleaning lady is not to blame and the problem is in the “gland”

  • It is necessary to open the cover of the system unit.As a rule, for this, you need to turn off all the connected wires to the system unit (power cable, keyboard, mouse, DVI, VGA, HDMI cable, view after which monitor, patch corD and additional. periphery (who has). Then unscrew 2 screws.

Disconnecting cable VGA, Patchkord, periphery

Unscrew 2 screws

Inspect the components of the system unit (motherboard, video card, etc.), It is possible to eat swollen capacitors, and evaluate the smell (perhaps there is a smell of “Gary”). If there is, it is better to contact a specialist. If all the norms are not in appearance and the smell, then we move on.

Photo of swollen capacitors on the motherboard

The power cable moved away

  • Watch whether the LED (light bulb) shines on the motherboard.It should glow green mainly, but it all depends on the model of the motherboard, the LED can be red, for example.

Material board LED

If it shines, then there is power, possible malfunctions. this is a power supply, or the Power power button itself is broken (does not work), or the wiring for its connection to the motherboard of the computer.

Power SW

You need to turn off the Power SW wiring and close the contacts with a screwdriver.

Close contacts with a screwdriver

If the computer has earned, starts, turn off the power cord, connect the monitor, clavat, mouse, connect the power, close the contacts again, check the computer’s performance. If everything is fine, then the problem is the power button, you need to replace it or figure it out why it doesn’t work. It happens that the power button does not reach the micrics. Usually I do not bother and change places connecting the wires “Power SW” and “Reset” in places. As a result, everything works and now just for turning on the computer is responsible for the “Reset” button, and the “Power” button for reloading. Did not help? If the computer starts, but there is no image, we move on.

The Power Power Turning button is faulty

What to do if everything is connected correctly and even the LED on the motherboard even burns? Possible, button the power button “Power” on the PC system unit case. How to check your computer to turn on your own?

How to check the Power button

  • Open the side cover of the PC system unit;
  • On the motherboard, closed the contacts with a flat screwdriver under the wire connector “Power SW” (Power Switch) as shown in the photo

If the computer has started, then it will require repair or replace the power button. It is inexpensive. If you have difficulties, you can always consult specialists compraiExpress for advice or services.

You can change the wires “Power” and “Reset”. In this case, the “Reset” button will be responsible for turning on the computer (reboot).

Failure of power supply

We examined the simplest reasons why a personal computer may not turn on. If you have checked everything, but PC still does not work, then most likely the computer malfunction takes place and you need to alternately check the components of the system unit.

First of all, you need to check the computer power supply and very good if you have access to a deliberately regular PSU, for example, from another PC.

  • De.energize the computer and remove the side cover of the system unit;
  • Disconnect the power supply from components;
  • Connect a working power supply

If everything has earned, you will need to buy a new BP for a computer or fix the faulty in the service center, for example, we have in compraiExpress.

How to check the disconnected power supply

To independently check the performance of the detachable computer power supply, you will need just a small piece of wire cleaned from both ends. How to turn on a power supply without a computer ? Consider this method.

  • In order to turn on the ATX power supply separately from the computer. Shine both ends of the prepared in advance, a piece of wire into the conclusions of ps_on# (green) and Com (zero, black) on the BP connector, as shown in the photo above.
  • Connect the power supply to the mains. He must start and start to work

The fan may not rotate with the system adjusting the load. It is undesirable for the PSU to work idle, connect an additional device. for example CD-DVD drive or fan.

Photo of drainage of the main connectors on 20 and 24 PIN

Power supply for a computer, cutting the connector and their purpose, photo.

If it does not turn on

If the computer does not work anyway, try checking the power supply at the input of BP. If it is present, then even with the PC, the voltage will be 5V.

Check the ninth contact with the device, this is a purple wire. If there is no power, then problems of technical nature are possible. It can be a cable break, a short circuit, etc.

For the diagnosis and repair of a computer power supply, you can contact us at the Service Center compraixpress.

The computer turns on, but there are problems

In some cases, the computer is turned on, the fans are launched, but the operating room does not load or there is no image on the screen. There are many reasons for such behavior.

Is not downloading

If the car turns on, but Windows does not load, then you need to look for a problem in it. This behavior occurs with unsuccessful updating, incorrect installation of programs, or simply due to failure in operation.

You can try to eliminate the problem with loading the operating system in the following ways:

  • run the computer in safe mode and try to roll back to one of the previous recovery points;
  • use the means of restoration of the OS;
  • conduct scanning for viruses using special loading discs;
  • Reinstall Windows.

It is worth noting that in some cases the impossibility of launching the OS may be associated with a malfunction of the hardware. Then you can try to use specialized utilities for testing HDD and RAM or contact the service center. Find out what to do if the laptop does not see HDD, diagnosis and elimination of problems.

No image

In some cases, the equipment is launched, but there is no image. In this case, all fans are turned on, the work of the hard drive is heard, and sometimes even Windows is launched, which is heard by the characteristic sound. This problem is mostly hardware. We advise you to read: what to do if the laptop is squeezing when turning on or permanent work.

What to do if the computer turns on, but there is no image:

  • check the connecting cords;
  • make sure that the monitor is disabled from the system unit;
  • clear the contacts of the video card and check the work of the cooler;
  • try to use another external or integrated video adapter.

Problems due to which the machine does not turn on or does not launch the operating system a large number. Many of them can be tried to be eliminated independently by using the tips from this article. If nothing helps, or the diagnostic process seems difficult for you, you will have to seek help from our specialists, leaving a request. Do not lose time if you have no experience, do not analyze the computer, you can only aggravate the situation, and our experts will quickly help you.

What tools will be required

This article is not designed for professionals. We will not use a post card, multimeter, oscilloscope or even speaker. It is important for us to quickly understand whether we can make an independent repair of a computer with our own hands at home or not.

From the most basic what you need is a cross screwdriver, tweezers and a brush (you can dental). The screwdriver can be unscrewed in the system unit almost everything. With tweezers, you can check the performance of the board and the power supply unit. And we will quickly clean the dust fee with a toothbrush, which can also interfere with the start of the computer.

System and photograph

For repair and diagnosis, you will need to disconnect some parts of the computer in the system unit. Therefore, before changing something, write it down on a leaflet.

And even better if you take a picture of everything before complete disassembly. This is especially true for newcomers, because for the first time it is not all for everyone to disassemble and re.assemble a computer.

Do not risk in vain, write down all the changes that you have and are going to do. What gave the result and what is not. This is important for diagnosis and independent repair.

does, turn, reason, elimination, replacement, processor

The malfunctions can be very diverse, and the same algorithm of actions during diagnosis is not suitable for everyone.

Safety and working rules

During the repair and diagnosis of a computer, be sure to follow the following rules:

  • Always turn off the power supply from the network if you are going to connect something to the motherboard or other components;
  • Do not allow moisture to enter the motherboard;
  • Take care of the components of the computer carefully and do not throw them on the floor.

How to connect and disable cables and cables correctly

Another important rule. try to connect the train, wires and details with two hands.

For example, with one hand you hold the motherboard at the site of contact, and connect the second power to the second power supply. The fact is that if you do it with one hand, then there will be a risk of bending the motherboard. This is fraught with dumps of microcircuits and the appearance of microcracks on the tracks.

Carefully and without sudden movements connect the loops to components. Clips and latches may have clips and latches on the slopes. They must be pre.opened before connecting.

The computer does not turn on at all

Let’s proceed to the diagnosis of the most common and to varying degrees of fatal malfunction. This is when the computer does not turn on at all. No noise of the work of coolers and hard drives. And in general no sounds.

Main reasons

And there are quite a lot of them. This can be both a banal malfunction of the power wire and problems with the motherboard. We will analyze everything in order.

Failed food wire

Carefully inspect the food wire for the presence of jackets, incisions or breaks. There should not be such sites.

Next, try to hear a spark from the power wire when contacting the power supply.

On all power supplies there is a button for turning on and off. Put it into a state of “inclusive”.

Now we connect the network cord to the power supply. A short spark should appear. Do not be afraid, this power supply begins to consume network voltage (this sound is called air breakdown) and generate 5 volts on duty.

What is on.duty stress

The voltage on duty is waiting for the inclusion command so that the power supply turns on and begins to generate the main stresses. This is 3.3 V and 12 V, which are needed for the full operation of the computer.

If you do not hear this spark, then there may be three options:

If you have another network cord, try checking the computer with it. If not, then it is not necessary to buy it. First, we will make sure that the power supply is working.

Or maybe this is a feature of the power supply, that it does not consume great power to work out on duty voltage.

Although, as a rule, almost all the working power supply units give out a spark if you connect the network cord to hot.

That is, when the switch is transferred to the “PLAC” mode on the power supply. If the switch is in the “off” mode, then you will not hear any spark.

By the way, another way to check the serviceability of the network cord is to find out the condition of the luminous and other voltage supplies to the fee.

Basic diagnosis

Open the system unit using a screwdriver. To do this, it is enough to unscrew several chatter of the case from the air grill. Typically, in system units, the front covers are fixed with two bolts.

If there is a lot of dust in the system unit. remove it with a vacuum cleaner and brush. Before cleaning, turn off the computer from the network. Returning to the previous point, pay attention to the presence of LEDs on the motherboard or on the video card. The network cord is connected to the unit. the LEDs with a good power supply and the maternal ramp light up green. This signals that the board has on.duty 5 volt voltage.

Check the operation of the power button

Before proceeding to the next point, we check the possible fault of the power button. The inclusion button has two wires that go from the case to the motherboard. Usually it goes in conjunction with the reboot button and the LED indicator.

How To Troubleshoot A Computer That Won’t Turn On. Pt 1: Is It The PC CASE Fault?

The wire from the inclusion button is indicated on the wire and on the motherboard as Power SW.

Find such a wire on the board. Disconnect it from the board. Turn on the computer into the network, and try to close the two contacts on which there should have been a button to turn on, which we disabled. This can be done using a screwdriver or tweezer. If the computer does not turn on from short.term short circuit, then we go to the next point. And if it turned on and loaded, then we change the power button and the repair is finished on this.

Visual diagnosis

Once again, carefully inspect the motherboard and the power supply for the presence of sorcerers, metal debris and dust. They may prevent the computer and they should not be on the board.

If you find swollen details on the board or traces of the liquid, then this can be 100% malfunction of the motherboard or power supply (depending on where you discovered). You can repair them yourself if you have a soldering iron. Otherwise you have to change components to new. Check the condition of the wires and loops. They must be even, without traces of melting.

By the way, those cases are not rare when, due to cheap wires and adapters, the wires melted and violated the work of computers. Use only high.quality wires. Especially when it comes to nutrition.

We remove the influence of components and system units

Take a picture or write down the entire location of the wires that are connected to your motherboard. We will turn off all wires, train and even fans from the motherboard.

This is necessary in order to turn out to turn on the power supply and the motherboard without the influence of other components.

For example, there is a wire that goes from the building to the motherboard. It can be a sound card, the front panel of the system unit with USB ports or a cartrider. And if one of this is in a short circuit, then the computer may not start. Therefore, we will immediately exclude all potential malfunctions from other components. It is important for us to achieve the inclusion of a computer, and then act on the situation.

Disconnect the network wire from the power supply and remove all the wires from the motherboard. Or the power supply or the motherboard is faulty, to break more to prevent the inclusion of nothing.

We leave the motherboard (without RAM, hard disk and other details), power supply and power button. Try to turn on the computer. Does not turn on? We proceed to the diagnosis of power supply.

Check the operation of the power supply

Disconnect the power supply from the motherboard. There is a quick, but rather unpredictable method for checking the operation of the power supply.

does, turn, reason, elimination, replacement, processor

The computer is squeezing when turning on

If a laptop or PC begins to squeak instead of turning on normally, then you can find out the cause of this squeak by referring to this article.

If, after you pressed the VCL button, but nothing happened: the fans did not work, the LEDs did not light up, then first of all you need to check the following things:

  • Power supply connection.
  • Whether the network filter and switch on the computer power supply is turned on (for desktop PC).
  • Are all the wires to the end are stuck to where you need.
  • Is there an electricity in the apartment.

If all this is an order, then you should check the computer power supply. Ideally, try to connect another, guaranteed working, but this is a topic for a separate article. If you do not feel like a specialist in this, then I would advise calling the master.

Windows 7 is not launched

Another article that can also be useful and which lists various options that allow you to correct the problem when the Windows 7 operating system is not launched.

I hope the listed materials will help someone. And I, in turn, while composing this sample, I realized that the topic related to problems expressed in the impossibility of turning on the computer, I have not worked out very well. There is something else to add, what will I do in the near future.

Hello, I have a problem with MB ASROCK AD425PV. Stopped loading from hard drives, connected obviously normal bootable loading measures from 80 to 500GB. In BIOS they are visible, when loading, he writes that there is nothing to load. over, any system from Winpexp Winpe8 is loaded from the flash drive. Under one of the listed systems, any Internet application has not tried, t.to. the entrance through the Wi-Fi modem, but there was no firewood in the re.

Hello. If the PE is loaded, it means not in Secure Boot the matter (the first idea was). Then: either loading modes (UEFI/Legacy-CSM), or SATA (IDE/AHCI/RAID) operation, we try to change, look at the result. And yet, just in case: try to throw the SATA cable to another port of the motherboard or even turn off a temporarily different cable (they are also the case) and use it for HDD (for example, disconnect from the DVD drive if you have).

Thanks for the answer. Когда МВ была в работе был режим загрузки Legacy. I did not change anything in the settings in the settings, changed the train and ports in places, there was an option to connect the IDE screw to the SATA port through the adapter. Then he decided that the bridge was to blame (you never know) and loaded from the flash drive. I’ll try the proposed loading options (UEFI/Legacy-CSM), or SATA (IDE/AHCI/RAID) operation mode. Due to the time of time, I will unsubscribe later.

I have such a problem. I decided to clean the processor from dust. Cleaned, but after that the computer stopped turning on. By clicking on the button, everything starts to work, but after some time it turns off and does not turn on. Nothing is displayed on the monitor. In addition, the coolers do not spin on the processor cover when turning on.

Here to see what they forgot to connect or incorrectly connected.

Hello, my computer recently moved from one house to another, I checked all the wires cable all in place correctly inserted, but when I turn it on, it turns out like: the energy.saving mode and the computer turns off please help

Hello. Go to the points: https: // remontka.pro/ Computer-ne-Vklyuchaetsya/-maybe something was “sprinkled” or oxidized while the transportation was waiting somewhere.

Hello, I have such a problem, my computer is not new, it is about 8-9 years old, but I have never failed all these years. Yes, and I followed him myself. But the point is what I had, I had 2 railway, one under Windows and DR for other needs, as a result, one railway flew with Windows and had to reinstall everything in the end everything worked, but today the problem happened. I turn on the system, it earned everything well, Windows loads and then it hangs and reboots, after I pressed the usual Windows download and when the Windows bootable logo appeared, I reload the computer and all the black screen, it does not show anything, but the computers are all working, everything works. but I noticed one thing, the railway stopped loading, I will stick Sata’s wire from the railway in the DR connector of the Mattle of the board and the picture seemed to go as it should and after some couple of minutes everything hung again and I don’t know what to do, I tried everything, one and that and that and that and that the same picture, as if there are suspicions and try to change the railway to the new one and see what will happen.

Hello. In your case, it can still be food problems (the first thought based on the symptoms), or maybe with the motherboard.

Good afternoon collected PC from scratch, all the details of the new mother MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX Pr perication Ryzen 2600, the Patriot PSD44G240082H DDR4 memory module but when the computer is turned on, the red light bulb, fans, illumination, the speaker is spinning all over (I can not understand Long three times or short) before, I didn’t check the quack with a speaker two years ago and did not use it, I read it from the forums that the problem was supposedly in it, but are there really two not workers under my PC? I ask for advice or recommendations.Thanks

3 long on msi. yes, RAM. One module in the second slot from the processor was tried to put?

Of course, I tried all the slots, one by a double, took off CMOS I just think it makes sense to buy a new RAM, is it really not at once perceive the fee

It is hard to say. Here I would not buy, but take somewhere to try for a while)

Hello today I watched the laptop and then the window suddenly pops up or blocked and the laptop turned off later, then I press the button to turn it on, but the laptop instead of turning on is starting to blink the LED that the laptop uses electricity (well, maybe this is not so, but it usually burns when the laptop uses electricity) He blinks exactly five times and everything after that and the diode goes out. The result is the laptop does not turn on. help me please. P.S. Acer Acer Narathuk Model 7750 Series

Hello. 5 Acer LED’s multiple blinking means either a fully discharged or faulty battery. To get started, let it lie down on charging for a couple of hours and check if it will turn on after that (and before turning on just in case, press and hold the 10th power button. it will completely de.energize it, it may be useful).

Good afternoon. Please tell me, the computer does not load when turning on, the blue window will float and disappears.

Hello. What a blue window? Reports something?

Hello, please tell me, the problem does not turn on the problem, the fans spin, the Migat monitor is just a red light bulb and there is no image, everything is normal, it seems like it has recently noticed when the monitor turned on such a low.frequency noise came from it, whether the problem could be in it. since the computer worked in the evening and in the morning everything is already, thanks, advise who knows what.

Maybe in the monitor. But here you can’t guess. You can try the monitor to connect to some other device (computer, laptop, console) and see how he will behave there.

Hello, the other day I had a problem with a laptop, I don’t understand what was wrong with him. Yesterday he worked normally and stably, but today nothing loads at all. I clarify: I start a laptop, everything is fine, but after 5 minutes, everything starts to stupid and does not load. For example: I start a browser, nothing happens, I start the task dyspecher, nothing happens, I finish the work, and he stupidly loads endlessly. Is there a solution to such a problem, in addition to go with the master.