What to do if the computer does not see the phone via USB port

Hello. In this article, I will show what you need to do if your computer or laptop does not see the photo on the phone Android.

Modern smartphones are equipped with quite good cameras, so the main part of the photos is done from the phone, besides, it is always at hand.

From time to time, all photos and videos, you must transfer to the computer.

In order not to block the memory of the phone, and save data intended and safety. How to do this, I told in detail here.

However, when copying files, many users face a certain problem, the computer simply does not see the photo on the phone, or there is no part of the photos.

At one time, I also encountered this problem on the old man. Xiaomi Redmi 3s, fighting on the Internet and moved a bunch of ways, I found the best option, I hope and will help you.

The computer does not see the photo on the phone Android solution problem

This situation arises due to the fact that Windows 7, 8, 10 and Android has problems with access rights, as it is absolutely different systems.

The solution is actually very simple, in order for a computer or laptop to see all photos and videos, we need to rename the root folder with the Camera files on the phone.

Run on the phone the file manager, then find the DCIM folder through it and open it. This folder can be located in the internal memory of the phone (default), or on the SD card.

In the DCIM folder there is a Camera folder in it and all our photos and videos are stored, in order to rename it, select the Camera folder with a long press, in the menu that appears from the bottom, click the “” button.

does, android, phone, connect, computer

In the window that opens, choose the item “Rename”.

We assign any new name folder, let’s say Camera1 Next click “OK”.

By completing these actions, copy the photos to the computer. After which we give the folder for the same name Camera

If this is not done, the Android system will automatically create a new Camera folder when the first shot.

Owners of smartphones of other manufacturers, such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, Sony, Fly, ASUS can also be used in this way.

If this article helped you, be sure to write the brand of your phone in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I have everything, I wish you success.

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Top All questions Murmur15 November 7, 2013

Because of this problem, I can not throw off the computer on the computer from the phone, and the grouse music on the phone

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Best answer Rudi RusLanenko November 7, 2013

In the Explorer in the settings found “Parameters of the View and Folders”, and there is a “View” tab. In that tab, activate the “Hide secure system files” items, “hide empty disks” and “Show hidden files and folders”. If the files on the smartphone can be seen, then try to turn off these items one to one to determine which one allows you to see files and, respectively, one to leave active.

If you have nokia / lumia try this: 1. Connect the phone via USB cord to PC 2. On the phone unlock screen. All. Files from the phone should read the computer.

If you have nokia / lumia try this: 1. Connect the phone via USB cord to PC 2. On the phone unlock screen. All. Files from the phone should read the computer.

If you have nokia / lumia try this: 1. Connect the phone via USB cord to PC 2. On the phone unlock screen. All. Files from the phone should read the computer.

Your PC does not see the phone or tablet on Android via USB? This is a fairly common problem, but it can be solved on your own. In this article you will find useful recommendations how to do it. In addition to the ways of the solution below, there are several more about which we have already told on our website! If the phone does not connect to a USB computer, try using Wi-Fi: Method 1.

Also note applications for file transfer on the Internet: PushBullet and Airdroid. In general, there are decent alternatives to connecting via USB (unless, of course, you are not interested in other possibilities like debugging).

As for the problem with connecting mobile USB devices to a computer, it only happens two types:

Both options we will consider in detail and try to help you fix everything!

PC does not see the Android phone via USB. What to do?

First of all, use another USB cable. If there is no effect, the problem is not in it.

Check the performance of the USB port: To do this, connect the mobile device to another connector. If PC still does not see Android, the cause of the problem lies in something else.

Try connecting your phone to another computer. If here you fail, there may be a problem in microUSB or other components of a smartphone. In this case, only repair will help you.

If you connect a smartphone on Android to a laptop or PC running Windows XP and a computer does not see the phone, you need to install MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) for Windows XP. You can download it from the official site Microsoft: https: // www.Microsoft.com

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Now as for devices protected by graphic key or password. To make the computer to see files and folders, you must first unlock the phone or tablet. Verified on Nexus 7 2013 with Android 5.one.one.

Set the USB driver on the computer: Go to “Device Manager” and if you have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside, it is necessary to put the right mouse button on the desired item and select “Update”. Select either “Automatic search for updated drivers” or “Run the driver search on this computer”. In the second case, it is necessary to initially download the driver from the official site. information can be found in the instructions for installing ADB and FASTBOOT.

Checking cable and port

PRD WHAT WHERE TO WAN IN THE SETTINGS OF THE PEOPLE, SHOULD THE DRIVERS AND CINE TOTH THE DAY When you bought this Android, check the cable and USB port. I was somehow very surprised that the computer stopped identifying a smartphone that had previously seen. It turned out that the cable attracted the cat, which is over. From this situation, I made two outputs: Wires need to be removed in the box and inspect before connecting. The cat did no conclusions.

If the wire does not detect the chances, processes, breaks and other mechanical damage, check the USB port. Try connecting to another connector or insert a different device into the same port. for example, a mouse.

If Windows XP is installed on the computer, then urgently look for the opportunity to go at least to the “seven”. But for a start, you can simply install the MTP protocol so that XP learned to work with Android. The chip is that when the first version of Android appeared, Microsoft has already released Windows 7. Therefore, the MTP protocol in XP is not, and it has to be installed separately. You can download MTP on the Microsoft website.

If any other device is determined by any other device, and the phone categorically does not want to see, then it’s time to move Focus on Android settings and connectivity. Yes, there is a chance of mechanical damage to the microUSB connector on the phone, but I have not faced. If you have something broken, you will most likely notice.

Most often the inability to establish a connection between the computer and the phone is related to software errors. If none of the ways listed below cannot solve the problem, contact the service center. it seems, the smartphone really needs to be repaired.

If the phone is not only not visible, but it does not charge from the USB port (does not apply signs of “life”)

If when you connect the phone to the USB port, it does not occur with an even account, it is obvious that it does not contact (no power is applied from the USB port to the device).

Most often, in this case, it is necessary to search for hardware reasons for such behavior: for example, a cable can be interrupted, a micro-usb port is broken and T.D.

does, android, phone, connect, computer

Below will go to the most likely reasons.

And whether the phone itself is included?

Maybe this reason is too “banal”, but if you have a new phone or battery discharged to such a state that the device is simply turned off. then connecting it to the USB port, it will only charge it!

over, while the battery does not “drop” 5-10% of the charge, usually, the device does not turn on and you can not go to it.

In this case, it remains only to wait for a sufficient degree of charging device.

After complete discharge of the device. the first time when charging may not show anything except the black screen

Does the contacts of the accumulator scotch tape are not prisoner

This option refers to new phones and batteries. If your device is new. check the contacts of its battery.

The fact is that the inoperability may be associated not only with the discharge, but also so that the contacts of the battery can be tested by scotch. Manufacturers are so made for the purpose of safety during transportation.

Accumulator contacts tape

Sticker on the camera and phone battery (as an example)

Is everything in order with a USB cable

Next, pay attention to the cable to which the device are connected to the PC: whether everything is fine with it?

Often, when frequent use, thin copper wiring in the cable itself is damaged (t.E. Externally, the cable may look quite whole, but be interrupted inside).

Therefore, try using the same cable to connect another device (you can use another PC / laptop). Purpose: Check the cable itself, whether it works.

Whether the USB port of the computer is operational

The same applies to the USB port of the computer: try connecting another phone to it, USB flash drive, etc. Devices. Whether the computer sees them if files can exchange files?

Also note that system units besides the front panel with USB ports (to which the most users connect the devices) is USB and on the rear wall. Try connecting the phone to them.


Often, when the front panel with USB ports and audio connectors forget to connect.

To help!

USB ports do not work what to do?

Check the phone by connecting it to another PC, laptop

It will not be superfluous to check the phone itself with a USB cable, trying to connect to another computer.

Purpose: Make sure the performance of the device itself, his micro USB connector.

Note: Over time, as used, the connector on the phone may begin to be labeled (t.E. With a certain position of the plug, the contact can “rub”). Try neatly reconnect usb cable and look at the result.

Note Micro USB connector on the phone

Whether the power is enough (is the USB splitter installed)

Well, the last moment to pay attention to: Do ​​you use different splitters and extension cords for USB? Often, when the USB port is added to the keyboard, mouse, columns, monitor and t.D.

The fact is that when using various splitters. may not be enough food for your phone (such often happens also with external hard drives).

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If you want to connect multiple devices to one USB port. then use splitters and hubs that have an additional power supply (as in the photo below).

To help!

Similar splitters / extension cords can be purchased for a traffic spot in Chinese online stores.

Popular questions and answers

Some special rules for connecting old smartphones and phones to PC no. As a rule, the installation of drivers occurs automatically, starting with Windows XP. If you have a completely rare smartphone, you will need to install a “native” program for synchronization. For example, in Nokia smartphones before Android used Symbian, which worked with PC with Nokia PC Suite. SAMSUNG smartphones on BADA OS synchronized through the KIES program. Read more about the rest of the operating systems of smartphones can be found on the Internet. Also in old devices universally used memory cards everywhere, so you can pass some files through the card reader.

Yes, the quality of the wire is definitely affects its functionality. Ideally use only those cables and chargers that walked with your smartphone. If there is no such wire nearby, try to find a good analogue in the electronics store.

Permanent connections of the connection between the phone and the computer say that contact integrity is disturbed. In most cases, this is due to the physical wear of the cable. Check it on external damage and replace if required.

Causes why the computer does not see the phone via USB

This can be to blame software incompatibility or technical problems. From time to time the cable is damaged, contacts broke into the smartphone. In the first case, you need to try another cord, and in the second to contact the service center for replacing the connector. Also problems can cause a broken port in the computer, so switch the wire to another socket to fix the problem. These are the most common hardware breakdowns.

With software errors is more difficult, since there are a lot of reasons for failures. These may be missing or irrelevant drivers, incorrect connection modes (when the computer charges SMART, but blocks the transposition of documentation in the folder) and other incompatibility, which we will talk about below.

How to connect to a computer iOS device via USB

Make sure the mobile device is turned on and unlocked, then connect it to the computer. For the first time the iOS will ask for permission to access media files, and you will need to give it.

In the case of PC on Windows, connected iPhone or iPad will appear in the “Explore” in the section of media devices. They will be displayed as ordinary digital cameras. you can view and copy photos and videos. To access other data, you will have to use iTunes, which can be downloaded from Apple. The registration procedure will not cause difficulties, you only need to follow the prompts of the setup wizard.

On Mac everything is somewhat simpler. Macos Mojave to work with mobile devices is used iTunes, in MacOS Catalina and later versions. Finder. Both programs are already included in MacOS, so you will start automatically when you connect iPhone or iPad. Content interaction is carried out through them, and for direct access to media files, you can use the standard photo application. It also opens automatically and allows you to view and import files.

Install / Reinstall Drivers

To the computer can work with a smartphone, you need to have installed drivers. To do this, you will need two types of drivers. mandatory, without which PC will not be able to recognize any connected USB device, and additional, T.to. Software for working with a specific phone model.

Under the “mandatory” refer to the USB controller driver. It is quite easy to determine its performance. just connect to a computer any other USB device, such as a flash drive, mouse, printer, and t.D. If the connected device is to determine the computer, then everything is in order, you can move on.

Regarding the software specific phone. For example, modern Android smartphones usually do not require install any additional drivers on a computer. At least they are not needed to transfer data from PC to an internal drive and in the opposite direction. But still this applies not to all devices.

When connecting some phones to PC, the software installer automatically starts. Further work with a smartphone is possible only after the installation is completed. Other phones provide access only to an externally plug-in flash card (T.N. Micro-USB), and for access to the internal memory may require a special driver. Whatever it may be if the computer does not see the plug-in, it will not be further installed or reinstall its software.

First of all, it is recommended to delete to PC already installed phone drivers:

  • Turn off the phone it is computer.
  • Open the “Task Manager” according to the instructions given in the previous chapter.
  • At the top of the window, open the menu “View”, then install the checkbox at the “Show Hidden Devices” item.
  • Expand the “USB Controllers” section from the list on the left. It will displays all USB devices whose drivers ever were installed on a computer.
  • Find the name of the smartphone in the list. There may be several. The icons and names of the device will be translucent, t.to. The device is disconnected from the computer. For example:

To delete the phone driver, click two times by its name (in this case, “Samsung Mobile USB Composite Device”), then in a new window, go to the Driver tab and click on the “Delete Device” button. Another dialog box opens, install a check mark in front of the “Delete drivers for this device” element, then click “Delete”. Perform this action for all phone drivers.

The phone driver can also be located in the “Portable Devices” list of the device manager, for example:

  • In this case, the driver is called the SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 phone model. “SM-G900F”. The model of the available apparatus can be viewed on its enclosure or in the battery compartment.
  • Remove this driver in the same way if it is present in the list of portable devices.
  • After removing the drivers, it is recommended to restart the computer.

Now connect the device to PC. If it is successful, it will show information about connecting a new device on the screen. If the driver needs to work with the phone, the system will report it. Now it will stay to go to the website of the phone manufacturer, download and install the software on the smartphone. Driver can be found on one of the numerous sites on the Internet by entering Google or Yandex request with the name and model of the phone. If the disk attached to the smartphone, the driver can be installed from it.

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USB MTP driver

Connection failures can be related to the USB MTP driver in Windows 10/8.1/7, so it is recommended to update it:

But it can be assumed that if the driver has not installed itself, the first way will not help, but download the correct drivers may be difficult. I recommend just running a free program for automatic installation and DriverHub driver update.

Also problems arise due to improper installation of drivers in the system. It is advisable to remove them and reinstall them. Also, as in the previous case, open the “Device Manager”, we find your smartphone in the list and by clicking on it by PKM, click “Delete”. Waiting for successful removal and disconnect from the computer. Now you need to re-connect the phone, after which the system will automatically install the drivers.

What to do if the computer does not see the phone via USB, but charging

There are many ways to solve this problem:

  • Connect another wire. If the situation has not changed, it means the working cable.
  • Perhaps broken port. To check it, you need to connect the wire to another slot. If after that synchronization is still not executed, it means the slot is correct.
  • Connect the device to another PC or laptop. If other devices do not recognize the device, the problem may be in the elements of the device, for example, broken microUSB. In this case, it should be given to the service center.
  • One of the reasons why the computer does not see the phone. old Windows XP. For the work of the mobile device on Android with this version of the OS, you need to download MTP. Media Transfer Protocol. The program needs to be downloaded from the official site Microsoft.
  • This item refers to password devices. For normal operation of the PC and the gadget, you must first unlock the last.
  • You may need to install or update drivers. You need to go to “Device Manager”. If you see an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle, right-click and click “Refresh”. Different variations of the line name are possible. If the driver is missing, before connecting the phone to a laptop via USB, download software from the official website of the mobile gadget manufacturer. After downloading you need to turn on the installer.EXE.
  • Try running USB debugging.
  • Another way to solve synchronization problem is to remove the old driver, restart the PC and install a new one.
  • Check the connection mode. The processor does not recognize the unit if it is in charging mode.
  • Deactivate modemia mode. To do this, go to the gadget settings, select “Wireless Networks”, then click “” and turn off the device’s work as a modem.
  • Personal computer does not see the phone if the drive mode is not installed. You need to look at the device notification string.
  • Restart both devices. Sometimes it works.
  • Check PC for viruses.
  • Reset to factory settings. Preserve Contacts and the necessary data on the SD card. Built-in device’s memory in this case is not suitable, as it will be erased.
  • Make refreshing Android. It can be performed using PC and without it using ROM Manager. Like the case of resetting settings, you first need to save files on an SD card.

PC or laptop does not see the phone with a small operating system. To solve this problem, the device must be connected to the processor turned off. Turn on the device after the cord is inserted into the slot. In this case, Windows will see an unknown device and automatically load the driver.

All these actions will help even in that case, if there is no process of charging the device.

Causes of synchronization failures and other data transmission methods

There are several reasons for errors in the recognition of portable devices. First of all, this can prevent mechanical or stochastic damage to the wire. A port in the processor or laptop may be damaged. Will not be able to connect the phone to the laptop if the battery is faulty or has failed in software.

If the synchronization error is related to the breakdown of the design elements of the processor or the gadget, they will need to replace them. In the event of a device failure, you need to quickly flash it. This can be done independently or use the services of the service center. If the failure occurs because of Windows, it will be necessary to reinstall it.

does, android, phone, connect, computer

Before synchronization, you need to check the activation of the Windows Update function and the detection of new devices. Now you can try to connect the phone to the computer via USB.

There are other methods with which you can transfer files to the hard disk of the computer:

  • Using cloud storage facilities such as Google Drive, Yandex Disc, Dropbox, etc.
  • Installing special programs, such as Airdroid. This service is convenient for newcomers.
  • Connecting a mobile unit as a network disk in Windows. To do this, in the gadget you need to create an FTP server.

Now you know what to do when problems occur in synchronization of devices. As you can see, you can connect the devices, even if the PC does not see the phone. To do this, in the overwhelming majority of cases, several non-hard manipulations need to do.

Connecting a mobile device to the processor or laptop significantly expands its capabilities. You can transmit large amounts of data and make it possible to free up the memory of the gadget. In addition, it can be used as a webcam and modem. Setup will not cause difficulties. Android and Windows offer intuitive intees and tips.