As we recall, last year Viera Connect Market appeared, and it contains a number of applications that could be downloaded for free (more precisely, it would be more correct to say not “download”, but “activated”, since it is a cloud model, that is, the applications are performed remotely). The main claim was to the number of applications. Over the past time, the number of applications has increased significantly, although in this direction there is still where to grow. So, at the moment there are about a hundred applications (the exact amount varies. in Europe one set of applications one, in. the other). A year ago there were about fifty of them.

The bulk of the applications are customers of news resources and services “Video on request” (Video-on-Demand). Among them is Stream (previously called and (Read more about them in the last article). But youtube, which has acquired a new integral, is more convenient for use through TV, is of particular attention among video services. Now the video can be chosen by “thematic channels” (animation, sports, etc.).

Another interesting innovation is Social Networking TV. This application is actually a client for and. But its peculiarity is that you can post new tweets and communicate through. Without stopping viewing TV transfer.

Actually, the idea is that you can share emotions when jointly viewing. For example, you watch a football match at the same time with a friend (which can be located on the other end of the globe). And you can exchange impressions through social networks right while viewing.

Another expansion of social capabilities was the updating of the application. In version 2.0 The opportunity to view the wall and news, as well as the main information from the profile.

Previously, only photographs and videos were available, which, frankly, did not allow the application to be called a full.fledged client of the social network. Now this drawback is fixed. And although there is still where to improve, new opportunities may well satisfy us when we are not going to post and actively communicate, but we only want to check the news. By the way, the application is still presented only on Panasonic TVs.

Of course, it will be much more convenient to work with both social applications if there is a Bluetooth keyboard (more precisely, in the case of the Social TV Network, you simply cannot leave the tweets anyway). But in addition, an iOS or Android smartphone can come to the rescue: free Viera Remote application is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We will dwell on this application in more detail, since it is of particular interest. As a test device, we used the fourth-generation iPod Touch and the LCD TV from the Viera WT50 series.

Viera Remote application

After installing the application, we must first connect to the same network in which the TV is located. As already mentioned, the new Panasonic Viera TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi Module, so it is enough to connect it and the mobile device to one wireless network so that they “find” each other.

After connecting, we see the main screen of Viera Remote, on which we can choose one of the categories: Cursor, Remote, Browser, Media, and it should be noted that the application integration has changed a lot compared to the version that we tested a year ago. As for the functional side, part of the possibilities remained the same. for example, the use of a smartphone as a laptop touchpad, which allows you to quickly choose the necessary icon or menu on a TV with the help of a cursor; or the opportunity to turn a smartphone into a gamepad for gaming applications.

In addition, you can still use a smartphone in order to leaf through the channels and adjust the volume.

But very interesting innovations appeared. One of them is a browser. Yes, it is a full-fledged browser that allows you to watch any Internet sites on the TV screen.

Unfortunately, the integration and control so far leave much to be desired: all somewhat confusing. The lightness that you expect (simply opened on the iPod/iPhone site. and it immediately opened on the TV), there is no. However, it will significantly facilitate working with the Bluetooth keyboard site. And most importantly for us. the very fact of the emergence of such an opportunity. Let here not quite correctly play flash video (for example, IXBT TVs from the main page IXBT.COM were reproduced with very strong “brakes”), however, we consider this a step in the right direction.

That we were still very pleased (and already from the practical side). it is an opportunity to view videos and photos from a mobile device on TV.

This is realized as follows. We go to the Media tab, see a list of videos and images on the device (though only those that are shot by the camera, that is, without films and other other people’s content), select the desired video and pull it up, as if transferring to the TV.

In general, although the application lacks elegance and intuitiveness, and there is still something to work on, however, the capabilities of Viera Remote are now very decent. Therefore, if you have a smartphone or other device on iOS/Android, then be sure to use it when working with Panasonic Viera TVs.

Panasonic Smart TV Viera

On the pages of our site, this is not the first time we are talking about the technology of Panasonic Viera Connect (previously called Viera Cast). This technology is one of the embodiment of the Smart TV concept, which was “adopted” not only by Panasonic, but also a number of other manufacturers. This direction is actively developing, for example, Sony and Samsung, and Google and Cisco offer TV manufacturers their technologies and solutions. In addition, recently there are more and more actively rumors that Apple plans to release a TV that would give the user access to the Internet content. Apple really has everything you need for such a step: the experience in the production of monitors (Led Cinema Display, Thunderbolt Display), the Apple TV prefix, the iOS operating system and the ITUNES Store Video Shop. Let’s see how quickly the company will be able to realize its idea.

In the meantime, at the moment, one of the most affordable ways to work with web concent through TV is Viera Connect. Available-because for using Viera Connect it is not required to buy any additional prefix, draw up a paid subscription or something else like that. It is enough to buy a Panasonic TV (models VT30, GT30, ST30, UT30, DT30, E30). and all the functionality of Viera Connect will be available to you. In the future, we plan to release an article or a series of articles that will tell you about various options for implementing the Smart TV concept from various manufacturers, while let’s see what appeared new in this area with Panasonic.

Last time we told you about Viera Connect in July. Since then, new applications and opportunities that will be discussed below have become available. In addition, Panasonic now positions Viera Connect as a component of a wider concept. Smart Viera. The Smart Viera concept just characterizes the capabilities of Panasonic TVs that go beyond traditional “television” tasks.

  • Viera Connect-obtaining an Internet content and working with uploaded applications;
  • Viera Image Viewer. reproduction of photos and videos with SD memory cards;
  • DLNA. the ability to combine various devices within the framework of one wireless network);
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Viera Link. control of devices connected to the TV using a television remote control (without the need to use remote controls of other devices);
  • USB connection-the ability to connect various devices to the USB TV, including the keyboard for convenient work with Viera Connect. There is also support for flash carriers and external HDDs, from which media content can be reproduced, including in the popular MKV (Matroska) format.

In general, all this once again indicates that the technique is actively moving towards the “smart home” (or “digital house”). That is, devices do not exist on their own, but actively interacting, connecting to the network and at the expense of the Internet content and the exchange of data between each other-as much as possible expanding its functionality. But. it’s time to move from generalizations to more private issues. As already mentioned, we have to consider the innovations that have appeared in Viera Connect in the past few months.

Firstly, through Viera Connect, services that provide the possibility of watching movies and listening to music are, and yota music. For each of them, there are separate applications, the intenses of which are made precisely taking into account the specifics of control through the TV.

The most convenient is the omeletus integration. Films can be sorted by genre, output and rating year. Fragments of three minutes are available for all films (called trailers). We do not see great practical meaning in these “trailers”, since paid viewing is still not available (we will say more about this in more detail), and if the film can be watched for free, then why do we need a fragment from it?

Big plus of Omlet the possibility of rewinding during playback. The minimum step is 10 seconds, but if you hold your finger on the rewind button for a long time, the process is accelerated.

As for the films themselves, this is mainly the Soviet classic, and also not the newest Hollywood ribbons (mainly class B). The absence of new paintings, which in the spotlight, is explained precisely the inability to buy paid content. Unfortunately, Panasonic still does not have in the billing system. Because of this, not only the film applications suffer, but also the game section, where only simple arcades and puzzles are presented, but there are no games with serious graphics. But Panasonic is working on correcting this shortage. Of course, the ability to receive payments for its applications for Viera Connect very well stimulates developers and provoke the rapid increase in the number of available applications.

By the way, especially for Panasonic developers launched the Viera Connect Developers website.

The portal clearly introduces developers with the key advantages of the Viera Connect platform, such as a quick response and wide ability to work with multimedia HD content. The software solutions developed by Viera Connect will be immediately integrated into this system. Viera Connect Developers will offer the developers of IP-television applications and media companies the fastest and most effective way to sell their products. Hoster Portal, Accedo Partner Programs, on behalf of Panasonic will also develop the functionality of Viera Connect, providing access to the application software (API), accompanying technical information codes and, providing other assistance necessary for creating Viera Connect applications.

Such steps can only be welcomed, since they testify to the seriousness of Panasonic‘s attitude to this software platform.

Returning to the theme of online kino via Viera Connect, we note that although there are no access to paid films and programs, however, even free Omlet and is large enough to find an interesting film in them and not get bored in the evening in front of the TV.


You have the opportunity to watch hundreds of television channels through IP television for free, however, to set up such programs on your own, as well as download the list of channels, this is a very complex and painstaking process that it is best to trust professionals. The cost of such a service is very small.

To activate all the capabilities of your “smart” device, you will need an account smartwa, you can enter the existing one, or create a new. All this also does through the integration of the technique itself, the only thing that the letter will come to your mailbox and open it to find out the password, you will have to be from a personal computer or laptop.

After this step, a screen with icons will open in front of you, everything is intuitive here, the names speak for themselves.

Setting up ordinary channels is possible only if you correctly indicated the region of your residence, the channel range and even sound quality depends on this. That is why be careful when filling out all the data, even the time zone.

On the remote control to the device there is a help button. ihelp, after clicking on it you can see information for users, there is certainly a problem that you have encountered.

Also, the Home key will come in handy at the DPU, it displays the central desktop of the device where you can activate any widget, go to the app and games store, and also go to the menu. In extreme cases, use the user’s guide, if the panason is original, there is a section in Russian.

Types of applications

Applications in stores for Smart devices can be conditionally classified in two categories: by topic and cost.

By topic

Widgets in stores for Smart TV are divided into several groups. The main category is the recommended content among which are the best, popular and often downloaded applications. It can be YouTube, Skype, social networks, etc.D.

Further programs can be divided into groups such as:

On a note! In different stores, the number of categories, like content in them, may differ. For example, in Play Market, where the software for TVs based on Android and Android TV downloads from, there will be much more such sections.

How To Get Amazon Prime Video on ANY Panasonic TV

The last group is user applications already downloaded to the device. Through this category, you can update or delete established programs.

At the cost

Content is available to the user in applications:

Applications of the first type can be loaded free of charge, the latter will need to pay the specified fixed amount, and others can be distributed free of charge, but have a trial period or part of the functions will be available only after payment.

Installation process on Smart TV

Installation of additional software on Smart TV is performed through the corresponding store, which each manufacturer develops for his equipment individually. The exception is only TVs based on Android or Android TV. regardless of the brand, in them the new content is installed from the Play Market store.

On a note! For technology with Android TV OS in a store on Google Play, only the content that is adapted to TV will be available. Most of the applications are all kinds of services for watching video and IPTV, and games and other software are much less. Whereas all the same applications are available for TV receivers with Android. To check the performance of widgets in this case will have to experimentally.

For navigation in the store, entering the search query or performing other tasks on the TV of any brand, the user can use the keyboard and mouse that will need to be purchased and connected separately.

Samsung Smarttv

On the Samsung TV receivers with Orsay TV platforms (models manufactured until 2014) and Tizen TV (technician produced after 2014), the application installation procedure is made in a similar way-through the Samsung Apps store (a company’s company’s apparatus from the manufacturer). To do this, open the Smart Hub through the television receiver menu or a special button on the remote control, find the Samsung Apps section and go to it. At the first visit, the user will need to create an account, with subsequent ones, just log in to the application.

Important! When registering, you need to indicate this e-mail, because through it you will need to confirm the operation.

Further, the user enters the application catalog, conveniently divided into thematic groups. To find the necessary widget, you can spill a suitable section or use the search line. Having found the content of interest, you need to click on it to go to the page with a description. Here you can familiarize yourself with the information about the program, find out its size and upload it by clicking on the “Download” button, and then. “installation”. At the end of the procedure, an appropriate notification will appear on the screen.

LG Smart TV

On the TVs LG Smart-TV with Netcast platforms (until 2014) and Web OS (after 2014), application installation is performed from the LG Apps store. To do this, press the “Home” or “Smart” button on the PDU, scroll through the menu items to “LG Apps”, go to it and select the “Applications” section. Here content is divided into such categories as “the best free”, “best paid”, “new” or “all”. For installation you need to select a widget, go to its page and press the “Install” button.

  • First you need to press the HOME key on the PDD, go to the “Installations” section and select “Network”, and then-“Update the Internet Service”;
  • after the end of the procedure, press the SEN button to go to the section with the applications;
  • There will be several widgets in the list that appears to refer to a complete list, you must click on the button with the image of the plus or “all applications”;
  • After the full list of content, which is already installed and available for use on the TV, you can move the utilities of interest to the “My applications” section for quick access.

To get a new software that is not on the list, you need to use the Opera TV Store widget, where many other programs are available. The utility you like can be easily added to the “My Appendices” section.


Applications for Smart TV Panasonic is called Viera Connect, the transition to which is available from the main page of the TV TV menu for this brand. The content in it is divided into many categories. “Video”, “Music”, “Sport”, “Games”, “Social Networks”, etc.D. To download you need to select a widget, go to its page and click on the installation button.

Android and Android TV

Recently, Smart TVs and prefixes based on the famous Android OS and the Android TV recently created on its basis have been highly popular. PHILIPS, SONY, TOSHIBA, TCL, Telefunken, as well as other companies, are produced by the equipment. As indicated above, applications for both platforms can be installed from Play Market.

To install the software of interest, you need to find it through the search line and click on the name in order to go to the page with a description. Here you can view information about the widget, reviews, requirements for installation, and then click on the “install” or “buy” button if the content is paid.

Important! Before the first visit to the Play Market, the user will need to register for Google Play or log in using an existing account.

How to download firmware?

Especially relevant for the second method. Those who could not download their firmware do this:

You can already throw the downloaded firmware to the flash drive for updating using the described above method 2.

From time to time a new version of the software may appear

security that you can download to increase

performance and improve your TV. If the update is available and the channel contains information about

How To Install Any Third-Party Apps in Your Smart Tv? | Which Is Not Available In Your TV Store ����

Update, an appropriate notification is displayed on the screen.

To install new software, select

Installation of new software in standby mode.

Immediate installation of new software.

panasonic, viera, install, applications

You can update software automatically. one. Display the menu using

If the software update is available, on the screen

the appropriate notification will be displayed. to install

New software, select

Installation of new software in standby mode.

Immediate installation of new software.

When performing the system update, software will be updated

Provision (TV functions can change). If you are

Automatic update is performed at a time when not

Manual update

Do not turn off during the load and update

Notification can serve as a reminder. In this case, on

The screen displays information on the update schedule (date

using the new version). You can reserve

update. The update will not begin if the TV is turned off.

You can update manually software. one. Display the menu using

The search for the update is launched (within a few minutes) and

If there is an update to the screen, the corresponding

Do not turn off during the load and update

Possible problems and ways to eliminate them

With the functioning of the player, some characteristic common problems may occur.

Their reasons and ways of the solution are considered below.

After updating the TV FORK Player application, he stopped working at all

The application widget is considerable popularly, because many users have encountered such a problem: after updating the widget, the player ceased to display a picture-when viewing any material, a black screen appears.

Installation from a flash drive

If you use built-in services for installation of applications for some reason, you can download the software of interest to PC, transfer to a flash drive and load it to the TV. However, on TV receivers of different brands, this process will differ.


For Samsung TV receivers, the need to install a flash drive may occur if the user wants to download third-party applications that are not in Samsung Apps. Procedure:

  • format the flash drive connected to the PC in the FAT32 system;
  • open a USB drive, fundamentally create a catalog called “Userwidget”;
  • download the necessary widgets on PC from the network with archives and copy them into the folder created on the flash drive (without unpacking);
  • Insert a flash drive into a USB port of TV.

Next, an automatic installation will begin, at the end of which the “Package Is Done” will appear on the screen.

In order to install third-party software on LG TV receivers, which is not in the LG AppStv store, you can also use a flash drive as an intermediary:

  • First, the archive is downloaded to the PC with an interest in the utility;
  • Then the flash drive is formatted in FAT32;
  • Further, a uploaded file is copied to the outer drive into the root;
  • Then the flash drive is connected to the upper connector on the television receiver;
  • And at the end of the My Apps section, the flash drive opens and the installation file of the widget is pressed for launching the installation.

Important! Applications installed on LG TVs from an external drive may not work without connected flash drives. In addition, some flash drives may not be suitable for installation of third-party software. And TVs with one input of USB may not support the installation of widgets.


The process of installing applications with flash drive on Philips TVs is identical to the Samsung TV receivers.

Malfunctions and their elimination of Panasonic TVs

The TV has panasonic, like any other household appliances, various malfunctions can be found. Most often they are associated with the breakdown of the power supply, improper expansion, lack of matrix power. Most of the breakdowns can be fixed with your own hands.

This article addresses the issues related to the repair of this TV

Does not turn on

Most often, the repair of the LCD of the Panasonic TV is required when it does not turn on. There may be several reasons for such a problem. Search for the problem is in:

  • short electric shock;
  • reduced load;
  • kinescope malfunctions;
  • microcontroller;
  • problems with the protective scheme.

Often consumers come across a squeak when trying to turn on the device. Panasonic TV begins to squeak, but although it is squealing, it does not turn on fully.

The reason is sought first to reduce resistance or short electrical circuit in the resistance. Check the transistor under the number Q551, Zener di.dimensional D856 and an urgent transformer. Resistance in power circuits is measured by 8, 14, 15 and 22 volts. The easiest way to determine the transformer malfunction is visually, because because of this I burn the parts and a plastic case is swelling.

In this video, you will learn more about the repair of this TV:

In some cases, breakdown occurs immediately due to malfunctions in several details at once. Most often, consumers have to deal with a combination of breakdown of electrolytic capacitors on secondary circuits and a breakdown of TDKS. This situation arises due to the fact that the control circuit is out of order in the key transistor, which entails an increase in the voltage at the exit from the PSU up to three times.

It is also a common reason that the Panasonic TV is not turned on is the loss of the capacitance capacitors of their capacity. As a result, the voltage decreases from 300 volts to 200-250 volts, and then to zero, as soon as the TV turns off.

The mechanical effects of great power in the form of blows and falls are another reason for the occurrence of such defects. The presence of cracks is the first thing that the printed model is checked for. Usually they arise where a lowercase transistor is installed.

Another malfunction is observed when the mode indicates red constantly, even after switching to the mode of operation from the duty officer. The reason may be in a standard, above, situation, or may be associated with buttons breakdowns. Such blinking is observed when two front panel buttons are clamped at the same time or one of them was overwhelmed by deforming the housing (for example, its distortion).

Important. Problems with a microcontroller is another possible reason that there is no image on the device screen.

Here it can be, both in insufficient power supply and in the performance of the Reset and quartz circuit. To check the condition of the circuit, they turn on the Panasonic TV and look at whether at the beginning at the beginning at the output 54 IC1101 zero potential. Immediately after that, in normal condition, the voltage grows by 5 volts. It is equally important to check the presence of high potential indicators at the output of 35 IC1101 and its passage to the Q846 database. If, when moving from the on.duty mode, a high potential does not appear to the worker, then this is a clear sign of a microcontroller breakdown.

No sound

If the sound of the TV does not turn on with the image, then the reason with a high probability lies in the absence of voltage supply. Understand whether it is, it is possible without special devices. if the action of static electricity from the screen is felt, then everything is fine.

panasonic, viera, install, applications

But there can be no current in different parts of the device. Therefore, they also additionally check whether it is submitted directly to the kinescope. It is also easy to find out. just check whether the neck has a glow of the thread. In the absence of such a glow, the current level is measured by the oscilloscope. To clarify the alleged cause of the problem, the thread is ranging. It allows you to identify a violation of the spike based on the chassis, a break in the spitting thread itself, the lack of contact of the panel with the conclusions.

Problems arise due to the lack of power supply

But the matter can be not only about the problems with the supply of electricity to the kinescope. No less frequent breakdown of Panasonic models is the IC601 AN5693K video processor failure. To identify this breakdown increase the voltage level to accelerate. Hagging of the screen is the main sign that the whole thing is in the processor. After that, it is necessary to determine whether the signals of the channels of red, green and black at the entrance of the board and the reliability of the attachment of all connectors. The main way to obtain the necessary information is the installation of saturation, brightness and contrast to maximum values.

The absence of output signals in combination with an too low level of electric current and the receipt of the video signal to output 31 IC601 indicates the need to replace IC601.

panasonic, viera, install, applications

Accelerating voltage may also be absent or not sufficient. The sign of this is not a luminous screen when the Panasonic TV is turned on. A sufficient level ranges from 200 to 800 volts. As a result of problems with accelerating voltage, breakdowns arise in filter capacitors and kinescopes. The most important detail remains without food. an urgent transformer.

Does not catch channels

Many consumers order the repair of Panasonic plasma TVs due to the fact that their model unexpectedly stops catching channels. For the most part, this problem is related to software and requires contacting a service center or resetting all settings to factory.

Manual update

Do not turn off during the load and update

Notification can serve as a reminder. In this case, on

The screen displays information on the update schedule (date

using the new version). You can reserve

update. The update will not begin if the TV is turned off.

You can update manually software. one. Display the menu using

The search for the update is launched (within a few minutes) and

If there is an update to the screen, the corresponding

Do not turn off during the load and update

How to install Play Market on Smart TV: Kivi, Bravis, Ergo, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Xiaomi?

All of the listed TV manufacturers allow you to download Play Market on their Smart TV without any problems. All because they use Android TV. Google’s branded operating system is already equipped with this service, and it is well supported here. Download Play Market for TVs Bravis, Kivi, Philips in the public domain at the request of Play Market Apk Android TV. In view of the similarity of platforms, consider actions for all of the listed TV in one instructions.

How to install Play Market on Android TV:

  • We download the APK file of the application store from the Internet, for example, from here 4pda.
  • We transfer it to the TV (if loaded on another device).
  • Run the file. Perhaps now there will be a notification with a request to confirm the installation of the application from an unknown source. If the system does not automatically transfer to the desired window, it is worth opening the “settings”, and then the page “from unknown sources” and allow installation.

Installation methods

The best installation option for Panasonic Smart TV Viera is the method for changing the DNS address.

It is important that Wow TV is installed on the device. If it is not, you need to download the application. On Panasonic, you need to enter Viera Market. Then go to the SMART TV settings select the “Network” item, click on the “Network manual installation”. 85 is introduced in the DNS line.17.thirty.89. After performing the procedure when starting Wow TV, the FORKPLAYER starting page will be opened. If this does not happen, you should check if the DNS is working. If the address is blocked by a router or provider, try to enter the following DNS: or

Possible errors and methods for their elimination

If, after the first attempt to enter the DNS, the application on the Panasonic Smart TV Viera earned, and after time it stopped, the reason can also be blocked in the blocking of the DNS address. If you change it, the widget will function. Among other causes of problems. network failures, incorrect settings or blocking pirate content.

The second problem is the appearance of a black screen instead of broadcasting video. In this case, the lock touched a separate IPTV or a whole playlist. You should look for a work link, if it is not, then Playlist was blocked due to pirate content. If the settings indicate the wrong video player format, the video also does not load. In the parameters, you should set the media or html5 format.

If the Panasonic ForkPlayer does not work well, the video slows down, you should check the quality of the Internet connection. At poor speed, malfunctions are possible. If the search does not work in the Forkpler, the reason is all the same locks. The problem disappears on its own after a certain time.

Removing applications

If there is a need to remove widgets (due to the overflow of memory of the TV receiver or loss of relevance of software itself), this is done in different ways, depending on the OS of the TV.

  • On TVs under the control of Android, application removal is performed in the same way as on phones with a similar OS. So, you can erase unused software in the store on Google Play or in the “Applications” section in the settings of the TV receiver. A full list of software is available there, in which you can choose unnecessary software and delete it by clicking on the corresponding command in the context menu. As on smartphones, in this section there will also be system applications (preinstalled by default), which cannot be removed.

So, installing widgets on TVs with a Smart-TV function is usually made from the corresponding application store (own or Play Market). Another solution is to install files from the flash drive by downloading a distribution from the Internet, but in this case you need to be careful. downloading content from unverified sources, there is a risk of loading on a malicious software or viruses.

  • https: //
  • https: //
  • https: // flashplayertvsmart.RU/41-FORKPLAYER-DLJA-Panasonic-Smart-TV-Viera.HTML
  • https: // allomart.RU/FORK-PLEYER-Dlya-Panasonika-Nastroyki/
  • https: // otvet.TV/Tehnika/Televizor/Smart-Kak-Ustanovit-Prilozhenie.HTML


The operating manual is described how to disable subtitles on the TV. On Panasonic devices, turn off them using the “menu” tab. You need to click on the “installation”. “settings” tab. The opened list should be scrollful until the hidden SS option is tanned, when pressed, the menu of hidden credits will open. You should go to the “mode” and select the inclusion or disconnecting of subtitles.

Important! When watching a video through the application-player application from external media before removing subtitles, you should find out their type. If the credits are built into the video, then they will not be able to disable them.