This program combines the functions of a photo and video editor, so before adding pictures to a movie, you can retouch them. In addition, the application has templates for creating publications on various social networks: from Instagram stories to YouTube videos. Select the required blank. and the video will look optimal on your site.

The editor contains all the basic functions: cut and glue fragments, insert text, control speed, and so on. The free version displays ads and adds the InShot logo to the video. But before each save it can be removed.

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6 best free video editors for iPhone

These applications will help you to edit short videos and even amateur films.


Apple’s proprietary video editor, which is equally well suited for both beginners and more experienced and demanding users. IMovie has everything you need to edit videos on the go, including easy-to-use editing tools, project templates, filters, as well as transitions, titles, and export resolution choices. At the same time, the program is very easy to understand.


Another Apple video editor, but much simpler. Clips resembles the Instagram Stories capture menu and is designed to create short clips for social media. The application allows you to compose videos and photos into bright videos with the addition of animated titles, beautiful effects and music, as well as insert stickers with characters from popular cartoons.


The well-known company GoPro is developing this application. With Quik, you can quickly assemble a short, dynamic video from video, photo and audio files. First, decide on a clip template and load the required sources into it. After that, the program will allow you to customize the result: crop unnecessary fragments, change the aspect ratio, add titles, apply filters, and so on. The resulting clip can be exported to the selected social network.


An advanced mobile editor that provides the user with tons of editing tools. You can adjust colors, choose aspect ratios, adjust video speed, crop sections, apply filters, adjust transitions, save the result in various resolutions, including 4K, and much more. All of these features are available for free. And with a subscription, you get even more options, including access to a library of sounds.


Quite a powerful video editor with interesting original features. Videoleap lets you compose videos and snapshots by shuffling them in the timeline with simple swipes of your finger. Enjoy a huge arsenal of different effects, filters, transitions and settings. Some of them are only available as a subscription, but the free version has plenty to choose from.

Special attention should be paid to the ability to superimpose photos or other videos on the video sequence. In this way, you can mix multiple images to create stylish video collages.

Where to download free music for Instagram for free?

If it is very important for you that your video is guaranteed not to be deleted, add copyright-free music to the video. For example, this YouTube channel often posts this kind of music. It can be downloaded, all music is free (there are links in the description of the video). On our channel, we use songs from there.

Free music library is also available in video editing and Stories apps.

Enlight Videoleap App: How to Insert Music on Photos and Videos (iPhone)

In this application, you can add music to photos, videos and Stories for free. Or, directly in the application, record voice acting from above.

First, upload the desired photo or video. Then there are four options to add music:

  • Press the red plsik at the end of the video and download the desired audio file on your phone.
  • If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it to your phone via Airdrop. If at the same time you have the desired video open in Videoleap, then by Airdrop you can immediately add to this video.
  • Press the “Audio” button. Then choose “Music” or “Sound Effects”. The selection will be from a library of music and sound effects without copyright.
  • Press the “Voice” button. After the red round button and you start talking, the recording will go.

We recommend that you insert music on photos and videos in posts and Stories only without copyright. This is a guarantee that Instagram will not be blocked for copyright infringement. But if you have a small personal account, closed and you are sure that no one will complain about you (suddenly someone wants to be blocked out of resentment). there is a way to prevent Instagram from recognizing a popular track.

In Videoleap, you need to click on the desired audio track (or on a video that has sound). Then the button “Audio” and after “Change. Tone”. So the Instagram algorithms will not recognize the original music and will not block it for copyright infringement. But if suddenly someone complains, then a person will already check.

InShot app: how to add music to photos and videos for Instagram posts and Stories (Android and iPhone)

In Inshot, music can be overdubbed for free on both Android and iPhone.

First, upload the desired photo or video. Then there are three options to put on music:

Press the “Music” button and then “Songs”. Here you can choose. overlay music from the catalog of free music without copyright, extract from another video, add from iTunes (on iPhone) or insert a sound effect.

To select from songs already downloaded and saved to “files” on your phone:

“My Music”. “All”. “Open” (on Android).

If you have a Mac, you can download the song on your computer and then send it to your phone via Airdrop. If you have the desired video open in InShot, then by Airdrop you can immediately insert it into this video.

Press the “Music” button and then “Record”. Allow the application to access the microphone and start recording background speech.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories Using a Sticker

! This method does not work yet in Russia and some other countries due to copyright for music. But attaching music to Stories in applications, which will be discussed later in the article, is also very simple.

  • Open the Instagram Stories camera. If you have an iPhone, you can select music right away, there is a “Music” mode under the record button. You can select any part of the song. If Android. then first remove the Story (photo or video).
  • Click on the “Sticker” button
  • Select the “Music” sticker. You can search for a specific song, or select by genre / mood / popular. You can listen to the song and rewind to the desired passage before adding music to the Istagram Story.
  • When subscribers watch your Instagram Story with music, they will see a sticker with the name of the song. BUT if subscribers are in a country where music is not available (for example, in Russia), then they will not have sound and the notification “Music is not available in your region” will appear.

Currently, the Music sticker for photos and videos in Instagram Stories is still not available in all countries. If you are watching someone’s Story on Instagram and the message “Music is not available on Instagram in your region” appears, this just means that there is a music icon in the country of the author of Stories, and you are in a country where music is not available due to copyright.

You can install a proxy on your phone so that the “music” icon appears even in a country where it does not exist. But this does not make sense, since your friends / subscribers are most likely in the same country and they will not play music anyway.

How to add music to Instagram videos to Stories and posts (photos and videos)

The easiest way to add music to a photo or video is to play music on your phone or computer while recording. But the sound quality will not be very good. And the video itself can be blocked on Instagram due to copyright.

And even if you bought a song officially (in iTunes, for example), and not just downloaded it for free, it will still be blocked. Because you are buying for personal listening. And the rights to use in public videos are much more expensive.

Easily add music to photos, videos and Stories with Videoleap (iPhone) and InShot (iPhone and Android) editing apps.

How to add music to Instagram Stories with the new Audio mode

In countries where music is available on Instagram Stories, there is an “Audio” camera mode. It is not yet available in Russia, but you can use the applications (about them further in the article).

Open the Stories camera. On the left, press the down arrow and the list of modes for Stories opens. Select the “Audio” mode. If you haven’t got it yet, try updating Instagram. It is possible that for now you will need to wait.

How to add music to Instagram: add it to photos and videos in Stories and posts

You can add music to any photos and videos on Instagram using video editing applications or in special applications for creating beautiful Stories. And in some countries (but not in Russia) there is a sticker “Music” right in the Stories (and you can make Reels with music).

It’s best if the music is copyright-free. Especially if you have a large account and a lot of subscribers. And if the account is personal and “for friends”, then there is also a way to overlay any song so that the post or Stories are not blocked for copyright infringement.

  • How to add music to Instagram Stories using the “Music” sticker
  • How and where to download free music without copyright
  • How to add music to Instagram videos in Stories and Posts (Android and iPhone apps)

How to add music to video on iPhone?

The iPhone has a built-in video editor, but its functionality is extremely poor: all it can do is crop video. By own means of the “apple” gadget, the video can be shortened to the duration acceptable in Instagram, but to add beautiful music, thereby giving the video a mood, you will have to use the programs from the AppStore.

How to add music from your own playlist to video on iPhone?

Using the Video Toolbox utility, you can overlay on the video not only primitive melodies of the application itself, but also musical compositions from the user’s playlist. To do this, at the stage of choosing a melody (step 5 of the previous instruction), click on the “iTunes Music” button.

Video Toolbox will take you to the “Music” application. find a suitable track in the playlist and add it to the list of tunes by clicking on “”. We will choose the song “Behind Blue Eyes” by Limp Bizkit.

Mark the selected song in the Video Toolbox ringtone list and click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

The output of the video with the superimposed musical composition from the program is performed in exactly the same way as in the case of the video, supplemented by one of the unpretentious Video Toolbox melodies.

No less convenient than Video Toolbox is another utility called Add Music to Video, which you can download here. This program has a significant advantage over the others: when exporting, it does not add watermarks to videos. In addition, it is extremely simple and concise.

Music is superimposed using Add Music to Video like this:

On the welcome screen, click “Get Started”.

Click on the “Add Video” button with the “”.

On the next screen, press the red button with the same name.

Select a suitable video in the “Camera Roll” and click on “Choose”.

This will start the compression process (“Compressing Video”).

After the video is imported into the program, click on the big button “Next”.

On the next screen, you will see two options: “Music Store” and “Add Music”.

If you go to the Music Store, you can choose from five built-in tunes to overlay on your video. The melodies are so simple that they evoke memories of the MIDI songs that were present in old push-button telephones. To add music “to the mood”, it is much more appropriate to use Video Toolbox, because built-in melodies are one of the weak points of the Add Music To Video utility.

If you need to add a song from the iPhone playlist, click “Add Music”.

Find the music track you want to use in the playlist and add it to the program through the “” button.

The utility will notify you that the audio has been loaded successfully. click “OK”.

Using the “Select the starting position” slider, you can choose where the song will play when the video starts.

Through the small “Play” button, you can turn on the song from the time at which the slider is set.

I must say that choosing a starting position is not an easy task. For example, it took about 15 minutes to “make” Limp Bizkit sing its ballad exactly from the chorus. The slider constantly moves out. adjusting it for people with thick fingers will become a real torment. However, other programs do not at all provide an opportunity to establish a starting position, so we will “be content with little”.

Once you have defined the playhead, click “Merge”. The video and audio merging process starts.

As soon as the process is completed, a message will appear on the screen stating that the video with the superimposed composition is saved in the “Photos” application. Click “OK”.

Through the “Preview” button you can preview the video and make sure that there are no watermarks on the image.

Above there is a “Share” button, which allows you to upload a video to YouTube, Instagram, send it by mail or MMS message.

The disadvantage of Add Music to Video is poor optimization for the iPhone screen. the application buttons are superimposed on the network and battery indicators, which gives the impression that the designers treated their work “slipshod”. However, the utility performs the main functions perfectly, so small design mistakes can be forgiven.

Add music to your video for Instagram

Despite the fact that a video created in Add Music to Video can be uploaded to Instagram directly, the social network for photographers itself is unlikely to allow a video prepared with this utility for publication. The fact is that Instagram has a requirement for the duration of videos. from 3 to 15 seconds. You can trim a video to the desired length in Add Music to Video, but it is very problematic to do this. you will have to spend a lot of time.

Another free utility, Clipper, will help you create videos for Instagram. You can download it here. Immediately, we note that Clipper places a watermark on the video, which costs 249 rubles to remove. The watermark, however, is barely noticeable and does not interfere too much.

To create a video for Instagram using Clipper, you need to do this:

Mark the desired video from those present in the “Camera Roll” and click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

You will find yourself in the main window of the Clipper video editor.

Click on the video to go to the “Clip Editing” section.

In this section, you need to set the duration of the video and the area of ​​the image that will be visible on the final version of the video.

Clipper produces videos with only one resolution: 640 by 360 (width. height). If your video is taller than it is wide (that is, you were holding your iPhone upright while filming the video), you will have to crop it.

We are dealing with just such a video that needs to be cropped.

Resize the clip by pinching with two fingers anywhere in the timeline.

The default clip length is 3 seconds. You can increase up to 10 seconds. this is the limit.

Moving the frame up and down, set the area of ​​the image that will be visible on the final video.

The app will stretch the selected area to 640 x 360, so the image quality may drop.

Having decided on the duration of the video and the area of ​​the image, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. You will return to the main window of the video editor.

Choose a suitable background music for your video. Options include pop, folk, dubstep and other styles.

You can add music from your library to the video only after purchasing the full version of Clipper, which, as already mentioned, costs 249 rubles.

Music overlay. all that remains is to output the video from Clipper. Click on the “Share” icon in the upper right corner and select the “Save to Library” option.

The process of exporting the video to the “Camera Roll” will start.

Unfortunately, you cannot upload the video directly to Instagram. you can only send it by mail or MMS.

Therefore, at the final stage, you have to find the converted video in the “Camera Roll” and post it on the social network for photographers via “Share”.

How to add music via the dedicated iPhone app?

To add music, it is recommended to use a utility with a discreet name Video Toolbox, which can be downloaded here for free.

The Video Toolbox utility is a set of tools, thanks to which you can not only place a melody over the image, but also crop the video, apply various filters to it, start playback in reverse order.

Video Toolbox is very easy to use, intuitive and does not impose “space” requirements for the iPhone operating system. even on iOS 6, this program will work.

You should add music to video using Video Toolbox like this:

On the start page of the application, select the “Video Editor” section.

You will find yourself in a mobile video editor.

Just below the video playback window there is a menu with two options: “Album” and “Camera”. Choosing the second option, you can immediately shoot a video. the application will move you to the “Camera”. We will click on “Album”: in our case, the video for editing has already been created.

Find the desired video through the “Camera Roll”, mark it and click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

The video will be added to the editor window. By double clicking on the window, you will expand it to full screen.

Please note that the Video Toolbox watermark will be added to the video (in the upper left corner). You can remove the sign through the application settings by switching the “Display Watermark on Video” toggle switch to the inactive position, but you will have to pay 149 rubles for this.

Adding a watermark is not a unique disadvantage of Video Toolbox. almost all free video programs have such a “sin”.

Turn off your own movie sound. It is not necessary to do this, but if you leave the sound and overlay music on top, it can create an unpleasant contrast. To lower the volume to the minimum, first click on the corresponding icon in the toolbar.

Then slide the volume slider to zero.

Now you can start directly adding music.

Click on the note icon.

A menu will appear in front of you, where you can choose one of the 7 built-in melodies, depending on the mood, which, in your opinion, should transmit the video. In addition, the volume of the selected melody is adjusted in this menu.

After the choice is made, you need to click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. You will return to the editor window, where you can watch the video with the melody superimposed on top.

It remains to display the video from the program. to do this, click on the “Share” icon in the upper right corner.

Decide what video quality you want to get in the end.

For example, if you select the “High Quality” option, you will receive a video with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Compared to HD, the resolution is quite low, but this is the best that the Video Toolbox utility and the vast majority of similar ones are capable of.

After selecting the required quality, wait for the completion of the “Rendering” process.

At the end of the process, a message will appear notifying that the video with the superimposed melody has been successfully saved in the “Camera Roll” section of the “Photos” application. Click on “Done” if you want to quit using the Video Toolbox application.

If you prefer the “Goto My Videos” option, the application will redirect you to the section of the same name, from which you can upload the created video to YouTube and Dropbox or send it by email.

Go to the “Photos” application and check how well Video Toolbox did its job. In the section “Film” you will find the converted video.

For overlaying songs from the Music application, the Add Music to Video utility is more suitable than the Video Toolbox, because it does not require money for removing watermarks and has more flexible settings (in particular, it allows you to set the start point for audio playback). On the contrary, Video Toolbox is more appropriate if there is a need to add some music to the video “to suit the mood”. the built-in Add Music to Video melodies are quite primitive.

A simple Clipper utility will help you create videos for Instagram. This application produces videos that fully meet the requirements of the social network for the duration of videos.

How to flip video on iPhone?

Very often, iPhone users, in a hurry to capture the exciting moment, begin to shoot video, holding the device in the usual position. upright. Alas, this is a mistake: the owner of the gadget will make sure that he shot the wrong one as soon as he starts watching the video on a TV or computer. Instead of a normal frame, he will see two dark stripes at the edges and a narrow image in the center.

Fortunately, such a “camera” mistake is not difficult to fix. However, you can’t do without a visit to the AppStore. the iPhone does not have built-in tools with which you could turn videos.

How to flip iPhone video on computer?

Instead of searching and downloading suitable software from the AppStore, you can perform such a simple operation as video rotation on a PC. It is much easier: for example, using the free utility Free Video Flip and Rotate, the whole procedure is performed in 3 steps:

Upload the video you want to convert by clicking “Add File”.

Use the arrow buttons to turn the roller as you need it.

Select the format you want to convert the video to and click on “Save”.

At default settings, Free Video Flip and Rotate places the converted video in the My Videos folder. You can change the output folder by following the path “Options”. “Options” and finding the desired directory through the “Explorer”.

The utility also has a paid version, the only advantage of which, however, is that the inverted video can be output in the original format.

How to flip videos on iPhone through third-party programs?

The program, which was given our preference, has a very discreet name Сlip Rotate (on the device itself it is listed as Video Rotate). For some unknown reason, this utility is bypassed on thematic blogs and forums. even though it is completely free, very convenient, does not place watermarks and has an attractive interface. Download Clip Rotate here.

To flip a video using Clip Rotate, follow these instructions:

Run the program and give it access to the “Photos” application.

On the start screen, click on the large round button with the image of photos.

Clip Rotate will take you to the Photos app where you need to select the video you want to flip.

Click on the desired video, then click the “Choose” button. You will start the process of compressing the video. at the end of this process you will find yourself in the video editor.

Flip the video horizontally using one of the 90 ° buttons. You can move both clockwise and counterclockwise. In our case, you should move counterclockwise, otherwise the image will be upside down.

After adjusting the video rotation, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. After that, the process of converting the video will begin.

Decide what you want to do with the modified video. You can immediately upload it to Instagram or YouTube, or send it by email (the letter will contain an advertisement for the application). If you want to save the video to the iPhone memory, in order to preview it on the device, click on the button with a floppy disk.

Just a couple of seconds of waiting, and the utility will notify you of a successful save.

Then you can go to the “Photos” application and make sure that the Clip Rotate utility did its job 100% and did not place a watermark on the video. An old video that was shot incorrectly should be deleted so that it does not take up precious megabytes in the device’s memory.

How to avoid “wrong” shooting?

Instead of correcting a mistake, it is better to anticipate its appearance. The user can shoot videos through the Horizon app. then he definitely won’t have to think about how to flip video on iPhone. You can download this application here.

The essence of the Horizon program is as follows: no matter how you hold the iPhone, the utility will set the frame in landscape orientation (horizontally) due to the fact that it uses the device’s gyroscope. As a result, you will get a video that does not need to be processed by additional software tools in order for it to look good on the PC screen.

You need to configure Horizon like this:

Launch the application and sequentially give it access to the microphone, current location and the “Photos” application.

Next, you will see the main screen of the program with a rectangular frame in the middle. Exactly what is included in this frame will be present in the video.

Try turning the iPhone in your hand. you will see that the frame on the screen also moves (like all icons).

Switch to the “Video” mode. for this you need to click on the button with the image of the video camera.

After this button increases in size, click on it again. this will start the video recording process.

To stop recording, click on the counter:

You can view the filmed video by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

Select the recording that interests you and launch it in the built-in Horizon player.

Already during the preview, you will notice that the program adds watermarks to the video. You can get rid of the signs through the application settings, but you will have to pay 75 rubles for this.

If the result suits you, proceed to output the video from the program.

Click the “Share” button located in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The converted video can be found in the “Camera Roll”.

You can not only download the video to the device’s memory, but also send it by SMS-message, by e-mail, via Viber and What’s App messengers.

The free version of Horizon is capable of shooting only with resolutions of 640×480 and 480×480 (moreover, for both the front and rear cameras) and with a rather mediocre frame rate. 30 frames per second. Horizon Premium is guaranteed twice the frame rate and the highest resolutions your device can handle.

To make a problem out of the fact that the video was recorded on the iPhone incorrectly means “blowing an elephant out of a fly.” Flip a video is the simplest operation: it’s about awareness. it is important for the user to know which utility does not ask for money and does not place watermarks. The procedure itself takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Add music to video

iPhone does not provide its owners with video editing capabilities with standard functions. Therefore, the only option to add music to the video is to download special applications from the App Store.


This completely free app, developed by Apple, is popular with iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. Supported, including older versions of iOS. During editing, you can add various effects, transitions, filters.

Before starting the process of connecting music and video, you need to add the desired files to your smartphone. To do this, we recommend reading the following articles.

If you already have the music and video you want, go to iMovie.

    Download the app from the App Store and open it.

To add music, find the plus sign in the editing panel.

How To Use Video Overlays In iMovie For iOS

In the menu that opens, find the “Audio” section.

All audio recordings that are on your iPhone will be shown here. When selected, the song will automatically play. Click “Use”.

The music will automatically be superimposed on your video. On the editing panel, you can click on an audio track to change its length, volume and speed.

After completing the installation, click on the “Finish” button.

To save a video, tap on the special “Share” icon and select “Save Video”. The user can also upload videos to social networks, messengers and mail.

Select the quality of the output video. After that, it will be saved to the device’s Media Library.

Add music to video on iPhone

In order for the video shot on the iPhone to be interesting and memorable, it is worth adding musical accompaniment to it. It’s easy to do right on your mobile device, and most apps can add effects and transitions to audio.


The application is actively used by Instagram bloggers, as it is convenient to use it to make videos for this particular social network. InShot offers all the basic functions for quality video editing. However, the application watermark will be present in the final saved recording. This can be fixed by purchasing the PRO version.

    Open the InShot app on your device.

Tap on “Video” to create a new project.

Add a song by clicking on the special icon. In the same menu, you can select the function of recording a voice from a microphone for its further addition to the video. Allow the app to access your Library.

Go to iTunes to find music on iPhone. When you click on any song, it will automatically start playing. Tap on “Use”.

By clicking on the audio track, you can change the volume of the music, cut it at the right moments. InShot also suggests adding fade and boost effects. When finished editing audio, click on the checkmark icon.

Click the check mark again to finish working with the audio track.

To save the video, find the item “Share”. “Save”. Here you can also choose which social networks to share: Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

There are other video editing apps that offer a variety of tools for the job, including adding music. You can read more about them individually in our articles.


Something in between a template engine capable of gluing a clip or film according to a certain pattern, and a graphic editor that works with both photographs and videos.

The non-standard combination, according to the developers, is based on technologies related to artificial intelligence. Say, those actions that are constantly used by users, or visual combinations that left the greatest impression, here turn into a kind of “recipe” for the next work. And most importantly, the more often you work in a virtual studio, the higher the guessing accuracy.!


An application on the iPhone with a unique design, an intuitive control system (buttons are in a prominent place, sliders adjust the volume and position of the frame, and gestures can be used to turn assets into a library of frames that are easy to use in the future), and extensive capabilities, albeit not very different from competitors. Here are the same filters, combinations, slowdown and change of landmarks. On the plus side. complete freedom of action, unlimited by subscriptions, ads or notifications.


An application on the iPhone with a unique design, an intuitive control system (buttons are in a prominent place, sliders adjust the volume and position of the frame, and gestures can be used to turn assets into a library of frames that are easy to use in the future), and extensive capabilities, albeit not very different from competitors. Here are the same filters, combinations, slowdown and change of landmarks. On the plus side. complete freedom of action, unlimited by subscriptions, ads or notifications.

Video Star for iOS

And our top popular app from the AppStore will start. Video Star for iPhone. The application does not differ in the presence of extra abilities for decoding and changing the style and a number of video files. Its main advantage is its simplicity and ease of use.

Now you do not need to be a professional in the field of video editing in order to create a series of slideshows with music or overlay your music video on a video file. Also, the application is notable for its light weight, and takes up very little space in the memory of your phone.


Freely redistributable editor for iPhone, savvy literally from all sides: support for an impressive collection of formats, visual instructions with tips for beginners, full translation into Russian, a bunch of special effects, music and combinations that semi-automatically turn the source into a clip!

Additional advantages include an informative interface that eliminates navigation problems (you can find out the purpose of buttons, catalogs and drop-down menus even before interacting), work in the “slide show” mode, and even “Cameras”, when filters, colors and formats are not selected after shooting, and before!


On the app market from the AppStore, there is a large selection of applications for adding background music to videos.

iMovie Queue is an official Apple product. With this standard application, you can easily use a large number of possibilities and techniques for processing video and music in a video file.

If you are in doubt about the quality of third-party background music apps, then we can confidently say that iMovie will suit you without a doubt.


Something in between a template engine capable of gluing a clip or film according to a certain pattern, and a graphic editor that works with both photographs and videos.

The non-standard combination, according to the developers, is based on technologies related to artificial intelligence. Say, those actions that are constantly used by users, or visual combinations that left the greatest impression, here turn into a kind of “recipe” for the next work. And most importantly, the more often you work in a virtual studio, the higher the guessing accuracy.!